PWA Using Vue.js

A Guide To Build PWA Using Vue.js

By Mohit Surati Vue March 31, 2020 5 min read 217 Views

A progressive web app is an advanced version that doesn’t require downloading from the app or play store. It stands apart from the native apps because of its no-internet dependency; creates user-interface similar to native web apps, and many more things.

Moreover, it includes many technologies to build its front-end as well as back-end. Here, we will talk about how to build PWA using Vue.js. Vue JS’s role is crucial and vital in developing progressive web apps.

Vue JS can build single-page apps as well as fascinating user-interface. There are several factors to consider for building web applications which you can acknowledge and understand by going through the article.

How Combination of PWA & Vue.js Works?

Vue JS artistically builds an attractive UI that engages existing users and brings in new users to the platform. The framework is simple to understand and creates highly-intuitive apps. Along with simple learning, there are various benefits which are as follows:

  • Works Offline
  • Flexibility
  • Two-way communication
  • Push Notification
  • Great Tool

Many large organizations rely on Vue JS because of its above-mentioned benefits:

  • Grammarly, 9GAG, Behance.
  • Buzzfeed, Facebook, Netflix, Xiaomi
  • Codeship, Laravel, Adobe.

How to Build PWA using Vue.js?

Step 1: Installing Vue CLI

To initiate the project, you need to install Vue CLI by opening the terminal and filling up the details. Below is the code to install it:

npm, install -g @vue.cli

Also, yarn can be used as a package manager. And to use it, you can do the following coding:

yarn global add @vue/CLI

Step 2: Checking Vue Version

If are a fresher, and don’t know the version of the Vue, then you can perform the following command:

Vue --version

It is mandatory to use Vue CLI version 3.

Step 3: Running “Vue Create” Command

After knowing the version and updating it to 3, you have to run the “vue create’ command.

Moreover, you have to select a “manual select feature” and the next screen will pop

Running Vue Create Command

Select your preferred feature that can help you in creating your project and then press the enter button. Accept the default options and only use “NO”, if the wizard asks for permission to use history mode.

XML tags have acknowledged the three different sections which are as follows:

  • <template> – HTML templates that render components
  • <style> – CSS application to the component
  • <script  lang= “ts”> – it contains component’s logic implemented in Typescript code.

Step 4: Adding The PWA Support

There are many support options, out of which you have to select the PWA Support option and other vital functions that are important to execute your project.

Adding The PWA Support

There are many text editors out of which you can select your preferred editor to open the directory. Also, you will come across vital features important for building PWA using Vue JS, and those are service worker, manifest.json file, mobile-friendly images, and a favicon.

add the PWA support

Now add the PWA support to it.

You have to initially build PWA using Vue.jsan app for production so that it can work well before testing the PWA functions. The PWA mostly depends on the service worker and push notification.

Below is the coding of vue.config.js:

// vue.config.js

module.exports = {

PWA: {

workboxPluginMode: 'InjectManifest',

workboxOptions: {

swSrc: 'src/service-worker.js'


themeColor: '#1da025'



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Step 5: Testing the PWA

Google has built a testing tool named Lighthouse which will audit your PWA application built using Vue JS. To run the test, you need to run the following command, which will create a separate production distribution,

npm run build

If you want to run the command locally, then run the following command:

npm run serve -s dist

Open the Chrome dev tools from where your application is running. After that click on the Audit/Test tab, then you can “Perform a test.” The tool will then perform testing and showcase complete information or suggestion for improvising the application.

testing the PWA built using Vue

Below is an actual image of testing the PWA built using Vue.

image of testing the PWA built using Vue

Final Thoughts

PWA adds manifest.json file to the public/depository in your project. It can be updated with the required information. PWA bolsters offline working so that you can add registerServiceWorker.js file in the directory.

After going through the above procedure, you can connect with the Vue JS development company and share your ideas with the development of the company. The company has years of experience in delivering quality projects. So, who are you waiting for? Partner us as your helping hand and witness quality project execution.

PWA Using Vue.js

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