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All Maths Formula has all your solutions regarding mathematics. Now, you do not have to refer to 500 pages of a maths book. Learn Maths in the most simplest and entertaining way using this amazing e-learning app.
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Project Overview

The application is the best example of delivering an e-learning experience to students who really want to learn math formulas using their smartphones. In addition to that, this application also offers unique educational activities such as Maths Games, Quiz, Riddle, Maths tricks, etc. The prime idea behind developing this app is to make students and kids aware of the standard maths formulas used in their curriculum. Apart from this, All Maths Formula also includes important maths lessons such as tables, symbols, unit converter, calculation, and so on. A calculator also has been integrated along with the application to provide more user-friendliness to the users. Moreover, the best part of the application is that one can easily share it with another user.

Business challenge

The client approached us with this amazing idea of creating an e-learning application that covers all important mathematics formulas. The client also demanded that we add math puzzles, tricks, unit converters, riddles, and many more to enhance students’ learning abilities. The client has also made us add Maths games and a calculator in the application to make it more interesting and valuable. The idea was to provide a simple way to remember and learn Mathematics formulas. Therein comes our seasoned team of flutter developers who created the easy-to-use application for all ages of users. We needed a simple set of algorithm to design a straightforward app that can pass information quickly. Besides having all maths formulas, the app also offers The dictionary option; users can download it using coins.
  • An easy-to-use mobile application with tab functions
  • Data collection was quite a challenge since we have to gather all the available maths formula
  • Data authentication was also essential since the app must consist of legitimate data considering it is designed for educational purposes.
  • Dictionary is an additional function included in the app; users can download Dictionary using the respective credentials.
  • To make it a sharable application in order to reach out to the maximum smartphone users.

Key Features

  • Inclusion of Maths formulas such as Analytic Geometry, Beta gamma, Derivatives, Equations, Fourier, Integration, Laplace, probability, and many more.
  • More than 5+ Maths games to make the app more entertaining
  • Edition of unique Maths tricks to keep the user interested in the application
  • Unit Converter to change an amount in one unit to its equivalent amount in another unit
  • Maths Quiz to help users test their mathematical skills and learn new stuff
  • Mathematical riddles to help users do something productive along with e-learning
  • All function calculator for solving Maths problem
  • Check All Maths Tables
  • A dictionary that can be download as a pdf using coins
  • Sharable application so that it can target maximum users

The Solution

Our ever-reliable and enthusiastic team at eSparkBiz has successfully developed an e-learning app by which all your maths problems can be easily solved. With the help of modern technology and tools, we have created a user-friendly application that is perfectly suitable for people of all ages. Nowadays, everyone has opted for online education, so this is an ideal application for users who want to learn mathematics by sitting at their homes. This application has everything that a user needs in order to learn maths. We have installed every possible feature in this application, from math formulas, tricks, puzzles to a dictionary and calculator. eSparkBiz has developed many mobile applications for clients across the globe. Using the Flutter framework, We created a mobile application named ‘All Maths Formula’ that primarily focuses on enhancing user engagement by providing maths formulas, games, puzzles, dictionary, unit converter, and so on through this application. It is a sharable app, and you can efficiently operate it with an easy tab and navigation system instilled in it. We have also included a calculator and a dictionary to make this application more beneficial for the users (students).

User Side Function Modules

All Maths Formulas app provides you the simplest way of learning maths. If you are the kind of person who thinks maths is boring, try this app. It makes learning easy and understandable. We have added the following user-side function modules.
  • Users can perform different mathematical equations using the calculator function.
  • Users can download Dictionary in pdf form
  • Users can review all types of Maths Formulas.
  • Users can play Maths Games such as Workout Single Player, Input Maths, What’s Sign, True & False.
  • Users can convert one unit to another using Unit Converter
  • Users can test their learning skills and abilities using Maths Quiz
  • Users can do Maths tricks such as Addition, Multiplication. Division, etc.
  • Users can solve mathematical riddles and explore more of their out-of-the-box thinking
  • Users can check All Math Tables

Data Storage

The app has all the mathematical formulas in the image form. Since the app doesn’t require excessive data storage, we have stored all the data in the application itself.

Quality & Testing

Our offshore team has performed module-wise testing and debugging. We believe in providing the best quality software service to our clients. We have also performed project integration testing and debugging to create an error-free application.

Technology stack

See the ways how the development team implemented client’s requirements
  • Laravel
  • RDS (mysql)
  • ec2
  • Stripe
  • Pusher
  • Bootstrap
  • React
  • Angular
  • AWS (SES)
  • Google Map

Our Work Speaks for Itself

We have proved true to time for the last ten years, and have worked on the finest projects for 1000+ clients globally.
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