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Anything with Ink is a tool that serves its printing service locally. It is a platform that provides an all-in-one solution for print buying. It is a mediator through which big companies & resellers can place their custom orders of printing.

Project Brief

Let’s go behind the Idea

The idea of opening a print shop initiated in the minds of 2 young immigrants by anticipating the requirement of printing the product. They slowly and gradually have grown and achieved success. After a few years, they started selling their franchise and won accolades for the fastest growing brand. The company then gave a kick start to a new brand, “Optamark,” and then the traditional printing model was interrupted with modern and upcoming technologies.

In 2018, Anything with Ink, a new brand was born that revolutionized the printing business by centralizing the like-minded professionals in the printing industry. It has clubbed the distributors or resellers to one platform and leverages the excellence under one roof. Slowly and gradually, the company has adopted the new technology that has transformed the printing industry and unlocked the boundaries of the industry.

Conception behind the Project


Anything with Ink is a web-app that provides printing service globally. It plays the role of mediator for companies and resellers who want to print the product but at an affordable price for their vendor. The main feature of the web-app is receiving a printing order of the product. A reseller can use the AWI tool as software for printing their products. Also, it is known as a central printing partner or a guide that can become a helping hand in your product printing journey. It has mainly 6 stakeholders who look into different aspects of the printing service. Moreover, it has 3 third-party software that is integrated to avail the service from it.

Working out the Details

Colors and Typography

Colors are the main source of holding the customer to the platform. We have used the combination of light and bright hues palette so that it doesn't deliver a bad user experience. We design and test the color combination and style, if that matches the product then only we launch it.







Sans serif, be corporate

Work Sans

Medium & Bold





Let’s know some more

Colors and Typography

We used a bright and vobrant color palette in the app, as it catered to an audience that belonged to varies age bracket

Keep your sales Record Up-To-date

Receiving Orders From Resellers

Anything With Ink is a mediator platform wherein resellers places order for printing their product. The admin accepts the order and prepares the estimate. This estimate is sent to the reseller for the confirmation. The printing order can be anything. After receiving approval from the reseller, the printing function starts.

Printing the Product

Anything with Ink is a software that receives the order placed by the reseller. The confirmed orders are then sorted out and sent for the execution. The required materials are purchased from 4 over and Sage, a raw material supplier of Optamark. After receiving the raw materials, AWI starts printing the product. Also, the product entry in done in the system with the complete details of the resellers.

Product is ready for Printing
Product details updated in system Database
Delivered the product in time


The product is ready in the store as per the requirement of the reseller. Now, it is time to deliver the product on the address provided by the reseller. The delivery is made to the reseller. The AWI delivers the product to the reseller, and the reseller delivers it to the vendor. This is how a chain is formed where Optamark plays a mediator role that offers a printing service to the resellers.

Take a brief of dashboard

Main Screen Dashboard

AWI has a main screen dashboard that has an option to create a project. When AWI receives an order from a reseller, the team then creates the projects. Also, it shows the total number of orders, projects under approval, Work In-progress and shipped to customers section. Moreover, the dashboard consists of the running project with details like day and date.

Contact Screen

Contact Listing

AWI has an option of Contact Us. It redirects to form page wherein a user has to fill in the form to approach the AWI team. These inquiries are then answered by the AWI team. The information of the user is compiled and the list is developed in the back-end of the admin panel. Admin will answer the queries raised by the user. There are two options to reach out to the vendor or resellers and those are either by email ID or by phone. Both the option is listed in the web-apps.

Brief about inner screen

Sales order

The orders that are placed on AWI are seen under the sales order screen. Also, it can be seen on the dashboard. The sales order includes the client’s name, price product details, the order created by, and the status of the order. AWI is a tool that includes chat functionality. A reseller can chat with a sales representative and take regular follow-ups from him. The online chat functionality allows wholesalers to chat with the representative and provide seamless communication between them.

Take a brief about project

All screens

This section includes screen from third-party platforms such as 4 over and Sage. The image shows that the reseller can select a product from the AWI software. And, the section contains details requirements of the product. When the product is selected either from 4 over or Sage by the Optamark organization, it redirects the reseller to the Quote cart. The quote cart shows the selected product details.

Project Brief

User Flow Diagram

The reseller has to register to AWI panel and becomes a member of the web-app. After registering to the web-app, the user is redirected to the dashboard. The user can either invite New users or go through the main screen. As the user reaches to Main Screen, it shows three options; Sales View, Product View, Supplier, and Invoice. The journey for registering as a user requires no rocket-science and is easily understandable.

Flow_horizontalRegistrationLoginSuccessIf NoIf NoIf NoIf YesIf YesInstant QuoteSage/4OverChoose ProductSelect Variable &Choose FindProduct(With Custom Markup)Go to AssociateEstimatorfor Est.Custom ProjectCreate ProjectAdd RequirementDesign RequestIf NoIf YesAdd to Queue?Convert To OrderApprovedEstimatorHOD?If YesProduct inQuote CartIf YesOrder noChange StatusNotify to Customer
Take a brief of all screens

Rest of the Screens are here!

Development Brief

Lean & Agile Development

Lean UX is the best suitable technique with Agile development. The lean technique delivers smooth and rapid user experience so that the user faces a hassle-free experience. Agile development works rapidly, and to match the function of agile, lean UX best fits with it. Lean UX technique replicates to ensure the swift data generation that can be utilized while iterating it.

Web App Development

Architecture Stack

The technology stack is a compilation of different technologies that were used while building a web-app. It comprises of multiple technologies that were combined to craft a highly-intuitive and user-centric web-apps. The developers have used wide technologies to build a product that satisfies the client’s requirement and deliver a quality product.
The development server for the product was Linux. And, the PHP was used to write server-side scripting. The developers have built front-end with the use of Angular/HTML/CSS, and the back-end was built with Laravel Framework. My SQL and MongoDB are the two databases that are used for gathering the information of web-app. Both the database are widely used and are the first choice of developers.
Our developers have used a wide variety of technologies to build the web-app. The technologies are trending and modern and that makes our developers stand out from the rest. Anything with Ink is a web-app built integrating third-party application and advanced technologies.
stackChat ServerQuickBook ServerEmail ServerDatabase 1Database 2Database 3Centralized DatabaseWeb ServerCompany 1Company 3Company 2

Testing Client Side

As an app owner, I was worried about my project and its performance. But, after receiving the project, I’d like to appreciate the eSparkBiz’s team for building my project so amazing and intuitive that it offers swift and smooth user experience. Neither there are glitches, nor the system hangs. Kudos to the QA team!

Our Quality assurance team performs rigorous testing of the project. It troubleshoots the project and detects the minor bugs and glitches. The team focuses on removing those errors and system non-performance that hampers the user experience. It performs testing of the project through different software.

Numerous software performs testing functions of the applications, out of which APACHE Jmeter is a software testing tool for monitoring the performance of the project. It analyzes and measures the performance of the array of services that includes web-applications.

It is a unique testing tool that verifies and checks JDBC database connections. It eradicates the bugs & glitches and runs the project smooth and hassle-free. After testing with APACHE Jmeter, the project is ready to launch on the store.


Some Of The Key Benefits

  • Job tracking & Comprehensive Reporting
  • Easily Fetch Revenue & Commission Report
  • Chat functionality with the team
  • On-time solve queries
  • Immediate Pricing for Variety of Products
  • Save Time & Money
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