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Bestplacefor is a perfect match for food lovers that let’s rate, share and save the food that you have eaten or want to eat. The website also allows users to connect with other foodies across the globe. Here, you can also promote your favorite restaurant to other users.

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Project Overview

The Best Place For is one of the most popular websites in Australia for food lovers. The website demonstrates famous restaurants, burger shops, and other food-related stuff in specific locations. However, the website does not offer food delivery services; you can only search for the restaurant and food, read reviews and other information on this website.

The website is the perfect place for food lovers who regularly look for amazing food in the nearby area. The search by location allows them to find the best restaurant and the delicious dishes they are looking for. Moreover, the inclusion of blogs and customer reviews makes them aware of the quality of the food and the services of particular restaurants.

Business challenge

We were quite excited when the client from Australia first contacted us with this fantastic idea of showcasing food & restaurant reviews, location, and relevant information on the website. The client wanted us to build a website where different kinds of food products such as salad, sandwiches, soup, sushi, Udon, vegetables, burger, bowl, burritos can be displaced with critical reviews and details.

Another feature that the client wanted in the website is to list out popular restaurants serving in Australia. Here are some of the challenges we have faced during the development process.

  • Google map integration and social media integration were needed respectively in order to help users find the exact location of the restaurant and company’s profile.
  • Smart search option needed for the website in order to provide maximum convenience to the users even if they are visiting the website for the first time.
  • Food category classification and filtration are needed for the website to provide a better user experience while navigating the website.
  • A separate dashboard for blog posting was added so that visitors could read blogs and post comments.
  • We developed a customer review page so that users can post their reviews as well as see reviews of restaurants and food.

Key Features

  • Google map integration to help users find the exact location of the restaurants
  • Advance search option to find out food by categories and restaurants by locations
  • Social media integration: Facebook, Instagram & Twitter
  • Review section to help customers post comments
  • Food category classification and filtration
  • Profile registration page for users to become a permanent member
  • Restaurant listing with detailed information
  • Added relevant design and branding
  • Food blogs, informing viewers about the worldwide recipes
  • Menu bar including four options: Home, Feed, Blogs, Profile.
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The Solution

eSparkBiz created an excellent online platform for food lovers located worldwide. We have built a user-centric website where people can quickly find new resources for food and restaurants based on the location they want. With the help of modern technologies, our developers have proudly managed to deliver a feature-rich website that includes detailed information about restaurants and food services. Additionally, it also helps local hotel businesses display their best offerings to visitors through the website.

eSparkBiz developed ‘Best Place For’ using the PHP framework WordPress. We created a website that primarily focuses on enhancing user engagement by providing necessary details of the businesses that have been operating in the food and restaurant industries. Our client-side development includes feed management, blog posting, and business advertisement. We also manage back-end development, providing clients with website analysis and rankings.

All User Function Modules

We have added smart features for general users in order to enhance the user experience. Here are a few modules that we have developed which will help the general user navigate through the web app with ease.

  • Profile creation page so that users can create profiles or log in via social accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google.
  • Smart search option that enables users to search with predictive results across multiple categories.
  • Embedded Google Map with basic map functionality that helps discover the restaurant’s exact location based on their preferences.
  • Category select menu that allows users to filter the food items based on the category selected
  • Advanced search option allows users to set multiple parameters like food category, price, location.

Registered User Function Modules

For every registered user, we have developed common modules so that they can easily utilize functions available in the web application. We have developed a web app with excellent UI/UX to help users navigate each web page.

  • Social media integration for registered users so that they can connect their social accounts and ingest content from other platforms.
  • Add a new item option so that users can create or remove items on the app or site.
  • Item ratings and Item comments respectively for rating the item and commenting on the uploaded item.
  • Add Items allows registered users to add items and get the confirmation through notification once the item is added.

Admin Side Function Modules

Listed below are some of the admin side modules so that admin users can easily operate on different functions like edit, delete, view in the web application.

  • Admin user can approve a new post or photo related to the restaurant or food.
  • Admin user can delete the post and add custom tag
  • Admin user can create a new blog post.
  • Admin user can view all categories and see how many items and places are under each categories.

Platform/Non-functional Requirement Modules

The following features determine the performance of the web application. Considering the factors affecting the web app’s performance, we ensured achieving a solution of the highest quality.

  • A fully responsive website that can run on all modern devices, browsers, and operating systems.
  • The website can handle 2k concurrent users over a 5 second period.
  • The website is SEO-friendly and designed to enable a transfer of technology owner with minimal disruption.

Quality & Testing

It is essential to analyze such a complex project in which many viewers/reviewers are associated. Besides, the website also deals with content management like images, blogs, branding, etc. eSparkBiz understands the value of business logic and how web applications should be integrated according to it.

Our offshore team has performed module-wise testing and debugging. We believe in providing the best quality software service to our clients. We have also performed project integration testing and debugging to create an error-free web application.


As the web app deals with the high volume of general users, reviewers, and business portals’ data, we ensured that data privacy and security remain top-notch. Apart from this, we have set the security groups in the AWS for accessing the server.

Technology stack

See the ways how the development team implemented client’s requirements

  • Wordpress

  • Bootstrap

  • RDS (mysql)

  • AWS (SES)

  • ec2

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