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HRMS is an excellent software developed to manage routine HR tasks. Every big organisation like us utilises HRMS to manage their employees effectively. HRMS is built to help organisations reduce redundant data entry and processes. As a developing company, you require a platform where you can record employees data.

HRMS is mainly used by the companies to manage employees' attendance, grant leaves, approve PF and pay out the salary. The employee gets his/her personal log-ins where they can see the past records, remaining leaves, and access regular check-ins/check-outs. Ultimately, HRMS serves as a platform by which a company can manage and enhance the staff’s efficiency.

HRMS Attendance Summary

Service Used On The Project Development


Web Server

Programming Language


Programming Tool

The Dashboard
Attendance Summary
The Calendar
Employee Information

The Client

This time we do not have to go beyond our organisation when it comes to displaying our quality work. Being a leading software development company, eSparkBiz had to make sure that the staff management must remain up to the mark. We required an HRMS software by which we can organise our employees’ data easily. Additionally, we wanted to build software which can also help employees manage their daily task reports.

Job Openings


Employees' profile management

In order to get the best out of employees, it is essential to create employee profile management to maintain employees' records for internal purposes. It is also required for the formulation of employment policies, recruitment procedure and training.

Reduces data entry and processes

In order for any organisation to be effective, the need for good, clean and reliable data is a must. HRMS plays an integral role while managing data and neglecting unnecessary entries.

Expenses claim management

HRMS should include claim management for the employee. Here, all the employees’ expenses on behalf of the company will be stored, which can be claimed later by the employees themselves.

Manage employees’ attendance

HRMS software must have an attendance record so that the organisation can look after the regularity of the employees, which always helps to understand the approach of a particular employee towards the job he/she does.

Regular check-ins & check-outs

It maintains a daily record of the employees’ job hours. The software is required to be maintaining working hours, breaks, and extra-working hours for the organisation.


Calendar integration is required to keep the organisational task up-to-date. Moreover, the calendar is necessary for scheduling future projects and birthday reminders. It also keeps track of the on-going projects.

News: Common talks within the organisation

There is a separate dashboard for the organisation to make comments on specific matters, release new ideas, discuss common issues, and share useful information within the company.

Leaves record

Just like attendance management, a system needs to be developed that can keep leave records of the employees. Here, employees can know about their current leave status.

Search option

HRMS has a search button for exploring employees’ profiles. Here, you can search any employee by their name to view the detailed information and the role they play in the organisation.

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Key Features

Individual dashboard

We have developed a separate dashboard for the betterment of employee management. We have included Attendance management, Leave records, Expenses claims, News & Job listing, etc.

Search button to find a specific employee’s details

In order to make communication easy and fast with each other within the organisation, we have installed a search option to find employees by their name and connect with them with minimum efforts.

Calendar integration, upcoming birthday notifications

It is always the best idea to remain parallel with time, and that’s why we have calendar interfaced to manage tight deadlines. The best part is that it also helps to set reminders and schedule future events.

Dashboard for routine attendance check, break-in/out time, and check-in/out time check

An essential dashboard needed to be installed in order to maintain the efficiency and regularity of the employees. It shows the attendance and working hour statuses of the employees.

Job listing and Organisation’s News

It is a platform for addressing common topics and discussing new ideas with each other in a group chat format. The organisation can share new job postings here to help staff know the upcoming job vacancy.

Leave record dashboard including details for PL, SL, and CL

Here, the employee can check their leave status. One will have the accurate status of how much official leaves he or she can afford.

Expenses claims with live status: Pending, Approved, Rejected

It maintains the expense records of the employees which they had paid on behalf of the company. The dashboard would show till-date expenses and claims you made. It also indicates pending and rejected claims’ details.

Company policy

The information about the company’s rules and regulation to make every employee aware of the work structure and daily operations.

Employee’s personal info, total duration with the company and designation

Here you find the complete information about specific employees, including birthdate, email id, designation in the company and total duration associated with the company.

Our Solution

eSparkBiz created an excellent human resource management software for employees within the organisation. We have built employee-centric software where everyone within the organisation can quickly manage their respective data including attendance, leaves, expenses, salary etc. Our developers have proudly managed to deliver feature-rich software to enhance staff engagement.

Company News

Client Feedback

eSparkBiz created HRMS software using the PHP framework, Laravel. We created software that primarily focuses on enhancing employee management by providing a platform that can manage the necessary details of each employee that has been operating with the eSparkBiz. The idea was to create a system where all the essential data of the employees can be managed easily, and it should help reduce unnecessary data entries and processes.

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