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HRMS is an excellent software designed to manage the staff efficiency and productivity of a specific company. The software offers a separate dashboard for managing employees’ profiles, attendance records, leave records, calendars, expense claims, jobs, news, etc.

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Project Overview

HRMS is an excellent software developed to manage routine HR tasks. Every big organization like us utilizes HRMS to manage its employees effectively. HRMS is built to help organizations reduce redundant data entry and processes. As a developing company, you require a platform where you can record employees’ data.

The companies mainly use HRMS to manage employees’ attendance, grant leaves, approve PF, and payout the salary. The employee gets his/her personal log-ins where they can see the past records, remaining leaves, and access regular check-ins/check-outs. Ultimately, HRMS serves as a platform by which a company can manage and enhance the staff’s efficiency.

Business Challenge

This time, we do not have to go beyond our organization to display our quality work. Being a leading software development company, eSparkBiz had to make sure that the staff management must remain up to the mark. We required an HRMS software by which we can organize our employees’ data easily. Additionally, we wanted to build software that can also help employees manage their daily task reports.

We have developed software that can ease down common tasks of the HR managers. There was some common functionality that we needed to add considering HR’s operations. Providing functionalities like Manage Leave Records, Manage Employee Details, Approve Leave, Manage Calander, Job Posting, News alerts was our prime concern so that we can organize the company’s staff and manage track records.

  • A separate dashboard was needed to maintain employee’s attendance, break-in/out, and check-in/out times
  • My Profile section for employees and HR receptively for reviewing personal profile and other members information
  • Leaves menu for employees and HR respectively for reviewing leave records such as leave status, all taken leaves, unpaid leaves, and approving leaves.
  • Job and News feature respectively for admin and employees: HR can post a job, manage candidate list, provide general news, and employees can review it.
  • Expense Claims menu to review/edit expense done on behalf of the company, and later, one can claim it.

Key Features

  • Search button functionality for admin to find specific employees’ details
  • Calendar integration, upcoming birthdays, and holidays notifications
  • Leave record dashboard including details for PL, SL, Cl
  • Expense claims with the live status: Pending, Pending, Approved, Rejected
  • Employee’s info, total duration with the company, and designation
  • Separate dashboard for routine attendance check, break-in/out time, check-in/out time
  • Job listing and organization’s general news
  • Attendance menu for reviewing working hours, half days, productivity ratio, Late entries, etc.
  • Reduce data entry and processes
  • Manage employee’s attendance, interviews, approve leaves, claims, etc and edit profile
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The Solution

eSparkBiz created excellent human resource management software for employees within the organization. We have built employee-centric software where everyone within the organization can quickly manage their respective data, including attendance, leaves, expenses, salary, etc. Our developers have proudly managed to deliver feature-rich software to enhance staff engagement.

eSparkBiz created HRMS software using the PHP framework, Laravel. We created software that primarily focuses on enhancing employee management by providing a platform that can manage the necessary details of each employee that has been operating with the eSparkBiz. The idea was to create a system where all the essential data of the employees can be managed easily, and it should help reduce unnecessary data entries and processes.

Employee/User Side Function Modules

We have developed the following functionalities for users/employees in order to help them track their individual performance and working hours/attendance records/leave records, etc.

  • Employees can log in to their account using credentials like employee ID and Password
  • Employees can perform functionalities like Check-in/out, Break-in/out
  • Employees can apply for leave through the Leaves menu
  • Employees can claim for the expense done on behalf of the company
  • Employees can review attendance records and the leaves record
  • Employees can review calendars, birthday, and holiday notifications.

Team Leader Side Function Modules

Many of the functionality for team leaders are similar to the employees. One added feature that we have included is that the team leader can review every team members’ profile.

  • Team leaders can log in to their account using credentials like employee ID and Password
  • Just like a normal employee, a team leader can perform every functionality.
  • Team leader can review every team members’ track record.

Admin/HR Side Functional Modules

The core idea behind developing this software is to help HR/Admin review each employees’ details on a single dashboard. Hence, we have added the following features for HR managers to help them assess employees’ track records.

  • Admin/HR can approve or decline employees’ leave or expense claim requests
  • Admin/HR can review attendance and leave records of each employee
  • Admin can manage team through HRMS.
  • Admin can post job and news, manage candidate list, schedule interviews, edit relevant information
  • Admin/HR will have access to each employee’s details including name, joining date, total leaves, designation, contact number, etc.


As the software deals with the high volume of employees’ data, we ensured that data privacy and security remain top-notch.

Technology Stack

See the ways how the development team implemented client’s requirements

  • React

  • Angular

  • Laravel

  • Bootstrap

  • RDS (mysql)

  • AWS (SES)

  • ec2

  • Pusher

  • Stripe

  • Google Map

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