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Kamopi website is a marketplace for both brand owners and influencers. The excellent platform was designed with the aim to bridge the gap between content creators (influencers) and distributors (Brands). Brands can hire popular influencers on the basis of their industry and popularity to generate brand awareness. On the other hand, influencers can share their social media information on the website in order to grab the attention of leading companies.

The software system was designed to be a web portal that allows easy searches for both brands and influencers. Whether the search is about the running campaign or brand representative, the simple and intuitive website design makes every task effortless. On this system, influencers can make proposals to brand for a campaign, which brand can approve or reject. If a brand representative likes a project, he/she can post the campaign on the website. The hiring process of influencers is also very simple on the site. The brand can see influencers status on multiple channels such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.


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The Client

Our client needed a platform where professional brand owners and social media Influencers can join together and serve their purpose. This web system comprises three actors: Brand, Influencers, and Admin. These are the people who will be using the website. Each consisting of a unique site access, uses, and audience.


The Primary Requirements Were:

Building a system considering three players

The website must showcase Influencers popularity, i.e., the number of social media accounts they handle and other information. Brand representatives who will sign up in Kampoi can see influencers data and select any influencer from any industry and hire them on the platform itself. The third and important actor of the system is the Admin(Owner). He/She has complete control of the website data which includes influencers data, brand information, proposals, campaigns, products and most importantly payments.

Allowing users to invite friends

Influencers must be able to invite friends to join the platform who are willing to collaborate with brands of respective fields. Influencers who are looking for jobs or projects from brands need to provide their basic details, which includes their full name, birthdate, country, postal code, and of course email address.

Allowing brand to view influencers data

Brand owners can search for potential influencers and judge their capability based on the provided data. Brands can view a list of all influencers on the platform, their industry, social media ranking, followers and more. They can also sort the list based on country and ranking.

Create and managing budget

The system allows influencers to set a budget for the brand they are promoting. The budget formation will let influencers break down the amount they are willing to spend for a particular product or campaign. The budget also provides updates on the overall amount, spend and pending amount.

Dashboard management for Brands

Brands can create a dashboard for the hired influencers, where they can view influencers proposals and campaigns run for the brand. Brands can also check the audience activity and statistics ranking. Brands can view the uploaded logo on the dashboard. They can also check in social media account details of individual influencers.

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Key Features

Moving influencers data from social media to the website

In our first milestone, we built a platform that analyzes social media accounts of influences, and transfers data like followers, average likes, live audience and more to be transferred on the Kampoi website. The system required syncing of data from popular social media handles like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and more.

Making an efficient panel for Admin

Admin needs to manage both brands’ and influencers’ data. Hence, our team created admin panels for multipurposes. For instance, the admin will be able to access and manage data of influencers, brands managers and more from the panel.

Login and registration

With the help of HTML pages, our team created a login and registration system in the website for both brand managers and influencers. This comprises login page, forgot password page, registration page, Facebook registration page, Youtube registration page, Instagram registration and Twitter Registration.

Campaign management system

The campaign management system is the core of this website. It basically includes everything like search campaign, read campaign, publish campaign, answering, acceptance, rejection and renegotiation. The system allows users to make multiple proposals, make modifications and confirmation to publish proposals. The system allows to display KPIs on the campaign screen.

Payment Gateway Integration

Kamopi website allows on site payment means influencers provide the brand their budget estimation, which the brand can approve or request to change. The final price can then be cleared by the brand representative on the site itself.

The Solution

In order to migrate information from social media sites into the website, our team created a cron monthly running. The cron downloads data of users (Influencers) from social media channels on a monthly basis and saves the data into websites’ database. The collected data is calculated through coding and gets features in the frontend.

Our team of developers created a CMS system for the admin that allowed them to access the content in two languages, English and French. Also, later we coded the website, so users can access sites in both english and french languages.

A CMS was created for the whole website, which would allow the Admin to manage the Content in both English and French. The website was coded eventually which would easily allow the user to switch from English to French and vice versa.


Client Feedback

“Every website that eSparkBiz Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has built conforms exactly to its initial mockups. The team is diligent, communicative, and knowledgeable. They work quickly and deliver on schedule.”

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