Palco Marine

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Palco Marine is like an ERP system i.e. Enterprise Resource Planning but smaller than the actual ERP. It has been designed for a Singapore’s trading company. The system is integrated with multiple applications with which companies can store and manage the data of all the industry’s products and more. The system allows users to make requests and share their quotation and also let’s them download their invoice.

The all-in-one real-time system offers for important business processes with a common database. It helps the administrator to keep in check all the business resources such as cash, products, business commitments, payroll, purchase order and more. The portal lets the company handle data like requested quotation, total quotation send and invoice details.

Palco Marine

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Palco Marine
Palco Marine
Palco Marine
Palco Marine

The Client

The company Palco Marine enquired us to create a system where they can store their valuable data as well as manage their consumers. They needed a system that can store quotation data of both suppliers and clients. Our client required invoice generation functionality that also allowed their consumers to select a currency.

Palco Marine

The Primary Requirements Were:

Transferring previous portal to Cloud

Palcon Marine has a previous stand-alone in-house system, they asked us to move that CRM system to the cloud.

Employee and Admin system access

There are two users that get the access to use this CRM system i.e employees and admin. Employees will get access by logging in with their username and password. They are not only allowed to view RFQ lists of suppliers but also to create new inquiries. A few other functionalities they can use are sending quotation, order delivery and purchase and managing respective profile information.

The Admin will have all the access of the system. They too need to put in the credential to login. They are allowed to view and send RFQ to the client as well as share inquiries to the suppliers. They can check in the purchase and delivery status of clients as well as manage all the permissions.

Excel view

The client needed a system where the users can view or transfer data in a sheet format or as per their requirement.

Employees data management

The system contains employees’ bio information like their image, first name, last name, user id, email id, work role and status. Admin can view all employees information and also add or remove new and existing employees from the list. The system allows admin to search employees on the basis of user id and more.

Client data management

The system saves the basic information of the client, which can be accessed by admin representation. Clients’ data includes their full name, email id, phone tags as well as other actions. Admin representatives have the authority to add new clients and delete existing clients. They can easily search any clients by adding their names, tags etc.

Managing supplier data

Palco Marine portal databases also save the data of suppliers. This comprises supplier’s name, email id, phone, tags and their actions. All these data can only be accessed by admin, they are allowed to search suppliers on the basis of names and tags. They can also add new and delete the name of existing suppliers as and when needed.

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Key Features

Quotation functionality of the system

As per our client's needs, we inherited the quotation function in the Palco Marine system. Admin representatives have the access to the list of sent quotations. This includes job number, RFQ/enquiry, client name, model anime, quotation date, actions etc. The system features every information of RFQ and quotations sent by different suppliers. On the system, admin can not only view the quotation but also approve or reject.

Displaying list of purchase products

The system built by us, showcases our client every details of the purchase orders, which includes client name, product serial number, job number, department name and actions. Using this information, admin representatives can make quick searches. Supplier details and RFQ are included in the inner purchase details which only admin can have access to.

Categorizing users effectively through departments

To help admin easily access different teams, our team inherited the department feature that allows admin enlist teams by their names. Admin can add departments for team members and also remove it when not required.

Multiple currency selection

The trading companies have a huge network across multiple companies from countries like Europe, China, America, Japan, India and more. That’s why it was important to insert currency features in the system. This option enables admin to view users’ selected currency. If the admin representative wishes to add new currency to the list they will be able to do it effectively.

Packaging List:

If an Admin representative wants to know about the product packaging, he/she will find it from this category. The packaging list comprises supplier's name, client’s name, serial number, job number, department name, client name etc. Through all of this information, client’s would instantly find about any particular packaging in it’s system.

The Solution

Our team highly believes in listening thoroughly before executing, which we followed for the Palco Marine project. We initiated the project by understanding the business flag and logic for calculating quotation for every single product. We then segmented modules into phases. After the completion of every phase we provided our client the code for them to examine.

Palco Marine

Client Feedback

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