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Ratemyestate is a property review platform developed to help the real estate community tell their story. It is the platform where people can review the property before buying. It is one of the best real estate review portals which allows buyers/sellers to submit their voices and have it heard by other people and businesses.

Ratemyestate allows buyers to compare different property developers with respective concerns. The platform helps people by providing logic and reasons to make a better decision rather than going with the intuition while purchasing apartments, business parks or plots.

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The Client

The client from Australia had approached us with the vision to provide a suitable online platform where people can review different property sites and compare builders and developers. Choosing the right builder is a critical decision whenever you decide to purchase a property. The client wanted us to make a website where people can review past experiences, based on that they can have a better decision while choosing any real estate property.

About Rate My Estate

The Primary Requirements Were:

Google Map integration with the website to check the exact property location

The client wanted us to integrate Google Maps in the website so that one can find out the exact location of the property and also check similar real estate properties in nearby areas.

Review listing to help buyers assess the property

One useful feature that the client expected from us is to provide a list of property reviews with essential details so that buyers can match the criteria and get useful insights which would help them choose the property.

The search option to discover property and the location

It was necessary to put a Search option button in the website so that visitors can easily search the property by the name and also look for the similar options in the desired location.

Search option in the review listing page

The same concept also applies here as we also wanted to provide a Search button in the review listing page which will be designed to help buyers collect useful information about the property.

Property guide detail handler page

As the website is going to deal with real estate property and related issues, a page that includes detailed information about the property is essential to develop. We wanted to include an individual page in order to offer property details to the visitors.

Property coach including four categories: Finance, Buying, Investing & Building

To make the user interface more simpler, we were required to develop one important page where there would be classification of real estate properties in four different categories.

Property blogs

It was necessary to guide buyers with the detailed information about the real estate properties and the builders. Hence, we have made arrangements for uploading property blogs on the website.

“View by” filtration in the review listing

In the Review listing page, we have included View by option where you can see the list of property reviews in different formats such as table view, grid view, etc.

Real estate classification in four categories: Homesite, Apartments, Townhomes, Home

In order to help buyers understand resident property clearly, we were asked to design a separate menu that includes a classification of four different real estate as mentioned above.

Facebook and Google integration for new registrations and logins

The basic idea behind integrating Facebook and Google logins is to help visitors register quickly on the website. It will save the time which would otherwise be spent during the sign-up.

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Key Features

Google Map integration

We have integrated Google Map to help buyers find the property in the desired location. Here, they can directly look for the property using the search button.

Facebook & Gmail accounts for sign-in and new registration

It was pretty straight forward to integrate Facebook and Gmail accounts for sign-in and new registration in order to help visitors give quick access to the website.

Proximity search by name

We have developed the Search option which will help buyers explore real estate properties in nearby locations. One can easily search for the property by name within close proximity as expected.

Individual dashboard integration

It is necessary to develop a website that has a separate page for every essential detail so that the buyers/visitors can specifically look for the information for which they have come for.

Commercial dashboard integration

The website also manages commercial data that will be collective information about the builders, respective agents and the property they develop. It will help build a strong commercial platform for both builders and buyers.

Buy/Sell Guide to help the customer make a better decision while purchasing

We have also included the Buy/Sell guide which includes essential information about the property such as location, price, builder, etc considering the fact that it would clearly represent important insights, helping buyers choose stunning properties.

Advanced search filters

We have also included the Advance search filters to help users specify additional requirements for a search, for an example, location and builder name for a property.

Property listing

The property listing page is mandatory for a website dealing with the real estate projects. We have developed a page for listing real estate properties which displays reviews and other necessary information with respect to the specific property.

Review by location, name, company

This is another important feature that goes to the website which will represent the important data and reviews of the property with advanced filtration. It is further classified in different review categories such as review by location, name and company.


A separate page was required to be built to show visitors an informative display of property which includes facts and reviews of the property, location and the builder's company.

The Solution

eSparkBiz has managed to pull off this excellent website development for Ratemyestate. We build a straightforward website where people can easily post and read real estate property reviews. To justify the client’s need, our developers have made it possible to overcome the challenge by delivering a user-friendly website for people living in Australia.

Reviewing A Property

Client Feedback

eSparkBiz developed a web-based portal; l we have built a real estate property review website using PHP framework “Laravel.” We used modern technologies and tools to craft a website with easy navigation for the people who come to assess or post the property review. We have classified some of the important categories as per the client requirement so that people/buyers can easily choose the right property and make a better decision.

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