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Ratemyestate is a review platform designed to create a real estate community that allows buyers/builders to post and enlist their property which would help people of Australia assess the property in detail before buying.

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Project Overview

Ratemyestate is a property review platform developed to help the real estate community tell their story. It is the platform where people can review the property before buying. It is the most popular property review portal in Australia, allowing buyers/sellers to submit their voice in the form of a review and have it heard by other people and businesses.

Ratemyestate allows buyers to compare different property developers with respective concerns. The platform helps people by providing logic and reasons to make a better decision rather than going with the intuition while purchasing apartments, business parks or plots.

Business challenge

The client from Australia had approached us with the vision to provide a suitable online platform where people can review different property sites and compare builders and developers. Choosing the right builder is a critical decision whenever you decide to purchase a property. The challenge was to develop a feature-rich web app where people can review past experiences; based on that, they can have a better decision while choosing any real estate property.

Besides, building a dashboard for builders/companies/businesses to assess the reviews on their properties was necessary. Moreover, the company can add properties in the review listing. Following are some of the challenges we have pulled off efficiently.

  • Build confidence and trust between buyers, property developers, and builders by providing accurate review listing of the property
  • Build a property review ecosystem that helps buyers make decisions with confidence
  • Help homebuyers navigate the complex home buying journey
  • Become a trusted source in the home purchasing journey
  • Providing property blog to help users review each building/apartment/home in detail
  • Help builders/companies/organization post their property details and assess the review of the buyers
  • To make the user interface simpler, we were required to develop one significant page where the classification of real estate properties in four different categories will be mentioned.
  • Google Map integration to help buyers find the property in the desired location. Here, they can directly look for the property using the search button.

Key Features

  • Google Map Integration to check the exact location of the property
  • Review listing to help buyers assess the property
  • Smart search button to discover property and its location
  • Property guide handler page
  • Property coach categories: Finance, Buying, Investing & Building
  • View By filtration in the review listing page
  • Real estate classification: Homesite, Apartments, Townhomes, Homes
  • Facebook and Gmail integration for new registration
  • Property blogs for providing detailed information
  • Commercial dashboard integration for managing commercial data
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The Solution

eSparkBiz has managed to pull off this excellent web-app development for Ratemyestate. We build a straightforward web app where people can easily post and read real estate property reviews. Our developers have made it possible to overcome the challenge by delivering a user-friendly website for people living in Australia to justify the client’s needs.

eSparkBiz developed a web-based portal; we have built a real estate property review website using the PHP framework “Laravel.” We used modern technologies and tools to craft a website with easy navigation for the people who come to assess or post the property review. We have classified some of the important categories as per the client requirement so that people/buyers can easily choose the right property and make a better decision.

Reviewers’ Function Modules

After understanding the client’s requirements in detail, we needed to develop modules for reviewers in order to provide smooth website navigation and user interface. Mentioned below are the web-app screens and pages developed by eSparkBiz for Ratemyestate.

  • Users can register in the web application using a form that consists of Email, Mobile Number, and Password.
  • Reviewers can sign in to the application using the credentials: Email/Phone number & Password.
  • Reviewer dashboard allows users to check profiles, reviews, and notifications.
  • Reviewers can manage images, names, location, post reviews, and rate property.
  • Reviewers can select categories from homesite, apartments, townhomes, homebuilder.

Builders/Contractor/Company Function Modules

We have added a specific segment for business portals/builders/contractors in order to know more about the property from the builder side, which will help reviewers provide reviews in the review listing page.

  • The business portals can register themselves in the web portal to comment and respond to the relevant review.
  • The brand/builder can log-in in the system with the credentials like Email & Password.
  • After log-in, the user can navigate through different menus like View my properties, Project name, My reviews,
  • The brand can explore various kinds of reports such as total number of reviews, total number of comments of the day, rating chart, total number of properties reviewed.
  • Builders/contractors can also explore My review, My profile, View my property with the category.

General User Function Modules

In order to provide excellent UX/UI to the general users, we have provided the following functionalities in the web application.

  • A general user can explore pages and menus like About Us, Property Guide, Categories, Recent Reviews, Advertisement Placement, Property Coach, Write a Review section.
  • In the header menu, the general users can explore Search, Location, About, Property Guide, Write a Review, Log-in register, business portal register, etc.
  • Users can view the predefined web page that consists Why the company exists, What is it all about, Our purpose, etc.

Admin side Function Modules

In order to manage the review dashboard, reports, and CMS, we have also developed an admin side function. This would help increase the performance of the web application as per the user demand.

  • Admin can log in to the web portal using credentials like Email, Password, Remember Me, Reset Password.
  • Admin dashboard to manage normal users and reviewers, to remove reviews and business commentary, to manage builders & developers with their details
  • Manage property categories, advertisements, reports, and locations
  • Manage C.M.S pages like Contact Us, General Use, Privacy Policy, Advertisement Tiles, Property Coach/Blogs, etc.

Quality Assurance and Testing

It is essential to analyze the complex project in a detailed manner as a large number of people are associated with it. eSparkBiz understands the value of business and user logic and how web applications should be integrated according to it.

Our offshore team has performed module-wise testing and debugging. We believe in providing the best quality software service to our clients. We have also performed project integration testing and debugging to create an error-free web application for our client.


As the web app deals with the high volume of general users, reviewers, and business portals’ data, we ensured that data privacy and security remain top-notch. Apart from this, we have set the security groups in the AWS for accessing the server.

Technology stack

See the ways how the development team implemented client’s requirements

  • Laravel

  • Bootstrap

  • RDS (mysql)

  • ec2

  • AWS (SES)

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