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Rippled Water is a system designer for planning trips and outings, especially made for fishing. The application covers every spectrum of trip planning i.e from inviting friends to choosing location, checking weather budget management and many more. The medium simplifies the daunting task involved in trip plans and allows users to spend less money. It helps you optimise time efficiently so they can focus on their fellow mates and on the trip.

In the application, the user can invite friends from their contact list or through email address. Once all the people join the trip group, they all can coordinate with others and strategize everything from expenses and bookings.

All these discussions are carried on a private chat forum. Users don’t need other communication platforms. We also inherited the gallery and report features that allows users to share photos and create a fishing journal for all the participants.


Service Used On The Project Development


Web Server

Programming Language


Development Tool


The Client

For the Rippled Water project, the client required an application that could make fishing and other trip planning easier. The major parts of the projects include inviting friends, checking the weather forecast, temperature of lake water, sharing the location, finding location, budget management, and more. Rippled Water application was to be designed for both mobile and desktop devices.

Weather forecast and expense calculating features in the application makes it a useful tool for both group travelers and solo travelers. Users can gain additional advantages on fishing related data by purchasing fishing journal products. The person sharing invites can also view the location of invitees after they accept his/her invitation.


The Primary Requirements Were:

Share invites to contacts and email address

The application required inviting users option, with which users can invite any person to join their trip group from their contact list or email address. The person who would plan the trip can view if users have accepted the invitation or not. If status reads pending, the user can share an invitation for a second time.

Trip Organizers Access

Trip organizers have the key role in trip planning, it covers the majority of aspects which includes sharing invites, deciding the start and end date of the trip, choosing trip location, and sharing location to every person. Organizers can invite as many people as he/she wants for the trip at any time. He/She gets the access to add general trip information such as lodging details, transporting, location and more. The organizer of the trip can also add accessories as well as instructions required in the trips like gear items, weather & water data, and meal planning.

Everyone’s contribution

Every person who accepts the invitation will be able to view all the details of the trip, he/she will be notified through notification. They can also comment on the application and join the chat group for further discussions. The invites can view the weather conditions and water temperature. They also get access to maintain a gear, to-do list, create and share meal planning. They can also mention gears to carry for their friends or fellow mates.

Sharing trip photos and more

Photos are the most important things for any trip. Considering this, we included the photos sharing feature to the application. This allows any group member to share their captured photos in the applications which get saved in the trip gallery. Along with photos, participants can also share comments and more. There is also an optional organized summary which can only be reviewed by participants.

Local SEO Information

It is necessary to include local information about the restaurant on your website and in indexed pages for search engines. We were also asked to include the location of the restaurant and the address of the neighbourhood onto the website so that visitors can explore more options about the restaurants and the food services in Australia.

Up To Date Content

Since we are adding as many restaurants and the food dishes on the website, it is necessary to include the latest content with the appropriate images. In addition to that, we were also asked to have the customer reviews and the social media mentions on the website.

Mobile Friendly

This is the most common feature that we develop for every website. The website is responsive to mobile devices so that users can quickly look for food & restaurants using their smartphone.

Restaurant Listing

The main objective behind developing this website is to include as many restaurants as possible on the website. The client also wanted to have a list of restaurants that offered multiple food options, so we clearly added a number of restaurants with detailed information.

Profile Registration

We were also asked to add the separate registration page where new users can make their individual profile and become a permanent member of the website.

Search By Location

A ‘Search By Location’ option is also available on the website so that users do not need to scroll down all of the restaurants. They can simply add the location and find out the restaurants and food services within the desired area.


We were also asked to develop a separate dashboard where the client wanted to include blogs about the variety of food dishes available worldwide. Here, a section after each blog post is also added where the visitor can post the review and comments about the restaurants and food.

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Key Features


In order to get information about lake water or weather forecast, we used the NOAA API. It was also the major challenge for us but we executed it with utmost sincerity.

Analytics and systematization

Our professionals Business Analysts thoroughly examined the objectives of our client and proposed an optimal collaboration scheme by estimating required time and efforts. We provided a comprehensive app development structure to our clients that includes project scope, communication strategies, the relevant development methodology and processes.

System design

We initiated the application development; our team worked on developing system architecture and also constructed detailed mockups for both mobile and web applications. We also acquired customer confirmation on it.

Incorporating Stripe Payment

We inhibited the stripe payment feature in the application so that users can easily pay their expenses on the application itself. This payment gateway saves you from daunting payment methods, it includes merchant bank account and PCI compliance. Stripe servers offer secure interaction keeping user data safe. It offers seamless checkout experience to users which will channel in increased conversion and sales.

Fishing Journal

Our client needed a best application for fish trips. Fishing journal is one out of the box which makes the application more engaging. This feature allows the user to keep in check with the user's fishing time as well as mention all their observations. The more data you add to your fishing journal, the more improvements you can make to your fishing.

They can share this fishing data and photo to their friends on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram and more. Fishing journal is like getting a personal diary space where you can mention anything from fishing techniques and observation to photos and memories.

It lets you remember instances and fishing experiences, you can keep in check important information. You can browse all the mentioned details in your diary and also search information through titles, keywords, or date.

Weather Information

The excellent weather feature of the application provides a weather report for any specified time. Whether you need a weather forecast for the current weather, next hour or day, it provides accurate data. We incorporated the ‘DARK SKY’ API to provide optimal weather data to our audience.

The Solution

Rippled Water application was designed for mobile as well as desktop users. Our team at eSparkBiz used cron in order to store lake or other water sources data in the application for a specific timeline. We optimized the code to upgrade the performance of applications. We optimized app architecture as per our client needs without using any complex queries. Our team of skilled developers structured APIs enabling faster responses.


Client Feedback

“eSparkBiz’s work surpassed expectations, including features that weren’t even thought of, which has boosted leads, new clients, potential employees, and more. Their speed of delivery was remarkable and they promptly implemented feedback. Overall, their professionalism and reliability set them apart.”

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