Saas-based Personal Fishing Application

Rippled Water is a social media application where people get together for fishing events and tips. Registered users can invite people to their tips and can share photos and locations. They also can see friends’ activities and like, comment on their posts.

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Project Overview

Rippled Water is a system designer for planning trips and outings, specially made for fishing. The application covers every spectrum of trip planning i.e., from inviting friends to choosing a location, checking the weather budget management, and many more. The medium simplifies the daunting task involved in trip plans and allows users to spend less money. It helps you optimize time efficiently so they can focus on their fellow mates and on the trip.

Business challenge

For the Rippled Water project, the client required an application that could make fishing and other trip planning easier. The major parts of the projects include inviting friends, checking the weather forecast, temperature of lake water, sharing the location, finding a location, budget management, and more. Rippled Water application was to be designed for both mobile and desktop devices.

Weather forecast and expense calculating features in the application make it a useful tool for both group travelers and solo travelers. Users can gain additional advantages on fishing-related data by purchasing fishing journal products. The person sharing invites can also view the location of invitees after they accept his/her invitation.

  • The application required an attractive users option, with which users can invite any person to join their trip group from their contact list or email address.
  • Trip organizers have a key role in trip planning, it covers the majority of aspects which include sharing invites, deciding the start and end date of the trip, choosing a trip location, and sharing location with every person.
  • Organizers can invite as many people as he/she wants for the trip at any time.
  • Photos are the most important things for any trip. Considering this, we needed to include the photos sharing feature in the application.
  • Along with photos, participants can also share comments and more. There is also an optional organized summary that participants can only review.
  • The website is responsive to mobile devices so that users can quickly look for food & restaurants using their smartphones.

Key Features

  • NOAA API to get accurate information about the weather forecast
  • Analytics and systematization
  • Stripe payment gateway integration for secure transactions
  • Fishing Journal to help users more about fishing trips and fishing techniques
  • Weather feature for providing accurate weather report for the current, next hour/day scenario
  • Incorporated the Dark Sky API to provide optimal weather data to users
  • Flawless system design and detailed mockups for both mobile and web application
  • Mobile-friendly and SEO-friendly application to increase user engagement
  • Google Map Integration for providing accurate location
  • Profile registration and logins through social media (Facebook)
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The Solution

By using the prominent PHP framework, “Codelgniter”, eSparkBiz developed a web-based application for socialization and making new friends. We crafted a web application using high-end technology to deliver an online platform where people can participate in fish events, plan trips, make friends, and many more. Our cost-effective development made sure we match each of the requirements for both the client-side and server-side.

Rippled Water application was designed for mobile as well as desktop users. Our team at eSparkBiz used cron in order to store lake or other water sources data in the application for a specific timeline. We optimized the code to upgrade the performance of applications. We optimized app architecture as per our client’s needs without using any complex queries. Our team of skilled developers structured APIs enabling faster responses.

User Side Function Module

In order to provide better app navigation to the end-users, we have developed the following functionalities in the application. This would help users understand the app flow very easily.

  • Users can log in to their account using the username and password /Facebook credential
  • Users can review weather reports by providing location details
  • Users can review recent activities, trips, friends, and comments
  • Users can send invitations for fish events or tips
  • Users can accept or decline trip invitations
  • Users can review the activities of his/her friends like posts, photos, locations, etc.
  • Users can edit/provide details for fish events

General Function Modules

Here are some more functionalities that users can perform. We have added standard features like profile registration, location authentication, fishing license, friend/trip invitation management.

  • Users can update their profile details such as Name, Address, Email Address, Location.
  • User can enable/disable his/her location
  • Use can add/remove friends and invite them for trips
  • Users can review the current fishing license

Quality and Testing

It is essential to analyze the complex project in a detailed manner as a large number of people are associated with it. eSparkBiz understands the value of business logic and how applications should be integrated according to it. Our offshore team has performed module-wise testing and debugging. We believe in providing the best quality software service to our clients. We have also performed project integration testing and debugging to create an error-free application.


The website and application deal with the high volume of users’ data, including fishing events and tips; we ensured that data privacy and security remain top-notch. Apart from that, the web application also includes a payment gateway integration. Hence, our team has ensured a smooth and secure transaction for all the payments connected to the user’s bank account or debit/credit cardṣ. We have followed strict security standards in order to prevent, detect, eliminate the coding error that could compromise the website or app’s performance.

Technology stack

See the ways how the development team implemented client’s requirements

  • Wordpress

  • Bootstrap

  • RDS (mysql)

  • AWS (SES)

  • ec2

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