Saas-Based Social Media Automation Platform

It is a social media tool designed to organize posts on your multiple social media accounts at your convenience. You can share, schedule, review posts on this platform simultaneously. Besides, you can check the overall performance of your post through the Analytic feature provided in the web application.

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Project Overview

It is an intuitive and dependable place where you can manage your social media networking in the most organized manner. With this platform, you can manage social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin. Besides this, the app offers a complete package of features for publishing, analytics, engagement, and many more.

You can schedule posts that will be displayed in a queue list format. One of the most exciting highlights of the platform is that the app allows you to schedule the same post on different social media accounts at different times. In addition to that, the app also offers a dashboard for reviewing analytics where users can observe how the post is performing and how many posts have been scheduled.

Business challenge

When you can replace a social media manager with an automated social media management application, you should try. With the same thinking, our client approached us to develop a social media manager app that can cover all the functions of a social media manager. this platform is a feature-rich social media app that conveniently schedules posts on multiple social media accounts.

The primary challenge was to deliver the app that must offer bulk scheduling since it is an important aspect of posting on social media applications. In addition, not every user wants to post at the same time on multiple social accounts; therefore, it was necessary to build a feature that allows users to post at different times. Another challenge was to add an analytic section where users can review their post performance and the number of posts that are still pending, etc.

  • User profile section that includes Edit Profile, Change Password, Billing Information, Delete Account.
  • In the Billing section, users can select specific membership plans: Bronze, Silver, Gold.
  • Integrating and connecting social media accounts: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin.
  • Manage post for reviewing schedule, delivered and undelivered posts
  • Bulk schedule for multiple posting at different time zone and analytic for reviewing post performance
  • Calendar integration for previewing scheduled posts and analyzing data of the future posting.

Key Features

  • Support for a wide range of social media accounts to enhance your online presence
  • Scheduling future posts and updates at once on different social media accounts
  • Offers post performance analytics
  • Social media monitoring and listening
  • Cost-effective for small-sized business
  • Calendar integration for reviewing and scheduling posts
  • Manage post section for reviewing schedule post, delivered post, and undelivered posts
  • User profile dashboard, displaying information like Name, Email, Phone No, Date of birth, Gender, billing, delete the account, and more.
  • Create Post and Bulk scheduling feature to post on multiple social accounts
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The Solution

With the help of our offshore development team, we have developed a user-friendly web application where users can easily opt for the service they are looking for once they are enrolled in the web portal. The idea is to eliminate the manpower needed to handle the social media accounts. We have completely redefined the process by introducing an alternative app to the social media manager that will take care of everything related to your social media accounts.

By using the prominent PHP framework, “Laravel”, eSparkBiz developed a web-based portal for handling social media profiles for different brands at once. We have added features like bulk scheduling, Post Management, Calendar, Separate posting on multiple social media platforms, Analytic, etc. We crafted a lucrative web application that provides a straightforward working of each feature.

Function Modules for Individual Users

In order to provide a straightforward user experience, we have installed the following functionalities in the web application. Each feature was developed considering the user flow and how one can utilize all the features with minimal effort.

  • Users can sign-in to the web portal using the credential like email and password if they are already a member of it, else they need to register first.
  • Users will have access to the individual dashboard so that they can check basic analytics of the post and its performance.
  • The user can connect their social media accounts in order to post the same in the social media platform from it.
  • Users can check the list of accounts and edit/delete accounts connected to the Social media platform.
  • Users can add the post with the features like text-area, attachments, Geo-location, Save as drafts, Share option, etc.
  • Users can manage and analyze the respected post.
  • Users can manage the settings like Manage Profile, Security, Account Setting, Manage Multiple Accounts, Manage Notifications.

Function Modules for Admin

Any social media management app needs to know the three-tier architecture of social media: mobile client, database, and backend. We have added the following functionalities for admin-side users.

  • Admin users can sign in to the application using the credentials like Email/Mobile Number, password.
  • Admin user can manage Social Media Platforms
  • Admin can manage individual users
  • Admin user can manage Posts & its Approval
  • Admin user can manage Analytic and clanger scheduling

Quality Assurance & Testing

eSparkBiz knows the function of posting on different social media platforms and how this particular web application should be integrated according to it. We have never compromised with the quality of any software developed under our observation.

Our seasoned team of quality and testing has performed module-wise testing and debugging. We believe in providing advanced software solutions to our clients across the globe and hence, quality has always been our first priority. We have also performed project integration testing and debugging to create a flawless web application.


Since the web application is focused on delivering the solution for users who have to post on their social media accounts continuously, data privacy and security is our prime concern. Besides, password protection for individuals also has been applied in the portal to give users full access to their accounts.

Technology stack

See the ways how the development team implemented client’s requirements

  • Laravel

  • RDS (mysql)

  • ec2

  • Stripe

  • Pusher

  • Bootstrap

  • React

  • Angular

  • AWS (SES)

  • Google Map

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