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Family Resource in Sacramento Area

Sacramento4kids is an online community that indulges your kids in different activities and eases the burden of parents. It offers a wide range of online services in a greater Sacramento area. It builds & supports the community and helps the people in the Sacramento area to find the best activity for their kids.

Take a Look Around The Application

Sacramento 4 kids is specially designed for kids; it finds out an online resource that are available in greater Sacramento area. The company aims to ease the workload of parents and become helping hand of them. By listing all the essential nearby visiting places, it offers an array of services that can be helpful for parents to find out the solution for their children.

eSparkBiz has proven to be an extended helping hand through which our dream of building an application that offers an online resource to the people living nearby greater Sacramento area.

Wireframes & Prototypes

The interface is very important for an application, and for that, our designers have created wireframes & prototypes that show a before-hand image of an application. The sections and functions set up should be shown while designing Wireframes/Prototype of an application.
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Collaboration With Parteners

An application that organizes multiple events and provides detailed information to the customers is the basic approach of the client. Since 2010, they are serving with more than lacs of events organized. As their objective was to reach out to the maximum audience, the client has demanded to build their application on all possible platforms.

For Kids

  • 2010

  • 100k+

    event organized
  • $30M

  • USA


Colors & Typography

We have utilized a blend of dark and light hues as a shading palette in the application. We understand the website focuses on kids’ activity but the user will be parents and that is the reason we have designed it with attractive colors.
Fredoka One

Aa Ba Cc Dd Ee

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We have a structured textual style that could match, and best suit the style of the application. The fonts styles are also matching with the color palette and are also readable to the users. The typography is all about typefaces, point sizes, line-lengths and lines spacing, etc.


Identifying Problem & Providing Solutions

Sacramento was built with an idea to deliver the service that was very needful in the greater Sacramento area. Initially, the client discovered an opportunity wherein the children in the greater Sacramento area can be provided resources or activities that involves them and grows them physically as well as mentally.

The application will help parents find a school, camps, things to do in the nearby area for their children. This application has become a helping hand for parents as it provides every necessary nearby requirement for the children.

Sacramento faced many problems before clubbing the idea and giving them virtual shape. The final launch of an application required a huge data to update in-app. The client has gathered information from various sources and provided, and then we have integrated those data into the app.

eSparkBiz has been a tremendous helping hand throughout the app development journey. They have made necessary changes and made it affordable for us. I'm thankful to the entire team of eSparkBiz for understanding our requirements and delivering us our dream project.

Challenges & Goals

The clients were clear with their goals and requirements. They have proposed us their basic idea with which our developers have build an application. The goal of the client was very clear to reach out to the maximum audience and helping them by providing children related activities and services.


Building a website and application from scratch was a bit challenging task for us as we had no idea about the structure, design, and pages. The basic idea was given by the client, and that has helped us in building a website. It wasn’t as difficult building application as it was at the time of building a website because while building an application, we were having detailed knowledge about how it is developed.


Our goals are simple & deliverable. We believe anything that enhances our services towards client requirement is our goal. We aim to better our service and stand on our toes to deliver the optimum service. With over decades of experience in the IT industry, we have always faced unique challenges and got an opportunity to showcase our skills.


Attractive Mobile UI

Sacramento 4 kids an online resource for finding out a new source for the involvement of kids into activities, and easing their parent's workload. As the app focuses on kids activity, the application has to be highly-intuitive and attractive so that it holds the customer to the application. The client wanted an eye-catching look that intrigues the customer, and also, at the same time, give detailed information.

Event Screen

The event screen consists of featured events, unpaid events and categories of events. The featured events are paid events that are on top views for the general public. The event organizer can post their events to grab the attention of maximum potential app users.

The event organizer can reap the benefits of featured events such as exposure to potential users, top view in the list, etc. The only difference between featured and unpaid listing is that there will always be lesser exposure of users in the unpaid listing as compared to paid. Both the featured and unpaid listing has main details (Time/Date, Venue, City, and Cost). The only difference is that the former will attract the investment for featuring the even ads while the later will require no costing.

The categories section is a compilation of different categories such as Activities, Arts, Camps, Family Fun, and many more things. The user can select the category and explore it.


Things To Do Screen

The “Things To Do Screen” consists of multiple physical and mental development activities wherein parents can send their children to participate in it. The list includes different games, camps that are sorted by locations, seasons, etc. Also, there is a search & filter option that gives you multiple options. Moreover, the page has a separate list that includes Things To Do under which it has multiple activities.


Advertising Screen

Advertising helps in creating awareness amongst the general public. The purpose of an advertisement is to reach the maximum audience and spread the upcoming news. Here, the screen contains an inquiry form that needs to be filled by the client to advertise their activity. Also, it has multiple choices available out of which a client can select a prominent way to advertise their content. The advertising options have detailed features about how they will be publishing in terms of size, structure, and image view.


Event Listing Screen

Event listing is another feature offered by Sacramento to make the public aware of the upcoming event. Listing can be published in both paid and unpaid ways. Paid advertising is more effective and gets maximum eye than unpaid advertising. Listing with complete details such as Address, Date, Day, Location, and Description needs to be submitted, and it will get be published on the site for the fixed duration as per the company policy.

Unveil your idea with our professional experts and get a virtual platform built for your idea.

Get In Touch With Us And Reap The Benefits Of The App & Website Development.

I trust eSparkBiz for app development as they have skilled professionals and a separate manpower excelled in variety of technologies. A team that works together and even go above and beyond for building an application. I’m so satisfied with the service that I recommend eSparkBiz as most promising Mobile and App Development Company.


And here is the result!

Sacramento 4 kids is an online resource provider to parents for their children. The basic idea of the client is to become helping the hand of the parents and make them worry-free from their children’s routine. It helps them in sorting out activities, provides them school and camps information. Additionally, resource and therapies will be cherry on the cake for the parents.

The client approached us with an idea as they discovered an opportunity to cater to kids resources. Firstly, they asked us to build a website that gives detailed information, and then they wanted to build an app that can be easily accessible anywhere and at any time.

Both the app and site were similar in features; an app was an extended and handy version of the website, which caters to the same idea of the client.

User Flow

Diagramic Flow of Project

The diagram flow of the project is a breakdown structure that represents the tasks in the project. It clearly defines the step-wise process for executing the project. The Diagram flow can help anyone in understanding how the application works.

A graphical representation of how a user experiences the journey is explained in diagram form. As the app is related to event organizing and listing, the majority of users will be event organizers. The app consists of 3 major sections, such as Registration For the listing, Registration For Events, and Advertisement.

For registering listings and events, a user has an option to post it either paid or unpaid. The paid listing attracts the maximum potential users as it features in the top of the page. Moreover, if you want to advertise, then there are different plans that you can go through and select one that best suits your requirements.

Scramneto flowHome ScreenHome ScreenEventFeaturedEventPaymentEvent ListedGeneralEventRegisterAdmin ApproveAdmin ApprovedRegisterSelectPlanListingPlan ListingPaymentSelectPlanBusinessListedAdmin ApproveAdvertisementPaymentSelectPlanAdvertiseListedAdmin Approve

Architecture Stack

A stack means a set of homogeneous elements/objects that are added to a linear data structure format. The architecture stack is a combination of elements to make a flow of technology. The stack includes the core technologies that are vital for building an application’s front-end as well as back-end.

Here, the application was built for both the platform, i.e., iOS & Android. The technologies that were used for coding the apps are Objective C and JAVA for iOS and Android, respectively. Also, the back-end was built using Laravel; the developers preferred an open-source PHP framework that makes the project cost-effective. And, the back-ends admin panel was built using Angular.

In addition to this, the core database structure where the information and data are stored are the Amazon S3 bucket and MY SQL. MY SQL is again an Oracle-based open-source database structure, while Amazon S3 bucket is a public cloud storage service. Both databases are a prominent source of storing information.



eSparkBiz not only focuses on building an application but also has a separate team for testing the applications. They leave no stones unturned and perform robust testing on the project. The developers have built a plan according to our requirements, and a quality analyst team performed testing on it.

We built both the website and application, and it was our responsibility to deliver the bug-free web and app. Our core IT solution experts have made robust testing and cleared all the bugs. They continuously troubleshoot the web & app and delivers the smooth running project.

Our QA tester is a team of well-experienced professionals, who perform their duty with utmost responsibly and precision. The task is performed on a FIFO basis, and with set time under which the testing has to be done.

Also, we offer post-project launch support and maintenance service to our client wherein any modification/alteration that is within the scope of the project is handled on a priority basis. Moreover, our team also provides suggestions and recommendations that can enhance either the interface or experience.

Our QA team uses the most trending and modern testing tools that debug the system's non-performance and glitch. The team performs unit testing that includes testing on individual units of source code, multiple computer programming modules with associated data, usage, and operating procedure to eradicate and make it smooth and swift.


Some Of The Key Benefits

  • Ensures to provide sufficient information to parents
  • Covers Sacramento area so that it can help in easing the workload of parents.
  • Also, it allows event organizers to advertise their events in the Sacramento area related to activities that engage children.
  • Event organizers can list their listing onto the website so that any viewers can see the updated or upcoming events
  • Listings can be uploaded with detail information so that the reader will be able to check in the upcoming events.
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