Sacramento 4 kids

Family Resource in Sacramento Area

Sacramento4kids is an online community that indulges your kids in different activities and eases the burden of parents. It offers a wide range of online services in a greater Sacramento area. It builds & supports the community and helps the people in the Sacramento area to find the best activity for their kids.

About Our Website Take a Look Around

Initially, we have built a website with a totally new concept. The idea behind building a website is to reach the maximum potential users and make them aware of the service. The website gives a broader view of the services and also in-depth knowledge about the services.

The company has designed a website with detailed information that can help the users in availing the service. The website was built and after that, we have planned to build a mobile application with few additional features. These features could enhance the user experience and could attract new customers as well.

We approach the eSparkBiz on one of my friend’s recommendation to build a website for our idea. It was our first interaction with the team and it turns out to be a memorable experience. The team assured us of the quality project and also helped us in making some changes in our technologies which made it cost-effective.
Working out the Details

Colors & Typography

We have utilized a blend of dark and light hues as a shading palette in the application. We understand the website focuses on kids’ activity but the user will be parents and that is the reason we have designed it with attractive colors.

Fredoka One

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We have a structured textual style that could match, and best suit the style of the application. The fonts styles are also matching with the color palette and are also readable to the users. The typography is all about typefaces, point sizes, line-lengths and lines spacing, etc.

Challenges & Goals

The client has uncovered their idea of building a website that offers an online resource for their kids. The idea was unique as it was unburdening a load of parents in organizing activity. The sacramento4kids project is out of the box concept that was challenging for us, but we took it as an opportunity to showcase our skill.


The website was a challenging task as it includes numerous pages, and also there were many functionalities that our developers have to build in. Also, it was difficult because the idea was on paper, and there was no live website. Our team has built the site from scratch. Moreover, the page speed was one of the challenging factors as it takes more time than the usual, and that can hamper the user experience.

The theme, design, and customization was equally important as it becomes a representation of the website. We have taken the utmost care while building a website because it was a dream for the client.


Building a website from scratch was a difficult task but not impossible. We have a team of professional experts who have sound knowledge of modern technologies. Our team has excellently overcome the challenges and converted the client’s idea into a virtual platform. The goal was to deliver the quality project with all the required features mentioned by the client. Also, we aim to build a project and perform robust testing over it to remove possible bugs and glitch.

Our developers found solutions for all the challenges that they faced during the project execution. We have divided the tasks in our team that has helped us in saving time.

When the client came to us, they were looking for a team whom they can trust and handover their project. They wanted to build a website that majorly focuses on delivering online services in the greater Sacramento area. We have helped them in building both the front-end and back-end of the application.


Attractive Website UI

The website was built focusing on the kids’ activities and so it was important to make it highly-intuitive and user- engaging. It is an online resource for the greater Sacramento area. The website has numerous pages and so it becomes important that all the pages load quickly and enhance the user experience.

Unveil your idea with our professional experts and get a virtual platform built for your idea.

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Home Page & Other Screens

The home page is a detail introduction of the website. It gives a detailed idea about what the website is all about. The home screen consists of social media sharing, search bar and different events with the categories.

Moreover, the subsequent screens are Blogs, Submit Events, Submit Listing and Advertisement. The Blog section includes the blogs posted by the website. Also, the event organizers can submit their events or listings. And, they can also check the advertisement options through which they can check for the best option to feature their advertisements.


Blogs Listing

The blog screen consists of different blogs on the activities or festivals that were organized or celebrated. You can go through different blogs and understand how are they organized or celebrated.


Submit Events

The Submit event screen consists of a form that needs to be filled by the event organizers in the greater Sacramento area. The submit event form includes basic details, selection of category and featured image of the event.


Submit Listing

The submit listing screen consists of three different plans. The Free, Standard, and Premium plans are the ones that a user can avail, and reap the benefits of it. The paid listing features on the top of the page, while unpaid are the ones that list below the featured listing.


Advertisment Listing

Advertising screen consists of multiple options for advertising, either events or listings. The different option includes the size of the advertising banner, images inclusion, and the links that are going to be featured in it.


Identifying Problem Statement

Sacrament4kids is unique that offers an online service to the people living in the greater Sacramento area. The online service offers a solution for the parents who would want to arrange activities or birthday parties for their kids.

The Sacramento4kids becomes a unique idea because it provides service for kids in that particular area. It eases the burden of parents and offers them an online solution. It was an arduous task for the developers as the client has only handed over the requirements.

The entire project was built from scratch with just an idea on paper. The developers have built a website with the information they have collected from the client. Also, the final launch of the application required a huge amount of data to process and update in-app.

It was our first project, and building it excellently was our dream. We were in search of a company that can understand our requirements and executes the plan according to it. eSparkBiz has proven to be a perfect combination of prolific designers and skilled developers, who not only build the website but has also given a bright and fresh look to it.

Sacramento User Flow

The outline stream of the venture is a breakdown structure that speaks to the undertakings in the task. It showcases the procedure for executing the project. The graph can help anybody in understanding what the functional areas of the application are.

The graph is a representation of the user’s journey and steps to reach the ultimate destination and avail the online resource service. As the application was focusing on event organizing and submit a listing, most of the clients will be event organizers. The application comprises of 3 significant areas, for example, Registration For the listing, Registration For Events, and Advertisement.

For registering the listing, a client has a choice to post it either paid or unpaid. The paid posting draws the attention of the most potential clients as it features on the top position in the page. Moreover, if you want to advertise, there are various plans that you can explore and choose the best that suits your requirements.

Scramneto flowHome ScreenHome ScreenEventFeaturedEventPaymentEvent ListedGeneralEventRegisterAdmin ApproveAdmin ApprovedRegisterSelectPlanListingPlan ListingPaymentSelectPlanBusinessListedAdmin ApproveAdvertisementPaymentSelectPlanAdvertiseListedAdmin Approve

Unveil your idea with our professional experts and get a virtual platform built for your idea.

Get in touch with us and reap the benefits of the App & Website Development.

TASK Result

Things To Do Screen

Sacramento4kids is a concept that offers an online resource to the parents who are looking for an activity for their kids in the greater Sacramento area. The “Things To Do Screen” consists of an array of activities that parents can plan for their kids.

The variety of activities are as follows; Birthday Parties, Field Trips, Museum & Park Trips, Winter and Summer Trips (Seasonal Trips). The page also has featured listings that you can explore. Also, you can search for the listing in this section. The search bar consists selection of categories and locations.

Subsequent Screens

Apart from “Things to do screen,” there are 6 subsequent screens that have different functionalities. The screen names are as follows: School & Activities, Camps, Deal & Discounts, Sports, Resources, and Special Needs.

Subsequent screens are loaded with numerous functionalities. The Screens are elaborated with their functions. School & Activities screen includes the schools in the greater Sacramento area, and the activities that are organized in a particular area. There are 3 categories in which camps are distributed; Spring Breaks, Summer Camps & Winter Camps.

Deal & Discounts shows free deals for the kids on various days. As the site is focusing on kids, so there will be deals that will attract the kids’ age group. Also, it has a family discount deal that attracts a family as well. The site not only considers the kids but also tries to retain the family with it.

Sports, Resources and Special Needs screens have various different options for the kids in the greater Sacramento area. You can explore those and avail the benefits of it.

TASK Result

And here is result !

Sacramento4kids is an online resource for parents who are looking for a helping hand. The website focuses on providing information to the users (parents). The parents can look into activities for their kids in the greater Sacramento area.

The user can avail various benefits from the website that helps them in saving time and money. The website can become an important part in user (parents) life. Also, the user can search the schools in nearby areas from the website.

Building a virtual platform with an idea was a bit difficult task, but the experience and academics knowledge helped our professionals to craft a website. The client approached us with an idea of developing a site that offers extensive service to its users.


Architecture Stack

The architecture stack is a blend of technologies that are used to build the website. The elements that are vital for the development of a website’s front-end and back-end are brought together to craft a world-class website.

The website is a replication of an idea that offers a service to its users in a particular region. Building a virtual platform from an idea requires a combination of technologies. These technologies crafts front-end and back-end.

Front-end is a visual representation of an idea in for of graphical interface. The technologies used for front-end development are HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. These are the core technologies that are vital for front-end development.

Similarly, back-end development is also important as it is known as the backbone of the application. Laravel is a framework that becomes a vital element for back-end development. And, angular is a type-script based open-source & affordable framework that is used for the development of the Admin panel in the back-end.

Moreover, Amazon S3 bucket and My SQL are the two databases that are used for storing information. Amazon S3 is a public cloud storage service that is a prominent source of collecting information. My SQL is an open-source database structure that is free for all. Anyone can use it investing a single penny.

eSparkBiz has proven to be one of the reliable and trustworthy mobile and web app development company. We were approaching multiple companies for our website development but eSparkBiz stands out to be different from others. It has an in-house talent of developers and designers who are well-acquainted with trending technologies and creativities.


Testing Client Side

eSparkBiz not only crafts a world-class website but also makes smooth and easy in surfing. The company has a separate team of quality analyst who robustly performs testing on the project. The company commits in providing support and maintenance for a 3-months post website launched. It looks into the matter that is within the scope of the project.

We fabricated the website, and it was our duty to deliver the site without bugs and glitches. Quality assurance specialists have made rigorous testing and cleared every bug that was detected while testing the application. They persistently investigate the web and application and conveys a smooth running venture.

Our QA analyzer is a group of well-experienced experts, who perform their roles & responsibilities with extreme accuracy. The website contains multiple factors that attract powerful testing because a minor bud in any part of the website could hamper the overall performance.

Moreover, if we talk about the tools that our QA team uses for performing robust testing is APACHE Jmeter. It is one of the trending testing tools that are the first preference for QAs. It analyzes and measures the performance that helps QA to understand the glitch. Also, they can troubleshoot and debug the project to deliver smooth and swift performing applications.

There are multiple advantages of Jmeter but out of numerous advantages, the biggest and most effective is that it facilitates performance and functional testing of online assets. The assets include web-service, database, FTP, or web-server. Also, it can be deployed to test the apps that run in the cloud.


Some of the Key Benefits were

  • Saves a lot of time
  • Provides detailed information
  • Serves into entire Sacramento area that eases parents workload
  • An opportunity for events organizers to post an event on the website
  • Avail detailed information about any activities related to kids.
  • One-stop solution for the parents
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