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Sacramento4Kids is an online family resource guide, developed especially for kids within the greater Sacramento area. The core vision is to build and support the community to find the resources and things to do. The website demonstrates every possible event happening in the Sacramento region. The web portal guides you through different events, schools, kids’ activities, sports, camps, latest offers, resources, and more.

The client brought the idea to us and asked for a website and mobile app where people can explore nearby events, arts & music activities, birthday parties, camps, health providers and kids free eat venues. In addition to this, we were also asked to manage the portal’s back-end to give analysis on real-time traffic and rankings.


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The Client

The website is a successful result of our client’s decision who wanted to eliminate all the struggle from the parents' side in order to find the perfect place, event, school, healthcare and activities for kids in the greater Sacramento area. Moreover, the client also wanted to create a listing page where the service providers can register their business so that the families can easily opt for the service as per need.

Happening Activities

The Primary Requirements Were:

Resources for event booking & event management

As per the client’s requirement, we have managed to display the complete list of different resources that offer kids programmes and events. Here, parents can book and manage or participate in any events related to the kids.

Seo-friendly website

In order to keep genuine traffic on the website, we have successfully developed a website that is fully operational, responsive and SEO-friendly. This will help boost the website’s ranking in the search results.

Tie-ups and partnership with different service providers

The idea was to reach out to as many service providers as possible for kids so that parents would find it easy to spend their valuable time. We were asked to add tie-ups and partnership options for resources in order to show multiple choices.

Social media integration

Nowadays, social media integration is a must for any website, especially for the website that is dealing with kids’ activities. Integrating Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, will increase the chances of maximising market reach.

Advertisement and promotions of registered service providers

The website should also include a marketing option where kids’ service providers can promote activities they offer and also advertise the services referring to kids by displaying digital posters or banners.

Event submission form

An event submission form where families can book events as per their requirements. Here, one can directly approach the specific service provider and submit the form.

Different listing price models

We were also asked to display different service providers with the price models. Families can select or choose the resources after reviewing different price models for the events.

Find resources with search options

The client asked for a search button to explore more activities and events related to kids. Here, you can directly search the particular service provider by entering the name in the search option.

Search by category and location

A search by category option is needed for the website so that it would become easy for the family to choose a specific option from the provided categories such as Camp, School, Arts, Deals & Discounts, Special cases, etc. Secondly, search by location button is also needed to find out nearby service providers in the Sacramento area.

Blog categories and latest news

An individual dashboard was also required to manage blogs and latest news. Here, visitors can read the latest blogs & news and review activities and services offered by the franchises.

iOS and Android mobile applications

The client also wanted us to build a mobile application that can successfully run on both Android and iOS platforms.

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Key Features

Stripe payment integration

We have integrated a stripe payment gateway that lets you accept credit card payments by transferring money between your merchant accounts and a payment processor through a physical credit card terminal and online processor.

Directory management

A micro CRM based product that can be used to manage contacts, user-friendly directory for searching, manage multiple listing, optimise database with advanced search queries.

Features event listing & event submission

We have developed an individual dashboard for listing events, activities related to kids. A list of kids’ service providers with respective price models has been included here.

Coupon management for new members & discounts

We have also included special offers such as discounts coupon for new members so that a first-time visitor can avail special benefits while choosing specific service providers or booking an event.

Category and location-based search filters

A search by class is required for the site with the goal that it would turn out to be simple for the family to pick a particular choice from the given classifications, for example, Camp, School, Arts, Deals and Discounts, Special cases, and so forth. Furthermore, search by area button is additionally included that is expected to discover close by specialist organisations in the Sacramento region.

New client inquiry form

The new client inquiry template is used to collect the prospect’s contact information; this would give the website a simple yet professional look.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter integration

Social media integration is a must in order to maximise the customer reach. A person using Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can directly get to know latest activities and news on Sacramento4kids.

Event management & event booking page

We have built a separate dashboard where families and parents can book and manage events along with connecting with the service providers.

Advertisement & service listing page

Our developers have also taken care of the promotional aspects of the business and that is why we have developed an individual page for listing out the services and promoting your business through creative content.

Dynamic website design

The website design for Sacramento4kids is made up of a bunch of different pieces that come together and form a page. This site uses server technologies such as PHP for web development.

Video integration & Facebook log-ins

We have embedded a video integration in the website for the different service providers. Moreover, we have also included Facebook log-in that makes it easy for the users to register on the Sacramento4kids website.

The Solution

eSparkBiz created an excellent online platform for kids within the Sacramento region. We have built kids-centric websites where parents can quickly find new resources based on the activities they want to do. With the help of modern technologies, our developers have proudly managed to deliver feature-rich websites and mobile applications to enhance community engagement. Additionally, it also helps local businesses display their offerings to visitors through the website.

Various Offers

Client Feedback

eSparkBiz developed Sacramento4kids using the PHP framework, Laravel. We created a website that primarily focuses on enhancing user engagement by providing necessary details of the businesses that have been operating in the kids care domain. Our client-side development includes event management, things to do, the platform for collaboration, and business advertisement. We also manage back-end development, providing clients with website analysis and rankings.

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