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Mental health issues must not be neglected at any cost. Considering this fact, Samata Health introduces you to the health care management system that allows you to book therapists as per your personal preferences.

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Project Overview

Samata Health is a web application that connects users/patients to local but sophisticated therapists in Newyork. Since healthcare is an essential routine for any individual the organization has decided to find an easy and effective way to bring both practitioners and patients on the same platform. The client has approached us with a vision of creating a feature-rich healthcare web application to enhance patient care.

Business Challenge

Our USA-based client, Samata Health, envisioned enhancing patient care with just a few simple steps. Therefore, it was an obligation for us to provide them with a platform where therapists can register themselves and patients can utilize the provided features to book appointments at their convenience.

As we took the project in our hands, we were confident in finding the appropriate solution for the challenges that came across in the development process. Here are some of the operations that we have pulled of quite successfully.

  • Advanced filter for patients so that they can find the right therapists as per their preferences.
  • Therapists’ side development includes profile, availability, appointment details, location details. It provides therapists easy access to all relevant operations.
  • Appointment booking, cancellation and confirmation screens, payment gateways integration.
  • Social media integration, employee sponsorship, individual mental health care therapy.

Overall, the project was designed to help enhance mental healthcare in New York City. In order to make it more effective, our team followed agile methodology and installed top-notch features that can simplify the process.

Key Features

  • Social media integration - Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn
  • Payment gateway integration and refund algorithm
  • HIPPA Compliant protocols
  • Manual chat support to solve customer’s queries
  • Appointment booking for therapists
  • Preference-based filtration
  • Easy and secure transaction
  • Employers & Student sponsorship
  • Search by location in a preferred range
  • SEO-friendly web application
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The Solution

eSparkBiz has developed an effective solution for Samata Health. We created a user-friendly web application where the patients can quickly opt for the services they are looking for. Based on a very interesting concept of bringing patients closer to the therapists, we made it our prime agenda to bring it to fruition using modern technology and development tools.

By using the prominent PHP framework, “Laravel”, eSparkBiz developed a web-based application for healthcare management for New York City. We crafted a web application using high-end technology to deliver an online platform where patient care and the therapist’s availability can be identified easily. Our cost-effective development made sure we match each of the requirements for both the client-side and server-side.

Patient’s Side Module

In order to provide a smooth user interface, we have developed a patient’s side module, which includes login screens, manage preference dashboard, payment gateways, appointment schedules, etc.

  • The first-time user will have to register themselves for the portal otherwise you can directly log in to the web app using the credentials.
  • Moving onto the next screen where a therapy seeker can find the right match in its preferred location.
  • Patients can also find the therapist based on their personal preferences like gender, time, identity, therapy, religion, location, sexual identity, etc.
  • Based on your preference, you will be provided with the list of therapists located in New York.
  • Now, patients can select a particular therapist and review their profiles. If they find the right one, they can book an appointment or inquire through text message.

Therapist’s Side Module

An easy way for the therapist to register themselves on the Samata Health web app has been designed by our development team. Therapists can upload their profiles, manage appointments and provide respective services to their clients through personal visits or phone calls.

  • The login screen allows therapists to log in to their accounts and accesses further information. Here, the therapist needs to input credentials (email & password). With valid credentials, they will be redirected to the home screen. If not, then they have to register themselves first.
  • Once the therapist gets redirected to its profile, he or she can review the appointments from the users.
  • The therapist can decide to accept or decline the appointment as per convenience.
  • Therapists can also provide discounts to individuals and can share their availability with patients.

Functions For Admin Side

We have also developed admin-side modules that will help both patients and therapists understand the operations and relevant notifications of the Samata Health web application.

  • Manage both B2B and B2C users and their details
  • Manage therapist and their details, approve new registrations.
  • Manage payments and invoice relevant to the therapists.
  • Provide notification alerts for both patients and therapists
  • Provide the notification for booked appointments, canceled appointments, refund policy.

Scalability and Availability

At eSparkBiz, we have a team of seasoned developers who are proficient in creating scalable web applications. Samata Health web application’s app performance and cost can be increased or decreased as per the change in application and system’s processing demand changes.

Samata Health web app is designed to fulfill user’s requirements based on operations, functions, and application usage.


As the web app deals with the high volume of patients’ and therapists’ data, we made sure that data privacy and security remain top-notch.

Apart from that, the web application also includes a payment gateway integration. Hence, our team has ensured a smooth and secure transaction for all the payments connected to the user’s bank account or debit/credit cardṣ.

HIPPA Compliant

It is essential to have a HIPPA Compliant website if you are handling any patient data through your web application. If you fail to do so, then it means you are violating HIPPA security rules, and that is not acceptable for any website that is operating with healthcare. Therefore, our developers have developed a website which strictly follows HIPPA Compliant rules and regulation.

Testing and AQA

It is essential to analyze the complex project in a detailed manner as a large number of people are associated with it. eSparkbiz understands the value of business logic and how web applications should be integrated according to it.

Our offshore team has performed module-wise testing and debugging. We believe in providing the best quality software service to our clients. We have also performed project integration testing and debugging to create an error-free web application.

Technology Stack

See the ways how the development team implemented client’s requirements

  • React

  • Angular

  • Laravel

  • Bootstrap

  • RDS (mysql)

  • AWS (SES)

  • ec2

  • Pusher

  • Stripe

  • Google Map

Clients Say

“We had a really great experience with eSparkbiz, we feel lucky to have found them. We had a tight timeline and tight budget, but the entire onboarding process made us feel really heard and supported. They are experts at what they do, hiring them gets you the benefit of a big team and provides personalized attention. They get things done on a quick deadline and if something is wrong they will make it right."
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