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Hardware Market Place is an eCommerce website where sellers/brands can sell hardware tools and machinery related to building, house decoder, lawn, plumbing, lighting & electrical, drills, and many more.
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Project Overview

Hardware Market Place is a virtual marketplace for both buyers and sellers dealing in Building Materials and Hardware. You can buy or sell all kinds of raw materials, tools, and various stuff used in the house and building constructions on this portal. Basically, Hardware store is an eCommerce platform designed for providing hardware tools and machines to users across the globe. Apart from purchasing tools, users can also get tools on a rental basis.

Business challenge

Developing an eCommerce website is not a cakewalk. You need to consider a lot of factors in order to create a feature-rich eCommerce store. Apart from this, choosing the right technology and partner is essential since you need to handle many audiences. In addition to that, inventory management is also a crucial factor that must be addressed while developing an eCommerce website. Moreover, when you are dealing with an eCommerce website, there are two important aspects available that determine your store’s performance. Shopping cart and payment gateway integration are the main challenges that must be accomplished without any error. While developing Hardware Market Place, we have come across many such challenges that we have managed to solve with the help of our dedicated developers.
  • Our prime concern was to convert visitors into potential buyers.
  • An enhanced shopping cart was needed to help users purchase products efficiently
  • Secure payment gateway integration to carry out a flawless transaction
  • Inventory management needed to store and review product details
  • Category wise filter and smart search option have been included to help perform user tasks such as choosing the product, region, time period for rental purchase, brans wise purchase. etc.
  • Providing individual dashboards for both buyers and sellers

Key Features

  • Content management system to help users know more about the product detail
  • Mobile-friendly website to help viewers operate store on mobile devices
  • Enhanced shopping cart for an easy to use checkout
  • Social media integration: Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter
  • Payment gateway integration for secure shopping experience
  • Shop by brands to help users buy products from their favorite brands
  • Advanced search option for providing a better user experience
  • Customer Service management to solve customer queries
  • Newsroom section (article, blog)
  • Detailed shipping information
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The Solution

eSparkBiz has developed an excellent solution for Hardware Market Place. We created a user-friendly and mobile-responsive eCommerce website where the general users can quickly buy hardware tools or get them on rent on an hourly basis. It is based on a fascinating concept of bringing all available hardware tools and machines in one common platform. We have developed a very unique website to empower the hardware tool/machine business by offering the right strategy consultation to sellers/brands. eSparkBiz developed Hardware Market Place using the PHP framework, Laravel. We crafted an absolutely stunning website for general users/buyers and sellers/brands to purchase or sell Hardware tools globally. We have managed to cover all the minute details, such as tools and machine images, product ratings, blogs & articles, price filtration, brand categories, etc.

Buyer/Customer Side Function Module

In order to provide a smooth user interface and flawless shopping experience to general users/buyers, we have added some distinctive eCommerce website features in Hardware Market Place.
  • Buyers can create a permanent account using the registration details which can be used for further log-ins in the website.
  • Buyers can search the products using the Seach bar and later can narrow down the search preferences using the filter option
  • Buyers can review all the details and product specifications on the product page
  • Buyers can add products to the shopping cart and review the order detail before confirmation
  • Buyers will be able to pay using Stripe (payment gateway) and track order delivery status.

Seller Side Function Modules

eCommerce website is the most prominent platform to sell your product. Hence, it is necessary to develop features that can help sellers/brands showcase and review or edit their products.
  • Seller/brand can create an account using registration which can be used for further log-ins.
  • Seller can search/add/remove products and their categories using seller portal
  • The seller can accept/decline requests for rent from buyers in the seller portal
  • Sellers can add/edit price and receive payment through the payment gateway in the specific account

Admin Side Function Module

Admin has a huge role to play when it comes to handling eCommerce store that deals with a large volume of data and users. Here are some key features added to the website to manage seller/buyer details.
  • Admin can log in using credentials like email & password
  • Admin can manage orders
  • Admin can manage buyers and sellers perspective/data
  • Admin can manage shipping and cancellation of orders

Content Management System

Content management system has been implemented for Hardware Market Place that enables admin to build/edit and track every piece of content on the website such as pages, photos, videos, blogs, documents, etc.

Quality Assurance

We’ve never compromised with the quality. In order to provide the best quality and amazing features in eCommerce store, we have performed testing and debugging. We have conducted performance testing on parameters such as webpage loading speed, throughput, data transfer rate, efficiency, uptime, database performance, website traffic load tolerance, error, messages, etc.


We have covered three main security aspects required for an eCommerce store. Integrity - prevention against unauthorized data modification, authenticity - authentication of data source, confidentiality- protection against unauthorized data disclosure.

Technology stack

See the ways how the development team implemented client’s requirements
  • Laravel
  • RDS (mysql)
  • ec2
  • Stripe
  • Pusher
  • Bootstrap
  • React
  • Angular
  • AWS (SES)
  • Google Map

Our Work Speaks for Itself

We have proved true to time for the last ten years, and have worked on the finest projects for 1000+ clients globally.
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