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The Client had the vision to develop a web-based solution that allows an accountant to get membership according to their experience and qualification. The portal help users to reach their career goals. A website which not only allows users to create an account but also make them able to join webinars, apply for jobs and make payments.

The Client had the vision to develop a web-based solution that allows an accountant to get membership according to their experience and qualification. The portal help users to reach their career goals. A website which not only allows users to create an account but also make them able to join webinars, apply for jobs and make payments.

The matterss Store

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The Client

The idea was to deliver home accessories to the people of Dubai at their doorstep. The client approached us with this fantastic idea of developing an E-commerce website where they can sell mattresses, sofas, bed sheets, and other home accessories. In addition to that, the client also wanted us to include a catalogue where people can choose branded products which can be delivered directly to their home without the need of third party suppliers.

The Matterss Store

The Primary Requirements Were:

Enhanced shopping cart

When you have simple navigation, it certainly helps identify and organise buyer’s products easily. You can also use a guest checkout option to enable a fast and easy checkout process.

Mobile-responsive website

E-commerce websites that are not optimised for mobile devices force your customers to zoom in and out due to inappropriate visualisation while navigating to another website page. Therefore, it is essential to build a website that is highly responsive to mobile devices.

Highly customisable themes

Themes that are used in E-commerce websites must support the owners' visuals so that they can edit the content of the product and manage the portfolios. It should also include a blog post to promote the products.

Social media integration

Social media is one of the easiest ways to reach out to potential customers. You must have your social media pages integrated into your website in order to promote your products through posts and messages.

Content management system

When you include blogging and product description into your website, it will undoubtedly help buyers learn about the products in detailed manners. Hence, it is highly recommended to have explicit and relevant content about the product.


An E-commerce website should include chatbots. Chatbots provide your audience with a quick response, and this could be a huge plus for your customer experience. This helps buyers to get the answers to the basic queries.

SEO-friendly website

Overall, the SEO-friendly website plays a massive role in keeping the traffic on your page for a longer time. If your website is SEO-optimised, then it will help boost your website’s ranking in the search results.

Payment gateway integration

Nowadays, users all over the world have different payment options, ranging from credit cards all the way to platforms like Paypal and Payoneer. Therefore including more payment options always helps customers buy the desired product with ease.

Customer support and interface

In order to keep the customer engagement on your website, you must have an intuitive user interface that can offer your clients a fast and convenient buying experience.

Email marketing tools

In order to draw customers on your website, again and again, you must use frequent communication tools, and Email marketing is the best way to keep engagement with your customers. Many times, if you send a personalised email to the particular customers about the recent offers on your product, it will surely boost the chances of customers revisiting your website.

Flexible return policy

Whenever you develop an E-commerce website, you must not forget to include an easy way for the customers to return or exchange products they are not satisfied with.

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Key Features

An easy to use check-out

We have included a straightforward check-out process to help customers carry out the easy purchase of the desired product.

Search engine optimised

On the surface, the prime goal of SEO optimization is to improve the website’s ranking in search results. In addition to that, the purpose of achieving high rankings is to generate more traffic into the website.


Our prime objective is to build a platform where we can help shoppers get what they want, faster and without doing an unnecessary complexity that can clog up the path to purchase.

Special offers

Most E-commerce websites are using special offers as the best marketing tool to attract customers onto the website. We have also included special offers where customers can avail discounts on the home accessories purchases.

Shop by Brands

A ‘Shop by Brands’ feature is also included in the website where people of UAE can easily choose the branded material of the home accessories such as mattresses, bedsheets, sofas, etc.

Showroom best seller

Another interesting department has been included in the website, which offers some of the best selling home accessories. Here, buyers can check out the most attractive mattresses and bed sheets along with sofas, pillows, and many more.

Social media integration

As a matter of fact, 30% of online users say that they would purchase products from a social media network like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter. Today, social media platforms have been playing an indispensable role in every successful business.

Multiple payment options

We have also integrated multiple payments options on the website to help buyers carry out easy payment on their purchases.

Smart search filters

We have also developed smart search filters which go by comfort, support, and size. The buyers can easily filter out the product they want using these multiple search options.

Detailed shipping information

The detailed shipping information includes all information needed for the delivery such as postal code, country code, service class, tracking number, date, package quantity and weight, address validation and ship street, city and state.

The Solution

eSparkBiz has provided an excellent solution for the client located in Dubai who wanted us to develop an E-commerce website to sell mattresses, bed-sheets, sofas, and other home accessories. We created a user-friendly and responsive website where the general visitors/buyers can quickly opt for the product they are looking for. It is based on a fascinating concept of bringing home accessories closer to their target audience to enhance the product sale in UAE. We have developed a unique E-commerce website to help buyers get the product to their doorstep.

The Matterss Store

Client Feedback

eSparkBiz developed The Mattress Store using the PHP framework, Codeigniter. We crafted an absolutely stunning E-commerce store for the people of UAE who want to buy Mattresses, bed sheets, sofas, and other home accessories. We have managed to cover all the minute details, such as shop by brand, best seller, discount option and many more. We have also included multiple payment options to help buyers navigate easy purchasing of their desired product.

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