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Chatbots are nothing but a user-friendly software that automates the interactions between various personnel in a real-time scenario. Instead of developing an entire app, developers have devised popular bots which can interact, engross, and even transact with the users. Chatbots have become one of the most enticing platforms in recent times.

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<em>Chatbot</em> Development <em>Services</em>

Powerful Chatbot Development Services Which Simplify User’s Tasks

eSparkBiz is one of the top-notch Web Design & Development Company that provides world-class & quality-rich Chatbot Development Services to various brands and businesses around the globe irrespective of any industry. Our highly skilled, experienced, and talented developers will assist you to craft Chatbot solutions as per the need of your business. If you’re running your own business, then you must be having a Facebook Page or a Slack account. For that purpose, you can avail a bot solution from us that helps you to automate your daily tasks.

Our developers have a deep understanding and expertise in Chatbot development. Based on that experience, eSparkBiz Technologies have delivered world-class Chatbot Solutions that have helped organizations around the globe to automate their tasks and also provided them with a way of effective communication with their respective customers. Over the last decade or so, our developers have worked on a plethora of chatbots applications. Nowadays when chatbots have become the need of the art, our Chatbot Development Services could be of great help for you and your organization. So, feel free to connect with us.

Benefits Of Chatbots

  • Allows you to improve the customer service
  • Helps you to increase the customer engagement
  • Provides you some valuable insights about your customers
  • Defines a better way for lead generation & nurturing
  • Allows you to expand your reach to the global markets
  • Helps you save a lot of time as well as the money
  • Can be accessed from anywhere and anytime
  • Helps you to automate your daily tasks
  • Works as a personal assistant as well

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Our Chatbot Development Verticals

As one of the most reputed Chatbot Development Company, we provide a wide array of services to various business verticals. Here's how our Chatbot solutions can help various industries.


  • Manage the supply chain with utmost ease
  • Generate various purchase orders
  • Initiate production of certain goods
  • Reduce manual effort & maximize productivity
  • Notify when any kind of shipment arrives
  • Deliver real-time inventory reports
  • Assist you in store acquisition
  • Manage the vendor inquiries


  • Assist your visitors with human-like conversation
  • Share information with users regarding price, shipment, etc.
  • Provide transaction link to the users
  • Keep a command on the various market fluctuations
  • Help you to provide world-class customer service
  • Recommend various items to customers
  • Keep the customer engaged on your store
  • Help you to streamline your daily workflow


  • Play the role of a knowledgeable medical assistant
  • Handle patient’s prescription and discharge formalities
  • Immediate symptom diagnosis and remedial advice
  • Help you to look after patient details in an efficient manner
  • Easily schedule the medical appointment for patients
  • Play the role of emergency response assistant
  • Provide patients with great advice related to home remedies
  • Order the medical equipment if required


  • Market your products to the target audience
  • Notify customers about the new arrivals
  • Bespoke messaging for customer engagement
  • Analyze as well as scrutinize the customer data
  • Help you to make the group of the customers
  • Send a personalized message to grouped customers
  • Help you to improve the email open rates
  • Help you to improve the customer loyalty

Banking & Finance

  • Allow customers to check their available balance
  • Customers can review their credit card statement
  • Help you in upselling the premium services
  • Help you to enhance customer’s banking experience
  • Assist you to upsell wealth management & savings plan
  • Auto flags any kind of suspicious activities
  • Reduce manual errors & cost for service delivery
  • Help you to track the stock market movements
Banking & Finance


  • Allow you to automate your daily workflow
  • Deliver virtual assistance for anything
  • Assist you in improving customer service
  • Tasks can be executed swiftly & perfectly
  • Deliver real-time reports for you
  • Provide better customer service & satisfaction
  • Make training more effective & efficient


  • Quicken conversions and improve customer service
  • Provide customers personalized product suggestions
  • Play the role of personal shopping assistant
  • Help you in upselling as well as cross-selling
  • Provide the customer with price alert in quick manner
  • Help you to track the product delivery & return
  • Help you to provide enhanced user-experience
  • Help you in A/B testing as well


  • Make the insurance process quicker than ever before
  • Give advice to the customers for various insurances
  • Suggest as well as sell the various insurance policies
  • Help you to enable human-like conversations
  • Reduce the workload of complex conversation with agents
  • Assist you in improving the overall user-experience
  • Send a quote to the customers as per their need
  • Handle the whole process of payment with care

Types Of ChatBots We Work On

Nowadays when chatbots have become the apple-of-the-eye as far as the marketers and business owners are concerned, eSparkBiz provides you with high-quality Chatbot solutions.

Facebook Bot Development

Facebook Bot Development

Our dedicated team of skilful & experienced developers assist you in crafting a Facebook chatbot that helps you to manage your social media activities with utmost ease. With this bot, you can automate customer support & provide an interactive experience.

Slack Bot Development

Slack Bot Development

Slack is taking over the market. We at eSparkBiz understand the changing demand of today's business environment and that's why we're helping enterprise-level businesses & startups by building a slack bot which can communicate with your clients effectively.

Telegram Bot Development

Telegram Bot Development

With the experience of working with various chatbots, our developers provide you with world-class solutions by utilizing the latest telegram bot API so that you can assure a swift and secure telegram bot development process.

Microsoft Bot Development

Microsoft Bot Development

We at eSparkBiz have a dedicated team of chatbot developers which crafts high-quality and engaging solutions. We have experience working on the Microsoft Chatbot and providing amazing services for any of the Microsoft apps such as Skype, slack, office 365 etc.

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Features You Will Get With Our Intellectual Bot

Each & every bot is different from the other. Based on your needs, we devise the features of your bot. However, these are some common features that you will get with our intellectual bot.

In-Built Intelligence

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning in our bot is what makes us stand out from the rest of the organizations.

Machine Learning

We incorporate machine learning chatbots which can earn, adapt and respond to human queries based on previous conversations.

Personalized Content Feed

Setup a personalized tone for your chatbot’s speech mannerisms by providing the content input from the real-world conversations.

Intelligent Suggestions

Your chatbot will be able to make proactive suggestions which can entice the customers to buy more from your online storefront.

In-Built Intelligence

Advanced Messaging

Our bot is empowered to do much more than the typical messaging between two persons. It can also manage advanced level stuff.

Cards & Tiles

Our bots will be able to showcase cards & tiles about images, links, shortcuts and much more as a response to the user queries.

File Sharing/Receiving

Our bot will be able to send or receive files which consist of images, documents or links for better processing of user queries.


The advanced messaging feature comprises of clickable buttons which can be tappable shortcuts for frequently repeated actions.

Advanced Messaging

Flexibility at All Levels

Our chatbots are flexible so as to better control & optimize chatbot performance as per the industry.

No App or Website Required

Deploy the chatbot in your site, mobile applications or messenger apps as a built-in feature with lightweight system requirements.

Ongoing Improvisations

We at eSparkBiz create chatbots which can be optimized to serve customized replies as per the industry and as per the user.

Controlled Manual Interference

Our chatbots give you the flexibility to switch between chatbot and human as per the demand of the situation for the optimum service.

Flexibility at All Levels

Chatbots That Redefine Virtual Assistance

We at eSparkBiz believe in nothing less than excellence & perfection and therefore, we leave no stone unturned while crafting the Chatbot solutions. Our Chatbots are ground-breaking, as they redefine the whole phenomenon of virtual assistance.

Natural Human Language

Our chatbots synthesize the natural human language from the previous conversations.

Multilingual Abilities

We provide you with multi-language programmable bots which are useful for the global market.

All-time Availability

It provides 24*7 customer services as well as assistance without any kind of downtimes.

Pre-built Templates

Our chatbot solutions allows you to automate frequent responses with pre-built templates.

Multiple Integrations

You can integrate your chatbot across multiple social channels without any kind of hassle.


Social Chatbot Integrations

Build a chatbot for any of the following social messaging channels

Technologies Empowering The Chatbots

Our AI (Artificial Intelligence) as well as NLP (Natural Language Processing)- powered chatbots are most popular for consumer and business communication channels. Here's a list of technologies that we utilize to make a ground-breaking chatbot solution.

Human Perspective

Dialogue Management

We at eSparkBiz train the AI-powered chatbot so that it can be aware of context and analyze the previous conversations to predict the future action.

Fluid Conversations

Based on the action predicted by our dialogue manager, the respective template message will be invoked to ensure a smooth conversation among the users.

Rich & Interactive Content

We craft a smart chatbot conversational UX design so that it allows them to respond to the various user queries with different types of structured messages.

Human Handover

We perform bot development with a button to begin which initiates the “Live Chat Session” when the bot doesn’t understand anything or when a user wants to interact with a human representative.

Human Perspective

Enterprise Perspective

API Integration

Our customized chatbot development services comprise of coding of the bot logic which makes it easier to integrate any third-party service with utmost ease.

Language Support

Our Artificial Intelligence chatbots development consists of multilingual support that helps you to serve a variety of targeted audience seamlessly.

Enterprise Capabilities

We always build chatbots that are highly suitable for any kind of enterprise requirements and which can align well with your existing working methodology.

Platform Intelligence

Our smart bot comprises of rich digital experiences & intelligence engine which can understand, remember, and learn from the information gathered during conversations.

Enterprise Perspective

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