How Chatbot For Real Estate Can Be A Real Gamechanger?

By Harikrishna Kundariya Chatbot April 23, 2019 11 min read 554 Views

Chatbots is a cognitive software that can communicate with a user in a native language. Nowadays Chatbot For Real Estate is gaining ground.

The mode of communication for Chatbot can be as follows:

  • Messaging Application
  • Website
  • Mobile Apps
  • Telephone

The chatbots have proven to make human lives easier time and again. It assists the human after understanding their requirements. Chatbot simplifies communication between humans and machines.

1. Exploring the Scenario Of Real-Estate

The real estate includes buying, selling, and renting out properties. And, this sector requires the important thing which is a pillar of the real estate industry, i.e., Leads. Lead generation plays a vital role in the real estate industry.

There is a lot of nitty-gritty in the process of lead generation. A broker or agent has many things to offer, as they have multiple properties in their hands. Also, there are requirements from the customer side as well.

There is a lot of requirements in the real estate industry. And, to meet those requirements, there is not enough manpower.

The customers who are looking for property has to contact the brokers. And, the brokers aren’t able to handle all inquiries. Here, Chatbot For Real Estate plays a vital role in making a first conversation with the client.

The Chatbot For Real Estate helps in collecting information from both parties. Also, if there are any doubts, concerns, or queries, you can approach a top leading Chatbot Development Company in India & the USA.

The Buyer or tenant has to provide the details about their requirements such as:

  • Buy or Rent
  • Type of property: Ready to move, Under Construction
  • Floor preference: High Rise or Low Rise
  • Facing: Garden or Back
  • Number of Bedrooms
  • Unfurnished, Semi-Unfurnished, Furnished
  • Additional Facilities: Gym, Garden, Indoor Games, Security, etc.
  • Area Preference
  • Visit Time preference: Day or Evening

After collecting the above information, the Chatbot For Real Estate schedules the visit. The real estate broker then takes over the reign and takes the client for the visit of the property.

2. Why Use Chatbot For Real-Estate?

2.1 Real-Time Inquiry

The inquiries require immediate action which is difficult for the agents. Chatbot For Real Estate plays a significant role in answering all inquiries rapidly.

It helps in retaining the customer and also strengthening the relationship between customer and firm. A customer who is looking for a property will search online or approach an agent.

The latter will require no chatbot interference and also it consumes a lot of time. While the online search will save a lot of time and provide effective results for the property.

Also, if there are any doubts, concerns, or queries, you can approach the bot. The real-time inquiries are fresh inquires and require attention to it.

This becomes an opportunity for the real estate firm to acquire maximum information about the client.

Chatbots gathers information from the client in their fresh inquiry. Also, you can design a Chatbot Technology in such a way that with minimum questions, you can gain maximum information.

2.2 Available 24*7

You can grab the opportunity by providing round the clock real estate service to the client.

The client can inquire about the properties anytime, and being available for them will be an advantage.

It leaves a positive impression in the minds of the customer as their concerns or queries are answered on time.

The brokers or agent have a time constraint, but the real estate doesn’t have, and that is when as a realtor, you can install a chatbot who entertains the customer and provide them a swift response.

2.3 User Specific

User Specific

The Chatbot For Real Estate is designed in such a way that it deals with customers according to their requirements.

This is the unique part about chatbots as they are user-specific. They understand the requirements and then provide the solution.

A separate set of questions is asked to individuals who are looking for the property. The fetching of information is very precise

As there are different requirements of individuals, chatbots ask them a specific question, which makes it distinctive & user-centric.

2.4 Better Engagement

There are two ways I have divided the engagement process: Traditional & Modern. The process of distributing and collecting information on paper is a traditional approach.

The traditional approach doesn’t provide an effective result and the forms collected end up in a trashcan.

While the modern approach is effective as it precisely works on the tasks. It collects information from the client and also responds to them on-time.

2.5 Better-Time Management

Better Time Management

Chatbot For Real Estate is very effective in saving a lot of time while collecting information. Also, it saves time while providing results as well.

It is the biggest plus point of the chatbot. Also, it saves collected information to its database by interacting with the client.

The task that a chatbot performs eases the work of a real estate firm. The database becomes useful to realtors while arranging the property for the clients. It will provide them the following information about:

  • What type of property customer is looking for?
  • What location do they like to invest in?
  • How many rooms does the customer require?
  • What is the budget of the customer?

2.6 Automating Follow-Ups

When you are a realtor, you not only have a single client but a clientele. And that is when it becomes difficult to follow-up with each and every client on a regular basis.

Chatbot For Real Estate can follow-up on clients on their preferred mode of communication. It can be either an email or text message.

Automating follow-up may increase the possibility of retaining the customer. The customer will choose their option of approaching, and that way, a broker or agent will approach a client.

Here, the Customer Service Chatbots will work as a wonder for you. That is the reason why many top brands have already implemented bots on their website/mobile app.

Chatbot In Real Estate

2.7 Access to History

Have you ever imagined the amount of paperwork it would have taken to gather the response from the client? Uncountable, isn’t it? Well, in this situation, chatbots can help you in collecting tons of information without any hassle.

Just refer to the logs in the system, you will be able to access the information of the past. The database has each and every information about the client handled by the chatbot.

2.8 Scheduling the Visit

The Chatbot For Real Estate after understanding the requirement provides them the result. If the buyer or tenant shows interest in the property, then the chatbot schedules the visit.

The realtor then takes over the reign and collects the information from the database. The agent will have information about the client and will take the client for a visit. This way, a chatbot can be utilized in the real estate business.


2.9 Virtual Tour

An enticing feature about chatbot is a virtual tour of the property. The optimum use of technology can be done by providing a virtual tour of the property to the client. A client can be busy at times, and a virtual tour can be beneficial in this situation.

The virtual tour can give a quick tour to the client being physically present at the location. It will provide them with a good idea about how would a property look before even visiting the property.

2.10 Extra Functions

Chatbot For Real Estate provides an on-time response to the client and understand their requirements. It interacts with the customer in their native language and collects their requirements.

Also, it fetches additional information like the client location via IP tracing. Furthermore, it traces the page from which the bot was called on. And, the advertisements where the client has gone through.

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2.11 Multiple Languages Installed

One of the additional benefits of the Chatbot For Real Estate is the languages. The chatbot can be acquainted with multiple languages.

It becomes an added advantage for a real estate firm if it has a chatbot that can communicate with a client in their native language.

Chatbots with multiple languages installed might be successful in retaining customers. As a realtor, it becomes difficult to understand all the languages.

You can also explore social media chatbots that can ease your task for sending and receiving messages in the native language. This is one of the Chatbot Trends that you should be aware of.

2.12 Integration with CRM

Integration In CRM

A lot of money can be saved by installing chatbots as it gathers information and feeds it into the database. It doesn’t need assistance from humans. It becomes very easy for the bots to do it.

Apart from the above benefits, there are few exceptional features that will encourage you to install a chatbot at the premises. Also, you can go through the article that will give you a clear idea about how much the chatbot cost in building for a business?

3. Exception Features Of Chatbot That Are Useful For Real-Estate

3.1 Generation of More Leads

The chatbot will generate more leads as it is available for 24*7. Also, it will gain maximum possible information from the client that is again a benefit in itself.

There are thousands of property requirements in the market. The customer approaches either online or through realtors. If the customer plans the former approach, then, it comes into contact with a chatbot installed in a real estate firm.

The Chatbot For Real Estate will gather detailed information about the customer. Not only name and phone, but their property requirements, area preference, and many more details. The more information the chatbot will fetch, the better quality leads will come out from the market.

This is one of the reasons why Business Need NLP-Based Chatbot in today’s day and age. It can transform the whole scenario of real-estate, without a doubt.!

3.2 Round the Clock Service

Round The Clock Service

According to the study, there are 56% of buyers who are more than 36 years and younger look for a property on the internet.

This becomes a major opportunity that could bring in more leads. The chatbot that answers the call or message at a day or night time could retain more amount of customers.

3.3 A Long-term Relationship with Buyers

There are thousands of buyers in the market who are looking for the property. All they want is a good property and a dealer who can help them in buying or renting it. The decision takes time, and to approach the agent requires research.

In the world of technology, buyer or tenant will either search online or offline by visiting the agent’s office.

If the buyer doesn’t know the native language or the language that agents understand, then the latter option is not feasible, while the former option is workable if the real estate firm installs the chatbot that communicates in the native language.

The buyer will opt former option as they will receive a quick response from the firm. The quick response and that too in a native language would strengthen the relationship between buyer & real estate firm.

You can Hire a Dedicated Chatbot Developer who can craft a chatbot for your real estate firm. Also, the developer will provide suggestions and insights that might be helpful in gaining revenue.


In the world of technology, people are preferring cognitive technologies that are making their lives hassle-free. The Chatbot For Real Estate has ample benefits that an agent or broker can avail through it.

Investing in building chatbot could be an opportunity as it solves a language barrier problem, assists the customers, understands their requirement and provides them options in their preferred area.

Wanna Develop A Customized Chatbot for your Real-Estate business? Then, Connect with eSparkBiz Technologies. We’re one of the leading Chatbot Development Company in India & USA that offers you with custom solutions. Hire A Chatbot Developer from our firm and forget all your worries.


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