The Growth Of Chatbots In The Airline Industry

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The Airline Industry witnesses Artificial Intelligence aiding travelers and businesses in their processes. Artificial Intelligence is proving to be a significant shift in this vertical.

The AI chatbot solutions for the airline industry helps to organize the business procedures. They do this with proper and simplified travel arrangement.

1. Introduction

In the journey of revolution for the airline industry, Chatbots and travel are companions. Chatbot usage has increased in size rapidly. The companies have realized the importance of messaging platforms.

Airline Industry

They accept the fact that the most preferred communication medium is a messaging platform whether it is booking/cancellation, customer service or planning. The offers are tailored to the needs of the customer.

Isn’t this a method to drive in revenue??

Transformation is already paying off.

“Digitalisation is expected to boost our ancillary income from RM46 (US$10.50) [per passenger] currently to our RM60 (US$13.70) target. Some of the initiatives include dynamic pricing of baggage allowance and Tune Protect insurance, offering an extra-seat option to our customers and enhancing our inflight meal options.”
– Tony Fernandes, CEO of AirAsia

Chatbots for airlines is an important tool within the domain of AI. Measuring the power of chatbot technology when newly introduced is difficult. A proper analysis of the user patterns leads to higher adoption and absorption levels.


Flight bots are promising for the airline vertical. At the end of the year 2017, SITA stated that 14% of the airlines and 9% of the airports were using chatbot technology.

It also forecasted that by 2020, the companies would project 68% of airlines and 42% of airports would be adopting chatbot services driven by AI.

2. Transform the Airline Experience with Flight Bots

Travel assistant bot helps in saving time by organizing the user’s trip. The bots suggest about places to visit at different seasons or as per the budget. This companion is available on your favorite messaging apps like Facebook messenger.

Flight Bot

Another advantage of using a bot is its availability. The bot is available 24X7. It has numerous languages support. The user’s queries get a personalized response from the bot in their preferred language. The powerful tool of AI is learning.

AI keeps learning and therefore, it is becoming smarter and powerful day by day. In this cut-throat competition, consumers are left with a broader range of options for their traveling requirements.

So what makes your customers choose you???‍?

Excellent Customer Service❗

It has the power to engage and capture consumers for your airline business. With the power of chatbots and utilizing it for your business, airlines get the strength to provide various services to the consumers.

Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Instant Access
  • Personalization
  • Reservations
  • promotions
  • Travel Advice as per the consumer’s preferences
  • Conversational Services with Convenience

The more the services are personalized the more the relationship with the consumer increases. This relationship blossoms even after the flight lands.

Thus you not only get the support of a satisfied customer but also an advocate for your brand.

3. Why are Chatbots finding room in the airline industry?

We say chatbot is here to stay and elevate the customer experience in the airline vertical.

Let us see, on which basis deployment of chatbots take place in the airline industry.

Answerable to Common Queries

Is asking a question limited to a new traveler❓

No. An experienced traveler has a standard set of questions to ask their airline.

For example:

  • From which gate, my flight would be departing? ✈
  • What is the weight limit on checked luggage? ?
  • When is the next connecting flight to Singapore?

Before artificial intelligence chatbots getting into our lives, the representative from the airline used to answer these set of questions on the call. The amount of time wasted and the inconvenience it caused for both the parties created a lot of negativity.

Another factor is money. ?

A representative deserves good pay for answering calls to such repetitive questions around the clock. Another way is navigating the airline website. Customers can visit the site and spare some time to search the answers for their problems.

But the ways provided above aren’t feasible for both customers and the airline. It would cost a lot of time, effort, and unnecessary cost increment.

Then what is to be done?✔

Follow the footsteps of Mexico’s Volaris. It has created a Facebook bot. The bot is capable of analyzing and understanding the queries raised and respond to those queries effectively. Volaris reduces the service costs offered to the human.

The presence of complex questions is visible. But Volaris has an arrangement for this complexity as well. It transfers the complicated queries to a human agent seamlessly and ensures that the information is appropriately destined to the user.

Reservations and Transactions

 Chatbots are capable of handling bookings and deals efficiently. With the increasing support to the chatbots, the messaging platform like facebook messenger enables the user to get the information without quitting the platform.

The best example is the Icelandair chatbot by the Icelandic Airline.

The chatbot provides:

  • Opportunity to the users to search and book a flight.
  • The conversation carried out is a text-based conversation.
  • The user enters the information as in chats or texts.
  • The user has more control over the procedure.
  • The thread retains the conversation is. This retained conversation is used to view the purchase and search for information later.
Information Merging

I will give you two scenarios. Vote for the best one!

Scenario 1: You purchased a ticket. The information about the ticket is on the website you have booked. The booking confirmation details find a place in your mail inbox. The boarding pass is either printed or stays in your phone. All the updates related to your flight are received as text messages.

Scenario 2:  All the information related to your travel is stored in a single place.

Which scenario would you like to cast your vote to❓

Obviously, the second scenario. Rather than having your information stored at various location and accessing them from different locations it is convenient and easy to store and access the information at a single place.

KLM, a full-stack chatbot used by Dutch airline, stores all the relevant and vital information in one place i.e. Facebook Messenger.

BB-KLM’s smart assistant

The information stored is:

  • The boarding pass
  • The information about the booking
  • Flight details.

Another capability of KLM is answering rapidly to the questions raised. KLM exhibits functionalities of an app to a certain extent and therefore, you can use it without an actual download.

Some other notable features of KLM:

  • The Chatbot can make actual edits to your trip.
  • Want to change the seat? Send a request to the chatbot.
  • After all the changes are done, you will receive updated tickets directly through the Messenger.

So what did KLM teach you?

  • The process is well-organized into a single-channel.
  • The requirement of a customer service agent in the procedure diminishes.
  • Saving the time and money of both the parties i.e. Airlines and the consumer.
  • The chatbot delivers a favorable flying experience.


4. The Sky-friendly Bots- How bots have made the Sky their buddy?

Our modern consumers are looking for building a relationship with the enterprises. But the want for a connection with the enterprise depends on the quality of services they get.

Airline chatbot

For example, they expect a rapid process, easily accessible information, self-service option, and their zeal to perform the necessary operations irrespective of place and time.

With the introduction of chatbot in the tech world, it has given a wide range of scope and hope for growth shortly. Airlines Chatbot Development is the new fad because of its market potentiality and a broader scope of revenue generation.

Opting for a flight bot provides the possibilities like:

  • Bots offer a self-service option to the customers. This option is available for 24/7.
  • The bot gives full control to the customers. It allows consumers to make bookings, upgrades, change via simplified speech or text.
  • The bot offers personalized interaction. Moreover, it provides various travel options and advice tailored to the user’s preferences.
  • The bot provides instant support across numerous channels. The channels are a mobile app, text, email, website, and many more.

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5. Airline Bot Building Platform

The airline bot building platform enables Chatbot Developer to create an airline chatbot without coding in minutes. You can easily push yourself with designing, building, testing, and deploying chatbots with the platforms I have listed below. Some of the mentioned chatbot platforms are even free.

Without a professional company, a sophisticated chatbot is impossible. If you have the desire to built an elaborate, second-to-none chatbot for your business, then get in touch with a leading firm providing world-class services.

The following chatbot development platforms I have listed below will serve your need:


A person with zero knowledge of coding can enter the room with their heads high. Chatfuel is with them which aids in building a bot on Facebook Messenger.

Chatfuel Airline bot

Some of the features are listed below:

  • Adding the Content Cards.
  • Automatic Sharing with the followers.
  • Information gathering within the Messenger Chats.
  • Interaction with the bots via buttons.
  • Incorporating AI technology for scripting conversations full of interactiveness.
  • Recognizing the answers using AI.
  • Completely free. Only after 100K conversations/month, you need to speak to the team for a premium customer plan.

Big names like British Airways use Chatfuel for its Facebook Messenger Bot.

If you want to visually build, train, and employ chatbots on FB messenger, Slack, or your website, then is the chatbot platform you have been looking for.

This chatbot platform enables you to draw your conversation as a flowchart. This visualization helps you to visually deal with the result of a bot query.

After this, it allows you to connect your bot to a messaging service like facebook messenger, slack, and go. It allows you to employ Node.js code directly from its interface in addition to various integrations.


Do you desire to have an interactive, programmable, Omni-channel messaging bots?

GupShup is in the right place and at the right time. A leading smart messaging platform over 4 billion messages per month and 150 billion processed messages in total, GupShup offer APIs and SDKs for the developers for making a full interactive bot for web messaging and in-app messages.

With AI at its best, GupShup has messages which contain structured data and intelligence. Thus, you can say GupShup is a big support for automation and messaging workflow.


Another popular Facebook Messenger Chatbot Platform Botsify uses drag and drops templates for creating a bot.

Features that Botsify provide:

  • Integrating Easily via plugins
  • Smart AI
  • Machine Learning
  • Analytics Integration

There might be a situation where technical knowledge will be required especially for AI and Machine Learning integration, but it gets covered with its drag and drop templates.

After a certain limit, if you wish to take over the conversation from the bot, Botsify provides a smooth transition from a bot to human. Botsify chatbot platform is free for one bot and chargeable thereafter.

Flow Xo

Flow XO holds a record in providing over 100 integrations. It provides a visual editor which is easy to use.

The advantage of using Flow XO is:

  1. Build once for multiple platforms.
  2. A quick start with pre-built templates.
  3. Saves a lot of time.
  4. Provides multiple functionalities.

Note: A subscription is required if the conversation limit is crossed.


An interesting concept where you can make your personal bot from your real twitter, facebook, and LinkedIn accounts. Developing a bot with bottr requires less than 5 minutes. It creates questions automatically from the data on Facebook.

For Example:

  • Where have you studied from?
  • What is your education background?
  • Your real identity
  • Your birth date.
  • The current city you are living in.

Bottr has an option to insert your bot on the website. You can add data from various other platforms for better coverage of data.

Your business needs a custom chatbot development if you consider the growing demand of chatbot technology.

6. Benefits of Employing Chatbots in the Airline Industry

The fashion of innovative technology is all about Chatbot. With modern customers, the demands are increasing day by day asking for advanced solutions without wasting their time.

Therefore, the travel industry is always pressurized to provide innovative solutions to retain its customers. Due to its immense growth and future scope it has shown with the potentiality of the market, I have penned down a few benefits of employing chatbots in the travel industry.

Customer Service Bots

With seamless customer service, chatbots handle all kinds of information transfer or providing solutions in urgency to problems. Chatbots help your customers irrespective of their time zones.

This help is expected by the traveling agency especially when the consumer is at an international tour. With every aspect, your presence should be felt by the customer and therefore providing an enhanced level of customer experience.

Higher Engagement of the Customer

To achieving maximum customer engagement, the airline industry should consider employing chatbots.

Chatbots are customers’ touchpoints due to:

  • More engagement.
  • No time zone limited.
  • Solving all the queries.
  • Providing the user with recommendations.
  • Transaction initiation.
  • Might be only for casual interaction.

Moreover with all these responsibilities comes a time availability. Thus for improved customer engagement with your brand, chatbot for an airline is the need of the hour.

Opportunities for Revenue

The consumers can walk from the awareness level to the conversion level easily with the help of chatbots. Accord your chatbots with a payment gateway, offers, and coupons.

As per the research carried by Google,

  • 69% of the business travelers and  65% of holiday travelers opt for travel planners.
  • 92% of the millennials find live chats better and interactive.
  • Out of this 92 %, 23% are forecasted to travel and spend $1.4 trillion by 2020.

These figures show a significant increase in revenue through travel chatbots.

Data Accessing

Chatbots can collect data. This collection of data is possible with chatbots because it stores information while communicating with the consumer. Therefore the chatbot will record and have more in-depth insights about the experience of the customer, the purchase history, problems, etc.

With such ideas in their kitties, the companies will analyze the customers in a better way with a broader spectrum. So if the company is looking to market their services, then this is the best way to pursue the aim.

The personal touch that the consumers expect will finally be a reality. The customers can access the previous chat histories so that they can ask any unsolved question later on.

Saving Time

With chatbots, handling the repeated queries saves a lot of time of the customer service representatives. By saving the time of these representatives, they get more time to focus on managerial activities and other complex problems of the customers.

Therefore training the airline bot in such a way that it is able to handle the maximum workload from ground staff to cabin crew aids in a well-organized pattern.


Chatbot development is highly pocket-friendly. Leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence, many customer-related problems get solved. In short, for answering the routine queries, you don’t need to outsource customer care centers.

Businesses which have stepped into the travel genre should skip the mobile app and web app development and directly switch to the bot development. This switching will aid in saving resources.

The cost of chatbot development depends on various firm.  These companies are providing many high-level chatbot services. AI and ML have become a significant factor in the event of airline bots for complex solutions.


The travel industry is multiplying. With rapid growth, the travel industry is adopting travel chatbots.

If you have stepped-in the airline vertical then opting for a chatbot enables you to stay in the competition. Being negligent about having a chatbot for your business might cost you to lose a more significant share in the market.

Right from hotel chatbots to flight booking chatbot, all the companies have their chatbots ready on the go to catch hold the market. If you aren’t an expert to build a chatbot, then opt for a Chatbot Development Company and accord yourself with a travel bot for staying ahead in the competition.


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