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Develop An App For Chronic Disease Management
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In today’s world, Chronic Disease Management is giving a challenge to healthcare. Chronic lung and kidney problems, heart/cholesterol problems, are a few Chronic diseases.

To reduce complications, patients should take care of their well-being. They should maintain a self-management schedule and constant communication with the healthcare system.

Chronic Disease Management Research

But due to technological advancement, you will get various healthcare software.

This software allows for meticulous care and supervision. You can perform it at the house via gadgets like smartphones, PC’s, tablets, etc.

These devices aid the patients and the doctors to take steps in time. It also helps to avoid and cater to the adverse effects of a disease.

Let’s delve into the CDMS to understand what it is:

It’s one of the examples of the healthcare system.

It’s designed to aid the needs of the people suffering from chronic diseases. Chronic diseases also affect the patient’s family and friends.

So, it has become imperative to progress in this field.

The businesses are working towards augmenting the quality of care.

For that purpose, they keep constant communication with the patients.

Chronic Care Management Apps can seal the deal for you.

The Benefits Of The Technology Include
  • Proper care eliminates the need to make appointments at healthcare institutions.
  • Unconventional methods to keep patient engaged
  • Gives improved health results with a reduced risk of complications and problems
  • It provides advanced care by maintaining a healthy data exchange. It’s between the patients and the doctors.

Challenges Faced By Healthcare Providers

Chronic Ailments demand continuous treatment and consistent care. The present way of aiding such diseases advances the issue of sporadic concern.

The challenges come in the form of late medical attention since the doctors can not anticipate a patient’s worsening health conditions.

But, Chronic Care Management App helps in treating complications and adverse effects.

After discharge, it becomes almost impossible to track the daily activities of patients. But with the help of this modern healthcare technology, you can monitor health status and behavior.

It helps in ensuring a long healthy life for the patient. You can also avoid any severe complications.

A methodical intensive care system has made it possible. It also requires proper communication between patients and the Hospital Management.

How Does The Chronic Disease System Help The Patient And Healthcare Provider?

Why Enroll In Chronic Care Management ?

The Chronic Care Management system links two things:

  • The digital health record of the patient
  • The mobile app present on the patient’s phone

One can check patients health by sending prompts and alerts. The information gained here provides excellent help to healthcare providers, patients, and staff.

The app helps healthcare providers to generate reports. You can use the data to get the whole idea of the patient’s condition.

The system fits with ailment procedures for many chronic diseases. It contains information from specific webpages and mobile applications to aid the illness.

  • Custom made disease management applications.
  • Development based on CRM system such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

The Advantages Of Developing a Chronic Disease Management Mobile App?

CDMS is proving to be helpful in several ways, such as

  • It permits healthcare providers to propose many value-added services for improved health conditions.
  • It is cost effective for a patient. Timely and hands-on involvement and agreement with the care plan helps.
  • Drug: Centric disease administration feature helps pharmaceutical companies to increase demand for their medicines.

Furthermore, it’s helpful for healthcare providers, administrations, and staff.

Some of them are as shown below:

Advantages For Administration
  • CDMS provides computerized reports about quality, productivity, and output.
  • It offers a custom treatment plan for patients based on their documentation.
  • It lowers the cost and produces more income.
  • The administration can design customized questionnaires and track.
Advantages For Healthcare Providers
  • Provides consistent and standard diagnostic procedures.
  • Automatic supervision of patients in case of missed appointments or visits.
  • Is more efficient.
  • Decreases redundant phone calls from the staff.
  • Collects automated alerts and prompts in case of new lab reports. Also, checks variations in the crucial values.
  • Generates risk profiles by considering the treatment, analysis, and medications.
  • Permitting them to track and access to the patient’s health information. One can achieve it through a safe and secure internet connection.
  • Automatic reporting according to the quality standards and pay-for-performance.
Advantages For Staff
  • It helps staff to keep track of the not so compliant patients. It minimizes the time invested in arranging labs for them. It applies pre-defined procedures to them.
  • Standardization of diagnosis plan helps in error management.
  • Automatic communication tool helps in clear communication between patient and healthcare providers.
  • The significance of Mobile application in CDMS.

CDMS allows patients, staff, and healthcare providers to track & access reports. You can achieve it with the help of the internet.

Developing a Chronic Illness Tracker App is a great idea. It also aids in keeping the patient engaged with the system.

How Does CDMS Mobile Application Work?

Mobile App For Health

The doctor makes a customized diagnostic plan in the HER or the CDMS. It’s based on a patient’s medical records, past medications, allergies, diet, etc.

The patient can get the care plan developed by his doctor through a mobile app. They should read & follow the instructions. He/She should see recommendations provided by doctors.

The patients must keep track of their food intake, nutrition, sleep, and medication. CDMS app uses this data to alert doctors about patient’s health. It could be in case of discrepancies or complications.

This allows the doctor to provide the patient with the necessary plan. They can also schedule appointments in time. A doctor can do this in the comfort of their homes.

Basics Of Crafting a Chronic Illness Management Mobile App?

Essential points, while designing therapeutic software and mobile applications include:

  • You should have a clear idea of what you want your app to do, its functionality, the key features involved in it.
  • Either it can work as a typical symptom identifier, or you want an advanced app?
  • Food and Symptom Tracker App can be helpful under these conditions.

Furthermore, increased functionality involves high costs, so you should consider it.

  • CDMS application development requires a step by step kind of treatment plan. The healthcare provider’s help is also needed
  • The healthcare applications should meet pre-defined benchmarks and standards like HIPPA, HL7, etc.
  • The company should have abundant resources to offer a satisfactory product.
  • Apart from software, this partner should also provide QA & testing of software. It should also provide support after its creation.
  • You should update the software continuously. You must customize it as per the patient’s requirements.
  • Always choose the best Mobile App Developers for CDMS app. View their past record. It will help you.

Key Features Of Chronic Disease Management Software

Chronic disease Management Model

  • Health instruction apparatuses uphold CDMS. It comprises of online and print materials as well as an audio reference library.
  • The software encapsulates the conventional assessment apparatus. It’s based on preference for sensitive and chronic conditions. It instructs & directs individuals on treatment decisions and situation management.
  • It helps the patients through 24/7 inbound telephonic access to Health Coaches. In the event of help, and recommendation for urgent, acute, and self-care. It also helps in after release from hospitals to stay away from the wrong medication.
  • The software also engages in dedicating Health Coaches in outbound telephonic conversations.
  • Modern technology helps in interaction through various medium. It can be mail, telephone, online chat, voice recognition, etc.
  • It conducts extensive analytics on demographics based on risk key indicators.
  • This software has fetched NCQA accreditation for some essential chronic diseases. It has facilitated a strong backing for a comorbid and preference-sensitive condition.
  • CDMS performs a thorough reporting on the functioning mechanisms. It also focuses on patient gratification and treatment center’s economic
  • The CDMS offers an interactive video dialogue for the regular care of the patient.
  • The team-based care and coordination of the providers is its foundation.
  • For betterment, the system uses care protocols & programs like CCM, AWV, TCM, etc.
  • It keeps detailed documents for transparent billing. It also includes CMS, CPT code 99490.
  • The CDMS system has built up a unique structure to judge the work efficiency of its staff. The administrator uses user reports and statistics to delegate the workload. It categorizes Health coaches, care coordinators, and nurses according to their effectiveness.
  • The data analyzed by administrators on various meticulously selected care-provider teams. They should make a note of essential information and share it.
  • The collected data is critical to mark patients according to their level of risk. It helps in smoothening the progress of identification and monitoring.
  • The care provider team can use collected information in various manners:
    1. To create an individual risk profile of the patients
    2. To allocate a risk level
    3. To regulate the tracking based on risk
  • The CDMS creates personalized workflow processes.
  • It maintains records and logs the time of each patient’s communication.
  • Patient communications followed up by questionnaires. These are custom made for each patient.
  • For the individual patient, the system assigns a specific task. The task can be for nurses, physicians, and coach coordinators.
  • It comes with the feature of trigger alarms for emergencies. It will alert health care providers.
  • The system can extract the patient’s information. For that purpose, it uses Hospital EMR and Lab.
  • The sensitive information gathered through patients gets secured in absolute privacy.
  • SMS and online submission modules ease the remote submission of readings by the patients.
  • It keeps vigilance over the interaction between healthcare personnel & The system achieves it through Care notes and Memos.
  • It tracks the observation made and information given by healthcare providers. It’s to maintain a system of complete service for the patients.

What Is The Importance Of Data Analytics And Reporting In a CDMS App?

Mobile Health Applications

Data Analytics is critical in the sense that you need it anytime. It brings together the dispersed information bits and pieces. Mobile Apps can solve the issue.

It gives a vital insight that provides a clear picture of the patient’s chronic health situation. In this way, the healthcare providers and patients, as well as CDMS, can use this data.

There are two execution substitutes which are as below:

  • Developing a steadfast chronic illness management application requires:
    1. Combinations of a data warehouse
    2. Visualized by graphs, charts, and reports
    3. Backed up by OLAP cubes
  • You can transfer all the information to the central system data warehouse. You can also carry out an investigation there.

Why Is CDMS Required In The Form Of Mobile Applications?

Fitbit-Mobile App For Chronic Disease Management

A mobile application at the patient’s fingertips will be handy, efficient & engaging. Becoming well-acquainted with health apps, patients can track their nutrition, weight, and diet.

All they would have to do fill in the details in the forms. It’s related to their well-being, both objective as well as subjective.

It also includes medicines prescribed & daily routine. After that, hit the Send button to send this information to the healthcare providers.

The application also alerts the healthcare providers about the patient’s health conditions. It can be both subjective and objective

It also tells them about any decline in the patient’s condition. There’s also an update for future appointments.

It creates a synergetic relationship of the healthcare providers. Both patients and doctors are a part of that.

Each disease requires a different treatment. So, the patient should get various mobile applications for specific chronic illnesses.

The mobile app serves as a middleman. It manages the incoming and outgoing data flow. It allows a smooth interaction with the patients.

The flow of Data from Patient to Healthcare Provider:

  • Medication and other prescriptions
  • Nutrition levels
  • Alerts on scheduled appointments, test results, medication change, etc.
  • Guidelines on improving physical activity levels, tracking vital information, etc.
  • Motivational elements such as setting a goal or appreciation, etc.
  • Patient to Healthcare Provider Data Flow
  • Subjective: Any sort of discomfort, pains, muscle spasms, fever symptoms, headache, etc.
  • Objective: Body temperature, blood pressure levels, glucose level and more
  • Medication intake data

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Why Is It Critical To Choose The Right CDMS App Development Company?

You should partner with a well-reputed and experienced mobile application development company. Such a company can provide you with skilled and experienced developers. Furthermore, medical software must abide by several medical agreements.

You need to be clear about the requirements from the beginning. But, there are a few things that you should keep in mind.

It helps in searching the right company for CDMS app development:

  • It works on devices like smartphones, tablets, etc.
  • It provides the utmost security and privacy of data
  • Easy to operate/ User-friendly
  • The app meets the various healthcare standards such as HIPPA, HL7, etc.
  • EPA (Electronic Prior Authorization) Integrated

After finding a venture that provides all these features, you can look at other needs.

You should analyze the company’s past dealings and experiences.

Different teams like that of developers, testers, designers, etc; and other essential elements.

The Development Team

Once you have figured all the technicalities that you wish to include in your app, the next step is to execute it.

The execution is as important, if not more than the planning part.

Who Will Develop The App For You?

Since you are developing the app for an enterprise, you would most likely not opt for freelancers. You would need a full-fledged team that has expertise in this domain.

You could go for an in-house development team. You could plan to outsource the task to an app development company.

In any case, your team must comprise of people with the following roles:

  1. Project Manager: The leadership role in the development team. The project manager should give key business insights into the development process. He should also have a rich knowledge base.
  2. Designer: These people will develop the app in such a way that users can glide through the app. The app should be smooth to use and glitch free.
  3. Developers: These people form the backbone of any development team. Choose the developers by their past projects.
  4. Testers: These people test the various features of the app and check if the app is working as it should be working.
  5. Quality Assurance Experts: They ensures that the app features meet industry standards.

What Does The Development Cost?

App Development Cost

A CDMS app is a platform that brings together many people. They are healthcare providers, staff, doctors, and patients.

The cost of developing such an app depends on many factors. Factors that holds a significant place are features within the app.

Few of them are as shown below:

  • Advanced features and Extra benefits
  • The platform on which the application you’ll make the app (iOS or Android)
  • Human strength of the development team
  • Certifications and Alliances
  • Conformation to organizations such as HIPPA, HL7, etc.
  • The functionality of the application

Along with these factors, one other factor affects the cost of development. The physical location of companies developers.

The U.S/U.K. based developers charge around $70-$250 per hour.

Eastern Europe based developers cost around $50 to $150 per hour.

The companies and developers in India provide charges between $20-$70 per hour.

Thus, top mobile application development companies in India will offer the most reasonable rate. It will help you in transforming your idea into a mobile app.


Here, we have tried to provide you with an in-depth guide on CDMS. It will help you to know the need, features, and cost of such application.

The blog will be helpful to any Mobile Application Development Company in NYC. It will help the companies to plan for this type of apps in a much better way.

If you still have any questions or suggestions related to this blog, then feel free to ask them in the comment section.

Thank You.!


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