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Advanced Mental Healthcare for your Well-being

Encouraging and having easy access to mental health care is a humane task. Enabling this, Samata Health is an online health care management platform to instantly book an appointment with a therapist at your convenience. So you can connect with a well-being practitioner as per your preference and ease.


Mental well-being becomes crucial when one finds it difficult to even get out of bed. And waiting for weeks to see your doc for the same, is even more painful. Alleviating the cruel waiting, we make availing of a therapist’s care a soothing, hassle-free process with Samata health. It is a sophisticated web application bringing together an exhaustive list of certified therapists for the needful.

So the user can check availability and book an instant appointment with a specialized therapist without a long wait. Beginning simply as a location-based project, it has morphed into a globally scoped web app that connects with therapists at any location. It has a vision of providing simplified enriched patient care, enabled by technology. eSparkBiz brought its technical expertise and sustainable approach to produce a distinct product that is living up to its vision.


  • Web Application


  • Medical and Health Care

Business Challenge

It is only natural and intelligent to harness technology for improving customer services and patient care. Most of us must have experienced delayed appointments to see the doctor. Especially, when it comes to finding therapists for mental concerns, many inhibitions, unawareness, and doubts make the process of reaching out for help even more daunting.

Among many appointment booking apps, we had to design an app that not only provides the information but also simplifies the process in just a few steps. In doing so, some major pain points we had to target in the development process were,

We need to overcome the inefficient system of scheduling appointments & handling the manual forms,

Proper documentation, case history & prescriptions of the patient.

Aid patients struggling with complicated therapy availing processes.

Get the user to meet their preferred therapists at the earliest as per their convenience.

Straightforward workflow of appointment booking, confirmations, cancellations, or modifications.

Secured payment options and related operations.

Even enable therapists with a platform to offer their services with all the necessary information.

Special facilities for employees and student profiles for encouraging mental health.

Social media integrations for information and awareness.

The SAMATA Health App is a solution to these concerns. We comprised all the help, information, and features that the users can utilize to seamlessly book appointments & find instant help.

Key features

As a distinguished appointment booking platform, SAMATA Health boasts many features that streamline the process with smooth performance. We built a user-friendly web application where the patients can quickly find and get the services they are looking for. Within the app, the patient care and the therapist’s availability can be identified easily. All through a single, efficient app ultimately saving time for them both.

  • Comprehensive and strategized information architecture of the app.
  • Matched each of the requirements for both the client-side and server-side.
  • A crucial mental health care web app integrated with business logic.
  • Search your local certified therapists with specializations, check their availability and book a slot with them through preference-based filtration.
  • Book and track your appointments from anywhere at any time for the fastest availability.
  • Stripe as a payment gateway integration and refund algorithm
  • HIPAA Compliant protocols
  • Manual chat support to solve customer’s queries
  • Employers & Student sponsorship
  • Time zone adjustments

What Makes the App Unique

Immediate Medical Appointment

Updated availability and booking of the therapist nearby you.


Free consultation from the therapist to build trust and avail of their services.

One-stop App

Manage the case history, earlier appointments, bookings, and related functions from a single app.


Users get reminders for booking confirmations, appointment reminders, and also for medicines prescribed by the doctor.

Top Features of SAMATA Health


The interactive dashboard of the app suggests the nearest therapists as per the user’s preferences. Moreover, search & save the therapists based on the location, specialization, question-based requirements, and related filters.

Calendar for Appointments

Simplify the availability and booking of the appointments according to your preferred date and time with an in-built dynamic calendar for the users and the therapists. Further, add it as a reminder to get notified on time.

Easy Search

Search for your desired therapist with enhanced search engine integrations using easy keywords, name of the ailments, specializations, location, and more filters added to provide more options.


Besides regular user profiles for appointments, the app also provides employee as well as student profiles distinctively. It offers a selected number of sessions for a fixed period to curb user attrition.

App Statistics

The app maintains comprehensive data of the user from the admin panel. The collected statistics of the user’s bookings, preferences, save details, transactions, etc. improves the overall performance and services of the app.


Addressing the pain points of the users, we critically structured the web app as a tool to efficiently handle all the process that goes into connecting the user & therapists. For that, we identified the concerns based on research data and user behavior. And strategically designed the process with a defined app workflow. To make it more effective, our developers followed the agile method and installed top-notch features that can simplify the process. Thus, it offers assured quality for value service and usability. Some specific steps taken for the challenges are:

  • Advanced filter and question-based preferences for patients during registration as well as dashboard searches. So they can find the best-fit therapists for their needs at convenience.
  • Location-based therapists are made available through Google Map API for reliable searches.
  • Drop-down menus as an alternative for costly functionalities of regional data loading.
  • Direct messaging with the therapists to connect, check availability, and book appointments.
  • Time zone options to select for validations of getting appointments.
  • Enhanced loading performance of heavy data for quality user experience.
  • Integrated various social media platforms for wider and easy reach.
  • The therapist's side includes a detailed profile, location, specialization, appointment details, availability, and accept or reject booking through the calendar. So easy access to all relevant operations.
  • Dynamic user profiles including separate employee and student profiles with renewing session options.

As a result, an absolute product to increase comprehensive mental health care services. It ensures more user traction due to easy functions and service availability without many defaults. Ultimately saving time for both. Hence, increased customer satisfaction for loyalty and growth.

Patient’s Side Module

Highly intuitive UI is crafted to provide the best user experience to the patient without complexities. The app’s security measures ensure data privacy with details shared with the concerned therapists only. This module handles the searches, saved therapists, payment gateways, appointments, history, etc.

  1. Detailed registration with preferences under user profile along with the feasibility to manage and prioritize them later on.
  2. Easy keyword searches in your desired area for the therapists. And calendar for scheduling the appointments, along with modification or cancellation notifications.
  3. Varied filters based on personal preferences like gender, time, identity, therapy, religion, location, sexual identity, etc. are available to narrow down your specific search.
  4. Directly message and interact with the therapist for more detailed sessions.
  5. 15 minutes of a free consultation from the therapists to give you a first-hand experience of their expertise.
  6. Under employee and student user profile, avail no. of sessions for some time for regular consultations.

Therapist’s Side Module

SAMATA Health also ensures the smooth onboarding of the therapists with a simple process. They can upload and maintain their profile, review appointment requests, reject requests with the preset template reason, and even set appointments with the patients from their side. And can choose to provide service through their clinic, personal visits, or on phone calls.

  1. Easy registration with their details and setting up of the therapist profile.
  2. Through their profile, they can review, accept or reject the appointments from the users.
  3. Once accepted, they can access the provided details of the user to serve better.
  4. They can even schedule appointments with their patient for the next time with calendar reminders.
  5. The therapists can also provide discounts to individuals at their discretion.

Admin Panel

Admin module handles the overall function of the SAMATA App. It manages and operates functions for both the therapists and the user for a seamless user experience. The admin can manage the app data, statistics, financial transactions, app information management, queries, and refund policies.

  1. Manages the B2B and B2C functions of the app.
  2. Oversee the fee payments and their successful transactions.
  3. Maintains the user profiles, therapist profiles, special company side profiles, and their data.
  4. Notifications, alerts, and reminders for the booking.
  5. Follows regulations and refund policies as laid down by the health organization.

System Architecture

The sturdy architecture of the system is based on a reliable technology stack for the best outcome. As a result, the app is equipped to handle large amounts of data, work intuitively, and stay true to the changing time and demands. The agile methodology employed during its development process produces a full-functional, user-centric product meeting the client’s objectives. Besides, it is data-driven for assured results and successful completion of the booking process.

Scalability & Availability

Robustness and scalability are the inert characteristics of all the projects that are developed at eSparkBiz. Thus, SAMATA App is no exception to this. Our proficient developers designed the app to scale as needed with time and data. This ensures the smooth functioning of the app without worrying about the information loading and data. It leads to a high user experience and availability to schedule appointments anytime and from anywhere.

In short, the SAMATA Health web app is designed to fulfill the user’s and therapist’s requirements based on their operations, functions, and application usage.


Being very well aware of the importance of security, eSparkBiz emphasizes data security and privacy with the industry best practices and standards. Therefore, this app is secured with top-notch safety measures and privacy encryptions to safeguard the high volume of the user & therapist’s data. Additionally, a secured integration of Stripes, as a payment gateway promises high-quality secured financial transactions with a bank account or debit/credit cardṣ details.

HIPAA Compliant

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act or HIPAA establishes strict rules for sharing the sensitive personal data of patients without their consent in the healthcare sector of the US. It is legal as well as morally abiding to respect the personal information of any person. Failing to do so, may lead to unhealthy practices and legal actions. Significantly, our developers have designed SAMATA Health App to comply with the conditions set by HIPAA. Thus, making it a more reliable and safe app for critical mental health care.

Testing and QA

A project is never complete and ready to launch from our side until it has passed through extensive testing and QA checks. It allows us to deliver a product that is fully functional and high on performance. Since the beginning of various sprints, each portion of the project undergoes module-wise debugging and performance checking. Along with that, it also goes through manual as well as automated testing for functionality. Following the same process for SAMATA App, we made sure that it is an application that runs error-free giving memorable UX to the users.


  • Laravel and Angular

Web Server

  • AWS


  • MySQL

Programming Language

  • PHP, HTML, React

Development Tool

  • VisualStudio

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