Reasons To Combine IoT And Mobile App Development To Skyrocket Your Business

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Gone are the days when smartphones were just able to call someone or send and receive SMS. Today, smartphones cannot only do more than just calling and texting, but they also improve our lives with the help of productive applications and features.

Smartphones have come a long way, and they have evolved to a stage where the productivity of our routine is jeopardized if we don’t use a smartphone for a day.

Using a smartphone, you can listen to music, watch movies, order food, find direction to a destination, communicate with others, book a cab, pay bills, do shopping, and complete enormous other tasks.

All in all, you can streamline your professional and personal lifestyles by productively using features of smartphones.

The features of mobile phones could not have been possible without the integration of leading technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, Internet of Things, etc.

Among all, the Internet of Things has dramatically improved the way we object approach other objects. As per a fact, there will be 60 billion IoT devices connected worldwide at the end of 2025.

Moreover, the total spend on IoT by the businesses would likely to surpass $1.3 trillion by the end of next year.

With the mixture of the mobile application or mobile app development, the business can become viral and leading authority of the industry by providing dynamic and quick solutions to users problems.

However, before exploring the endless possibilities of the combination of IoT and smartphone, understand what is the Internet of Things is all about.

What Is IoT?

What is IoT?

As you may know it by now, IoT stands for the “Internet of Things.”

It is the technology on which smart devices communicate and collaborate to execute complex functions using the internet as a medium.

Any devices that you can imagine has the potential to be integrated utilized through IoT.

For example, your smartphone is connected with the street lights around your bungalow.

So whenever you book an Uber, and the drive is on his way, the street lights across your street would be automatically turned on to guide the driver.

Because all applications of your smartphone are synchronized in a cloud and you can manipulate your surroundings accordingly. Imagine the type of user experience that you would get through such features.

That is the power of the Internet of Things.

Read on to know more how the Internet of Things and mobile application can be a revolutionary combo which can dramatically elevate your business to new heights.

1. Smarter Surroundings

This is one of the most notable features of IoT of adjusting your surrounding as per your wish.

Internet of things and mobile application, you can develop an environment to observe your behavior and anticipate your expectations and make changes to your surroundings accordingly.

IoT Usecases

For example, you have planned a surprise birthday greeting to your wife, who lives in another city.

So, with the help of a mobile application, you can command the devices, which are placed inside the house, to turn on the lights and play birthday song when your wife enters the house.

This way, you can surprise your loved ones irrespective of your geographical location.

You can also incorporate this technology into your workspace. You can install the smart light which you can control through a mobile application. IoT can also help you in B2B Marketing.

Then, you can set those devices to manage the brightness and colors of the lights as per your wish. Through the whole setup, you can ensure that your workspace has a decent surrounding and a comfy atmosphere for your team members.

2. Track Your Goods

As per a survey, Around 4% of IoT devices are used in transportation

With the help of IoT and mobile app development, you can develop the framework through which you have real-time tracking about your goods and logistics.

IoT In Transportation

There are IoT-integrated smart chips which will be placed along with your stuff when they are dispatched or out for delivery.

Now, on the other hand, your job is to have a mobile application through which you can monitor where your stuff is at a given time. You will observe the current proceedings of the goods on a live map.

So, you can determine whenever your goods are on the road and see where they have reached.

This will keep you aware of the security of your goods and ensure your safe exchange of services.

So, whenever you cannot track products in your app, you can take immediate actions and apply security measurements.

3. Enhance Safety

In this era of internet, information and data are the most sensitive elements that can jeopardize an organization overnight.

Especially with the rise of technological advancements and number of applications across the globe, hackers have become proactively engaged in compromising service, data systems, and mobile apps to steal sensitive information from startups and businesses.

However, amalgamating the Internet of Things with the mobile application, companies can strengthen safety by adding additional layers of secured channels.

Furthermore, through IoT, the framework can also be used for recognition and identification functions.

For example, if you want to e turn on air condition at your office while en route to your workspace, then the system would not work if it does not comprehend your speech.

Because only your voice can make the system active, so, if somebody tries to mislead the system and give the command on your behalf, the system won’t work.

Moreover, using IoT, Mobile App Developers can build a robust framework which will send push notifications to the owner of the system whenever there is a security breach.

So, thanks to the presence of IoT, people can ensure the maximum security of their properties. In addition to that, Blockchain Can Help You To Secure IoT Data.

4. Have Granular Control Over The System

The combination of mobile app development and IoT will put you in driving seat of managing everything related to their businesses.

In a single mobile application, you can streamline your whole unit and departments while sitting in your air-conditioned chamber.

You get granular control over the entire management, and can also access different areas of accompanying remotely.

For your business, you can quickly know the details about ongoing projects of different departments and verify how each unit of your business is performing.

You can determine their performance and make smart decisions about their future growth.

Without a full-featured application, the decision-making process for your company would be tiresome. You will have to connect with respective people of different departments, call a meeting, and discuss further proceedings.

Instead, you can achieve maximum efficiency by accessing different information related to your business anytime you want from anywhere you like to make informed and smart decisions for your business.

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5. Get Custom Solutions On The Go

In this era, where internet and mobile applications are accessible to a broad audience, people have many alternatives to find solutions.

So if your business cannot give a memorable user experience, people would not use your application or choose to buy stuff of your competitors who provide a better user experience.

One of the best advantages of amalgamating IoT with mobile app development is to ensure your customers get customize user services.

And there are strong chances that they shift to other service providers and use their platforms like a mobile app, website, etc.

It is crucial for the business of any type, to give custom solutions and reliable communication to their customers.

Using IoT in your mobile application, you can give dynamic solutions to your users. Because as your users interact daily with the app, the mobile application would learn the behavior and anticipate habits of your users.

Then, the application will automatically learn by itself and provide custom communication to users to serve them better and provide a personalized user experience.

Moreover, the IoT applications will have access to the location of the users. So, the app always knows where your users are residing in the given moment, and based on their geographical location; the application can provide customized communication.

6. App Development Becomes Quick

Developing a thriving mobile application that supports the Internet of Things is quicker than traditional mobile app development.

Because through IoT, the primary feature of the mobile application is to work as a bridge between the cloud and end-users.

IoT in Mobile App

The people would request for solutions, and the application would communicate with the cloud and execute those commands.

This way, the hustle of developing a full-fledged mobile application will be gone when you integrate the Internet of Things in your mobile application development.

Moreover, when you save much time in developing a mobile application, so you will have a lot of time to spares on other productive activities like researching the market, adding new features, optimizing user interface of the mobile app, and so on.

This way, you get an effective mobile application development experience by integrating the Internet of Things.

7. It Is A Cost-Effective Approach

The sign of a good business is to get things done by spending less money and achieving maximum efficiency.

Businesses of any type always aspire to save cost whenever possible, period. Because let’s face it, every business is there to make profits, save money, and serve users.

So at the end of the day, it also matters how much cost did you save along with how much money did you make.

However, when it comes to technical stuff like building a website, developing a mobile application, or advertise a product, people have to spend heavy amount to get things done.

However, that won’t be the case with a company which invests in IoT and mobile application development. Because of the Internet of Things, everything is centralized.

Your application will communicate with the centralized system to execute users’ commands.

So, you don’t have to worry about managing the database and providing dedicated storage capabilities for each user.

Instead, you only have to focus on providing an intuitive layout to your users so that they can leverage the power of the Internet of Things through your mobile application.

Data management become centralized and smoother compared to the traditional mobile application. This will again help a business save more cost and generate a better return on investment.

9. Improves The Quality Of Human Life

A mobile application that is driven by the Internet of Things can dramatically improve the lifestyle of users by providing immense value and seamless interface to get the tasks done quickly.

Moreover, developers can build mobile applications which are smart enough to determine the routine of their consumers and anticipate their behavior to provide quality solutions and dynamic communication every day.

For example, you have a habit of turning on the air condition of your cabin at your workplace. So you tell your mobile application to switch on mobile phones while and route to your office every morning.

In the whole procedure, the location of your mobile phone is on. Therefore, after some time, the application will comprehend itself and automatically switch on the condition of your chamber without you telling it.

This way, your customers don’t have to remember or worry about completing their routine tasks because the combination of mobile app and IoT will automatically complete their tasks.

The example discussed is one of the scenarios where IoT can make your app smarter. There are countless scenarios where the combination can emerge as life-saving.


Do let us know what do you think about the Internet of Things and mobile app development.

Share your views in the comments about how you are planning to combine both of these trending technologies elevate your business group. If you need any help, we are always there to assist you.

If you have already applied IoT and mobile app development for your business, share your experience in the comments to help other readers.

We hope you had a great time reading this article. It will be helpful to any Mobile App Development Company in NYC. Write your comments & share your thoughts about the article.

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