How Can Combining Chatbots with BPM Prove Beneficial for You?

1. Operations Management: Main points

Operation Managment

Operations management is the activity of running a business or organization with an emphasis on the most significant amount of efficiency possible; this approach consecutively facilitates in accomplishing cost-effectiveness.

It encompasses valuable resources like money, natural resources, workforce personnel, material goods, miscellaneous equipment and hardware, technology, etc. The idea is to transform these specifics into well-organized productivity daily as well as at final rankings within a company.

2. Business Process Management (BPM): What is it?

Business process management (BPM) is something that each operations manager should know in detail. Directly speaking, it is a way of acting or proceeding that necessitates regular evaluations, refinements, and computerization of processes.

The BPM lifecycle generally consists of the following steps:

  • Design
  • Modeling
  • Analysis
  • Keeping tabs on developments
  • Bettering or Computerizing procedures

3. The setbacks in average Internet-related actions

Concerning online services, an ordinary Internet user gets exasperated when he or she encounters:

  • Problematical websites to deal with
  • Unwillingness to grant necessary replies to simple queries
  • Complexity in discovering critical data about a company (like address, telephone numbers, hours of operations)
  • An abnormally long time to locate services
  • Unsatisfactorily constructed smartphone apps
  • Useless Search options on a brand’s website
  • Un-reachable services on mobile gadgets
  • Inferior quality online forms
  • Functions without human warmth or sympathy
  • Brands that do not impart information on Twitter
  • Non-existent services beyond regular working hours

In today’s as-and-when-required, real-time world, a majority of things appear to be just one click away; hence, online customers also look forward to information that they can find rapidly and in a straightforward way.

When they are unable to dig up the exact place or position of the necessary data, they feel obstructed and angry and possibly will rely on opponents (who arrange for the kind of online settings they’re craving for).

4. The growth of chatbots

Growth Of ChatBot

How people give or exchange information, ideas with companies has been progressing at a swift rate. For many years, meeting people in person and giving people a ring were the primary forms of communication.

After the rapid growth of the internet, people started using brand-new and creative options like:

  • Email
  • Social media
  • Mobile apps
  • Supplying information in a form on a website in anticipation of a follow-up
  • Product/service websites

Of late, the escalation of real-time messaging has brought about a foundational change in how individuals want to contact and correspond with business firms.

Latest reports suggest that citizens of nearly 195 countries make use of online chats to kick off discussions on business websites. And this considers all persons employed in businesses of every dimension and area, in addition to decisionmakers of crucial importance.

Though chatbots have been evolving since the 1950s, it is only nowadays that business enterprises have launched them to convey facts and figures to consumers and prospective business clientele.

What traditional methods of communication have in common,
(counting online chat), is that they’ve routinely depended on humans to spread information. But with the coming of chatbots, this back-and-forth interaction is beginning to change.

5. Chatbots: Meet BPM’s newfound futuristic friends!

A chatbot is an artificial intelligence (AI) program that mimics a two-way human chat by using essential pre-determined user expressions and audio or text-based communications.

For example intelligent virtual assistants in operating systems like Siri for Apple products and Cortana for Windows
They are also well-known as:

  • an artificial conversational entity (ACE)
  • chat robot
  • talk bot
  • chatterbot
  • chatterbox

What is more, dedicated chatbot electrical devices are becoming more and more popular, like Amazon’s Alexa. Depending on user commands, these chatbots can carry out a wide range of functions.

You should Click Over Here to know how to hire bot developer who will help you to integrate them with Business Process Management (BPM).

6. Chatbots: Forecasted deployments

To solve actual problems, here are some of the predicted usages of chatbots:

  • Receiving a speedy reply during an emergency
  • Dealing with grievances
  • Obtaining individualized and in-depth responses
  • Locating a human customer service associate
  • Making a reservation (in an eatery or a hotel)
  • Clearing bills
  • Shopping essential articles
  • Providing thoughts, philosophies, concepts, designs for buying goods or services
  • Putting in names of consumers in a mailing list or news service
  • Interacting with various brands via one program

Acquiring a high-priced object

Here, the point that one needs to take note of is that a handful of buyers envisaged that they would use chatbots as a tool to get linked to a human being.

So, if a chatbot does not have all the necessary facts and figures that consumers are searching for, then patrons would be pleased if that chatbot helps them establish contact with a person.

7. Chatbots: Would-be advantages

On the assumption that chatbots are readily available and operating efficiently, customers foretell the following benefits that they will gain:

  • Round-the-clock service
  • Obtaining on the spot reactions
  • Responses to simple inquiries
  • Stress-free communication
  • Expeditious settlement of grievances
  • Pleasant customer contact
  • Meticulous and professional answers
  • Replies to problematic queries
  • Amicability and ease of access
  • Registering a complaint with ease

Here, a significant detail that takes one by surprise is that customers of all age group recognize the excellent points of chatbots

8. Chatbots as against other business communication channels

chatbot business communication channel

Besides chatbots, the following are some of the other ways in which businesses communicate

  • Telephone
  • Email
  • Website
  • Face-to-face
  • Online Chat
  • Mobile app
  • Social media
  • Letters
  • Web Forms

Granting the fact that not all customers have faith in chatbots,
nearly everyone admits that chatbots are all set to deliver
several improvements that can upgrade the online experiences of consumers.

And unquestionably, from a customer’s point of view, the speed of chatbots is the plus point; so, having chatbots will mean quicker replies to their questions.

Moreover, from a business standpoint, there’s a considerable advantage in arranging for immediate response times.

Recent fact-finding reports suggest that even pausing for just five minutes to greet and react at the close of a lead, results in a sizeable reduction in contacting that lead.

9. Reaction times for chatbots compared to other communication channels.

When it comes to customers expecting instant answers, online chats come first with chatbots closely following, but face-to-face meetings lag.
When it comes to anticipating responses within 24 hours, email, web forms, and social media excel. However, when it requires answers past the period of 24 hours, letters stand out.

Concerning obtaining rapid responses for both natural and challenging questions, 24-hour services and getting comprehensive, itemized answers, customers would rather use chatbots instead of apps.

On the subject of immediate response times (re quick answers, 24-hour services), users liked chatbots better. Nevertheless, when it came to getting complete and knowledgeable replies, emails are considered superior.

Business communications via Email and telephone were singled out as better-quality when it came to their effortlessness in exchange of ideas and consultation.

On top of that, they were regarded as a cut above, as regards recording complaints, untangling problems and finding their solutions at the right or appropriate time.

Concerning performances of chatbots contrasted with telephone calls, consumers opted for chatbots. At the same time, it is worthy to note that despite this, clients also favored using the telephone for getting prompt answers to puzzling queries.

Another critical outcome for business is that, by pairing online chat with chatbots, response times and settlement of issues can be both speedy and efficient.

Once office personnel is online, they can forge ahead and reply to incoming chats. However, if the chat volume gets abnormally high, or if workers are currently not in attendance, then chatbots can intervene to help out. In this way, company reaction times don’t appear in poor light.

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10. Chatbots: Their drawbacks

Chatbots, just like all upcoming technologies have their disadvantages.
Chatbots should give consumers, options of either sending an email or booking a call.

11. Chatbots: Potential game-changers?

In recent times, chatbots and RPA (Robotic Process Automation) have become much sought-after. A small number of digital enthusiasts even assert that before long, chatbots will take the place of BPM setup; its swift operations and familiarisation are the significant reasons for that.

Will chatbots or RPA take over from BPM or can they fit in and successfully work as a pair?

Very many people working in the digital segment think that in the beginning, RPA will automate low-level tasks but later on, will carry out duties like an originator.

Using chatbots in trade and industries is a terrific idea as it offers businesses

  • rapid access
  • control from anywhere
  • opportunities to program essential pieces of work
  • chances to earn profits

12. Areas of agreement for chatbots and BPM

If truth be told, it can be an excellent solution if both chatbots and BPM work hand in hand.

Chatbots co-ordinate with BPM using an API.

Being neither difficult to understand or deal with, they arrange for the following

  • The dialog will have Conversation content is retained.
  • BPM reveals the jobs that have to be undertaken and completed.

Not surprisingly, the BPM-online platform for process automation lets people produce their chatbot and individualize it for their company. The standard platforms are very supportive of chatbot formation.

13. Well-known Chatbot and BPM integration patterns

Thus, let us examine the most common Chatbot and BPM integration arrangements.

A. A bot forwards the data from BPM to a client, using Messenger

Take, for example, the method of transporting inventory items.
To start with, taking stock of laptops on hand.

It consists of the following steps

  • A scanning QR code on the laptop computer
  • Organization choosing suitable employees to hand over the task
  • Member of staff despatching a notification, approving the work and giving permission to proceed
  • Job holder releasing a communique when the activity is over and done with

The corporate procedure of delivering units ensures that the BPM system provides backing to the integration event.

The chatbot, in the intervening period, takes responsibility for connecting employees via Messenger.

B. A bot starts to administer the BPM structure.

Before a chatbot can play a part in the BPM system, the following is the established order in which things follow each other:

  • Customer requests the support team to work out the problem.
  • Employee completes the form by the customer’s grievance during the call.
  • Soon after, the skilled worker directs a request to the BPM system that carries on managing the chain of events.

As soon as coupling the chatbot with the BPM system concludes, interacting with the support team is considered unnecessary

  • A client completes his form in Messenger as per the samples furnished by the chatbot.
  • The bot is linked with a database of the BPM system.
  • Once the bot has necessary details of the problem (essential information provided in the form), the course of action in the BPM system begins.
  • In the wake of data processing in BPM, chatbot delivers information on the state of the problem using Messenger, to the customer.

Therefore, in large corporations, the demand for non-voice communication products and services for business process automation seems significant.


Though nowadays, Chatbots enjoy the status of brand spanking new apps, they have so far, failed to take the place of telephone and email in the matter of communications in businesses.

In businesses, chatbots can be used as an add-on, complete or enhance their employees’ performance (and not as a substitute). By linking chatbots with online chat, businesses can deliver premium real-time services; this would be impossible to accomplish if we can implement either of the technology on its own.

Similar to any promising technology, chatbots will achieve worldwide popularity only when it is made known that they can solve genuine and substantial problems; or else, its originality and freshness will in due course, grow weaker.

In the end, though chatbots have a significant number of advantages to offer in connection with enhancing online experiences, they can’t overtake the human contact.

To conclude this article, we need to wait and find out how one could integrate the BPM with Custom Chatbot Development & take benefit of that.


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