Common Mistakes Committed By AngularJS Developers That You Should Avoid

By Mohit Surati Angular Js January 6, 2020 14 min read 297 Views

People who are aware of the fact that web development is not an easy task would also agree that if you avoid the Common Mistakes Committed By AngularJS Developers it helps a lot in improving productivity and efficiency in writing the code.

How many times when you work in a web development project and realize that there are some mistakes that most of the web developers commonly make.

These are some Common Mistakes Committed By AngularJS Developers that most of them continuously make in their day to day web development tasks.

Web development task is a human task, and whenever there’s a humans intervention, there is a chance of small errors. The reason is, we are not a machine, and we should not behave like machines. 🙂

Anyway, mistakes are inevitable. Being a part of an avid Web Development Agency, I have come across the fact that many of my web developers make the same mistakes, which I tell them to avoid.

So, I have compiled a list of common mistakes of AngularJS developers that you should avoid and stop impacting your project’s execution.

After reading this article, I am sure that you would know some minor errors that lead to the severe consequences of the project’s development. Read on to know what are Common Mistakes Committed By AngularJS Developers.

1. Not Having Knowledge of The Tools

To do any task, one needs to have a relative knowledge of how to do that task with the least effort and ensure maximum success rate.

If someone is new in the programming world and just starting one’s career, then they might know about the tools.

But whenever I ask any AngularJS Web Development Company about a particular tool and its benefits, they seldom have an accurate understanding of that specific tool related to AngularJS.

Developers sometimes lack the standard knowledge about AngularJS development tools. Their unawareness might cause the project a lot of things.

Because, first, they have to gather intelligence from various resources to understand the tool. Then, they have to brainstorm how to apply what they have learned during the research of the tool.

Furthermore, they also need to verify whether that particular knowledge is correct or not. In such cases, the job of the agency or the project manager is increased because they have to assist their subordinates.

It might be possible that companies have to invest in the training of the developers. In that case, the company has to bear the cost of time and money into educating their human resources.

This will impact not only the timeframe of the project development but also the efficiency of the work.

Moreover, it is suggested that all the aspiring AngularJS developers should know a few things about programming languages and understand the basic knowledge of the functioning of the AngularJS.

They must know AngularJS as a framework works. And, developers also need to understand a few other programming languages like HTML and CSS.

JavaScript is the most important language that all web developers have to have good knowledge of. The knowledge of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript can help the developers grasp other frameworks quickly.

Moreover, they should also have an idea about leading IDEs, frameworks, and library files that serve specific purposes and enhance the functionality of the AngularJS application.

2. Not Using The Right Frameworks

Why Framework is Important in Web and App Development

Frameworks play a crucial role in achieving the next level of efficiency and productivity in AngularJS development. This is one of the Common Mistakes Committed By AngularJS Developers on a daily basis.

Thanks to the existence of and Internet and GitHub, there are dozens of Top AngularJS Frameworks available today online. These frameworks strengthen the efforts of developers who can now include versatile features and do more work in less time.

Developers should have an active profile on GitHub communities to understand what people have been asking, what people have been contributing, and what are the new frameworks releasing or updated in due time.

For example, you aspire to develop a multipurpose Enterprise Application With AngularJS programming language.

Now, in the future, if you wish to scale the same web application as mobile apps, you would have to shift to other programming languages and develop your code in Android and iOS.

You cannot use the same code snippets and source code file which you have developed for AngularJS web application unless you know relevant frameworks.

AngularJS provides many frameworks for hybrid application development. That means the source code of AngularJS web application can also be utilized for Android and iOS mobile apps.

So, they can use the same code element for multiple platforms without worrying about compatibility. This will save a lot of time and resources for not only developers but companies.

Because companies now don’t have to hire dedicated Android and iOS developers to do the job.

The same human resources who have built the web application using AngularJS can now also develop mobile apps.

I’m sure now you would agree that awareness of relevant frameworks can give you a leading edge in your programming tasks.

Therefore, it is recommended that developers should be aware of popular and upcoming frameworks. They must also understand how to apply them and improve the quality of their projects.

3. Does Not Comprehend Project Requirements

In the services industry, understanding the client’s requirements thoroughly and providing flawless services are two key ingredients of success.

Agency owners and project managers would agree that sometimes, developers go over-the-board and amplify the tasks. Then, if the client does not like what has been given, even though it is better, the client asks for revision.

In this case, even though the developer has worked tirelessly and provided a better solution, the client rejected the same.

Conversely, developers also show less credibility in comprehending what is expected from them. Again, the client asks for revision.

In both of the above cases, the time and resources of developers and agencies are wasted, and they have to rework the AngularJS code to deliver as per request.

Please understand that I am not saying that developers are either too ambitious or too lazy to understand the concept of the AngularJS application.

Being a developer myself, I have full empathy for the development community and understand that their valuable contribution is essential to bring the product to a whole new level.

However, developers must learn to align their cognitive intelligence to understand the project and deliver as per requirements.

This particular behavioral trait might sound nominal, but when the new clients do not get what they asked for, they think that the agency is not serious about their work and not talented enough.

As hard as it sounds — AngularJS developers must develop a habit of only delivering what is required.

Now, in a particular case, if you are working with the client for a long time, say 10 years, and the client knows your credibility and skill level. You can give your suggestions and tweak their requirements to provide an AngularJS development solution.

But unless and until expected, it is an excellent practice to go with clients’ requirements and understand their expectations appropriately.

4. Less Research

Doing Less Research For Angular

Developers should have a habit of doing rigorous research before start writing AngularJS code for any project.

Research and development will help them create a mental picture and build a roadmap to achieve the end goal progressively by writing optimized AngularJS code for the project.

For example, whenever a client or a team member ask any advice for AngularJS development, the programmers don’t research and respond immediately with the solution. Now, it might happen that what the developer has proposed might not possible at all.

So, once they start writing the AngularJS code, the developer would realize that the proposed plan is not feasible, so they have to work again and apply all the changes from the beginning.

This whole procedure will not only cost time and money but the impression of the developer and the agency connected with the project.

So, it is always an excellent choice to do rigorous research before suggesting and proposing a plan to anyone, be it team members or the client.

For example, nowadays when Angular 8 is becoming popular, developers should research and analyze the top Features of Angular 8. It will help them to prepare better.

5. Complex Formatting of Code

Formatting source code can literally help you improve your quality of services of AngularJS development.

For example, in your reports — which meant to highlight the insights and work as a foundation for future planning — what if I write the content without bifurcating or filtering the information?

What if I don’t put any formatting at all in your reports. In that case, would you be able to identify what a particular number or a segment represents in the report?

I am sure that most people cannot comprehend the report in this situation, and in return, you cannot make any decisions whatsoever.

Similarly, a fully functional web application based on AngularJS code would result in an extended form of source code with thousands of lines.

Now, after deploying the application, in case the developer needs to access the source code files to change any feature or edit any code, then that would be nearly impossible.

Due to the scattered code, it will take a lot of time to synchronize all the things

The worst-case scenario is when the original creator of the AngularJS code is no longer on the board.

In that case, the replacement would have to debug and analyze the complete source code for determining the overall interconnection of codes.

Hence, it is an excellent choice to format the source code file correctly, so when it comes to optimization and editing, and developers can work productively.

Speaking of formatting the AngularJS code, this JavaScript framework gives complete independence since it has no rules, regulations, or guidelines for writing code, naming elements, and saving files.

So, the AngularJS development agencies and developers who continuously work on the platform can develop a habit of formatting their code in a particular way so that all their projects are comprehensible and accessible to the whole team.

Some Common Mistakes Angular Developers Make

6. Irrelevant Distribution of Code

This particular problem occurs when several teams are developing the AngularJS project.  They might work remotely or in different departments.

All of them have different types of working styles, so they develop the AngularJS code as per their comfort. So, different people need to work on different segments of the AngularJS code.

Along with developers, there are quality analysts, developers, and testers for debugging, checking, and verifying AngularJS code.

So, long story short, it would be hard to keep track of the updated source code and determine who is currently working on which part. All the developers would distribute the source code files among themselves.

Therefore, developers should have a habit of sharing their daily tasks or final source code to a single entity. It could be a project manager, local storage, or cloud storage.

Now, you can manage & store the AngularJS code from a single source. So, developers would know where they need to go for storing and accessing source code files.

7. Not Declaring the Name of Functions

If you don’t give your functions and variables proper naming, it can negatively impact the debugging and testing of your code. This is one of the Common Mistakes Committed By AngularJS Developers in the IT field.

AngularJS is a flexible framework that lets you declare functions and variables without naming them.

However, this benefit can help you in saving time, but in the long run, as the size of the AngularJS app grows, you would have a hard time identifying the variables and functions that correlate with each other to execute particular features.

It is a good practice for developers to start naming them correctly for the overall productive AngularJS development.

8. Avoiding Batarang

How many times you have had a hard time debugging your AngularJS code. For people who work in development, the purpose of debugging is amazing.

Whether it is AngularJS or any other platform, debugging code is extremely important to step. It can help you interpret the source code to determine how elements are connecting with each other.

You can Identify how a particular event works out through specific source code. You would be able to productivity assess the source of a specific error.

For debugging, everyone has different choices of tools that they use for the task. Many IDEs and code editors can help you with the efficient debugging process.

However, you can also go with Batarang. Many AngularJS developers do not even know the Batarang, which is a Google Chrome extension used for debugging AngularJS code. As it is a Google Chrome extension, you don’t need any specific hardware and software requirements.

You need the Google Chrome browser installed, and this extension would work flawlessly.

9. Messing With the DOM

Developers love to work with the DOM whenever they want to change anything in your source code. If you’re going to change in a context, content, or upload a multimedia file, they prefer an easy way by interacting with DOM directly.

Hire Angular JS Developers from a reputed organization. He will solve all your issues related to DOM.

To do what they wanted to do with DOM, they can use jQuery. So, keep this in mind and always avoid the Common Mistakes Committed By AngularJS Developers.

jQuery works perfectly fine with the AngularJS. So, let the DOM be as it is and use jQuery instead.

Read also: How to Use Docker for Node.js Development?

10. Not Testing the AngularJS Code

Importance Of Testing In Software

Testing is arguably the most crucial step, according to me. Because before you deploy AngularJS application, testing can help you cope with a lot of loopholes and glitches in your app.

For example, you have created a hybrid application using AngularJS programming language. Now, check your app on different platforms like Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS and you will find out that it is working perfectly fine on all platforms, browsers, or applications.

Now, a person who uses the Linux operating system will find out the distorted layout.  This user experience may result in a negative brand image. So, this is one of the Common Mistakes Committed By AngularJS Developers that one should avoid.

Suppose the AngularJS app’s several functions are malfunctioning on some devices and platforms. Then,  you can quickly rectify and optimize your code for good.

With the rigorous testing, you cannot only save the reputation of your company but also give lasting user experience to the customers who will always come to your app.

For testing AngularJS code, Protractor and Karma are several testing frameworks that can let you intelligently test the system. Nowadays when Clubbing Angular & Ionic for app development is a trend, the developer should not forget about testing at all. It can hurt your UX.


These are some Common Mistakes Committed By AngularJS Developers.

Identifying and rectifying mistakes can help one grow one’s career.

So, all the developers must be keen to improve their skills. Understanding of the AngularJS framework to give better results to clients and the agency.

Wanna develop a world-class web application in AngularJS? Then, Connect with eSparkBiz Technologies, right now.! We’re one of the widely recognized AngularJS Web Application Development Company in India & USA that offers you customized solutions. Hire AngularJS Developers from us and forget all your worries.


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