Common Node.js Mistakes

Exploring The Common Node.js Mistakes Committed By Developers

By Chintan Gor Node.js April 3, 2020 6 min read 264 Views

High performing web servers are often built considering the three elements as their vital factors, i.e., latency, scalability, and throughput. The three vital factors play a major role in successfully executing the project.

It is imperative to cope up with all the three factors, and Node JS stands apart from others in the race of perfect client and server-side development. It boosts the throughput ratio by reducing the latency rate and scaling up the business.

Node JS is lightweight and scalable as it follows a non-blocking I/O model that helps in running the app smoothly and swiftly. Since its inception, it has faced both benefits & pitfalls in its app development field.

Many large organizations like Paypal & Walmart are using it as a core technology, which reflects how powerful Node JS is. But, as you know, every coin has two sides, the other side of coin reflects the common Node.js mistakes which developers should not avoid while developing applications.

1. Event Loop Blocking

The event loop is an essential factor for app development. It allows Node JS to perform non-blocking I/O operations. It makes swift solutions for complex problems. However, when there is an event-loop block, the user will have to wait for navigating the application.

Moreover, Node JS is a single-threaded environment, so there will be no two parts or components that can run parallely. And if there will be any obstruction in the event-loop, then it will disrupt the entire work.

The developer can commit Node.js mistakes by blocking the event loop, but what could be an effective solution to it? Well, you can utilize StrongOps, which is an open-source module that will help you identify delays in the event loop.

Event Loop Blocking

2. Constantly Applying CallBacks

A callback is a reason behind a smooth communication between two asynchronous elements. Here, the developers mostly commit the mistakes of pressing callback for more than once, which will hamper the performance of Node JS.

You can avoid this mistake by two major solutions: either by wrapping the callback that will notify when the action is taken twice or by adding a return keyword to restrict the callback that is applied twice.

3. Callback Hell

The problem revolves around callback hell, nested callback or callback. The development of the application involves numerous technologies, and that becomes an arduous task.

Many components require coding, and to maintain those coding; the developers have to stand on their toes for its quality and maintainability.

As a developer, you can avoid these mistakes by writing simple and clear codes that are easily readable and understandable. Generators & Promises are some codes that will help you make the code bug-free.

The new addition should take place instantaneously to avoid errors. There is no synchronization, so the app professional should not depend on the smooth and serial operation of call back.

4. Testing Codes

Testing is important for any application as it contains numerous modules, components, and technologies. As it is the last thing before launching the application, the developers often commit the mistake of avoiding or forgetting to test the application.

Many testing software such as Jasmine, Mocha, and many other apps perform robust testing over the applications, which not only makes it glitch-free but always makes the performance swift and rapid.

5. Developing Tools

It becomes difficult for the new developers to sustain in the app development industry as there are numerous things that need to be considered while developing a project. There are high chances that the new entrants may face difficulties because Node JS is a runtime environment that constructs complex applications.

As a new developer to avoid such common Node.js mistakes, there are static analysis tools that help to trace the bugs and system non-performance in the formation phase. Also, with the help of pm2, nodemon, supervisor and forever, you can manage multiple apps parallelly.

6. Integer Data

It is a misconception that there is integer data. The numbers represent a floating-point in JS. There can be a Common Node.js Mistakes by the developers in the calculation as it can go wrong if there is any tampering with the float limit.

It depends on you as a developer to remember all the operations carried out on floats and integers. If you remember everything, then there will be fewer chances of committing mistakes.

Moreover, if there is the inclusion of large numbers, then there are big integer libraries that can impose several mathematical operations to avoid the mistakes.

7. Console.log For Debugging

Choosing the right debugging tool for eradicating bugs or glitches is a daunting task. You have to be cautious as these are the areas where Node JS developers commit mistakes.

There are different perceptions of the developers in using the debugging tool. Some use console.log while a few prefer the Debug library.

Console.log prints anything and everything to the console, which may hamper the performance of the application as the developer has to restart the server due to overloading. There is a solution to this; Debug library. It doesn’t allow to print and store and also makes your files and docs more secure and safe.

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8. Zero Profiling & Monitoring

You would not be able to achieve a satisfactory result if you do not monitor a node JS application. You can arrange your program by deploying a supervisor program monitor to run production or in a local development environment.

There are vital factors such as CPU load, system load, and event loop, which need to be taken care of, and that can be done through proprietary services like StrongLoop, Concurix, and New Relic.

After knowing the status of the Node JS application, you should further choose the proprietary services.

9. Coding

There should be an eagle’s eye on coding the code which you think important in the initial phase might turn out to be lengthy and unwanted. The developers might commit mistakes in not removing the unnecessary or irrelevant code, but this will slow down the process in the long run.

You should always write precise and shortcodes to avoid any system non-performance or glitch. If you can write simple codes, then that would deliver quality results.

Final Thoughts

Node JS follows a non-blocking I/O model, which is its biggest advantage. It simplifies many tasks and allows developers not to commit mistakes which are common yet unavoidable—many large organizations trust Node JS, which gives us a thought of relaxation.

You can also build your Node JS application by just connecting with Node JS Development Company and sharing your ideas with them. The company has rich resources and a flexible team who are ready to work on your time. You can hire them on a part-time, full-time, and project basis.

Common Node.js Mistakes

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