The Complete Checklist For Hiring a Perfect Mobile App Developer


Mobile apps are available for everything. People can order food, book railways or airline tickets, get movie tickets, book a cab and many more.

People can also use the apps to download content, movies, songs and many other things. Millions of apps have been developed and people can download them for free or pay for them. It has been expected that the economy of the apps will pass the amount of around $6.3 trillion by 2021.

Many businesses are also aware of the leverage these apps have in the market and they need an app developer to develop apps for their company. These apps can be developed for Android and iOS mobiles and customers can be contacted directly.

Reasons for Hiring a Mobile App Developer

reasons for hiring a mobile app developer

There are many other reasons, which compel the business people to hire a mobile app developer and these reasons are as discussed below:

Business Awareness Can Be Created

The mobile app developers help in creating many apps, which in return help the promotion of a business on the digital platform.

An app having access to Social Media and other digital tools is inevitable. According to certain studies, mobile apps are given more preference in comparison to mobile websites.

Moreover, it is required that an app will be able to show the convenience that the company will provide for the products and services that it sells.

Not only this, an app can also be used to spread the news regarding new products or services that are to be launched by the company.

Undoubtedly, apps developed by the developers will also help in increasing the revenue of the business. This strategy also helps in fighting the competition.

Customers Can Be Offered More Value

The apps help the customers in viewing the products and services provided by the company.

Besides this, the businesses can also use the apps to contact the customers and have a genuine interaction with them.

Some companies also give reward points to the customers if they use their app. These points can be used to get discounts or coupons. The apps also help in increasing the traffic on the website.

Dedicated app developers can also help in launching campaigns because of their knowledge of current happenings and trends.

A Business Reputation Can Be Maintained

All the businesses are applying digital technologies for their growth. They have made their websites and now are concentrating on the apps. The reputation of a business can now be easily spread within minutes.

The app developers can develop such an application that can help the business to retain its reputation.

If customers complain about any issue related to a product or a service of the company, the company can use the apps as a platform to interact with the customers and resolve their issues.

This will help the company in getting good reviews and its reputation will improve.

A Unique Experience Can Be Offered to the Customers


The mobile developers should develop such an app for the company so that a customer can have a unique and personalized experience when he contacts any employee of the company.

Hiring an app developer cannot be difficult if a candidate has the knowledge of advanced technologies, which he/she can use to develop the app.

Many brands are using the latest technologies to promote products, services, and businesses.

The apps can help a business to offer something unique and different to the customers.

Connection With New Audience

It has been estimated that by the end of 2020, the number of mobile users will cross more than 3.5 billion and apps will be a good way to reach the new audience.

The app should be accessible at all platforms. The most popular platforms are Android and iOS and the apps must run on both these platforms because many people have the mobiles running on them.

In this way, the business will be able to connect with the new audiences and can let them know about its products and services.

If the app is synced with the website and social media pages of the business, then this will be a great advantage as people can see all the updates related to improvement in the existing products and launch of the new ones.

The apps will also help in improving customer relationships by providing customer service, different types of offers on products and services, etc.

Dedication of the Developers

An app developer is a dedicated employee who can help in developing such an app that will help in the growth of the company.

His/Her only task is to develop the apps as per the demand and requirement of the company.

A company can have an IT department having one or more app developers that can help in developing and testing the app so that it can be easily marketed.


The app developers know various types of languages and they can use any one of them to develop the app for the company.

They have knowledge about databases, which they can use to store and retrieve data.

The customers of the company can use these data to get information about the latest products developed by the company.


The company can hire a developer for in-house app development or on the basis of a contract.

This contract must be signed by the company and the developer and the candidate has to take responsibility for the whole project.

Provides peace of mind

The developer has to show his previous tasks so that the company can trust him and have peace of mind.

The app developers are experts in the latest technology, which they have to use for the company so that it can promote its products and services and earn a reputation.

A company hires an app developer so that he can develop one or more apps as per the requirements of the company.

The company can have all the things in a single app or it can ask to develop several apps for various purposes.

The developer should be dedicated and have the knowledge of the latest technologies, which he can use to develop the app.

Understanding the Current Market Scenario


Websites are one of the main sources for making the businesses digital and now they are concentrating on mobile apps, which will help them in attracting the customers and informing them about their products and services.

The apps also eliminate the hiring of any intermediary to make a connection between the business and the customer.

The statistics of 2020 have shown that the number of mobile users has increased to 7.26 billion. The internet is also available on these mobiles and people can do many things like modifying images, sending messages in the form of text, images, videos, and many other things. All these things can be done with the help of apps.

Mobile apps can be developed as standalone apps or in the form of web applications.

The developers provide many types of features in both kinds of apps and these features can be included as per the demand and requirement of the client.

The Scenario of Mobile App Development

In order to check the performance of the mobile apps, it should be developed on the mobile. This option can be achieved with the help of codes written for the mobile.

If the app has to be run on different platforms, then the same code can be used again. It has been estimated that web-based applications will be more convenient as they will load easily on the browser.

Tools used for developing the apps

There are many types of tools, which developers can use to develop apps. Let’s have a quick glance on what they are.


This tool consists of a huge library and developers can use JavaScript code in their apps easily. The code can be made short with the help of this app.

Developers will also be able to develop more than 45 modules, which can include various types of functionalities.

Framework 7

Previously, this tool could be used to develop the apps for iOS platforms only. But now Android app developers can also use this tool.

Developers can use various types of technologies like CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.

Many other features are also available with this tool and these include XHR casing, page animation, DOM library, Material Design UI, etc.

Developers are using it too easily and efficiently to develop different types of apps.

Comparison between the Apple Store and Google Play Store


Apple App Store and Google Play Store have a huge library of apps. People can install these apps on their respective mobiles and use them.

The library in both the stores is growing rapidly and it is difficult to determine the winner.

The Scenario of Revenue Through App Development

According to the studies, the development of mobile apps generated a huge revenue of $50 billion in 2015. It has been estimated that by 2020, it will reach around $189 billion.

It has also been estimated that saturation will not come in the market for a few years.

Future of Trends Related to Mobile Apps

Mobile app development has become very popular and companies that are dealing with this have a bright future. Many new trends are coming in this field and some of them have been discussed here.

Development of New Operating Systems

Android and iOS are the main operating systems and apps are being developed for these platforms only. It has been estimated that in the near future, many new operating systems will be developed.

Sailfish is one such operating system that has been developed to compete with Android and iOS.

The operating system is simple to use and it has been estimated that this operating system will make the smartphones more affordable.

Development of Powerful Processors

In order to run the mobile operating systems and apps, new and advanced processors are also being developed. An example of such a processor is a 64-bit processor, which is used in iPhone 5s

Features Included In-app Devices

features included in app devices

The technology is growing very fast and developers have focused on many app device features. Users are also familiar with the new technology, hence the developers have to provide unique and exceptional apps to the users. Some features that are must-have for a good app are as follows:

  • The app should be easily accessible
  • It should be easy to navigate
  • The users must have a pleasant experience executing the app
  • The checkout process should be simple
  • The options should be sized properly, so as to make it easy to select them with fingers and thumb.
  • Should be executable on all operating systems, may it be, Android or iPhone, etc.
Preference Will Be Given to User Experience

Mobile apps include many things like social media, entertainment, eCommerce, and banking apps.

There are many big players in this field that are developing apps for various purposes. It has been done so as to improve user experience.

The apps can access many social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many others. There are millions of apps and most of them have given access to these websites.

It has been estimated that future apps will be emphasized on security. Google has started making guidelines so that developers can optimize the apps according to the existing issues.

Google has also started removing such apps from the app store that are outdated and cannot run on the latest version of Android.

Mobile Security Will Be Focused More On

Hackers can hack and insert malware and other types of attacks using various types of apps. So people are more concerned about the security regarding the apps.

The apps that are most at risk are the banking apps, hence people want that such apps to be secure so that no attacker can attack the app and withdraw money from their account.

These are some of the trends which are being followed in the current scenario. The app developers are developing such apps that are useful for businesses. These apps should have security so that people who install them do not have a threat of any kind of cyber attack.

Chapter 1: Challenges of Hiring App Developers


Knowing the Challenges of Hiring

Before we get into knowing the challenges, let’s understand the need of apps in present era and why it is challenging to hire developers.

Businesses in the present era need to be creative. As a result of which they are heading towards digitisation, which aids extremely in marketing and promotional procedures.

Those who themselves can’t work with digitisation are hiring developers, designers, etc. Resultantly, they are appointing many app developers who are capable of making different types of apps that can run on Android and iOS platforms. When one doesn’t have corresponding knowledge, then they have to completely depend on developers.

The advantages of these apps are endless. Firstly, businesses can increase their reach, can promote their offerings to untapped markets, spreading the information of offers and discounts, consequently, add to revenues.

But this can only be achieved if the business owns a sound app. Resultantly, the most challenging task for businesses is the hiring of app developers.

Challenges to Hire the App Developers

Here are the challenges that a business faces while hiring candidates for app development.

Challenges to Hire the App Developers

Lack of Candidates for Developing Apps

The technology industry is facing a shortage of people for app development and other things. There is no shortage of graduates as many people complete their graduation every year.

It has been estimated that businesses are still facing problems in hiring quality candidates for app development.

The problem is regarding the knowledge of the latest technologies like big data, legacy systems, security, etc.

Each recruiter gets several applications regarding the job that it is offering.

The research shows that most of the qualified candidates are already doing the job and the remaining ones do not have the proper skill set.

Now companies are focusing on new strategies, which include artificial intelligence and analytics.

Businesses are using these technologies to make the right decisions regarding the hiring of the candidates.

Other tools that are being used by them include new HR tools, network analysis of the organization, and understanding the roles for which a candidate has to be hired.

Cost of Recruitment Is Very High

Businesses feel that hiring a software developer is an easy process, but it is not so. Many things have to be considered before hiring a candidate for software development.

These things include money, patience, and skill of the candidate. The cost of recruitment is a major factor that businesses need to consider.

According to the study conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, companies have to spend approximately $8000 for hiring around 500 people.

According to the Society for Human Resource Management, in a recruitment period of around 40 days, an organization has to spend more than $4000.

Research also says that recruitment is a task that does not bring any income to an organization.

It can be said that hiring a candidate for software development is very costly. In order to reduce hiring costs, companies contact recruitment agencies to complete the task.

A survey conducted by LinkedIn says that hiring a software developer can take from a few days to around four months. The companies have to prepare themselves financially before planning for recruiting software developers.

IT Education Is Lacking

One of the most important factors that hiring managers have to consider is the lack of IT education.

IT professionals pursue the course of computer science and many other similar courses. Such candidates are now viewing the job ads and are applying for them.

Companies can hire such candidates but they do not have any willingness to hire freelancers and online candidates.

These graduates too have the ability to apply for these jobs and be hired but companies are looking for university graduates.

A manager has to decide whether or not he will seek the educational background of a candidate before hiring him.

Competitors Can Provide Better Offers


Some recruiters face a problem of a candidate accepting the offer initially but later rejecting it as he/she gets a better offer from other company.

Since quality candidates are limited, and they are needed by all the tech companies, so the competition is tough.

Each company provides different perks, bonuses and benefits to keep their candidates happy.

Some of these benefits are as follows:
  • There is no strictness in dress code
  • Employees can get discounts
  • Availability of work from home if needed
  • Signing bonus
  • Free meals
  • Daycare
The Demand for High Salaries

US Bureau of Labour has said that in 2020, there will be millions of openings for new developers but the number of qualified candidates will be around 400,000.

This is a gap, which can lead to high demand for salaries

According to the StackOverflow survey conducted in 2018, there are many factors that influence the salary of a developer and it includes the following:

  • Experience
  • Location
  • Education
  • Technical knowledge
  • Tools for development

According to NASSCOM, the average salary hike in the IT industry last year was around 6-8%.

Businesses must keep in mind that if they are planning to hire in-house software developers, they will have to spend more on them.

The competition is one of the major factors, which compels the companies to provide excellent offers so that the candidates can join immediately.

Factors to Be Considered While Posting a Job Application

factors to be considered while posting a job application

Here are some of the factors, which a hiring manager can use in order to recruit a candidate.

A Programmer Should Be Hired After Testing His/Her Skills

Many developers are hired without checking their coding skills. It is better not to use just the resume for hiring the programmers. A face to face interview or practical test should be conducted before hiring a programmer.

The manager can ask several questions regarding programming and other technical skills and this will give an idea of whether the candidate is suitable or not.

Consider Cultural fit also

It is advisable to hire a candidate who fits in the culture of the company. Companies should consider hiring a candidate of similar culture, so that cultural issues don’t arise.The application should be made attractive

Along with it, the manager should also tell the candidate about the perks and benefits that he/she will get. After all, everybody is working for a good salary.

Relying on Job Board Is Not a Good Tactic

A top programmer will occasionally check the job board and will apply for the job.

If a position for a programmer is posted on a job board, many people apply for the same and the recruiter has to go through a lot of applications to shortlist a few of them.

It is better to post the jobs on well-established websites such as LinkedIn. Another website is GitHub, which recruiters can use to post the job for a programmer.

It Better to go for a Specialist Programmer

If the job position requires high skills, the recruiter looks for specialist programmers. In other cases, a general programmer with good programming skills is sufficient for the job. Such a programmer also has the skill of learning new programming languages easily.

The recruiter has to provide the job description, which will help the candidates to see whether they are fit for the job or not. In such a case, only relevant candidates will apply for the jobs.

If any irrelevant resume is found, it can be rejected. The quality of best programmers is that they love resolving various types of problems related to programming.

Steps To Hire A Coder

Steps To Hire A Coder

The Candidate Should Be Provided an Interesting Challenge

The recruiter has to first think that he is not looking for a job seeker but for candidates to solve the problems which exist in the system.

In such a case, the recruiter can provide real-world problems to the candidate so that he/she can work on them and generate satisfying results through programming.

The candidate must feel that the position for which he/she is giving the interview is challenging and interesting. The best candidate will take over the problems and resolve them while taking an interest in it.

The recruiter should also motivate the candidate by showing interest in the work of the candidate. So that they don’t hesitate in being creative. An employee will love such an organization whose employees are engaged in the work and are happy with it.

The Best Applications Should Be Responded Immediately

If a recruiter finds applications that are suitable for the post, he/she should reply to them immediately and invite the candidates for an interview.

Applicants are worried about their applications. They may worry whether the application has been received and read or not.

The managers also take a lot of time, which can be days or even months to reply to an application.

Some of the applications are ignored even if it is sent by a good candidate.

If the application has been replied to after days and months then it is of no use as the candidate may have joined some other company or may have started doing something else.

The candidate may also feel insulted that the application has been replied to so late. Henc, it is better to reply to the applications immediately.

Programmers Can Be Contacted Through Network

The recruiter can use the internet and social media to contact programmers and offer them the post in their company.

There are many communities and groups available on social media websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. where the recruiter can post his job.

In order to find good programmers, contact them through various types of networks.

Real Coding Challenge Should Be Given to the Candidate

After shortlisting a candidate, the next thing that the recruiter has to do is to provide a coding challenge to him/her.

It is better to give them a computer to write the code. He should also be given the option of executing the code.

Before assigning a task to the prospect, the recruiter has to discuss with the team about a unique task that can be given to the candidate.

The test has to be created as per the work that is done in the organization. The test can also be based on any of the current projects.

It will help the recruiter in knowing whether the candidate will work for current and future projects or not.

A recruiter can also use the method of online tests so that he can reject those candidates who do not know the basic skills of coding.

These are some of the ways that recruiters can use to test a candidate. All these steps will help in hiring a suitable candidate for ongoing and future projects.

Chapter 2: Exploring Hiring Options: Freelancer vs. Agency


The software development industry is an industry where various types of applications are developed. A software developer develops the applications and he should be proficient and efficient in doing the task.

Choosing a software professional is very difficult as businesses are confused in deciding to hire a freelance professional or an agency.

Businesses have to make a choice according to the project and its tenure. There are many advantages and disadvantages in both cases and in this article, we will discuss that.

Advantages Provided by Freelancers

There are many advantages of hiring a freelancer and which are as follows.


Remuneration of Freelancers Is Less Than the Agency

One of the advantages of a freelance software developer is remuneration. A business can pay less amount to an individual in comparison to the agency. Another advantage is that freelance developers need not share their remuneration with anyone.

The rate of an agency is around 25% more than the freelancer. A company has many other departments besides software developers like marketing, HR, sales, and many more.

Advertising costs and other expenses are also added to the remuneration. All these things are not the case with an individual freelancer. He/she just writes the code and delivers it to the client.

Freelancers Are Expert in a Particular Field

Freelancers have a good portfolio and resume. Before hiring a freelancer, the business owners or connecting authorities can have a talk with the clients for whom he is working. This will work and the company can get a good freelancer to do the job.

Though freelancers have the capability to work in one area only, in this way, they can become experts in a specific field.

Choosing a freelancer is a good option if only a specific part of a project has to be done. There are many websites, which people can use to make UI and UX.

Dealing With Freelancers Is Easy

Dealing with a single person is easier than dealing with a team. The schedule is better than that of a whole team.

Managing a freelancer is easy and he can do the given task as per the deadline. Flexibility is an important advantage in the case of freelancers.

Contacting a Freelancer Is Easy

There are many websites, which people can use to find freelancers. Some of them include Freelancer, Upwork, Guru, etc.

There are many other websites where recruiters can find many freelancers along with their portfolios. In this way, they can hire the correct person for their module or project.

Advantages of an Agency

Advantages of an Agency

A team or agency has all the staff required for doing different types of jobs.

A business can hire a team to do all kinds of things related to a project whether it is backend or frontend.

Besides this, quality tests can be done and a project manager can manage the project.

A good company has the capability to deliver the product without wasting any time. Some of the advantages of hiring a team or an agency are as follows.

Sharing of Useful Tips and Advice

People working in a team can discuss the project and can share a lot of useful tips and advice in order to work on the project and execute it on time.

The team has knowledge of all the technologies and the solutions that are needed for a particular project.

In the case of a startup company that wants to hire an agency, it will also let the business know about monetization.

Along with this, the agency will also let the business know about the target audience. It is much better to hire a team of professionals if the company is a startup.

Knowledge of Various Types of Technologies

A company wants to hire such a team or agency who is always eager to learn new languages and concepts.

This is the reason that an agency always tries to use new technologies which make the company stand in the competition.

The team chosen by a company works on the latest tools and technologies. There are many websites where a business can look for the work done by an agency.

Work Is Completed in Coordination

A company will have fewer worries especially if it is a case of managing the project. The company must coordinate with the team to know about the progress of the project.

The company will get an opportunity to ask the team to change some or all of the things if the project does not meet the company’s needs.

The company has to deal with the major issues as the minor issues can be dealt with by the project manager. The deadlines can be easily met through all these strategies.

The Work Culture Is Legal and Transparent

The agency that is hired for a particular software development project works in a legal manner.

These agencies hire a lawyer to look after all the contracts that they make with different companies.

If an agency is ready to sign a contract, it means that it will work legally and complete the project on or before the given deadline.

The client and the agency both need to read the contract carefully before signing the contract.

The Agency Should Be Chosen on the Basis on Reputation

There are many development agencies or teams that have a good reputation. These agencies always try to maintain their reputation. They have to develop and deliver quality products and always satisfy their customers.

The companies need to give feedback to the development companies. The feedback can be positive or negative and none of the companies would like to see any negative feedback. If there is any negative feedback, they try to resolve it so that any other client cannot give such feedback.

Long Term Association With the Client

The development companies will try to make a long-term relationship with client companies. This type of relationship is beneficial for both companies.

The client company knows that it has a team of good developers and it will always help in resolving all types of problems related to a project.

The development company may not have to search for any other client if the existing client company provides good remuneration for the projects. This also helps the development companies to maintain the quality of their work.

Provision of Support and Maintenance

The client companies will always need support and maintenance for the app or website that they have been given for development to a company.

New operating systems are being developed rapidly and the client company would like to run the app on all these new platforms.

Another thing needed by the client company is to add more features to the project. In such a case, the client company has to contact the same company that has developed the project.

Freelancers cannot help as first they have to go through the whole project and then they can do the job, which will be time-consuming.

Disadvantages of a Freelancer


The disadvantages of hiring a freelancer are as discussed below.

There Are Security Issues With Freelancers

Freelancers may or may not sign the contract and there are chances that they may not start the task or leave it in the middle. The companies who are choosing a freelancer must be very careful about this.

There are many online platforms that the companies can use to get reviews regarding the freelancers and hire the best one. The companies can also contact the other clients of the prospective freelancers to know about him/her.

Controlling a Freelancer Is Not Easy

There are many tools available, which project managers can use to manage one or more projects. Some of these tools include Jira, Trello, Redmine, etc. The owner of the project can easily track the progress of the project with the help of these tools.

The tools will tell the number of modules and the ones that are left. The owner can also let the developers know which task is to be done. It is not easy to do all such things with freelancers but it is possible with agencies.

Confidentiality of Ideas Is Not Assured

All the client companies want the ideas of their company should not be shared with other clients.

In order to protect these ideas, the company has to negotiate with the freelancer that he should not share any ideas with other clients. It is better to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

In the case of refusal, the freelancer can be rejected and the company can look for any other freelancer to do the task along with signing the non-disclosure agreement.

The companies have to make sure that everything mentioned in the contract is fulfilled. Generally, it is observed that there are only a few freelancers that abide by the contract.

There Can Be Issues in Quality

Freelancers may or may not provide quality work. They give preference to speed than to quality. They have to earn more and more money and in order to do that, they take a large number of tasks, which can be difficult for them to manage. The speed will lead to issues in quality.

Management Is a Big Problem With Freelancers

One of the major problems of freelancers is managing their work. If a freelancer is hired, the client company should take all the management tasks to itself rather than depending on the freelancer. This will help in meeting the deadlines.

Disadvantages of Agencies


There is only one disadvantage with the agencies and that is the remuneration. Agencies take more charges in comparison to individual freelancers. The company has to pay for a whole team instead of a single person.

How to make a decision for the choice?

There are many advantages and disadvantages while choosing an agency or freelancer. Freelancers are a good choice for startup companies, as they cannot pay high charges of a team or agency.

The client company should check whether the freelancer they are hiring fits the criteria. The freelancer should be given a test, which can be related to the ongoing project or simply to test his knowledge.

There are many questions that can come into the mind of the client company and they are as follows:-

  • What is the size of the project?
  • What type of technologies will be used to complete the project?
  • Should the project be given to one freelancer or an agency?
  • How to manage the project?

Size of the project

In the case of a big project, the client company can hire many freelancers or it can hire an agency to do the job.

Technologies to be used

The number of technologies to be covered depends on the size of a project. There are lots of skills required in order to complete the task by using these technologies.

In the case of a small project, all these can be handled by a single person but the large project needs a team. It is so because a freelancer can take more time in completing the project in comparison to the agency.

Managing the Project

If the client company can manage a project, it can give the work to a freelancer. In the case of big projects, the project management task can be given to the project manager of that company. The client company should also take some charges of management in order to know the progress.

Choosing a freelancer or an agency is a difficult task and people should know which of them they can hire according to the size of the project.

Chapter 3: Tips For Hiring App Developers

The digital revolution has lured entrepreneurs to take their businesses online, which not only eases their work but also helps in the expansion of business in the long run.

Bill Gates once said, “If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business.” The implication of this quote is huge as far as modern day businesses are concerned. And this is the reason entrepreneurs are resorting to the Internet these days.

Leaving websites behind, mobile apps have become the latest trends. Reason being the extensive use of smartphones. Mobile apps have become more prominent nowadays, performing tasks better and faster.

From ordering food and buying tickets online to watching your favorite web shows and playing games, mobile apps have slowly replaced the web version of these activities.

So in recent times, app development for business has not remained a choice rather it has become a necessity for development or expansion of the business.

A simple and user-friendly app makes customers feel more comfortable to handle and hence increases your brand value.

To make your app the best, you need the best app developer as it is not everyone’s cup of tea. As an entrepreneur you might have an idea and design how your app would look, but for making and developing the app you need to hire a developer.

Basic Knowledge to Acquire Before Hiring an App Developer


Before starting the hiring process, you, as an entrepreneur must have a clear idea of the app development process. Here are some points you should keep in mind before going to hire developers.

  • The entrepreneur should have the basic knowledge about app development such as the language of coding, approx time taken, cost of development, etc.
  • The language in iOS might differ from Android, but there are some languages that you can code for both iOS and Android.
  • Acquire knowledge about the trending wages of mobile app development in the market.
  • Every software engineer cannot develop apps as it requires technical knowledge in this particular niche.
  • Only knowledge in coding is not sufficient, the app developer should have creativity as it is also an important factor in the field of app development.
  • Always approach the people who have experience and are renowned in this field, living within the city.
  • Always ask for their previous work or samples to know about their work and quality.
  • You can carry out an interview to see their previous works and know more about them and their work.
  • After a successful interview, you need to inform them about your needs and your complete business.
  • Communication is a very important aspect as you must keep in mind that teamwork results in success and good teamwork depends on good communication.
  • The entrepreneur should know about the basic phases of app development. Firstly, a design layout is prepared. The second step includes coding, then working on backend integrations. The final step includes testing.
  • One should fix his or her budget for app development.
  • The entrepreneur should be clear about what he/she wants from the app or the app developer.
  • Fix a deadline for the app development.

Once you acquire knowledge about app development, you should start hunting for the best developer for your idea or project.

Is Finding App Developers in the Field Hard?

According to a blog report published by Daxx, there are around 14 million mobile app developers present in the field worldwide, developing apps for mobile.

In this virtual world, you do not even need to meet a developer personally. A simple google search will serve you with a number of experienced developers to choose from. You just have to choose the right one, one who fits your needs and demands and connect him online.

It is important to choose the developer wisely and convey your message. You should clearly inform the developer about your business plans, mission & vision, target customer, etc. Broad knowledge of the business helps the developer to understand the exact need of the entrepreneur.

But how to choose from these 14 million app developers across the globe and how to know who is best for you and who fits into your budget?

We have simplified the process of hiring app developers for you by enlisting some ground-breaking tips.

Tips To Hire Mobile App Developers

tips to hire mobile app developers

Tip 1: Extensive Research

A bit of research will help you find app developers of your need. Google will help you to locate the best app developers near you.

Research about the trending wages and stalk the profile of the app developer. Communicate with them in order to develop trust. Get familiar with their ways of working.

Tip 2: Search across the Globe

You can simply Google ‘countries with the best app developers’. Such countries include North America, India, the UK, and many more.

You might hesitate to invest in foreign app developers and that’s normal. But don’t hustle, you will need to do a bit of research about the app developer and communicate with them to build trust.

Tip 3: Never Hustle

Never hustle or hurry in hiring app developers as you might end up hiring an unprofessional or naive one. It is necessary to invest the right amount of time to search and communicate with different app developers, interview them, and note their previous works.

Tip 4: Develop a Long Term Relationship

The journey of app development does not end with just the development of the app. The journey starts there and continues through the launch process, getting feedback, improvement in the app, the addition of new features, and so on.

Hence, it becomes imperative to develop a long term relationship with the developer.

Tip 5: Look for UI/UX skills

While studying the work profile of the developers, you must look for some added skills. For example, UI/UX skills.

An experienced app developer will have UI/UX skills and sample apps to show. Apart from the coding, the developer should be experienced in design, marketing, and product management.

Tip 6: If the Developer stays Abroad

Before hiring an app developer from another country, you should be well aware of the time zone of his/her country to avoid any mismatch of time.

Nowadays almost every developer can speak English but it is better to know in advance whether the developer you are going to hire knows English or not.

Hiring a translator for communicating with the developer would do nothing but add up to your bills.

Tip 7: Ask for Client Reference

Before hiring a developer, it is always advisable to ask for their previous works and client references, as it will help you to know about their work and relationship with their clients.

Tip 8: Communicate With the Team

If developers are working in a team, try to communicate with all the team members. Try to take their reviews of the app. Every idea is unique, take their suggestions to make your app better.

Also, communicating regularly lets you know the excitement of the team towards the project.

Tip 9: Don’t Let Price Drive Your Decisions

It is a general notion that higher-priced services are the best and vice-versa. But, a number of times this notion has been proved wrong.

Price and quality are not always directly proportional. There are some instances where low budget work has brought fortune to the people.

Tip 10: Privacy Comes First

Security and privacy come first in app development. You need to keep the confidentiality of your app at any cost.

It is recommended to sign NDA documents between the developer and the entrepreneur in order to keep any information secure, legally.

Tip 11: Designing Must Be Proper

Designing Must Be Proper

Design of an app completely depends on coding. When your app acts as one of your marketing tools, you must bother about its design.

Hence, it is important to look at the developers’ coding skills with respect to the design. Looking at their previously designed apps will give you an idea of how experienced the developer is at designing.

Tip 12: Look for Creativity

While knowledge of coding is important in app development, creativity also plays a vital role. The app developer might have great coding skills but if he lacks creativity it’s like everything coming back to zero.

Previous works of a developer will give you a rough idea, how creative the developer is.

Tip 13: Compare, Shortlist, and Then Choose

Besides including the fees of the app development, the developer’s bill may include various other charges too.

You may question what are the other charges? They are:

  • App Development Cost (iOS, Android, backend)
  • Admin Panel cost
  • Designing & Creative cost
  • Support cost and Maintenance cost and Bug fixing policy
  • Rate to execute change orders
  • Hosting costs

Some companies offer these services free of cost, some sum them up together.

Make a list of such companies, compare their values and work, and then choose the company with the most compelling offers.

Tip 14: Hire the App Developer With Experience in the Same Field

While going through the screening process, you need to study previous projects the developer has accomplished. Any good developer will have at least 1 app per year on the app store.

It would be best if the app developer has worked in the same field of business that you are involved in.

Tip 15: Ask for App Documentation

This is a very important document as it will help you in case you change or hire a new app developer. Always ask the app development company or the developer to maintain such app documentation.

Usually, a development team maintains the information, versions, and records in a way that is always easier to transfer knowledge.

Tip 16: Ask for Team Member’s CVs Too

Don’t get satisfied with just the development company’s bio. You need to go through the complete team’s CV as they are the ones who will play an important role in app development.

If possible, personally interview them and scan each member’s profile and match whether they fit your requirements or not.

Once satisfied, build trust between you and team members, treat them as your teammate, and you may see wonders happening.

Tip 17: Be a Leader rather than Boss


Don’t be bossy over your developers’ team, it will mess things up. You will need to have leadership skills to keep this team up to work. Be friendly with the team members.

Try encouraging them and share your goals and needs about the app. Showing a bossy behavior may create an ill feeling among your team.

Tip 18: Acquire the Basic Knowledge on the Tools for Code Repository

Before investing in app development you should be familiar with some basic knowledge or terms about the project. One should have basic knowledge about tools like Github and bitbucket which are used for code repository and sharing purposes.

Tip 19: Know All the Assets That Come Under IPR

Intellectual property rights are referred to as the rights assigned to a person or individual who has invented something out of his creativity.

Assets in the app development are the app’s source code, design files, any algorithm made and other assets counted as major IPRs should be acquired by the entrepreneur at the end of the project.

So, it is recommended to sign an agreement over this to avoid any disputes later.

Tip 20: Choose App Developer Who Understands Your Business

It is recommended to choose an app developer who has prior experience of working for the same business as yours. It saves both time and money of an entrepreneur, as they need not spend much time in making the developer understand the business.

Tip 21: Fix Your Budget

As an entrepreneur, you must be familiar with the ongoing fees in the market for app development and then fix a budget according to it. You need to short-list app developers who fall into your budget.

Working without a fixed budget can be uneconomical for your business.

Tip 22: Get Familiar With the Area of Expertise of the Developer

Some app developers are expertise in building Android apps whereas some like the iOS platform. So it is important to know in advance about the area of expertise of the developer you are hiring.

Tip 23: Choose an App Developer Who Resolves the Problems Created Free of Cost

Sometimes after uploading the app to the Play Store or the app store, some pop-up issue arises. On such occasions the developer must resolve those issues free of cost.

You must have an agreement or it should be clearly stated on the contract that for such edits no fees should be charged.

Never hire such app developers who charge fees for such edits and changes.

Tip 24: Avoid the Cheapest Option

As you go through the screening process, try to eliminate the developers with the cheapest value. Although, having a cheap price quote doesn’t mean that their work will not be good, but one should refrain from taking any risk.

It is advisable to choose the app developer on the basis of your needs, not the cheapest price tag.

Tip 25: Fix a deadline

As it is said, time is money and you cannot afford the time to be wasted, you need to fix a deadline and communicate the same to your app developer.

Ask updates on regular intervals to know the progress of your work. A professional app developer or the experienced ones will finish the work way before the deadline.

Tip 26: Be Clear About the App requirement


No matter how skilled app developers you hire, if you don’t have a clear idea about your app then it would be next to impossible to accomplish the app development.

You should have a perfect plan ready for your app. So what are things you need to be clear about the app?

Following points will help you know it:

  • Quick location search and filter options
  • Booking services for Flights and Hotels, if any
  • Geolocation and navigation services (Google Maps)
  • Users’ personal account sign-up and social media sharing
  • Reviews and rating section

So if you have the above-given features included you will find more love from the people for your app.

Tip 27: Develop User-friendly Apps

Hire an app developer who develops an app that is user-friendly and is not too complicated that it cannot be accessed by not-so-tech-savvy persons.

So, keep your needs clear about the app and inform the developer accordingly. A user-friendly app will help you bring new clients and increase your business.

Tip 28: Fix Maintenance Schedule

The work does not end as the app is uploaded on the Play Store or App store, but it needs to be updated at regular intervals.

You may need to add some new features with time or eliminate some features. Maintenance is must to keep up to your client expectations. You should have a word with your developer about the maintenance schedule too.

Tip 29: Target Your audience

The primary need of any business is to know who your target audience is or say what kind of audience would be interested in downloading your app.

Keeping the same audience in mind, you can advise your developer to add some features that would attract those audiences.

Tip 30: Never Let Your App Get Restricted

The above phrase means that don’t let your app get restricted based on platforms like android, iOS, and Windows.

To satisfy the different needs of the customer, you need to think with various perspectives keeping in mind.

A cross-platform app would be the best solution to this problem. But you need to be specific about the platform requirement on which you want to develop.

Tip 31: Choose App Development Company Rather Than a Freelancer

Application Development Companies are often more reliable sources than any other option. They carry out every project according to the entrepreneur’s requirements and budget.

There are various advantages of hiring an app development company and some of which are noted below:

  • Development expertise
  • Skilled development team/resources
  • Quality and commitment
  • Product security
  • Well-connected communication
  • Round the clock availability
  • Transparent pricing structures
  • Maintenance and support
Tip 32: Get Familiar With Phases

The entrepreneur should know about the basic phases of app development. All the phases included in the development process are noted below:

  • Research
  • Wireframing
  • Technical feasibility assessment
  • Prototype creation
  • Designing
  • Development
  • Testing deployment
Tip 33: Know the Technology Stack They Use

The success in the field of mobile app development largely depends on the technology stack used to develop the app.

The app developers might be using the robust methodology for app development but if they fail to put it together with a scalable and strong technology stack, it all ends up to zero.

Generally talking, the technical stack is divided into subcategories which are noted below:

  • Front-end – App developers use this to create interactive user-interface incorporated with ultra-modern functionality.
  • Back-end – Here, developers need to work on database caching so that users can get accurate and immediate output.

The Android Tech Stack includes Java and Kotlin. The iOS Tech Stack includes Objective C and Swift.

Tip 34: Ask for Quality Assurance


Before hiring developers or investing money in an app development company, ensure that they provide you with the best quality app.

Along with that, also look if the app developers are ISO certified or not.

Tip 35: Never Try to Bargain

The app development companies are huge firms and might have a fixed amount of rate for the particular app development.

They may not agree to come down from their quoted price, so it is better not to bargain rather ask for a discount in some other way i.e., add an extra feature to the app, ask for an extra maintenance schedule, etc.

Bottom Line

As there are plenty of app developers in the field, similarly there are plenty of tips which you can follow to hire an app developer according to your needs and budget.

So, the above-mentioned tips may help you plan the complete hiring process. It may also guide you on what kind of knowledge you need to acquire before investing in the field.

While these tips are enough to follow before hiring an app developer, just ensure that you stick with your needs and don’t change from time to time. If you are changing your needs, communicate it properly with the developer.

Chapter 4: Do’s & Don’ts Of Hiring Process

With every business moving to online platforms, possession of a highly functional app is essential to increase the reach and attract customers.

With this major requirement of an organization, there arises a need for an intellectual app developer. But what should you consider while hiring an app developer?

Here is a list of do’s and don’ts of hiring an app developer. Let’s have a quick glance.

Do’s of Hiring an App Developer

_Do's of Hiring an App Developer

Look for Skills, Ignore their Fees

Having the right skill is what makes a developer stand out from a crowd. Every developer knows coding, which is the base of app development. Having extra skills makes a developer special.

An app developer should have the skills to develop an app that works for both the present and the future.

Such individuals may charge you more while hiring, but they will develop an app that will work with upgradation in the technology. This drives out the rework required with the up-gradation.

Moreover, hiring a skillful developer will also add to the revenue.

As the app remains stable for a longer time, the popularity increases manifold, thereby increasing the reach and attracting more traffic.

Also check out the technology stack of the developer. One must know the app development technologies and should be updated with the latest trends in app development.

This will ensure that your app is operative in different platforms, versions, and browsers.

Look for a Developer who Understands your Business

An app developer must have an in-depth knowledge of your business. Only when a developer knows the inside out of your business, he can satisfy the needs of your business.

Knowing just the technology is not enough. It’s just like knowing the name of medicines, but unaware of the ailment it is used for.

Knowledge of business and technology is complementary to each other. So select a developer who has knowledge of your business.

Communicate Effectively

Communicate Effectively

Miscommunication during the process of app development is highly detrimental to the success of the app. Effective communication plays a crucial role in the process.

The app development process is iterative. An app developer should communicate any suggestions and any essential update to the developer properly so as to come up with a highly innovative app.

To communicate effectively, one should be a good listener too. He/she must also be able to follow the instructions correctly.

Deciding the mode of communication is another crucial factor in the app development process. You must always look for a faster mode that suits both you and the developer.

Be Transparent

As mentioned in the previous point, your communication must be clear and must include the 7C’s of Communication viz. clear, concise, concrete, correct, coherent, complete and courteous.

In addition to this, transparency in communication is also crucial. You should convey your idea and framework with the utmost clarity.

Do not hide any important information from the developer, as this might not provide you the desired result.

Moreover, transparency saves time for both of you. Not only this, communicating with transparency will be budget-friendly as well.

Look for Strong References and a Powerful Portfolio

It’s a well-known fact that at the end of the day it is the experience that matters. Look for a developer who has a rich experience in the field.

What you see is what you believe. Hire a developer with a strong portfolio. A portfolio gives you an idea about the quality of work one has been doing so far. This gives you an assurance of getting the work done with accuracy and desired creativity.

Moreover, this helps you in getting an insight into the knowledge of the developer.

Look for Expertise in the Domain

Can a cardiologist treat eye infection? Obviously not. The same is the case in app development.

While hiring an app developer, check whether the developer possesses the expertise in the desired domain or not.

It doesn’t matter how reputed the developer is in the city if he doesn’t have expertise in your domain, there is no point in hiring the one. Having expertise means the developer must be able to face the intrinsic challenges coming in the way of app development.

Look for a Developer who can work on different Platforms

In the present era, there are a number of technology platforms on which developers are working.

A potential app developer should be able to develop a system that operates on both android as well as on iOS.

This will ensure a better reach and makes your app operative on all systems, thereby, attracting large revenues. Functionality in both platforms will provide you with openness and security.

Test the Developer

Test the Developer

Besides looking at the references, portfolios, and knowing the in-depth knowledge of the developer, you should also test the developer instantly giving him some situation.

There are chances where developers might deceive you by presenting someone else’s work profile. Putting them to the test will provide a clear picture.

Choose the Developer who is Innovative With Open Source Platforms

Apps are developed in open source platforms, so there is a dire need for an update in features and functions. Hire a developer who is innovative with open source platforms so that he/she resolves the issues related to agility, security, speed, and cost.

Hire a Mobile App Developer who knows the Correct Stream of Revenue Generation

Apps are the revenue-generating support systems of any business so it needs to be designed perfectly. Revenue generation is the major objective of any business.

All three ROIs should be taken into consideration while running a business. Namely, simple ROI, Efficiency ROI, and Risk Aversion ROI should be covered to generate large revenues.

The app developers should be able to work for all the ROIs. Skipping any of them might lead to a blunder.

The app developer must have an understanding of all the pricing models of the business so that the newly developed app fits in it properly and work in unison with each other.

To conclude, while hiring an app developer, one must pick a developer who is skillful, resourceful, knowledgeable, communicative, experienced, and innovative.

He/she must have a strong portfolio, in-depth knowledge of your business, and must know about the revenue systems.

You need to convey your idea with clarity and must test the developer. These points, when considered, will provide you with an app that will be loved and appreciated by all.

Dont’s of Hiring an App Developer

_Dont's of Hiring an App Developer

To err is human. One can’t drive out all the discrepancies but can try to minimize it. While hiring an app developer one must not make the following mistakes.

Don’t Forget to Check the Credentials

Professionalism is essential when it comes to developing an app. To ensure this, you should check the certificates and credentials of the developer. Check whether he/she is a certified developer or not.

Don’t Forget to Ask for Documents of the App

Do not hire a developer or team of developers who deny to give you the documents of the app.

These documents are crucial to business, as they contain the details of the app including the pricing, timelines, and after-sales services provided.

This documentation process proves to be handy when you want to go for updates, improvements with patches, enhancing the app with increased functionality, etc.

Having these documents will prove to be an advantage if further processing is performed with some other developer or team in the future.

Do Not Depend on Local Developers

Hiring local developers might seem to be easy as they are easily approachable and maintaining communication with them would be easily possible.

But, if you see on the darker side of hiring a local developer, you might come to know that you are limiting yourself to a narrower spectrum.

With the advancement in technology, people across the globe can be contacted. So make sure you don’t limit yourself to local developers. Instead, try developers from other locations also.

Don’t Forget to Sign NDA With the Developer

Your idea of the app is unique and important for your business. This unique app will let you enjoy a competitive advantage in the market. So, when you hire app developers make sure they sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Do not work with developers who refuse to sign NDA (non-disclosure agreement), they might be risky and leak your idea of an app for personal benefits.

Don’t Select a Developer Who Is Not Resourceful

Developing an app requires two major resources: the developer and the technology. Finding a developer is easy but finding a developer using the right technology is a bit difficult.

Whenever you hire a developer or a team of developers, make sure that they know the technology you demand. It is not recommended to hire the one who doesn’t have the basic resource. This will lead to delay, inaccuracy, and wastage of money.

Don’t forget to research the location the developer belongs to. This will help you in getting an insight into the fact that whether or not they use the technology which can develop a functional app for you.

Don’t Overlook the Privacy and Security Factor

Your app is no less than an asset, hence maintaining its security and privacy is essential. Sign an NDA with the developer/s so that the apps aren’t disclosed before being launched. Don’t be careless in terms of privacy and security.

Don’t Be Carried Away With Low Pricing

Cost-cutting, no doubt adds to the revenue, but sometimes it may have a reverse effect, thereby, adding more to the cost.

In the case of hiring app developers, pricing should not be the deciding factor. Sometimes, inexperienced developers provide service at a low price.

Here, there is a risk that they may deliver poor quality. So, don’t get carried away with the low pricing.

Low-cost service should be accompanied by experience, references, a powerful portfolio, knowledge of the domain, and other such factors. Only then it would be considered a wise choice.

Don’t Ignore the Quality

Cut-throat competition always exists in the market. So don’t compromise on the quality of the app. A beautiful, functional, and easily accessible app is always the need of the hour.

Hire a developer or team of developers who can provide the best in class quality. This information about the developer can be obtained from the applicant’s portfolio, previous client, or a sample test.

Don’t Keep the Developer Unaware of Any Important Information

Don’t hide any essential information from the developer. Insufficient information will lead to ambiguity and the resulting app would not satisfy the needs of your business.

Let the developer know about the needs and demands of your business. This guides the developer towards developing a suitable app.

Don’t Hire a Mobile App Developer Who Communicates in Another Language

The language in which we communicate plays a major role in hiring an app developer. Let’s understand this with an example. Suppose you speak Hindi and English and the developer speaks English and Arabic.

Here, English is an advantage, but Hindi and Arabic will be problematic. Many times, it happens that we can’t put words in one language and need another language to simplify communication.

This creates a limitation of not communicating in some other language. So hire a developer who knows at least two of the languages known by you.

Keep these points in mind while hiring an app developer. Be assured that if you take care of the do’s and don’ts you will hire the best in class app developer.

Chapter 5: Mistakes to Avoid While Hiring an App Developer

Mistakes to Avoid While Hiring an App Developer

Mobile apps can be used to increase customer loyalty as they allow businesses to communicate directly with their customers through in-app purchases, ads, promotions, and notifications sent to customers’ phones via mobile apps.

Mobile apps play a vital role in the success of your business because of their extremely valuable features that help in increasing sales of products or services and in marketing.

Now, as we understand that mobile apps have become essential for the success of your business, it’s better to understand the fact that hiring an app developer for your project is the first step to the success.

You should take the first step wisely because a wrong decision in hiring can ruin any successful business strategy and can cost your business’ reputation more than your time and money.

Hiring a wrong developer creates a number of problems that prove to be poison in business terms like the low – quality app, poor UX, budget blow up, late product release, and many more.

You need the right team that supports your app goals and enhances the chance of project success.

A good developer rectifies all the above-said mistakes of a wrong developer and provides a perfect blueprint of targeted ads, huge clicks, and the best result on Google searches. It clearly suggests that you need to be attentive while hiring for your app projects.

Let’s understand the mistakes that companies or individuals should avoid while hiring mobile app developers.

1. Checking Certificates Properly

Hiring an app developer without checking the certificates or work done by them is just like driving on a dark road with car headlight off and zero visibility.

Search someone who fits in your niche, has proven past experience & knowledge about your requirement, and can wisely work on it in order to come up with a user-friendly interface and out of the box idea for your business.

It is guaranteed that a developer or company that has done many projects especially in your niche can easily repeat and modify it to its next level for you.

To check a developer or company’s ability and get assured that you are making the right decision in hiring, documentation and credential checks is the best idea. Try to get communicated with them over the phone or have a one to one business meeting if possible.

Your checking process should be in a strict format that allows you to have information like:

  • Number of existing clients and their contact information
  • The number of projects completed
  • Quality of apps
  • The apps developed by in particular niche
  • Social profiles of company or freelancer especially LinkedIn

Ask the existing clients personally about the quality of the app they delivered and what are the unique sell prospects of the individuals.


  • LinkedIn business feedbacks are very much reliable as they depend on work quality and delivery time of projects, they are pure, professional, and impartial.
  • Get in touch with some clients that are randomly referred to by them, not just the one they recommended to you.
  • Download the apps developed by them and use them. If everything is fine and you feel satisfied then go ahead.

2. No Interview Only Reputation

It’s a very common mistake that everyone commits while hiring a developer or a development company makes. You might undermine everything under a load of reputation without even being concerned about the technical discussion to understand the skills and abilities of a developer or company who will work on your project. When you discuss the technical aspect, you’ll get a hint of strength and weakness of the developer.

Treat this check post as a SWOT analysis of an individual who will work for you on your project. Do not bypass this analysis and technical discussion as this may create a huge hurdle in your progress.


  • Skills, ability, expertise, specialization, knowledge, perfect command on subject, and passion of an individual mobile app developer or a team or a company collectively decides the output of the project. Remember whatever you input, you’ll get the output in accordance.
  • Direct communication helps you to communicate your idea, objective, mission, and vision effectively to the developer who will originate and transform your idea in reality.
  • Before approaching a developer, do some research and write down your specific requirement then make a clear discussion on topics like which technology will be appropriate with live examples, what professionals will work on it and accordingly with your research.

3. Consolidate Your Choice To Local Developer

Another blunder is caused due to the myth that a local developer who is near you or who is in your approach or in your contact will only make an appropriate app. People usually think it is easy to make changes with a person who is in considerable reach than the one far away from you.

But in reality it’s not like that. All you want is a hefty mobile app and it doesn’t matter enough that it is built in your neighborhood or a thousand miles away from you.

You should always open all your options and widen your search for committed and enthusiastic app developers.


  • If you contract your search to local then you will not be able to discover what all is happening in the app’s world, what’s trending, what are consumer’s recommendations and requirements, and what new technology is running or about to come that actually makes your app a real success story.

4. Cost Is More Valuable Than Skill

It is clearly known that price plays an important role in hiring an app developer, especially for small businesses and start-ups, but the quality is the most important element that actually decides the success journey.

Compromising on quality just because you have a low-cost package offered by less developed and less skilled developers is a wrong business decision.

It will result in creation of another common and unprofitable app that adds the count in a category where millions of apps already exist. Such apps neither add value in consumer’s life nor in your dream project, they always remain unknown and unseen.

In order to create a benchmark in your niche, you need something that maintains the balance and composure of market and consumer behavior. Think seriously and act genuinely.

If you really want to leverage the best skill you have in the field to provide good, that justifies the skill.

Always remember, if you justify the skill and promote it with rewards, they change your life at a 360-degree angle and place you in a place where you can actually drive success.


  • Hiring skilled developers is a complex process. Do it with patience.
  • Have an agreement on the pricing structure.
  • End up your search by creating a mixture of price and value.
  • Always work on a concept of value for money spent and the profitable work delivered.

5. Not Understanding the Anxiety

One should understand that moving too fast is too bad. If an app developer commits to complete the project in a few days, kindly come out and knock another door because that developer does not have enough knowledge of a process or system of the creation of an app.

Compact application amelioration is a breathtaking process. It undergoes and passes through multiple processes that need to create an app like designing, programming, testing, and clients sharing a common platform by a particular person for a particular process.

These processes are time-taking and one should even dedicate much time and focus in order to have search-friendly solutions.

Try to understand and check a slight margin between enthusiasm and desperation. If desperation is evaluated more than enthusiasm then it will only come out with dump, inefficient, undelivered, disputed or arbitrated projects.

Desperation shows a developer’s focus is only on getting more and more projects and finishing them in less time by trying all efforts to have a quick closure.

Most developers and teams appoint a salesperson whose work is to only get new clients and in return they earn incentives and rewards. These salespeople are least concerned about the successful completion of your project.


  • It’s your responsibility to make your business and your project successful. So acquiring app development services should be a resourceful decision.
  • How to evaluate either the individual is desperate or really excited to work on it? Simply observe that whether they provide you a real-time solution, suggestions, and get you updated with new features.

6. No Prior Experience in Niche

This mistake occurs when you are only concerned about developing an app and forget your niche; a wise decision always says that a known devil is better than the unknown devil.

Means, you should hire a developer who has knowledge of your business or services and understand in depth the targeted customer and consumer behavior in your niche because of his/her prior experience of developing an app for businesses of your industry or similar to yours.

He/She will provide you with the latest, updated, and modified version with all accessories uploaded in the app that is needed to penetrate the market and make its own identity and gain a reputation of credibility.

On the other side, if a developer does not have knowledge in your niche of consumer behavior or your business atmosphere, then the output will be on the machine-driven way and not in a practical manner. They may be always subjected to testing with an uncertainty of its work and result.


  • Always leverage the experience for your business profit and not just try to have it tested on a blind card.

7. Lack Of Cross-Platform Knowledge


The app can only become successful when it is user-friendly and works on all technology and platforms. A perfect developer or freelancer or a development company offers you a service to run your app across all platforms and have full knowledge of android, iOS, windows, and blackberry.

So remember this point as a priority while hiring an app developer.

8. Not Considering the Product Life Cycle

It is a fact that any mobile phone or any other latest technology device needs scheduled updates from time to time for better functioning and upgrading.

Similarly, app development is an ongoing process where apps require up-gradation and regular monitoring of its functions; basically it’s a part of maintenance.

But many developers or app development companies are so busy in their app development work that they forget and ignore the maintenance of apps they created.

Never do this because the efficient and effective working of your app is only a key to success. Only the formation of the app will not work, you have to carry its timely maintenance too.

Maintenance, up-gradation, and smooth functioning are an essential part of the app life cycle that needs to be followed at any cost. Any breach in this guideline will only provide the failure of your app.


  • Discuss the framework with a developer or company regarding the maintenance before hiring.
  • It is highly recommended to have a separate contract or agreement for after-sales services and maintenance of the app that you will develop with them.

9. Not Owning Source Code

Source code is basically a collection of code, usually a plain text written in human-readable programming language and is designed to facilitate the work of computer or app programmers.

You should always have the source code of your app with you. Without this, you can’t be able to shift your work from one agency to another if your work is not up to your mark or any other need arises.

Usually, many businesses fail to include this clause in their contract that limits your approach to the world full of options and will lead you to face many difficulties.


  • Acquire the source code as early as possible or strictly at the time of the project hand over to you.

10. Overload On Single Hand

“Never put all eggs in one basket”. This mistake is usually seen everywhere and is highly common across the industry.

Imagine you have to transform your concept into a market-ready solution, will you take a chance with your dream project or with your concept by having faith in someone who promises to deliver a wide range of services with full efficiency and that too manage it single handedly?.

Truly said, No. You will not take chances especially for projects that require the mutual push of individual specialization. App development projects require a team of various excellences who have proven themselves with their work in their respective fields.

App building is a very complex process that starts from gathering and preparing project documents, then designing, checking user-friendly interface, front end development, app development, server-side development, API development, quality analysis and testing that ends with the launch, support, and maintenance.

No doubt some of this process can be performed by a full-stack developer but it’s like expecting too much from one or two individuals in a process of core specialized area.


  • A small team with specific individual expertise will have a wide opportunity for successful implementation.

Summing Up…

To err is human, and making mistakes or wrong choices while hiring an app developer is common. But, continuing with the same mistakes is a disaster.

Learning from your mistakes is a step towards success. If you are not satisfied with the final product, hire a professional team. Modifying and upgrading the product with a bad core structure is just a waste of time.

These are some mistakes that most businesses and organizations make due to lack of knowledge while hiring a team of developers.

If you are planning to hire a developer or want to shift from existing developers, re-read these mistakes, try to avoid them, and consider the advice in your mind while hiring someone who can assist you with his/her expert knowledge.

Chapter 6: Cost of Hiring an App Developer

Cost of Hiring an App Developer

There is a simple question that strikes every individual or the company who is planning to hire an app developer for their work. What will be the estimated cost of hiring an app developer?

There are multiple options and an end number of companies in the market. Wide range of choice as well as the costing. Their range is far wider than expected. You can feel this when you go out in the market in search of the best developer for your work.

With costing comes many other choices of interest. You will have to figure out the whole setup of your demand before you go and search in the market.

This is because when you are not sure about it, it is even more difficult to find out what you want. This will also affect your costing as immediate reasons might lead you to pay even more.

Hiring Individual Vs Company

This is a different base to deal with. The complexity factors have a greater impact both on costing and hiring choice.

This is because when you have a complex design, the cost rises with no point of disagreement. When you hire an individual with simple skills, you will not be sure whether he will be able to do it or not. It may take longer for him to complete.

If you hire a super-skilled individual, it may take him a lesser time, but the costing difference will easily be seen between the two. There won’t be a fine line of the gap but a wide area of difference.

If you hire a company, you can be sure that they have enough team members to get your work done within the time limit and also the complex designs will easily be dealt with. The costing, though, will be high because there is a team working for you and not an individual.

The hiring companies will have their own drawbacks as their work process and strategies would not change for you and there will be multiple persons you will have to contact for each part of your work. The only plus point they have is their efficient work and completion of work on time.

Hiring an individual will lead you to talk to only one person who will match your work and will be quite reasonable. There will be a comfort zone in sharing the work, but the developer may have his working terms as well.

The flexible time may be his terms. Also, less security and accountability can be experienced while working with the individual.

Hiring on Two Basis

The cost of hiring a developer cannot be predicted because it lies so much on the people choosing the terms and the design of the product. There are multiple patterns formed and more the complex or components, the higher the rates.

The base is the app, now how much more you want to build on the base is your choice. Also, the higher you go, the complex it becomes and needs more money to be put in the whole development.

The cost broadly depends upon two important factors. First being the regional preference of the hirer and other, the selection of platform.

As Per the Regional Preferences

This depends on the place where you provide the work. The workplace in different countries gives different salaries to their employees. The salary also differs from one company to another company, but it is more or less the same for a junior developer, senior developer and team head with some nominal digit difference.

The leading countries like the U.S. and UK are much ahead in the development field.

They are the base of the companies that the world cares about. With unique identities and gigantic groups, these companies pay very high to the people working with them.

The per-hour pay for the developer working in this region is pretty high and the quality is assured. Also, the companies get paid for the name they have crafted so well.

The rates in the Asian countries are comparatively lower than the American. Higher rates for better quality work and cheap rates for some smaller designs are also the type of pricing in some companies worldwide. Even the highest rates are lower when the comparison is done between the two regions.

The European section which majorly consists of Ukraine, for the development of apps is in the mid-range.

Good quality work with fine rates is seen in this region. If the complexity level goes up, rates also increase. But still, in comparison to the American region, they are moderate.

Some simple misconceptions that have been rumored so far are that the companies having higher costs will give you the best quality and the freshers will not be good enough.

Such misconceptions drag you to wrong places or to the wrong individual where you end up paying high. Also, if the place turns out to be really bad, it will all be in vain.

There are companies who have gained so much name due to their work. So, when you are paying them good, you are not just paying for their work that they are providing you but also for the name they have earned so far.

There are some excellent individuals who can work better than the complete teams. Such individuals usually prefer to work alone.

One reason behind it is because they can do the complete job alone. Also, they might also have high rates but not as high as good established companies.

This means that if your company is based in a country where the development rates are comparatively higher, you can give work to any company to get the work done in less amount of money. So, if the budget thing is horrifying you, you have the solution right here.

If you are dealing with the people of your country where you think that they are not so great at their job, you may give the work to the employees of the company based in other countries or the freelancers of the other country.

This also means that if you do not find a valid response to the quality work you are looking for, you definitely have some great options available.

The options are none other than the choice of country and then the service provider. This all includes the tips of saving money from getting caught in something not so useful.

As Per the Platform Selection

This is about the platform on which the app development process is based on. The common platforms we talk about are iOS and Android. Before we delve deep to know about the development patterns on the basis of the platform, let us first know about the pattern of choice of the platforms.

If you choose one platform, it is easy to code, and the complexity factor is much lowered. This means the costing is affected. It will also take much less time than the other types.

This is quite a confusing decision, but you will have to plan out your design in that manner. Nowadays, a single platform is not even in memory for most companies.

If you choose to have one solid base, the other would be the helper or the supporter.

If you want to use both of them as a solid base, it is a big task. For you to plan an outline in the beginning is going to eat a lot of time. Followed by a quite higher cost and even higher time in the development.

This is because the complexity level is very high. This, when completely worked out, will need to figure out the proper working in each of its streams.

iOS and Android:-

Follow the Development of Apple or Android

The comparison is not hard. This is because the need depends on the company who wants to build the app. Also, the rates of the building cost on a single platform either on Android or on iOS won’t be different.

If you have already decided to have cross-platform work, the money is going to fly out of your pockets in seconds. This is only due to a more complex situation and more time taken to develop the app.

While undertaking the reports into account, the development based on Android is preferred more. This is because the users associated with the Android system are higher in number. There are so many devices that work on Android.

When you build taking Android into account you will have to keep in mind the working of hundreds of devices. The app so developed should be compatible with them. This means that the design should be simple yet exclusive.

The exclusive factor will be beneficial to the company for which it is designed. The newer apps are the attention seekers in the world today.

Any new launch, when advertised, is tried by multiple users. Also, the simple structure will make sure about the compatibility of the app in all the devices used by the people worldwide.

There are even more points to add about while taking Android into consideration. The market analysis will be taken into consideration while preparing the basic lookout of the complete application.

The market is all that it takes to build a company and also everything to ruin it. This is the reason you have to think about the market deeply and the reports should be made in advance on the application expected review.

The technical implementation of Android is large as far as mobile apps are concerned.. Thus, it is necessary to read every aspect of the app and link it with the population of the world using the app.

The android base is not so useful if you are considering the American region. America rests majorly on iOS devices. This means that the Android will be of least use in that particular part of the world and so, it is better to develop the app concerned with America, with a base of iOS.

The lower rate work on iOS development is not available in any part of America. So, it is a wise choice to give the work of the development in the other parts of the world.

Great quality work at a feasible price is available in the European region including Ukraine as discussed earlier.

To get an app with not so complex design and at less price than the European region, one should prefer Asian part of the world.

iOS is a bit difficult to work on when the output and the market review is concerned. The users might be less but the section dealing with the apps based on iOS is a higher grade.

Thus, concluding this platform section, I hope you are clear about the deciding factors and the concerned regions to be dealt with.

Costing is affected even by a single change of line in the application. This means the basic idea is to be constructed in such a way, that your idea of work is reflected properly within your budget.

Hiring anyone for your company will always have some advantages and disadvantages. As already said, some points can be neglected and some can be overcome. But there are still places where you will need to figure out the right option.

This will depend on your ideas and the work you want to get from the hired person. Things may go smoother than planned or sometimes they may turn out really different as compared to plan when you talk about cost. To avoid such situations, make sure you have stepped as required.

Chapter 7: Knowing The Hidden Cost

In this fastidious world, if you want your business to expand, you definitely need to own an app for your business. Bill Gates stated once that, ’If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business’.

But you are living in 2020, where apps have become more popular and more prominent due to the extensive use of smartphones.

App development can take around a few months to a few years and the investment might range from $50,000 to $100,000. But development isn’t the only money that costs you. Many hidden costs might cost a lot and you might be ignoring it.

Many times the entrepreneur takes into account the development cost only, but it is not so. There are many hidden additional costs in the app development process you need to take care of.

There are some studies carried out according to which in the starting two years development only represents 35% of the entire fees than the maintenance fees for the medium-sized enterprise might vary for $5,000 to $11,000 per month and the annual legacy cost might be up to 50% of your total bill.

So let’s see some of the categories of hidden cost present in the project of app development:

Hidden Costs Sub-Categories

Hidden Costs Sub-Categories

Most of the hidden cost includes the services you need to buy separately and they are of four types:

  • Functional services
  • Administrative services
  • Infrastructure services
  • IT Support services

Let’s get familiar with the hidden costs.

1. Functional Services

No matter how much-skilled app developers you hire and no matter how best features he uploads on the app, it will not work unless you subscribe to a service that will provide a delivery mechanism.

The cost might be varying according to your choice from hundreds to thousands every month. Well, but what kind of services are included in the functional services that cost you this much every month? So the answer is as follows:

(a.) Notification services: This is one of the most important services to encourage the user’s engagement with the app. This service is commonly referred to as Push notification.

Push notifications are generally paid on an annual basis and mainly it would cost you around 2.4K per annum. If you want your push notification services then you will need to use services like UrbanAirship or PushWoosh.

(b.) SMS services: These services provide benefits to your app such as promotional as well as interactive. You should have Twilio activated on your mobile app to get your SMS services done.

Take example of any banking app, if any transaction takes place then the client or account holder gets SMS notification about the transaction instantly. So it also plays a security role. This service might cost you approximately $500 per annum.

(c.) Chatting services: If you have chat services activated on the app, it will highly engage people and increase interaction.

Social interaction is a very important factor on your app that will induce people to use it, but for these services, you will need to activate chat services.

These are personal chat, group chat, and bot integrated chat which are provided by Applozic and Sendbird. The per annum rate of this kind of service is around $1,200.

(d.) Email services: This service is a must to opt for as it has various benefits of its own. For instance, if any transaction occurs on Paytm they will notify you with a mail. That mail can be used as proof of the payment.

So such services play a very important role in terms of security. But if you need such services to be activated on your mobile app, you will need a subscription of Mailgun or Sendgrid. You will need to invest at least $1000 per annum to get this service activated.

So above were some functional services you need to buy separately and most of the time are not included in the quote of the developer.

2. Administrative Services

If you want more user access on your app then simply design your app dashboard to be user-friendly. It should not be complicated that normal people may find it difficult to access. Try keeping your dashboard plain and simple.

This counts under the cost of the Administrative service which can be the most confusing while counting. This cost varies widely from app to app. Some of the essential features present on the dashboard are as follows:

(a.) Dashboard emulator: This is an app preview that shows the changes you made in the app before you put them live. This service is a must as some changes might be successful but some might not. So it is important to preview the feature on the Dashboard emulator and decide further.

(b.) Profile management: This is one of the crucial points you need to take care of. The user’s profile is very important for the app and it should be managed properly and data should be analyzed and stored with care.

There is a common mistake done in the app development by the developer that the password reset form gets easily lost in the designing process.

If you hire an experienced app developer, this issue might not be visible in the work. This issue can arise if you do hire any naive in house app developer.

(c.) Edit the content: This feature is a must in any app. Just think of making an account in the app that does not allow changes in the profile or the edit is so complicated that it might not be accomplished by common people. So changing content should be easy and edit features should be incorporated in the dashboard itself.

(d.) Managing functional services: Having different dashboards for different functional services can be impractical. It will make it too complicated. The potency to monitor social behavior and sending push notifications, emails, and SMS should be available on a single dashboard and should not contain multiple dashboards for the same.

(e.) Regular Updates needed: Regular updates are needed if you want your app to be successful and famous among people. People always want something new every time they get bored with the old content.

As an app developer, one must ensure that the update process is simple where a user can simply click on the update button on the dashboard to make changes.

(f.) Information analysis: It is important for the entrepreneur to know what his/her client’s likes and dislikes are on the app. This will help you to know the app behavior of the customers and their specific choice.

Taking the example of the UC browser, it takes information from your search history and shows the content of your interest. App developers should keep in mind before developing that this information should be easily accessible.

3. Infrastructure Services

A completely developed and tested app needs to store its content and other data. Infrastructure services include the cost of hosting the app, involving where the data is stored or how the data is delivered.

These services should be included in the development fees only, but some companies do not include them in their quote. So let’s see more about these services and how much it can cost you annually.

(a.) Server: Server is a program that analyses your data requests and responds to that accordingly. Simply it can be referred to as a basic server where the app is hosted. Outsource hosting is a must and many developers use Amazon Web Services for cloud hosting.

This outsources hosting might cost you around $12K per annum. If you don’t want outsourcing hosting then there are other options including building your server or using mBaaS (mobile backend as a service).

(b.) Collecting Data: Data is the most crucial thing in the world now so it has to be stored with care. If you are developing an app then it will produce lots of data and you will need to store it somewhere. It would cost you $3,600 per annum.

(c.) Content delivery network: This is an important aspect if one is planning to develop an app for world users. This service will provide content to the app based on the location of the user. If you want such services to be activated on your app then you can contact companies like Akamai, CloudFront, and Dyn who provide such services. This can cost you around $3,600 per annum.

(d.) Media data: Most of the apps do use a lot of media such as images and videos. Images do dominate here. You will need space to store such images. If you are looking forward to such services, you can contact companies like, Google and ImageX. This service will cost you around $4.8K per annum.

(e.) Deployment tools: This counts in the development cost only. This can be costly when you are using paid deployment tools like IBM MobileFirst, Kinvey, Kony or Appcelerator to develop your apps and the cost of such services can vary largely per annum that is around $1.2K to +$10K.

So above were some of the infrastructure services you need to pay yearly.

4. IT Support Services

IT Support Services

You will need IT support during the development process. The cost of their support is many times ignored in the cost calculation but in general, they do cost a lot.

Following are some of the IT provided services and their per annum cost:

(a.) Update services: There are significant updates or changes released on the iOS and Android platforms which are important to follow up with. It costs around $10K per annum.

(b.) Bugs: This can be a problem for every app development process as these bugs go undiscovered for months or even years. And you have to be serious about them and fix them as early as possible because the users are not kind to apps that are slow in taking action against the issues they report. They can cost 10-20% of the total development project.

(c.) Maintenance costs: This maintenance cost includes the IT-specific maintenance cost. So the question arises what kind of features does it include?

The answer is servers, data storage, CDN and image data are among the features that require some level of monitoring and maintenance which would be followed by the IT department.

It might cost you around more than 20% of your development budget which is not a small amount to be neglected.

So the above information tells you that the development cost is not the only cost in the app development process as it can be considered as the peak of a mountain. So as you are familiar with the hidden costs too you can invest in the app development field with full confidence.

Chapter 8: Decrease the Development Cost Without Losing on Quality

Software development has put up a higher edge in the market today. While counting on the people, there might be one software developer behind every door, but they are still the need of the hour because of the increased demand for the software and apps.

Any company working with any profession needs software systems to make their work easier. This is an accurate process and saves a lot of time for the respective organization or company.

Cutting Down the Cost of Development With Suitable Actions

Cutting Down the Cost of Development With Suitable Actions

As discussed earlier, most people need the development of software/apps for their work but cannot have a developer appointed all the time.

This will lead them to provide the work to any firm that carries out the development task for other companies or hiring teams on their own to get it done. Dealing with this situation wisely needs some actions to be taken. Here are they:

Highlighting the Needed Features

The first and foremost action is to understand the requirements that you want to bring in with the software/app.

You can literally put in the world in your creation but that will not give you exactly what you want. You need to learn what are the required things in your software or any development.

While talking about the wide applications, some might want it for small works in the firm, some will have security things associated with it, and there are endless things to count on for the development type.

This is exactly why we need to figure everything in advance. Once you start working on the layout plans and the advanced steps you cannot sit and think about the required things and thus this should be your first step.

Working Out the Basics

Now when you have already noted what you want from that particular source, you will have to think about how exactly it could be done.

This is because you need to plan it according to your comfortable chair. You will have to think about the best and the easy theorem that will work for you to work more efficiently.

Working out in this plan is a mere thing to synchronize whatever you have thought about in the first step and nothing more than that.

As we are discussing everything stepwise, you will have to put the points in step and then you are ready with the basic plan of yours which will indeed help you.

Simplifying the Framework

Modern technology has so much to bring in for any work we do today. It can be as simple as lines or designs to as complicated as the study of the brain.

This means that we have multiple ways of putting things in the product. This also means that you can have advanced as well as normal features.

It is always advisable to go with a simple structure. Also, when the product will be in use, it should be so simple that even a common man without much knowledge of technology should be able to use it.

Today almost every category of p[eople use smartphones and apps within them. Hence it must be simple enough for even the illiterates to get the idea about the app.

If the product is for some composite and complicated technicality, it can have the structure as required because it will only be concerned with the people who can operate that and they will be able to handle it.

Out Sketching the Product

Once you have done with the above things, you will get the exact idea of what the development will look like. This means that it will give the exact hint of the lookout of the software/app or anything.

This step is not about the usage but about the surety factor that you might want to keep before you are ready to give it to someone for a practical purpose.

This is the exact time when you can actually change any part of the design because it is still in your hands and it will cost nothing.

Looking for this same option once you are done with the product will eat up your time and more energy to get the change done.

Reaching the Best Technical Approach

As modern technology tells us, there are so many bases for the product to be developed. This means that there are multiple ways to bring out the product of your choice. Choosing the right base is important.

There are two things that need to be considered while you are choosing the base. The notable part is which base will bring out the most of your design. Your needs should have the top priority and the base should be most eligible to bring that priority in the eyes.

The second part is that which base is easy to be operated by your team if you have many options to change in the future. This part says that the base should be flexible enough to be changed according to the needs.

Considering Every Corner of the Whole Arrangement

Before reaching the team, this step makes sure that every other point is equally completed to the necessary level. This ensures that while you appoint someone and make them work for you, no penny gets wasted.

All the points till here are only there to make sure that your money is not at all wasted and it can be used in the best possible way. Also, time is saved as you have the idea of the output part. All this will add up to your work otherwise.

Appointing the Worthy Team

This is the point where the money comes in. You will have to research all the sources available for your work to get done. This will get you an approximate rate of your work. Then, you will get to the people who can work efficiently and friendly.

You must remember that the firm or team with the highest rate is not always the one with the best output. If you can work with some freshers it will be better for your pocket and will also be more efficient as they will be there till you reach your satisfaction point.

Costing will be affected if you see the comparison between the huge firm, the equipped team and the fresher group. Choosing among them also depends on the quality of work you need.

It is not that the freshers cannot fetch your wanted ideas but while dealing with something crucial like security, the experience will need to be taken care of.

Testing the Output

Analyze it as many times as you can. You can also give access to multiple users whom you trust but it should not be in the market so that if there are even single chances of a mistake it can be rectified then and there.

This will be helpful to get the record of all the streams you have developed so far. The record will explain if there are any values for which the software/app fails, or the output is not what is expected out of it.

This is the balance between what you designed and what is the actual output of whatever the input is done.

Learning the Result

You will have to work on the review given by every user. Also, you must review each section independently as multiple terms have been arranged for each and every work.

A single output stream will have to be checked with many terms and similarly checking every stream with multiple terms and finally coming with the review of what all has worked will give you the best result.

Sighting Every Aspect Before Launch

Launching something that you have planned for so long is another excitement but doing it without thinking about the review report is a mere mistake.

This is because if there is an error in any small section that will come up because it will have the end number of users.

If the developed item is only for the defined number of users, it is still feasible. If the app/software is launched on a worldwide platform, the mistakes cost higher in fame than money.

Learning about the issues later will also cost money because you will have to work out the whole plan again.


The very motto of this topic is to ensure economical expected output of this whole developer hiring process with least amount of money used.

The points rest on the creative way to work out things that save from any extra cost that might have to be paid if the points are not considered.

The process carried out with the proper selection of every line, of what you have expected out is what will be adding to your favor. Time and money will not be wasted if the dots are joined in the right sequence as guided in the above section.

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