The Cost Of Developing a Web Application And Its Process

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Mobile applications dominate the online market. But the contribution by building web applications is also significant. They have been instrumental in acquiring an audience through their charm.

The main aim is useful client and customer engagement. Web Applications help the business in reaching this aim faster. Another factor in opting for web application is meeting the demands of the customers.

“Even if you are a small business and you can’t afford to do costly studies, you do have the ability to run different kinds of tests in your app or on your website and see what works best”

– Roger Dooley

A sustainable business is a need at the end of the day. This need leads to catch the attention of companies for web applications.

How Can Web Apps Be Great For Your Business?

The first impact point for your web application is going to be market sharing and brand building. Online presence of your business aids in spreading your product/service to customers.

A web application will enable the customers to heed to your brand with a higher value.  The better the outlook you provide there, the more will be the engagement of the customer.

The web application serves as a channel for effective communication with your customers. It is one platform where they can learn everything about what you are offering.

Another essential feature of web applications is the customer support that they offer. Users can access these applications from any location and at any time. Further, they can interact with the brand like no other way before.

The third feature of the web app is to garner competitors. It is one way to stand out against companies that are offering the same service/product. And it has almost become compulsory for any new entrant in the market to have a web app for itself.

Different Types Of Web App Projects

More than 80% of the web apps that exist in the current market I have tried to classify into the following four categories.

Types Of Web Application

Let us have a look at what they are:

Simple Web Applications

The initial web applications usually will have one landing page. It will have a few features to interact with on the app. They may also have many landing pages which navigate through the application. The content is minimal, and internet stores are elementary.

The cost of developing a project involving this might cost anywhere from $3 to $17,000.

Professional Level Applications

These projects are much extensive. They qualify for professional purposes. They may have new interactive elements and much more diverse information. The projects under this category are medium scale eCommerce projects, Web apps for small-scale businesses, etc.,

The cost of developing such a plan can vary from $17,000 to $55,000.

Complex projects

These projects are complex and involve much more turnaround time. The UI/UX designs engaged in these projects are thoughtful. The CMS suggested is also very extensive. Such projects aim to bring stability to the services which the company is set to offer.

It provides with a comprehensive platform for establishing most of its business.

The developmental time may be anywhere around six months for this, and the costs may range from $55,000 to $250,000.

Corporation level projects

Companies holding these projects are startups. They promise an excellent outset and the biggest of the services.

The developmental costs might be more than $250,000.  The period of developing could be more than six months.

What Are The Significant Factors That Determine The Cost Of The Web App?

The cost of developing your web application depends on a variety of factors. It is necessary to determine each one of them to come up with the final estimate of the form. However, if you have any doubts, then you should contact and Hire Web Developer.

Web Development cost

The Complexity Of The Application

Complexity is one of the significant contributors to the form. Complexity involves determining the end motive of your application. The end motive may be integrating anymore element or feature.

The application complexity depends on the type of business wanting to use the web app as well. Once you know the brief about your application, you can calculate the price range for the same.

The Nature Of The Business

The complexity of the application increases with the amount of focus.  If the application focuses only on a specific niche, the demand tends to be more complicated.

It is because the developer will have to spend more time to figure out what the app must contain. It can increase the cost and also the development time.

The Deadlines

If you want a web application on an urgent basis, the price will be higher.

Note: In some cases, there are least time frames for a certain number of features. It will integrate with the application.

The Web Development Firm

Want to hire a web application development company?

The investment includes the project manager, the UI / UX developer, the tester, and the coder. It will shoot up the cost of the project. It is also the factor of the experience and the posts of the individuals.

The Advertisement Campaigns Before The Launch

Advertisement is again one of the most crucial factors that determine the cost of your web apps.

Are you looking to market your app?
Then learn to attract more customers in a quicker time frame, and recover the costs involved.


The web application development does not end as soon as the app launches on the internet. There has to be a support system which needs to manage the application.

There is a need to keep updating it with new information with time. There is an incorporation of the result with the cost for the development of the web application.

What Are The Different Stages Of Developing a Web Application?

There are several stages to follow.

Let us check one at a time for the development of the application.

Note: All the developers and development firms around the world follow these stages. The specific steps may differ in different categories of projects.


You need to determine the idea behind the web application.

What are you looking for the customers through the same??
Are you going to advertise a product or service that you will offer through the landing page? ?
What are all the different pages the app is going to have? ?
How will you supplement the offerings??

It must have a lot of research done in this aspect. You need to be clear about it before you share the same with the developer.

Do Considerable Research

There are some requirements. These requirements must fulfill your web application.  Then it must confirm them beforehand. For validation, the best thing to do is research.

The research includes:

  1. How your competitors have displayed their web pages
  2. What the different offerings they are putting up there?

Also, you can survey to know more about the requirements of your customers. You can use the results to tweak an initial idea that you had.

The List Of Requirements

The listing is the transitional stage to the development of the web app. In this stage, you are going to talk with the developer.  You will make a checklist for the different resources that are necessary.

Depending on what you have and don’t have, you will have to go back to step 1 & 2 to fulfill the same.

Building The Prototype

Prototype building is the stage when you are going to draw the wire-frames and create rough designs for your product.

It is where the product does the visualization of the product, and you can get an idea of how the final product is going to look.

The Development

The development is going to be the core – part of this entire process. Split the phase into two, the back end and the front end. The front end of the website is going to be the information.

The information is an element with which the users are going to interact. The back-end includes the program. The program will run for your website including the servers, the meta-tags, etc.


Many companies and developers skip step. It is very crucial to ensure a quality end product. Testing is usually done to identify any glitches in the web application.

It determines if the user finds it easy to navigate through different web pages. You can hire testers to realize the same, or you can do it yourself.

Another Recommended Method

Get a set of users to interact with your web application and take feedback from them. If there are improvements to do or glitches to check and solve, the phrase goes back to the previous step.


The web- application puts up on the internet so that the users can finally use it. The app has to be perfect at this stage. Perfection will include all the testing and necessary rectifications completed.

Who Are All Required To Handle a Web Application Project?

Many professionals go through the process of handling. It depends on the execution of the web app. The reason behind this is the end product is going to be necessary for the business.  Assure that the web app is as efficient as possible. The different personnel essential for developing the web app are:

  • The owner of the product. He/she is going to play a crucial role in validating the end product. Also, determining the end product if it meets their requirements or not.
  • The project manager is going to coordinate with all those involved in the project.  He/She is going to act as the link of communication as well with the client.
  • Designers (UI / UX)
  • Back-end Developers
  • IOS Developers
  • Android Developers
  • System Analyst and admin
  • Quality Analyst / Tester


How Much Money Do You Need To Develop a Web App?

Check out the best available options for the internet – developers.

Do note that it is impossible to create a quality application without the help of a professional. Different companies involved in web application development have different rates.

It depends on the function of the company, their experience, and reputation in the market. One more significant factor affecting the cost is the location.


For instance, if you are looking to hire a developer in the US, then rates will be between $150 to $250 per hour whereas the developers in Europe charge around $80 to $150 per hour.

The web app specialists in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and South America charge about $30 to $80 per hour. The developers in India do not cost more than $50 per hour.

The cost is a mandatory factor. I agree. But one must check the quality and the experience the company offers. Also, keep in mind that paying a higher price does not guarantee better quality.

Have a Clear Document Telling The Requirements

I would recommend that you create the documents. They must specify conditions at all stages. Placing out all the deadlines and the terms are mandatory. It is because there is not a problem during the later stages of development.

Development of an MVP is one of the best options for businesses.  MVP is suitable for people who can’t afford the high price of a full-fledged mobile app.

The MVP contains minimal functionalities and designs. It would be enough for the user to interact with the business. Later, when the market starts to earn money, the company can put in more features into it.

This approach has another advantage. Developing MVP results in deeper insight into what a customer wants. This same implements in the app.  It reduces ideation time.

Are Web Applications Crucial In The World Of Mobile Apps?

There are several reasons to believe that web apps are no less useful.

Example: Offering the same features and usability of the mobile app. They provide a browser without having to download. They make your business reachable to anyone who has access to the browser. Having a web app improves the search rank of the company. Thus, users incline more to find out about the product.

The PWA in the market has changed the scene for the customers. They provide more integrated features with web apps. Great options for incorporation in the form of push notifications.

At the same time, they have access to all resources and storage in it. You can use gestures on the phone to interact with the web app.

If you are looking to estimate the cost of Web Application Development, it is never possible to do that. You can always use estimations and steps mentioned to come up with a probable value.

This value will be close to the final bill. Make sure you use the right resources to develop the web app. Always have a plan before venturing out to the same.

Disclaimer: We at eSparkBiz Technologies have created this blog with all the consideration and utmost care. We always strive for excellence in each of our blog posts and for that purpose, we ensure that all the information written in the blog is complete, correct, comprehensible, accurate and up-to-date. However, we can’t always guarantee that the information written in the blog correct, accurate or up-to-date. Therefore, we always advise our valuable readers not to take any kind of decisions based on the information as well as the views shared by our authors. The readers should always conduct an in-depth research before making the final decision. In addition to these, all the logos, 3rd part trademarks and screenshots of websites & mobile apps are the property of the individual owners. We’re not associated with any of them.

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