How Much Does It Cost To Develop a Wedding Planning App?

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Mobile applications are infiltrating each industry. There is a huge weight on couples for a wedding festivity to be as large as one can manage.

Professional wedding planners are a twentieth-century marvel to make the wedding experience of their customer unique and making the arrangements as simple as they can for their customers with the help of a mobile application.

Today, it appears as though there is an application for everything. You must stay in touch with emerging trends in technology. In the current scenario, there is a lot of potential present in this commercial segment.

Why You Should Consider a Mobile Application For Your Business?

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These days there is a mobile application accessible for everything or reason. A wedding planning application, mainly to manage and develop an interface for customers and planners can be a significant step. A mobile app can be astounding to deal with the preparations in a less demanding, quicker and furthermore better way.

Technologies are transforming the wedding process and the wedding planning business entirely.

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Circumstances are enormously different; nowadays all you need is making a check on the web or install an application to discover many proposals and thoughts from the whole way across the globe.

Brides of the centuries don’t go online just to search for ideas. They really perform a large number of genuine errands online. Development of wedding planning applications is one of the new emerging trends.

Every now or then you will discover new applications on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. You should be somebody who is excited about facilitating up the lives of brides and grooms far and wide by way of an application.

How Should You Begin With It?

After you have decided to develop a wedding application, the first thought that will come to mind is how you should begin with it? First, you require analysis and research about market trends and opportunities. Understand your target audience. Know who will they be, what will be the things managed by your app, etc.

One must understand the cost of developing the app which depends on its design, features, functions, etc. Finally, it’s time to move to the creation phase.

What Is The Use Of a Wedding Planning App?

Has it occurred to you that why there is a need for such an application or is it that tough to manage the errands of a wedding ceremony? Is wedding one-day affair? No, it is a set of planning processes that turn that day into a huge success.

Weddings are supposed to be great!!!

On the other hand, the point of fact is that they are debilitating also. Like, there is such a great need to design, to be dealt with, that frequently the entire wedding planning process ends up riotous. To be sure that they remain excellent nowadays brides and grooms are taking help of wedding planners.

These days a wedding planning business requires to Hire Mobile App Developer who can build a mobile application that fills in as a beneficial course for you to empower your clients to pick a venue for their wedding and perform other in-built or custom based features.

One must keep in mind that keeping track of everything is an overwhelming task. That’s where the wedding planner comes into the picture and can be of great help.

But there are some tasks which require other people as well as the bride and groom to work on toes for the big day. Therefore, developing a wedding planning app is an excellent idea. It allows the wedding planners to be more available to their customers.

What Are The Different Types Of Wedding App?

A Wedding Planning App

Once the decision of developing a wedding planning app is made the next step is to decide what type of application you should develop. There are majorly four most popular types of wedding apps, i.e.

Planning Apps

Any great wedding function or unique event can’t meet its expectations without proper planning. Event planning must be done way ahead of time. Everyone needs an accomplice who provides help and quality guidance in this big time. Thus, planning apps provide with a wedding planner who guides and plans the big day events.

Countdown Apps

Prospective wedded couples stay very excited for the remaining time. As the wedding day comes near, the excitement of the bride and groom increases and in such a countdown situation the users can connect with countdown application. This app helps the bride and groom to keep track of the number of days or hours or minutes left for their wedding.

Checklist Apps

Application users will dependably know about the wedding cores, cards to say thanks and ring-conveyor pad, etc. These applications are way too simple to use with very mind-boggling plan and usefulness.

Guest List Apps

There is ample chance of last-minute glitches while inviting guests for weddings like confusion in the names of the guests, etc. these lead to chaos. Guest list apps states listed guests and have a feature to divide them into categories. It saves a lot of precious time with this app as all the data is stored and saved at one particular place.

Examples Of Wedding Planner Applications/Competitors

The following are the best free wedding planning apps examples will help you to get a quite idea or sense of valuable design ideas:

Bride book

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It is one of the most popular, and it is free with several useful features. One can search for a wedding venue (the app focuses on the UK). The app comprises of planning tools, the ability to create a guest list, the ability to create a wedding gift list, list of suppliers, manage a budget, etc.

Wedding Happy

It is a famous and free app with both Android and iOS versions. The app offers to create checklists, custom wedding plans, etc. Social integration, payment tracking, creating a summary of spending, coordination with supply vendors and premium account messaging are few features of the app.

Tie The Knot

This app offers countdown-tracker, planning tools, sending invitation facility to guests, messaging feature, etc. This app is free of cost and has both Android and iOS versions.


This is a free app and has both Android and iOS versions.  It offers many useful features like a to-do list, organizing supply providers, making notes, keeping track of invitations, seating arrangements, budget, etc.

The Knot

Image result for the knot

The app has both iOS and Android versions. This app enables users to search for venues, list of wedding supply providers, managing guests, and gifts, create a customized wedding plan, checklist feature, etc.

Features Of Wedding Planner App

Admin Panel Supplier/Event Managers User Panel
Login Login Registration/Login
Manage Customers Register View supper profile, reviews, and portfolio
Manage Service Category/Vendors business/service detail Make an inquiry to supplier/vendor
Manage Supplier/Vendors booking goal Manage checklist
Cloud Storage Availability View suggestions for each checklist
Customer Review & ratings Set availability preferences Event Companies/vendors by services and location
Manage Shop Manage inquiries Budget calculator
Manage Checklist Manage bookings View resultant supplier/vendors
CRM Integration Activate membership plans Manage budget for services
Membership Packages Management Request review Discussion room
Powerful Reposting & Analytics Customer reviews Hierarchy of services
Google Calendar Integration import from Google calendar Manage supplier/vendors
Manage Wedding Styles Collaboration with users Multiple wedding styles
Mobile Apps Manage budget for services
Multicurrency Support Online payment Online RSVP for guest
Content Management System Discussion room Filter/refine the search by wedding date, wedding type, and service category/subcategory
Google Map Integration Manage workers/employees/volunteers and their task Manage tables
Notification Export reports Shortlist supplier/vendors
Manage Wedding Albums Track invitations Multiple payment options
Attendees tracking Share vendor/supplier profile with friends & relatives
Alerts & notifications Varieties of wedding venues of selected wedding location
Online shop for each service product
Add manual bookings in the app
Email campaigns
Google map for location
Wedding countdown
Wedding albums
Write a review & rate

Advanced Features

In order to develop top wedding planning apps following additional features can be useful:

CMS Integration: This feature manages the content of the page and improvises them which includes managing the contact us, FAQs, privacy guidelines, a wedding ideas page, about us, etc. pages of the mobile application.

CRM Integration: This feature is vital for the customer care department. It facilitates them to handle customers efficiently and smoothly.

Real-time Analytics & Dashboards: This helps the admin to view and manage all the business-related activities taking place in the application. Like people who downloaded the app, offers & discounts, e-commerce purchases, etc.

Push Notifications: This feature helps in sending pop up messages to the user. It works as a task reminder for wedding planning. It avoids delays and ensures time management.

Payment Integration: This feature helps the user, supplier, vendor, etc. in making and receiving payments. Integrate payment options such as PayPal, Stripe, Credit cards, Debit cards, etc. with a multi-currency mode.

In-App Chat: This feature helps in communicating with the event managers, planners, suppliers or vendors, etc. It helps in motivating and engaging the user to use the application.

Gallery Integration: This feature helps in sharing wedding ideas, event theme ideas, makeup tutorials, hairstyle, attire, etc. in the same platform and making it helpful for the user.

In-app Camera Integration: This feature helps in sharing images and videos of the events, venues, designs, etc. and the users can share it with the other users or groups as well.

ChatBot: The feature of automated chat support with the right use of technology helps in motivating and engaging users to use the application.

Social Media Integration: With this feature, the admin, user, wedding event planner, the supplier will be able to share images, details, etc.

Blogs: Writing blogs is another way to allure the audience to convey and share with the audience the various ideas regarding venues, designs, etc.

E-Commerce: This feature allows users to do wedding related shopping. It provides user engagement as the user can use a single platform for various tasks.

Refined Search: This feature allows filtering the search for the venue, design, etc. further cutting the search down or refining it as per the users’ liking, budget, and requirement.

Ratings & Reviews: This feature allows the users to rate and give reviews for the various services offered on the app. It further helps the prospective users to read the previously published experiences and install the application.

Calendar Integration: The users can set reminders in this feature for all the meetings and tasks will be completed on time.

Multi-lingual: Multi-Language feature plays an essential role in destination weddings. The people can communicate fluently with the vendors and merchants for smooth execution, and it also allows the users to avail services in every region.

Customer Loyalty Program: This feature enhances the engagement of users by way of discounts or offers.

Benefits Of Developing Wedding Planning Apps


A mobile app for wedding planning saves both time and energy. The customers can choose the designs, venue, create guests list, etc. in a much easier way.

Enhance Brand Visibility

The app helps the wedding planners to reach way beyond lock boundaries, enhancing their visibility and extending and this helps in earning good revenues in the long run.

Offline Features

The offline feature helps to develop a long-term relationship with the customers as they can use the app even in the areas where the internet or Wi-Fi is not available.

Stay Connected 24/7

Through the application, the user and planner connectivity will enhance. The wedding organizers can send pop-up messages to their clients, concerning most recent offers and discounts.

The Best Approach Is To Build The App From Scratch

A mobile app is developed to increase customer engagement which means it a System of Engagement (SoE), as everyone knows that all software and apps undergo continuous enhancements, which is the prime characteristic of SoE.

Related image

It will require an iterative and immersive development methodology and the typical old methods are not effective anymore.

The following can be taken as an outline of an app from scratch:

  1. Skilled development team
  2. For performing common functions in a wedding planning app use “Application Programming Interfaces” (APIs)
  3. Mobile Backend
  4. Design and develop the mobile app front-end

What Your App Must Have?

An excellent wedding planning app must have the following features:

Display Potential Venues

Selection of the venue is the foremost important thing for the customer. Once the place is decided things will undoubtedly start to fall in the right direction.

This feature can help the customers and save ample of time and energy. The list of prospective locations with their images will help the customer to find the right venue. Further, the customers can check the place according to their budget, availability, location, etc.

Calendar Feature

This feature will help in the management and keeping track of the appointments. The notification or pop-up facility will facilitate by reminding the customers of the schedule or the plan.

Registry Option

You can set up a registry feature for listing all the items or things that the customer requires which can be used by the families and friends who are invited to the wedding for selection of their gifts. It also facilitates in mobile app marketing. You can even tie-up with local businesses which can provide you offer and discounts, and you can earn a commission.

Connect Your Clients With Vendors

Image result for client and vendor

The app can work as a third party connection between vendors and customers. It will enhance and help in smooth functioning, and the customers will be more satisfied.

Manage Guest Lists

Creation of guest list keeping in mind the other necessary things like which guest is getting a +1 invitation, etc. further dividing the guests into categories will help the bride and groom. It can be used for managing the seating arrangement as well.

Real-time Budget Planning

Clients have a different range of budget, so providing filters on venues, designs, vendors, etc. will help the customers to search for what they require in less time and efficiently. It will be of great help while planning further steps.

Custom Development

Mobile app development company can assist you in launching the application quickly with their pre-developed prototypes.  But if you want customized features, then you will have to go for custom development.

The App Development Team

The wedding planning app development team must consist of the following:

  • Project Manager (PM)
  • Business analysts
  • UI/UX designers
  • iOS developers
  • Android developers
  • Testers
UI/UX Design For The App

Image result for wedding app design

A user-friendly UI/UX design is the main characteristic of a fantastic wedding planning app. The mobile app developers must pay attention to the below-mentioned points:

  1. Usage of universally recognized icons
  2. Mobile navigation menu
  3. The color scheme that suits the mobile device
Essential API’s

The following categories of APIS can be used to address essential wedding planning app functions:

Setting-up wedding supplies vendors: One angle is the coordination with the wedding supplies vendors. The inquiry in this section is the place where the app is to be launched. According to the demographical area, the developer will need to contact providers and further manually integrate their APIs in the app.

APIs for wedding event management: You need to address all your planning aspects. This section also helps in time management for the big day.

Customized checklist: An ideal wedding planning app should have a feature of the creation of a checklist and further have a sharing option as well.

How Much Does Building a Wedding Planning App Cost?

One can take an estimate of the app development cost of a wedding app by the amount of time invested, technologies integrated, features installed, etc. As a mobile application company quote’s price that is based on hours involved in developing the app.

The estimated cost to create a wedding planning app can be high based on the technologies integrated or the additional features integrated. The estimated cost may vary from somewhere around $10,000-$30,000 for a single platform and $45,000 for both platform versions.

The various basis on which the cost of the wedding planning app varies are as follows:

  • Basic Features
  • Advance Features
  • Platform (for both Android and iOS versions)
  • Integration of 3rd party APIs
  • The geographical area of the place where the app is launched
  • The complexity of the app
  • Amount of hours invested


If you are a wedding planner and you don’t have a mobile app for your business yet, then you should consider this right now. Weddings are happening every month which means there is ample business to generate revenue from, and everything you should know and must be aware of is mentioned above.

All you need to do is decide the key features and the type of your app and get in touch with an App Development company to get started with your app development.

Disclaimer: We at eSparkBiz Technologies have created this blog with all the consideration and utmost care. We always strive for excellence in each of our blog posts and for that purpose, we ensure that all the information written in the blog is complete, correct, comprehensible, accurate and up-to-date. However, we can’t always guarantee that the information written in the blog correct, accurate or up-to-date. Therefore, we always advise our valuable readers not to take any kind of decisions based on the information as well as the views shared by our authors. The readers should always conduct an in-depth research before making the final decision. In addition to these, all the logos, 3rd part trademarks and screenshots of websites & mobile apps are the property of the individual owners. We’re not associated with any of them.

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