How To Develop An App Like StubHub And What Are Costs Involved?

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Movies are an integral part of the entertainment hub in any region. With every week, a new film gets launched into the cinemas

The question is ,

how can one know the seat availability❓

Or the cost of a movie ticket at the cinema??

In previous years, people have to buy a ticket by standing at the ticket counter. They were waiting for hours and hours for their tickets. It usually happened on the weekends.

But now the times have changed. With this developing technology, the ticket booking app has replaced this hectic process.

People in their busy lifestyles often can’t make time to go out to book their tickets or buy their tickets. So, visiting the physical location for booking tickets is out of the picture now.

The ticket booking apps save us all a lot of time and are so effortless.

The Demand For Ticket Booking Mobile Apps

Nowadays, booking tickets for movies or plays have saved us from the hectic schedule. The physical work of going to the theatre and buying tickets is boring.

Due to the rigorous schedule, people don’t have time to go and buy tickets. Sometimes,  But, now with the invention & ticket booking mobile apps, that scenario has changed.

People can sit back at their homes and book tickets easily. The Last Minute Concert Tickets App can be useful in this situation.

Let’s take an example of a movie enthusiast; they don’t need to go to the hall to book their seats.

They can quickly go to the online site and look for the available seats and book one of them.

They can even filter their favorite genre & book the ticket. After that, they can pay the amount through a digital payment gateway.

The users can create an account on the application and get benefits. They can book a ticket either via phone/tablet or PC through a mobile app or website.

Many businesses are planning to enter into the sphere of Ticket Booking apps. The reason for that is to escalate their revenues.

If you want to achieve the same, contact and Hire A Mobile App Developer. But, it should be from a reputed organization.

The Three Best Market Players

Paper tickets and at-home printing has changed revolutionary into online selling event tickets.

The event audience no longer needs to print any tickets for attending an event.

With the rise of new promising technologies, booking tickets online is secure & reliable.


In Gametime, with the help of a mobile app, one can book tickets & select seats.

After booking the ticket, one has to show their ticket sent through an email and get it scanned.

It focuses on the tickets that get discounted last-minute before the event starts.

The reason behind this is that the app wants to sell all the tickets right before the event or game begins.

Customers prefer Gametime because they can buy tickets at a very reasonable price.


The first question is, What Is StubHub

It’s a famous ticket booking app.

StubHub Ticket Booking App

It provides users with the possibility to choose concert tickets. Users can get a view of their seating arrangements before the event starts.

StubHub creates a new level for online ticketing applications. It has the facility of event imagery and high-resolution seat maps. So, it increases the experience of the users.

It is one of the best platforms to sell concert tickets.

How Does StubHub Works?

Users get an SMS or a push notification with a link when they find the desired event.

When the user clicks on the hyperlink, he/she gets redirected to the checkout screen in the app. They can also move to the App Store if the application is not installed.

StubHub Discount Tickets is also a reason for the app’s popularity.


Ticketmaster is famous for the ticket selling service. It is the best way to sell event tickets.  It’s one of the StubHub Alternatives.

The application compares the price and the quality of the seats.  After that, it suggests the user with the best seats.

The most beneficial thing is that it allows users to buy the tickets a couple of minutes faster. For that purpose, it uses push notifications.

It avoids extra authorization. When the user is purchasing the ticket for a very high -demand event, this point benefits them most.

They even ensure security by putting an animated watermark on electronic tickets. It is a platform that provides its users to purchase buy and sell their tickets.

How TicketMaster Works

The user needs to enter a desirable price in the app. The users have a set of options to select an adequate amount.  The app charges a specific amount for a transaction.

When the buyer has bought the ticket, the seller gets the money. The buyer receives the ticket through the email or mobile.

Other Prominent Ticket Booking Apps In The Market


It is an online ticket booking application. It shows all the details about the show-times, movie tickets & review. It also provides the price of the shows and all the events going on near the user.

It comes under the list of one of the most downloaded applications.

The privacy of the user is premium, and the information gets deleted after the use.


SeatGeek is a platform for selling event tickets. It can be for shows, movies, sports, and theatre.

It benefits users who use a mobile application or desktop website or even both. It completes purchases & shows interactive color-coded seat maps. The user receives electronic tickets and prints them.

TicketPlease Ticket Booking App

If any events are happening nearby, how will a person know about them?

The event can be concerts, movies, shows, and all sorts. That’s where comes to the fore. It allows you to buy tickets online that come with a lot of coupons and offers and keep the customers happy.

It has a tie-up with leading multiplexes. So, it provides customers the convenience to book online tickets anywhere.

Features: User Panel And The Admin Panel

User Panel Features
  • Registration: The app users can get themselves registered. For that purpose, they need to provide necessary details like name, password, email-id, etc.
  • Log-in: Once the users get registered, they can log in the app through their login credentials. They can even log in at their website or mobile app through various social handles.
  • Choose location: In the application, before you proceed further, you get an option. It’s for choosing your location. The application can also detect your location through GPS. StubHub App clone should have this feature.
  • Home screen: When the user taps on any of the sections, he/she will navigate to the screen with details. The screen may have a lot of offers, events, shows, plays, movies, etc.
  • Details: When the user has selected the movie they want to watch, he/she can view the details. It comprises information such as name, ratings, language; Star cast names & film duration.
  • Book A Show: By tapping in the Ticket icon, the users can book a ticket on the app. He/she can select the show timings & the preferred seats. They can also know which theatre is the best and then book a seat. Buying Tickets on StubHub is easy, and it should reflect in your app.
  • Booking Screen: At this panel, the user can have a look of their order. The ticket is visible to the users, and it contains various information.
    It can be Name, Date & Time, Seat Number, Total Price, Email-Id, Phone number. The confirmation and a replica of the ticket will arrive on the user’s email id.
  • Confirmation Of Booking: Users receive ticket confirmation on their email-id or phone numbers. The ticket has a unique QR code that gets scanned before entry.
    StubHub App Tickets has this feature. You can check it.
  • Downloading The Ticket In PDF Format: The users can download the ticket in the format of a PDF. They can also save it for later.
  • Printing Ticket: User prints the ticket of the show or movie.
  • Booking In Real-Time: This is one of the important features that you must keep in mind for the user’s convenience.
    It gives the user the privilege of booking the ticket at a convenient time. One can also receive instant confirmation.
  • Verification Of Age: According to the policy, some movies or shows are for are 18+ people due to some reasons.
    Thus, users should provide an age verification document at the booking time. It confirms that he/she is eligible for the show or movie.
  • Multiple-Payment Mode: The application should be flexible. It should provide a variety of payment. The user can use a debit card or a credit card or Paytm or another method.
    He/she should get all the possibilities to make payment. It makes it easy for the user to book a seat at his own convenience.

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Admin Panel Features
  • Login: The admins have their own username and password. They can log-in in the database using the same credentials.
  • Dashboard: The admin can keep a watch of all the activities from here. It gives stats of listed movies, listed cinemas & a total number of the booking.
    They can also see business performance & total earning. There are plenty of filters available on some specifications.
  • Management Of Users: Admin maintains a database of the users accessing the app. It has two categories “Registered Users and data range.” The admin is capable of viewing the active users.
    He/She can edit the number of users by adding or deleting any.
  • Manage Shows: Admin has the power to view all the shows. He/She can filter them by various factors like language, duration, 2D/3D, genre, and many more.
    The admin can choose what shows are worth keeping and can delete or add any movie/shows.
  • Manage Venue: Admin needs to manage the location of the show. It can depend on factors like price, place, date-time, ground.
    He/she is capable of adding or deleting any venues ideal to the audience.
  • Booking Manager: Admin can manage all the bookings, search keyword & listed bookings.
    He/She can filter it by the category (Event, Play, Sport/Movie), location, venue, date/date range.
  • Management Of Earnings: The Admin can view actual earnings that come from the commission. It’s besides payment for the venue, the paid and unpaid amount report.
    The Admin can view/add/edit some percentage of commission from the completed venues. They can also transfer the amount to the venue managers.
  • Manage Profile: Admin has the authority to manage the user’s profile. He/She can edit like add or delete any user profile according to the policy.
  • Manage Offers: After using a specific app, people usually get promo codes. The admin manages all this as well. The promo codes fall into three categories: applied, redeemed, or new.
    Admin handles sending the details about these promo codes or coupons. The user can receive it via email-Id or on mobile number.
  • Manage Content: Admin should keep a check on the content of the application of the app. It should manage the content both in image or text form.
  • Push Notifications: Admin handles sending out push notifications to the users. The push notifications can be about latest movies, promo codes, coupons & combo offers.
  • Scan Ticket: The user receives the ticket on the email-id or mobile phone. It contains a unique QR code. He/She must get scanned before entering the hall.
    After scanning the ticket, it interprets whether the ticket is genuine or not. It is not a replica or a fake. The admin can carry out this process.

Advanced Features

Calendar Integration

This feature is very beneficial for the users. Using customization facility, they can manage the calendar.

They can also manage their schedules and prepared well-in-advance. StubHub Competitors should incorporate this feature.

Integration Of Google Map

The facility is a guide between source & destination. It’s proved to be helpful to the users.

With the help of this feature, the user knows the location and reach in an optimized way. The users can add the venue to their favorite list.

It saves them from the hassle of finding the place all over again.

Smart Search

The app keeps track of the actions of the user.

From the observed history, it suggests the user about offers & available locations.

There is an extra benefit of the search algorithm. It includes many options for price and others. It’s a useful tool for the users.

Integration Of Visual Media

The app should have a look that attracts the customers. To get this appealing look, the app uses visual media.

Also, the benefit of pre-site seeing your venue is also available. The user can view the ambiance, the structure, and the price.

Global Currency Support

In the present scenario, the market is growing at a rapid pace. It is impossible for app owners and businesses to survive in this fierce competition. Targeting the local area or the local audience won’t work.

It is essential to increase the app’s reach globally and target a worldwide audience.

For this, it is vital that it should support many payment options. Along with that, there should be multi-language & major currency support.

Customer Support

Excellent customer support is crucial for the growth of the application. In the case of online ticket booking, the firm should develop a good user support system.

It should help the user during any problem and solve every query.

Cloud Storage Integration

For an app that runs worldwide, the amount of data will be enormous. For storing the data and managing it, there should be ample storage.

So, to help with this problem, cloud storage provides enough space. You can store the data about users and control it from time to time.

It also ensures the safety and privacy of the user’s information. It also avoids any unauthorized access.

Monetization Model

A business model and monetization model are almost the same. They are closely related to each other. In the sense that both are for generating revenue.

The business model for a ticket booking application is quite simple. You can compare it with complex structures of various apps.

The user can book a ticket for movies and shows at their own convenience. But, he/she will have to pay certain charges for every ticket they book.

These types of models also share some extra information. It can be about the cast of the movie, the storyline, the reviews by others, and other vital details. You can use it to earn extra profit.

Some platforms also make money by advertising on websites. Some opt for special screenings, feature coverage, and also doing propaganda.

Technology Stack

  • UI: ReactJS & BootStrapJS
  • Server: Tomcat
  • Server: Java, Spring Boot, Swagger, Hibernate
  • Database: MySQL
  • Security: Spring Security
  • Notifications: RabbitMQ.
  • Caching: In memory cache
  • Code repository: Git
  • Deployment: Docker & Ansible
  • Payment API: Popular ones are Paypal, Stripe, Square
  • Logging: Log4J
  • Load balancer: Nginx
  • Log Management: Logstash, ELK Stack

Team Structure Required For The Mobile App Development

The app development process is vital. When you’re developing such a complicated and advanced app, it becomes critical. One should have proper experience and knowledge.

For example, To create a mobile app for music video that is rich in features and can meet the expectations of the user, one needs to get services. It should be from the top Ticket Booking Mobile app Development Company.

StubHub Mobile App clone team must comprise of the following people:

  1. QA Testers
  2. iOS Developer
  3. UX/UI Designers, Graphic Designer
  4. Project Manager
  5. Back-end App Developer
  6. Android Developer

Now, the next step is to estimate the total development cost of the application. See whether it matches your budget or not.

Cost Of Building The Mobile Application

To build an app that benefits almost everyone requires a lot of effort. Note down the number of hours invested in developing the app.

Also, note the features and technologies utilized. After that, one can determine the average cost to make an app.

The app like StubHub Cost depends on various factors like;

  • The area of the app development center
  • Different platforms that you choose(Android, API, Hosting, iOS)
  • The complexity of the App
  • Number of hours invested
  • All the basic and advanced features

For creating such an app, there are a lot of integrated technologies used.

Yet, top mobile app development companies in India will charge around $10,000-$30,000.

It’s for an app with some basic features. If in the case, one chooses to create an application for both the platforms, the cost will increase to $45,000.


With the trending technology, the development of mobile apps has become a new trend. Ticket booking apps have made people’s lives a whole lot easier. Sitting at their homes and without wasting any time. This type of app delivers the best results with very little hard work.

The task of booking tickets of events, movies, and shows, is easier with apps. They provide a great platform, and the interface is also user-friendly.

The development of such apps is necessary for people who are working or have a hectic schedule.

The development of such apps is not expensive. It is under budget. Due to increasing technology, people are more and more engaged in this field. So, hiring a team will not be that expensive. Thus, development is very cheap.

There can be more advancements in this application. You can include more and more features to ease the process of booking tickets.

With the increasing technology, development in this area leads to a better app. It can benefit people worldwide.

The ticket booking applications account for the welfare of society. It gives a great experience to the people. So, get in touch with a Mobile Application Development Company in NYC. Then, start developing your own ticket booking app.

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