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Roadmap to Easy Taxi-Like Taxi App Development

Ride-hailing mobile application like Easy taxi features three components: Biker’s Application, Dispatch system, and also Motorist’s Application. The route mainly remains responsible for the acts whereas the other 2 are the direct methods of giving your companies to each motorcyclist and motorists. Below are functions you must have in your taxi app. You can Hire A Mobile App Developer from eSparkBiz to solve this issue.

Functions for bikers

Price personal digital assistant

Get a taxi as well as other taxi booking solutions have often experienced the objection of surge prices. To ensure that your company doesn’t need to undergo this objection, you should take some measures.

Introducing the attribute of the Ticket Calculator is just one of all of them. Price calculator aids the client to know how a lot they need to pay out when they are regarding book a taxicab. These rates undergo transform as a result of a few factors. Nonetheless, it will offer an approximation which will undoubtedly be very favorable for the clients.

Conserved locations

It was found that many of the travelers in Easy taxi were traveling using the same courses where the location of the source and also destination is commonly repeated. Get cab featured a possibility in which riders may save their goal and even cause.

This attribute assisted guests in a significant way as they don’t need to have to explore for the destination each time they book a taxi.

ETA & status

It is individual to get late by a couple of moments as a result of too many causes. Nevertheless, it is very undesirable to allow your loved ones waiting for you. Easy taxi combined a function which permits you to discuss your journey standing along with your pals and also household, ensuring all of them that you have a secure journey.

Family members and also friends will acquire a message along with details including vehicle drivers title, auto amount, place, and determined arrival.


Remittance is one of the very most crucial parts of a taxi-hailing Application. Ensure that the solution accepts repayments in all forms. Cashless remittance method of Easy taxi was very little value in creating countries where motorcyclists prefer money. Ensure you possess Wallet, Debit & Visa or MasterCard, Money as well as Internet Banking options on call.

Fare splitting

A lot of times, consumers travel in teams as well as face difficulty while determining the share of each motorcyclist. Easy taxi offered the split-fare function which works out and divides the fare reveal percent for every traveler — sparing motorcyclists to perform complicated math!

Schedule for an individual else

Our experts all have experienced the circumstance when our parents have a problem with modern technology, and our experts are their only rescuer.

Many a time we are away from them, and they can not make a reservation for a flight by themselves. For such instances, Easy taxi offered the attribute in which you can easily make a reservation for excursions for others.

Features for drivers

Motorist’s profile page

This component consists of a comprehensive particular of the driver. This information is its standard facts and vehicles variety and enrolment information.

This feature performs during verification of the driver. These details are vital as they allow recruiters to understand whether the vehicle driver is accessible or otherwise.

GPS monitoring

It is impossible to imagine a motorist’s application without GPS monitoring. It is the most essential feature as it assists the vehicle driver to search the client’s location, drive with excellent courses, and also get to the area along with the utmost accuracy and minimum required hold-ups.

Push Notifications

This attribute is a crucial one as it enables vehicle drivers to acquire notification as quickly as a client neighboring them has asked for a cab. After obtaining an alert, the driver will opt for the quickest route to connect with the customer at earliest.

Keep track of income

This attribute allows your vehicle driver to track its revenues after a specific duration. It assists all of them to organize their time in a better method.

So what do you think about having a taxi application for your taxi service business? We are one of the leading Mobile App Development Company in New York holding record to build mobile applications with world-class features and robust functionalities all in a pocket-friendly budget with zero compromises with the quality.

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