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How to Make an App Like Dream11?

By Harsh Kundariya Mobile April 15, 2019 6 min read 769 Views

Dream11 is an online sports platform that allows users to play cricket, football, kabaddi, basketball, and hockey. It has marked its spot in the alliance of fantasy sport. Everyone wishes to build an App Like Dream11 but they don’t know the functionalities behind developing it.

1. Fantasy Sport Craze

Cricket is more popular than any other game nowadays, and that’s the reason there is a separate sport application that either feature “live sports” or allows users to play sports on their skills.

Now, I’m sure this might raise a question that if the user plays the sport with real cash, then isn’t it illegal?

But, As per the Central Government Act, “The Public Gambling Act, 1867, comprising of 18 Sections, in Section 12 it states,

“Nothing in the provisions of this Act contained shall be held to apply to any game of mere skill wherever played.”

Hence, it is made clear that Fantasy sports is considered a game of skill and thus excluded.

Also, below is the chart of the craze that has risen amongst the user for fantasy sports App Like Dream11:

Dream11 Users

2. Setting up a Business Model Like Dream11

Building an App Like Dream11 requires meticulous research and a Mobile App Development Company. The team will help you in deciding technologies and features to built-in, and also they will build a quality application.

3. Requirements for Building App Like Dream11

3.1 User/Contestant

Registration: User has to register using email ID, phone and password to become a member of the application.

Main Menu: Once you are successfully login to the application, you will be landed onto the main menu. The main menu consists of various categories such as Game, Types, Upcoming or Live Matches.

Contest/Events: The event page consists of upcoming matches and its details. This page can sort out details such as Winning  Bid, Fee Range, Type of Event, Size of Contest, and Match list. If the user wants to apply for the contest, then the user can select the event and join.

Entry Fee: Joining the contest would require an entry fee and after paying the registration fee, the user can join the contest. Payment can be done via various sources such as plastic Card, Paytm Wallet, referral cash and app’s wallet.

Create Event: There are numerous contests running when there are matches but apart from those numerous contests, you can also create your own contest. You will be the sole creator of the contest and can design it in your way.

You can give the name, match-winning amount, restriction on the entry of multiple teams, and most importantly event registration fees. The two factors that decide the registration fee is event size and total prize money.

Dashboard/Hamburger Menu: The Hamburger menu consists of the following details:

  • Earned Points
  • Account Details
  • Transaction History
  • Payments
  • Add/Withdrawal of Cash
  • Chart List
  • Share With Friends/Invite

So, the above points focus on the user’s view. Now, let’s understand the backend panel. The backend panel focuses on collecting information, securing and managing the data.

Also, you would require a dexterous developer to craft your idea. Hire professional developers that can deliver quality projects with support and maintenance post app launched.

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3.2 Admin

Admin is in charge of managing front-end. And the front end includes various things such as users, payments, contest/events, rewards, offers and discounts, on-time data, management board, hamburger menu management.

The admin is solely responsible for all the front-end operations and management. While developing an application, an app owner should not miss on the functionalities.

Below are the features that should be taken into consideration while developing an App Like Dream11.

Hamburger Menu: The admin requires no signup page, they can easily log in and process. Once they login, they are redirected to the Hamburger menu.

This menu can give an eagle’s eye to admin. They can have a close watch on all the events, upcoming, ongoing and previous matches.

Managing User: Users are the one who plays the match. The admin has the authority to verify the user’s background once they initiate the withdrawal process. Also, if they find that the user is maliciously acting on the platform, then they can deactivate the account.

Managing Event: There are two events: one is the event created by the application, and the other is the user can create the event. Here, the admin plays a vital role in deciding whether the event created by the user matches the guidelines of the app or not.

Managing Payments: The application includes payment integration, which means the user has to pay a sum to play the game. The user has to pay an amount by any payment modes (discussed above in User section – Entry fee) to play the game.

Now, when the user wins the game, he/she will request for withdrawal. Here, the admin verifies the user by asking legal documents and then transfers the amount.

Managing Referrals: Admin handles the referral requests. This is one of the ways of marketing where you can advertise your service, apps, or goods.

The existing user can send referral links to his/her friends. If the friend accepts the request and downloads the app, then both the user gets a certain amount as a referral bonus. Admin manages the entire task in the backend.

Managing Charts: There is a chart that shows the user’s position. During the match, whenever the odds are in favor or not, it reflects in the position table. This table gives an idea to the user about where s/he stands out of thousands of players.

The above are the major points that are required while building an App Like Dream11. But, before you plan to build such an application that requires in-depth integrations as well as functionalities, you need to understand how to make a simple mobile application.

Wrapping Up

There is a huge hype of fantasy sports App Like Dream11, and that can be a chance to grab.

As you know, that people are diverting towards the digital world, applications can be the first thing that will grab the attention of the user.

And applications like Dream11 would be a revenue-generating platform for both the parties, i.e., user and an app owner.

So, don’t wait and join hands with the company to witness the transformation of your unique idea into a virtual platform.

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