How Much Does It Cost To Build An Android App Like Quora?

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How many times have you found yourself drowned in a pool of queries?

How often have you realized that Google cannot answer your queries?

Don’t you feel like sometimes you need an expert opinion? ?

How often have you felt the need to seek answers from real people, solutions which take its basis on the experience?

If you are silently shouting ‘everyday’ to yourself, you must already be familiar with Quora.

Here we have a look at everything you need to know before you set out to make an app like Quora.

Cost To Build An Android App Like Quora

  1. The Genesis Of Quora
  2. How Did Quora Draw People’s Attention Initially?
  3. Statistics And Some Facts
  4. How Does Quora Work?
  5. Success Factors Of Quora
  6. Must-Have Features For Your App Like Quora
  7. What Are The Performance Indicators For Your App Like Quora?
  8. Monetization Model For Your App Like Quora
  9. What Should You Look For In Your Team Of Developers?
  10. What Be Will The Cost Of Developing An App Like Quora?

1. The Genesis of Quora

Quora is a Q/A platform, which was founded by Adam D’ Angelo, in 2009. People can use this platform to ask questions to other people. The principle of operation of this company is best explained in its own words in the below snippet from its LinkedIn profile:

“The vast majority of human knowledge is still not on the internet. Most of it is trapped in the form of experience in people’s heads, or buried in books and papers that only experts can access. More than a billion people use the internet yet only a tiny fraction contribute their knowledge to it. We want to democratize access to knowledge of all kinds—from politics to painting, cooking to coding, etymology to experiences—so if someone out there knows something, anyone else can learn it. Our mission is to share and grow the world’s knowledge, and we’re building a world-class team to help us achieve this mission.”

2. How Did Quora Draw People’s Attention Initially?

The key to the success of any Q/A platform is its community. When Quora was new, there were not any users on the platform, and there were no writers to drive the platform. So, what did Quora do to build the community and attract the audience towards it?

Unlike its predecessors, you cannot choose to have a username on Quora. Therefore, it’s your real name that people see on top of your answer. So, while other such platforms had built their first community with the help of fake profiles, the developers at Quora used their accounts to give the platform a start. The mobile app developers would ask questions and post answers about specific domains, to create threads.

They also leveraged their pre-existing networks to build the Quora community. Once there was a question asked on Quora regarding the same, and the founder himself answered it as below:

Image result for adam angelo answered himself quora image

3. Statistics and Some Facts

There is no doubt that the statistics of any company speaks volumes of its growth. Although the founder himself has time and again indicated in his answers that numbers have never been their targets, these are at least good for our knowledge of the company. Let’s have a quick gander at these statistics.

As of September 2018, Quora has about 300 million monthly users. The users from the United States form nearly 50% of this enormous number. Approximately 15% of the chunk is from India. With the introduction of Quora Hindi last year, this percentage is bound to increase further.

The introduction of various languages on the platform to cater to the knowledge demands of people globally has been a significant factor in its growth in the last couple of years.

Quora Stats

They have Quora for the French, the Italian, the Japanese, the Germans, the Spaniards, the list is long and evolving. They also have many more coming up, presently in their Beta versions.

After all, why should the “first-hand knowledge, locked in people’s heads,” as Quora calls it, be shared with only the English speakers, right?

In 2017, Quora reported its estimated valuation to be $1.8 billion, which made the company enter the list of unicorn startups.

Quora is adding new features to the platform every year. As they call it, it’s the quality of the product that comes first. Proud Quora users call themselves Quorans. Many budding writers also join this platform to experiment with their writing and get real feedback from people, without actually splurging money on publishing stuff. With over 400,000 topics covered, as of 2014, Quora has become the hub of the intellectuals.

To look after the abuse of the power given to the users, Quora also has Quora Moderation. The Quora Moderation keeps a check at the controversial content on the platform. With such a vast multitude of topics, there are bound to be some arguments. Quora Moderation ensures that the users don’t cross the lines in these arguments.

Going with this noble cause of sharing human knowledge, let’s hope that the company continues to grow at an even faster pace.

4. How Does Quora Work?

Let us have a quick look at the simplified way of how Quora works :

  1. Users sign up on the platform
  2. At the time of signing up, they are asked to choose the various categories of threads they are interested.
  3. This information is used to fill up the users’ feed accordingly. The users can always change their interests from the settings option.
  4.  Below is how a typical Quora feed looks like:

As you can see, what the user gets in his feed is both the Q/A threads as well as questions to answer. The user can read the answers and can also choose to answer the questions.

  1.  When users find the right answer, they can upvote it. Upvotes help to push the solutions to the top.
  2. Users can also choose to comment on the answers if they want to discuss the topic.

If you want to build an App like Quora, then you should contact and Hire A Mobile App Developer from a reputed organization.

5. Success Factors of Quora

Many factors laid the foundation stone of Quora’s success.

Quora Is People-centric:

Quora relies on the human experience for its answers as it’s the real people who are answering the questions. It caters to the people when they need practical advice from others who have been through similar experiences or hold expertise in the subject.

Unlike Google, which uses algorithms to search the information over the internet and makes it available to people in an ordered manner, Quora allows people to make the human knowledge available on the internet. The fact that ‘Life advice’ is one of its top categories, gives enough evidence of how sought after human to human interaction is.

Ability to Retain Users:

For a product that is heavily dependent on its users for its functioning, it becomes essential to increase user retention which brings valuable content to the platform. These users are the ones who write engaging answers that compel people to return to the platform every time they seek some help.

Quora uses many features to encourage users to write more and more helpful answers. It gives its users the option to follow the people whose answers they like. The writers can keep track of the number of followers they have and how many upvotes their responses are getting. The platform also rolls out Top Writers Badges every year, which is displayed on the profile of the recipients when people read their answers.

The users can choose if they want notifications about the answers of the writers they like. They can opt to follow questions which still needs an explanation. When asking questions, users can choose to request responses from the people they would like to hear. 

Ability to Follow the Topics of Interest:

Quora asks its users about the categories they are interested in when they sign up for the platform. The content that they see in their feed according to the topics of their interest. These topics range from Life Advice to Career Advice, from movies to cooking, from coding to relationships, you name it, and it’s there.

This relevance of content makes the users return to the platform regularly.

Integration with Social Media:

Quora has played this one card very well.

Related image
First, they have enabled their users to sign up using their Facebook or Google+ accounts. It helped Quora in keeping the abandon rate low, which increases when users have to go through the hassles of registering on a platform.

Second, by integration of social media support, it enables its users to invite their friends to the platform, which helps in new users becoming familiar or getting acquainted with Quora daily.

Good Use of Notifications:

Quora strategically uses notifications. Users can choose to get notification about the writers they follow. They can also get notification about the Q and A sessions that are held by renowned personalities on the platform. Such sessions help people to seek direct answers from these personalities, which would have been impossible otherwise. The users can also subscribe to get the Quora notifications on their emails. For knowing more about it, you can contact an Android App Development Company.

6. Must-have Features For Your App Like Quora

Like for any other app, here too you will have to include two panels while making the app. One will be the user panel, and the other will be the admin panel. Have a look at the table below for the essential features to be included in both the groups.

Admin Panel User Panel
Make an Account Register
Manage Topics Social Media Login
Manage Posts- Moderation, to prevent negativity on the platform Feed
Ads Management Search
Users Management Topic wise threads
View Statistics Option to answer the questions
Manage notifications Edit the post
Real-time reporting Answer Later
Bookmark Answers
Post questions or links
Request answers
Follow questions
Manage posts
Direct messaging
Commenting on answers
Enable/Disable notifications
Ad campaign
Other Technicalities to Take Care Of
API for social media integration:

Social media integration is an essential tool for the success of your app. Make sure include social media support so that the users can share answers on their social media timelines or with their friends. This support can also increase the number of users getting introduced to your platform

Cloud storage:

You need some services to store all the data that the platform generates. For such purposes, you can use the Google  Cloud Storage, Amazon Web Services or others of this kind. AWS hosts all the data of Quora.

CMS integration:

When you have to manage the web app content of your platform, CMS(Content Management System) integration becomes vital.

Read also: Educational app development – Need, features, and cost

7. What are the Performance Indicators for Your Quora-like App?

Once you have made your app, it’s time that you keep track of the key performance indicators. Doing so will not only enable you to get an idea of how your app is performing, but you can also work on increasing your app’s ratings. Following are the key performance indicators for your app like Quora:

Audience engagement:

The more your app can engage the users; the more will it be successful. Design your mobile app such that the users love to use it and are proud to recommend it to others, just like the way Quorans do. When a user reads an answer, you can show them the other responses to the questions.

Also, you can show them the related questions from the topic. It may cause your users to stick to the app. Ensure that users do not face trouble in loading the different pages as this can make them leave the platform instantly.

Acquiring new users:

It shows the rate at which new users join your platform. When you give the social media integration support on your platform, the users use this feature to invite their friends from social media to follow them on the app. Also, it will work or you to understand your target audience and devise strategies accordingly.

For instance, one segment of the target audience for Quora is Data Science and Machine Learning enthusiasts. These are the people who want real advice from real people who have been there in the situation and done that.

User retention rate:

How well are you able to retain your users? A lot of factors can help in this area. The social media support, the push notifications, the relevance of content, the badges for the top writers, the mobile app retention strategies bring users back to your platform will help in increasing the retention rate, and it will speak volumes for your app.

8. Monetization Model for Your App Like Quora

When Quora took its first steps into this world of apps, its prime focus was not on mincing money but on building a great platform. So, at that time it had no monetization model, just a great product. Only once they created a product that users found value in, they thought of methods to generate revenues.

As of now, the platform is dependent on advertising to generate revenues. The ads there are not just any random ads. They are related to the topic or the domain of the question a user just read.

Also, the way they present the question does not disturb the user and still keeps the ad in focus. It’s how they show relevant ads that are not dependent on graphics but on features or functionalities one can write. A visual in these cases holds no relevance.

Related image
For example, an answer about the field of web development may come after some ad of cloud hosting providers like Digital Ocean. You need to mention the features in such Ads, not their images. So the space occupied by graphics in the ads is far lesser than on other platforms.

You should think of building such a monetization model for your app. A model that is helpful for you, for your users as well as your advertisers.

9. What Should You Look for in Your Team of Developers?

To take care of all the app functions discussed above, you need to have a team of developers that is competent enough to build the app for you. The app developers should have knowledge of Application Design Rules.

You should select the team based on their previous projects as it gives you an idea of the capability of your team.

Also, you need to prepare a sample questionnaire for mobile application and discuss it with the development team. The development team is the backbone of any such project. Developing an app like Quora is an extensive process. Ensure that your development team is capable enough.

In your development team, you must have the people with the following roles:

  • Project Manager
  • UX/UI Experts
  • Android/iOS Developer
  • Back-end Developer
  • QA Analyst
  • Delivery Manager

10. What Be Will the Cost of Developing an App like Quora?

Developing an app like Quora involves a lot of factors. The cost also will be based on some parameters. These include:

  • The platform you wish to deploy your app on
  • The hourly rates of the developers you hire
  • The number of hours that will go into the development of the app
  • The geographical location of the development team
  • The features and functionalities you include in the app
  • The data storage services you hire
  • User experience and user interface.

Well, the two significant factors that affect the price estimation are:

  1. Whether you choose to hire a freelance developer or go for in-house app development or you give your app project to a mobile app development company.
  2. Selecting the region or country where you will outsource your requirement. Since the developers and app development companies in the U.S/U.K charge somewhere between $80-$250 per hour, the Eastern European based developers and agencies charge around $50-$150. While every other country is charging this much amount, the developers in India cost approximately $10-$50 per hour.

Since this will be a Q&A platform, it will have to deal with a lot of text data. Thus machine learning, specifically natural language processing will be critical aspects of your platform.

Also, the Android OS version you would be using would be taken int account. For example, if you’re utilizing one of the Top Features of Android Q , the price will be higher in terms of development cost.

Taking all the parameters into account, Price Of Mobile App Development can cost around $20000 to $30000. This price can reach up to $70000 if you decide on including some more sophistication in your app.


Q&A platforms are not new phenomena on the internet. They were there with Yahoo answers and Reddit. But these platforms lacked a user-friendly interface and usually had long discussions. They also suffered from the problems of troll questions with equally troll answers.

Then Quora entered the picture of Q&A platforms and changed the scenario to a great extent. And, for getting the best rates for your app, you should go to any Mobile Application Development with eSparkBiz.

When you set out to build your own app like Quora, you can take a whole lot of inspiration from this app. Right from how it retains its users to how it maintains the quality by rewarding the writers, from its sticky user interface to its user interface, you can add a lot of features in your app with a tinge of uniqueness.

Disclaimer: We at eSparkBiz Technologies have created this blog with all the consideration and utmost care. We always strive for excellence in each of our blog posts and for that purpose, we ensure that all the information written in the blog is complete, correct, comprehensible, accurate and up-to-date. However, we can’t always guarantee that the information written in the blog correct, accurate or up-to-date. Therefore, we always advise our valuable readers not to take any kind of decisions based on the information as well as the views shared by our authors. The readers should always conduct an in-depth research before making the final decision. In addition to these, all the logos, 3rd part trademarks and screenshots of websites & mobile apps are the property of the individual owners. We’re not associated with any of them.

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