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Going down the memory lane, it was fun to watch people ride bikes for short trips around the city. But soon, this trend faded away. The development of the carpooling system played a major role.

It is visible in all the areas of life that history repeats itself. Now the trend of Bike Sharing System has come back with a boom and reminded everyone of the old days.

Bike sharing app or E-Bike sharing Business is the emerging field of commerce segment. After the taxi-hailing and car-sharing feature, it has gained popularity.

It took no time for this mobile application to spread among the bike lovers. People loved the app features and its affordability. They have started using these apps for natural and new means of transport by renting a bike.

This trend of renting a bike has become an enormous success. It has become a trend from small cities to metropolitan cities. People have started riding bikes for short trips or work trips nearby. They can also find out Bike Rides near Me.

Gaining Prominence

Ofo-Bike Sharing App

The first and most crucial feature of Bike Finder business is how affordable it is. Allowing the riders to park the bike on their destination is a reason for gaining prominence.

The following are the other reasons for the success and fame of the bike sharing app:

  • Affordability: The affordable rates and strategic price points are vital. They significantly contribute to developing a cost-effective feature.
  • Customer friendly: Features like easy registration or no mandatory registration are great. It helps to enhance an app which is user or customer friendly.
  • Premium Bikes: Inclusion of premium bikes is as a cost-effective feature. The bike category requires low maintenance. You can design extra features of prevention from theft. It maximizes the user’s needs as well.
  • Network: Having a secure network or well-connected network of a bike is vital. Their stations further enhance the engagement of users.
  • Local Authority Support: Engagement of local authority for public funds and public lands. It is one of the reasons for the success of bike sharing app.
  • Third party integration: Several integrations are available for developing a bike sharing app. For its enhancement like payment modes, infrastructure, design, operations, etc.

Mobile Apps Cashing Into This Trend Of Bike-Sharing

It is not surprising to notice an enormous rise in the usage of these applications. The trend of bike sharing has further added grace into this section.

It’s by adding features which are user-friendly and maximize user’s satisfaction. You can feel its presence in every little phenomenon of user’s everyday lives.

They use it for food delivery, car booking app, beauty service app, etc.

How Does It Work?

Nowadays, renting or booking a bike from a mobile device is very easy. You can do it quickly with few taps into the e-bike sharing app. It is one you’ve installed on the mobile device.

Affordability and user-friendly features of the application are vital. It helps in increasing the usage of bike sharing apps.

Statistics In The Arena Of Bike-Sharing

Infographic: Shared Mobility Has Yet to Reach Mainstream Adoption | Statista
Nowadays there is a massive increase in bike sharing business. The very famous example of Uber acquiring Jump (bike sharing start-up).

It added to the firm’s fleet and aided in transportation enhancement. Uber is trying its best to carve its name into this growing trend of bike sharing.

It is clear that the bike sharing economy is growing all across the world. The latest reports of the past few years state one major thing.

There is an immense rise in the usage of bike sharing application and their services. The public usage of bikes was 700,000. But, this enormous increase in the trend has shown a sudden rise since the year 2013.

By the commencement of 2016, the number of users of public bikes got tripled in quantity, i.e., 2.3 million.

In 2016, China had a top development company. It registered a significant growth with 430 general usage bike running programs.

Essential Of eBike Sharing Mobile App

You should integrate the list of essential features in bike sharing app.

They are as follows:


The developer should pay attention to this feature for the On-Demand Ride Sharing App. It should be easy to use and readily

It helps that the bikers don’t face any difficulty while finding a ride. It includes features like GPS location of the rider, Bike Tracker, etc.

Book In Advance Feature

This feature helps in booking a ride way ahead of time. The rider takes various things into count while booking a ride.

With this feature, the passenger will be aware of the estimated time of arrival. It ensures that there will be no delay in reaching the destination.

Payment Option

This feature enables the user for hassle-free payment. It can be via e-commerce purchases and apply coupons.

There are other payment options like debit card & credit card. The developer should provide with a multi-currency mode as well to ease users.

QR Code

jump bike qr code

This feature facilitates app users to scan QR codes for unlocking bikes. It’s essential to make this feature comfortable and

The users shouldn’t face difficulty while exploring the bikes available nearby. He/She should find out nearby places to visit.

Trip Details

This feature is one of the essential elements. All Bike Share Program must have this feature.

It provides the details of the trip such as the fare, destination location of the bike, etc.

Lock And Park Bike Via Bike Number

Lock And Park Bike Via Bike Number

Once you assemble the details of the bike, the next task is to lock the bike and park it. You should do it at a safe location.

At the end of the trip, users can manually enter the bike number. After that, one can lock bike through a mobile app. It provides a hassle-free locking & parking system.

Customer Support

Customer Support Helpdesk

This feature allows users to get in touch with customer care. It could resolve the difficulty or issue.

In-built chat facility to connect with customer care department. It can maximize customer satisfaction ratio. It also allows instant connection with a support system.

For knowing more about the features, you can contact any App Developers in NYC. He/She will be able to guide you on this subject.

Bike Sharing Business Models

There are two bike-sharing app models, which are as follows:

Station-Based Bike Sharing

Under this type of model, you can get the service within the city limit. There is a set of designated pick-up points.

You can pick up/leave bikes in specific places. For making a payment, you can use the app or user terminal.

Free-Floating Bike Sharing

Under this type of model, there is no fixed pickup or drop point. You can pick up/drop off bikes at any place.

The service is within the city limits. The payment for the rental is via phone or mobile applications.

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Popular Bike Sharing Mobile Apps

Due to the increase in the usage of bike sharing apps, the competition is increasing day by day. The competitors are producing for more number of bikes to meet the increasing demand.

Crunchbase researched leading mobile application companies. According to it, Ofo & Mobike are the leading mobile application company.

It’s followed by Bluegogo, one of the famous Bike Share Companies. Both the companies, in the year 2016, managed to increase their number of active users to 9 million.


Mobike Bike Sharing App

Mobike was founded by Bejing Mobike Technology Co. Ltd. It’s a station less bicycle sharing system.

It’s the world largest bicycle sharing organization. In June 2017, Mobike raised $600 million. In the same month, the company was valued at the US $3 b


Ofo Bike Sharing App

It’s Bejing based bicycle sharing company. The company uses a smartphone app to unlock and locate nearby bicycles.

It charges hourly for this in 2017, it had deployed over 10 million bicycles in 250 cities and 20 countries. The company was valued at up to $2 billion and has over 62.7 million monthly active users


Jump Bike Sharing App

Jump raised $1.1 million seed funding in its initial launch year, i.e., 2013. The firm started its e-bike service in Washington, D.C.

The firm partnered with Uber in San Francisco for nine months. It was for providing e-bike facilities to its users. It has become one of the Best Sharing App.

Jump has become an official partner of Uber. As Uber dealt with providing only car rental services. This step made Uber a tremendous success. It transformed Uber into the multi-model platform.


citibike Bike Sharing App

CitiBikes is a leading bike-sharing application in New York. It provides service at 750 and more service stations.

The local active users of the app use services for more than 62000 in the country. The company started in May 2013 with 332 stations and only 6000 bikes.

Now it operates with 12000 bikes. The company used BIXI branded technology for providing services between bikes and stations.

What Technology Stack Is Required?

First conduct thorough analysis and research of the market trends and opportunities. After that, you will know what all you need to integrate into the mobile app. The next step is the implementation of the best technology available.

For developing a user-friendly mobile app, use with the smartest technology available.

It should integrate the following features: Both Android as well as an iOS platform.

  • Nexmo, Twilio for providing with SMS, Voice and Phone verifications
  • Cassandra, Mail Chimp Integration, MongoDB, Postgress for database development
  • Twilio & for featuring push notification feature
  • Stripe, E-Wallets, PayPal, and Braintree for providing with online payment options
  • Google, AWS & Azure for the weather check
  • Hadoop, BigData, FLink, Cisco, IBM, Spark & Apache for real-time analytics

eBike Sharing App Development Process

Mobile App Development Lifecycle

You can explain the development process for the e-bike sharing app.

The step-by-step process is as stated below:

  • Plan: For researching, discovering & defining
  • Design: For creating visuals
  • Build: For developing and constructing
  • Beta: For testing and training purposes
  • Launch: For optimization
  • Support: For monitoring, evaluation, and refining

What Team Structure Is Required?

You need the following sets of experts to develop a bike-sharing mobile app:

  • PM: Project Manager
  • Back end Developers
  • Front end Developers
  • UX/UI Designers
  • Testers

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Bike Sharing App Like Mobike?

The question is, how much will Bike Sharing System Costs❓

The cost of e-bike or bike sharing apps depends on the features. The development of Bike Sharing App has a process of its own.

It includes:

  • Admin Panel
  • User panel
  • Design
  • APIs Development

Now, the time has come to find The cost of developing a mobile application for bike sharing. It will somewhere cost around $12000 to $15000.

The price further increases with the increase in the integration of advanced features.

So, Bike Share Program Costs varies depending on functionalities.


Nowadays, there is a massive demand for the bike sharing app. It becomes essential for all of you to be aware of how to develop a Bike Sharing App like Mobike.

Taking this idea into consideration, here we have tried to provide you with an in-depth guide on developing a Bike Sharing App like Mobike.

The blog contains all the necessary details like requirements, features, cost, etc. So, it will help any Custom Mobile Application Development Company in NYC.

If you still have any questions or suggestions related to this blog, then feel free to ask them in our comment section.

Thank You.!

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