Developing Mobile App With ReactJs

Things To Consider For Developing Mobile App With ReactJS

By Mohit Surati React March 30, 2020 5 min read 215 Views

ReactJS is one of the popular Javascript libraries that can build highly-intuitive and attractive User-interface, Single-Page Apps, and Mobile Apps.

As ReactJS is renowned for its performance and tremendous growth, developing mobile apps with reactJS would be highly preferable by app experts.

The market and technology are evolving, and people are opting for mobile applications, which increases the demand for mobile apps.

You can go through upcoming statistics of mobile app growth, which will give a clearer picture of how mobile apps are going to be in demand in the future.

Many large organizations such as Airbnb, Netflix, SeatGeek trust ReactJS for its component reusability, an open-source library, and virtual DOM.

Features of ReactJS

  • Component Reusability: Reusable components can reduce app development time. It allows app professionals to focus on more complex structures as well as arduous tasks. The component reusability enhances the speed & accuracy of the app development. It increases the rate of productivity and decreases the latency ratio.
  • Virtual DOM: The virtual DOM enhances the user experience and uplifts the demand of reactJS. It is a logical structure that can work XML, HTML, or XHTML. Isomorphic apps building can also be executed with the help of VDOM.
  • Open-source library: ReactJS is and will always be free and open for contribution. It does not restrict the use of various tools, templates, simple as well as complex architectures and patterns.
  • Writes Components: JSX is an added feature in ReactJS as it is an additional syntax that compiles with HTML and JS. Developing mobile apps with reactJS requires tailor-made components which are quite simple in ReactJS.

Gems of React JS for mobile app development

ReactJS is capable of building Single-page applications. The identification of VDOM is easily made as the React JS supports VDOM. Some developers can work efficiently at the front-end as compared to the server-side.

Developers should have basic knowledge of HTML that ensures a command over the framework. If you are well-acquainted with the HTML, then you won’t face much of a problem with the development.

As you know, ReactJS is a front-end development open-source web framework, it focuses on JSX syntax, conceptualizing JS, developing a user interface, and many more things.

1. JSX Syntax:

JSX is an innovation of Facebook, that is similar to PHP. It helps in rendering and HTML quoting. It is easy to write Javascript by the developers as the syntax is not so difficult.

React without JSX can work, but with React, it delivers efficient results to its users. It has names, tags, attributes, which makes the task of app professionals much easier.

2. Documentation:

The documentation plays a vital role in developing mobile apps with reactJS as it contains tips & tricks that explain in detail about the beginning and the end of project development.

The developers of the ReactJS are also planning to include external resources and tools in the documentation soon. It contains in-depth details about the process of mobile apps with reactJS.

3. MVC Pattern:

It is surprising news that ReactJS is no longer MVC, i.e., model-view-controller pattern. Also, it is not a two-way data binding that triggers when there is a new event or existing correction in any part of the application.

There is a new element found which focuses on one-way data binding, and is also a combination of view and controller. And that new element is MV* pattern.

4. Plugins:

ReactJS seems independent, as it does not have any additional/external plugins. You have to be keen-eyed and keep yourself updated to develop mobile apps with React JS.

5.Time Savvy:

React JS turns out to be an ideal option as it contains numerous hacks that save a lot of time for app experts by minimizing the tasks by reusing the components. You don’t have to write code every time you are building a new component.

6. Class System:

The application development using reactJS revolves around elements, and that is why it has a class-system. React.createClass turns out to be an unexceptional method. Also, the conventional method of MVC is obsolete. And React JS focuses on MV* (model-view-wildcard) pattern instead of the outdated traditional method.

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Tips for Mobile App Development with ReactJS

  • You can correlate with the library by creating a bridge. The components are embedded in it, and that’s the reason it works well.
  • Redux, flux, or synergy can help you out in developing mobile apps with react JS. The module architecture allows developers to build it very creatively.
  • Use the tools and technologies that ReactJS offers to transform your Mobile App Ideas into reality.
  • Flexbox is a web layout pattern that can be used for collecting web blocks. It is easy and simple to understand for app development.

ReactJS – A blessing for the App Experts

The above discussion might have cleared many doubts about ReactJS and also has shown how ReactJS is potential in developing mobile apps. There are many benefits of developing mobile apps with ReactJS, which are as follows:

  • Boosts Productivity
  • Virtual DOM
  • Stability of Code & Reusability of components
  • SEO-friendly


When you plan to build a single-page application, then do consider ReactJS as your core platform. The framework quickly builds the application, considering the quality as a priority. Also, it helps in designing creative and attractive designs. It is the time of competition, and ReactJS competitively performs to develop mobile applications.

If you are looking for a ReactJS development company which can understand the ideas and builds an application for you, then you can connect with one of the potential companies in India & the USA. The company has resources and manpower who have hands-on experience in converting ideas onto the virtual platforms.

Developing Mobile App With ReactJs

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