Enterprise application & development-The biggest flops & Disappointments in 2020

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Business in 2018 is a different game. This era of Big Data and internet-fueled flawless connectivity has made serious demand of Enterprise Mobile based Application Development as well as Enterprise Web based Application development for trustworthy Enterprise Applications which can handle tons of Gigabytes of data with ease. As per the report published in Forbes

  • 77% of enterprises have at least one application or a portion of their enterprise computing infrastructure in the cloud.
  • Enterprises predict they’ll invest on average $3.5M on cloud apps, platforms, and service this year.
  • More technology-dependent industries including manufacturing, high-tech, and telecom are being led by the executive management to become 100% cloud.

“Enterprise applications are about the display, manipulation, and storage of large amounts of often complex data and the support or automation of business processes with that data”

– Martin Fowler


1.  Challenges

An Enterprise Level Application development is no child’s play. A useful Enterprise Application requires a great deal of professionalism, the insider’s knowledge, vision, and expertise. Here are some of the challenges that an enterprise has to face for making these applications operational

  • Low Return on Investment
    If developing an application is a costly affair, maintaining it is even more. Moreover, it doesn’t guarantee the expected result. Low Return on Investment is one of the primary reasons for enterprises avoid innovating freely in this area.
  • Shifting to mobile
    According to statisca.com, a statistics company, the number of people who use mobile phones worldwide is around 4.68 billion in 2019 which is expected to go up to 4.78 billion in 2020. With this number, some enterprises are racing towards making them mobile friendly. It adds to complexity where the application has to be adaptable to function on different devices. To shift on the mobile platform, you should Hire App Designer. He/She should be able to guide you on this subject.
  • Interoperability
    The complex and multi-layered systems make it tough to standardize enterprises as a whole. For example, a payroll system as well as the leave management system must work in harmony to function as expected.
  • Time
    The complexity, an Enterprise Application boasts, it is no wonder, why it takes time as well as monetary resources to develop, sometimes even more than six months.
  • User Interface
    TROZELLI, a User Interface blogger quotes “role of UX is significant especially for enterprises. In my opinion, doing proper user research and extracting the relevant patterns of behavior will inevitably lead to a well-designed platform. Furthermore, to consistently deliver relevant products, the business must understand the changing dynamics of consumer and staff behaviors as well as how this relates to enterprise”.

2.  Media Reports about the Challenges

As per the report of Tricentis titled as “The 2018 Software Fail Watch”, in the year of 2018 only 606 technical failures were reported that affected over 3.6 billion people worldwide and caused $1.7 trillion in lost revenue.

  • Consumer Tech industry is mostly affected which reported the highest level of brand damage per but.
  • Retail and Consumer technology industries experienced the most software failure of any industry analyzed – making the news an average of 19 times per month.
  • Software failure resulted in 268 years of downtime. So, these are some of the Challenges In Enterprise Mobility that one has to face on a regular basis.

3.  Famous failures with examples and detailed explanation

A. TSB Bank


On April 19, 2018, TSB Bank found itself in a significant technical glitch while shifting the accounts of its 5.4 million customers from an older IT system to new software developed by Spanish Banking Group banco Saba dell.

Till date TSB bank was still using the software which was part of Lloyd (TSB and Lloyd parted its way in the year 2013).

As the software updated, Bank’s social media flooded with the complaints from customers accusing not able to login in the Internet Banking Account, a series of glitches and data leaks.

Also, few customers even complain that the money got vanished from the respective Bank’s Accounts after the new software update.

The technical glitch while affected Bank’s reputation severely, in financial terms, this catastrophe caused TSB more than £175m.

B. Enterprise Application Malfunction prevented Doctors to access Patients Records


Early this year (January 2018) came with a surprise in not so positive way for NHS Welsh Hospital when an Enterprise Application Malfunction prevented doctors to access patient details which include blood test & x-rays and other vital information ultimately affecting Welsh patients.

Dave Anderson, a digital performance expert, quoted that “Ultimately, it comes down to our reliance on software and the need for it to work perfectly and that’s difficult in IT environments that are getting more complex by the day.”

It is not the first time; the Hospital is affected by such Enterprise Application as is proved by the headlines of newspaper familiar to the news

“An inquiry found that there had been 21 outages of national IT systems across the NHS in Wales in the first six months of 2018.”

British Media

C. When a Ballistic Missile was Inbound to Hawaii

It was Hawaii Emergency Management Agency’s software malfunction which made it vague to understand the situation to the official concerned who perceived the “Exercise” as a real threat which ultimately pressed the “Emergency” switch.

While investigation showed that, it was night shift supervisor who decided to conduct a drill for incoming morning shift employees, some officials, following the matter said that it was software which resulted in altering the word “Exercise, Exercise” (code word of drill) with “This is not Exercise” (implying a real situation).

First of its kind in the USA where a system failure resulted in large-scale public panic.

D. Uber’s Self Driving Car Fatal Accident


On May 29th this year, a fatal accident one of its kind happened when the self-driving Car of Uber fatally killed a pedestrian in Tempe, Arizona—the first fatal accident of its nature.

It was the first case when software malfunctioning directly affected humans (not in a positive way). While all the dysfunction till date though costed millions of dollars but all were corrigible this particular incident raised the eyebrows.

The cause of the accident has many elements but is ultimately a system-design failure. When its perception module gets confused, an AV should slow down, but due to a system malfunction, it didn’t.

Mobile app development services
E. Security Flaw found in Intel Chips



According to reports published by German magazine c’t, Intel may be facing as many as eight new Spectre type vulnerabilities in its chips. The report says that the different group of researchers has found the weakness of Intel Chips.

Interestingly, these reports had surfaced at a much later stage when the Spectre and Meltdown flaw rocked the silicon industry in early 2018. As per the report, four out of eight deficiencies reported are in “high risk,” category and the remaining are in the “medium” category.

You can understand the gravity of the flaw by the fact that you can easily exploit one of the flaws for attacks across system boundaries.

F. Data Breach in AADHAAR


AADHAAR is an ambitious program by Indian Government aimed to store all Biometric Information of all its fellow citizen (more than 1.2 billion according to 2011 census).

Recent news of data leaks from AADHAR central server due to a technical glitch made Government Organisations rattled which various security agencies think a significant security breach.

According to media reports, an Indian Institute of Technology graduate got arrested for illegally accessing the Aadhaar database back in August 2017 for accessing the database between 1 Jan and 26 July without authorization.

According to a French Security Researcher, mAadhaar (app version available on Google Play Store) is vulnerable to leaks.

It is not the first time when the issue about a government mobile app cmae into the picture with flaws that can potentially allow attackers to access the Aadhaar database while accessing the demographic data.

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4.  Prevention (How you can prevent theEnterprise Application Failures?)

Prevention is always better than cure. History shows that Human Error was the primary reason for most of the recorded failure till date; lack of a supervisory mechanism in the coding was also there to blame.

Prevention of software failure can be achieved at the time of conception and during the software engineering process. Below are some of the techniques that an  App Development Company can utilize for prevention of software malfunction:

  • Defensive Programming
    It is used as a primary defensive platform when the software starts malfunctioning. Defensive Programming can be implemented by improving the quality of code (the code which is less complicated and easily readable). Software testing, Intelligent Code Reuse and Reviewing of Source Code are the main pillars of Defensive Programming.
  • Code Analysis
    Code Analysis mainly has two forms, i.e., Static Code Analysis and Dynamic Code Analysis. While Static Code Analysis is the analysis of software programming code without executing programs built into that software whereas Dynamic Code Analysis is the analysis of a software programming code by executing the programs built from the software on a real or virtual processor.


It is very clear from the Statistics, Media Reports and information from other sources that a simple glitch in Enterprise Applications can cause massive unrest and chaos. Not only, it can generate millions of dollars of revenue loss but also in extreme cases, it can be fatal, as is proved by Uber’s Self-Driving Cars.

Whereas, a simple glitch in Airlines Software can cause hundreds of passengers stranded at Airport, loss of vital information of patients in hospitals in extreme cases it can make demographic information of billions of people vulnerable as we have seen in the case of AADHAAR program of Indian Government.

In a nutshell, developing an Enterprise Level Application not only possess huge challenge for Enterprise Application Development companies but also for the Governments worldwide as this era belongs to DATA. Only those who can contain it with leak-free systems will emerge as leaders.

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