Challenges You Need To Face In Enterprise Mobility Niche

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In today’s day and age, it is practically tough to survive without the help of smartphones.

Whether you are working for an organization or trying to achieve efficiency in your personal life, smart use of mobile phones can dramatically improve the quality of your life.

Especially in a company, you have to meet your targets and provide quality services to your customers and subordinates in any way possible.

You can get the technologically advanced desktop and laptop computers, but they cannot provide you mobility like smartphones.

Mobile phones can give you granular control over task execution and efficiency to perform routine tasks on-the-go.

You can streamline almost every kind of activity with the help of smartphones.

  • You would be able to manage teams, projects, hardware, etc.
  • Even if the subject gets located in other geographical locations, you can manage them efficiently with the help of a robust mobile management system.
  • You can also get in touch with your consumers and team members while maintaining secure and transparent communication channels with the help of smartphones.
  • You can go ahead for product demonstration and service deployment with the help of Smartphones.

With all due respect, managing multiple smartphone devices under the same roof is not an easy task.

As there are more devices attached to the systems, the job of an administrator becomes more responsible and sometimes frustrating to maintain the quality of services.

And that’s why the existence of enterprise mobility becomes crucial.

Let’s understand what enterprise mobility system is.

What Is Enterprise Mobility?

Enterprise Mobile App

Enterprise mobility is a structure where teams can work whenever and wherever yet produce excellent results for their company. Everything that you do depends heavily on the type of devices that you are interacting daily.

Whether it is sending a report, talking with a client, replying to an email, talking over a Skype, or managing your team members remotely; all these and much more is achievable through enterprise mobility system.

Here, you can use digital devices; mostly cell phones, laptops, and tablets, to execute your routine tasks. So here are the challenges that Enterprise Mobile Application Development Company faces while working in enterprise mobility niche.

Enterprise Mobility Challenges

1. Accountability Of The System

As more and more mobile devices get connected under the same digital environment, you must have an accountability system where someone is responsible for everything that is happening over the network.

With the help of smart enterprise mobile network in place, you can dynamically perform below tasks instantly.

  • Access files stored on the web
  • Utilize company details
  • Assign projects and tasks to team members
  • Verify project development
  • Connect with consumers
  • Get sensitive data of customers and products
  • Deliver a project or a product two and consumers

Along with these, there are tons of other operations that one can complete with the help of enterprise mobility network.

To get things done smoothly, you must need the right type of people who have not only the complete access to the network but more importantly, who will be responsible for ensuring proper enterprise mobility management.

Because if something goes wrong, nobody would know what has caused the problem since there was no administrator of the system.

Hence, there needs to be an accountable person or a team who would continuously monitor and manage enterprise mobility system. These people will also brainstorm and only focus on improving the quality enterprise mobility network.

For example, if you have an accountability structure of the enterprise mobility network, everyone will have their roles assigned. So, if you need to retrieve data or want to make any changes, you know whom to contact to do the job.

Therefore, accountability is one of the Things You Need To Consider While Building An Enterprise Mobile App. It will prove a masterstroke for you in the long run.

2. Robust Security Measurement

Security Measure

Security is one of the most important unique selling points of any product or business online.

Because unlike traditional marketing and sales industries, you cannot communicate face-to-face with your consumers often. So, you need to make them believe that you are providing a product that they can trust.

And to build trust, security is the first step. Moreover, since significant tasks get heavily driven on mobile applications and cell phones, we usually save or provide our personal and sensitive information to our smartphones.

And that’s why they need to be secured. So the confidential data does not go into the wrong hands.

The security breaches are also becoming a prominent concern in the digital age; here are the numbers as proof. Hackers are always keen to sneak inside a confidential environment and jeopardize the structure of an enterprise.

In case of a minor security breach in the enterprise mobility structure, you may have to encounter a shutdown of your system, which will impact the overall functioning of your company.

So to avoid any such calamity, Enterprise Mobility Security has to have the highest priority, without a doubt.!

3. Mobile Usage Analytics

Today, as a robust and engaging enterprise mobility network, you need to ensure that the current system must be satisfactory enough.

To know that, you need to asses the performance and efficiency of an ongoing platform to determine whether you need to change anything or not and only data and user behavior can help you make those decisions.

So, it is challenging for an enterprise mobility network to get real-time usage data to understand the consumers who are using the features of the current platform. Mobile App Growth Statistics can help you in this regard.

You need a database or tracking system which regularly updates whenever;

  • A new device gets added to the network
  • Rights or access of the devices change
  • Real-time navigation of uses
  • Number of people were currently using the system
  • Consumer shares feedback
  • Reliable metrics observe any upgrades like purchase, calls, messages, tickets, etc.

All these data will help you identify the key areas, determine the success of your current enterprise mobility platform, and let you make decisions confidently.

You would be able to identify if you want to change, strengthen, or shutdown a particular segment of the enterprise mobility network.

4. Intuitive User Experience

Mobile User Experience

Today, retaining customers is one of the toughest tasks for any business to thrive online.

Thanks to trending platforms like social media, SEO, or email marketing, you can dynamically promote your business and grab the attention of your ideal prospects.

However, to retain consumers, you need to keep providing exceptional value and enhanced consumer experience so that users don’t leave your brand and go elsewhere.

Especially when you are dealing with smartphones, you need to consciously think about consumer experience so that you get maximum success.

More than 50% of consumers accepted that they would stop interacting with a brand if they had mobile user experience, and around 75% of consumers would return to a website if it optimized for mobile.

So, without a doubt, the design is an initial segment which can help you improve user experience.

To begin:

  • Question the existence of every element of the design
  • Verify if the layout of the product improves the life of the users
  • See how your competitors are treating their consumers
  • Don’t copy your competitors; you can take inspiration other industries also
  • Test mobile apps from different devices (for Android)

For knowing more about the UI/UX design, you can connect and Hire Mobile App Developer from a reputed organization. He/She will help you with this subject.

Mobile app development services

5. Scalable Network

When you are developing enterprise mobility products, you need to build a holistic approach while working with the project. The linear approach can negatively impact the overall execution and user experience of your product.

For example, consider the potential scenarios that may arise when your product is serving consumers. If the product gets made to serve 50 users, what if suddenly there come several thousand customers in the network for a few hours?

If the system is not scalable, you may have to encounter a full slow loading speed or server breakdown, which is terrible for your brand’s reputation.

This is one of the examples. There are tons of other use cases that you need to keep in mind while developing a lasting enterprise mobility product.

6. Aligning Platform With Market Demand

To develop a successful product, you must aspire to provide quick solutions to the users’ needs. If you have built a product which is not of any use at the moment and makes users confused, it won’t give you desired results to your business.

For example, it is like creating a smartphone in the stone age when we had no network or the level of human intelligence that we have today. That time, we did not need versatile communication tools like mobile phones.

So, even though you have an excellent looking idea, the product’s ability to cope with real-time challenges and its current market demand will eventually determine how successful it will be. Moreover, your product must be updated over time to meet the requirement of the market.

Understand what the most prevalent problem that users are facing and design your product accordingly. This will be the unique selling point of your product since your app will magically solve complex issues within a second of time.

To identify the challenging aspects of the current market scenario, you need to invest a lot of your primary sources and budget in researching the design and development of the product.

For example, in the current enterprise mobility industry, live chat for quick communication is the first feature that should be present in the product. And you completely skipped and avoided that feature, then certainly your product won’t have many sales.

So research and brainstorm as much as you can before finalizing the functioning of your enterprise mobility product.

7. Choosing The Platform

Based on your ideal customer and target market, determine the right platform to develop Enterprise Mobility Solutions.

You can go for:

  • Mobile-centric
  • Web application
  • Cross-platform

However, to identify which is right for you in the given time, you need clarity of several aspects.

  • Decide how much you can invest in the given time
  • Know your targeted customer
  • Understand you are targeted market
  • Have a clear road map about the evolution of the product

For example, most of the times, cross-platform is an excellent way to leverage the power of desktop and mobile platforms by providing concurrent user experience for application.

That being said, you also need to understand do you have the budget to build that product, does your market demands cross-platform compatibility?

If you observe that most of your targeted customers are iOS users, at that time, you can focus on a mobile-centric application that concentrates on serving iPhone users only.

Now, once you develop dominance of your product in that particular segment, you can always expand further by going for other operating systems like Android, Windows, or cross-platform.

This way, with the least budget, you can have a steady growth of your product and dynamically build a successful enterprise mobility product.

8. Smart Data Management

In this internet age, we deal with data and information all the time.

For better strategy, service, and quick execution of the tasks, you will need a database to store information of your enterprise mobility product where you can see the data and analyze.

By a robust database, I mean, it should be secure, reliable, and dependable.

It must store and manage information dynamically and automatically. So, as an administrator, you don’t have to keep verifying whether everything is stored correctly.

Sometimes,  you need to check past records or old data. For that,  you won’t have to go manually and search for information from millions of columns. You just have to write a line of code. The desired information will be shown on your screen.


Nowadays, there is a massive demand for enterprise mobility solutions around the globe. So, it becomes vital for all business owners to become aware of their trends.

Taking this scenario into consideration, here we have tried to provide you with a list of challenges. One needs to face it while working in the enterprise mobility niche.

We hope you had a great time reading this article. It will prove beneficial for any app development firm.

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