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Create Tremendous Events By Event Mobile App
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The event management industry has gone to a whole new level in the last few years. As the market is growing, the competition has become immense in this field.

Nowadays, event management has become a necessity for big brands & startups. Every year, they carry out conferences, seminar, award functions, and more. That’s where the role of event management companies have become bigger & better.

There are two parties involved in the event management process. One is the organizer & the other is the participant. Both play an integral role in the event.

The participant needs to remember various information about the event and book the tickets. The organizer has to deal with the proper management of the event & ensure its smooth conduct.

Both of these scenarios present a massive challenge. It’s not an easy task to solve this issue.

That’s where Mobile App for Event Management comes into the picture.

In this blog, we will analyze how Event App Development can prove helpful.

So, why wait for anything special to happen❓

Let’s get the show started, right now.!

Understanding the Current Scenario

Event Management Mobile Apps

Before going into details of the Event Planning App, know the current market scenario.

You also need to know the latest trend of Event Industry.

Let me give you some statistics related to Event Industry which will seal the deal.

According to a survey by Eventbrite:

  • Top challenges in event management are reaching new people (90%), securing sponsors (90%) and finalizing keynote speakers (89%).
  • 54% of people are planning to host more events in the upcoming year.

From the above statistics, you can conclude two significant things:

  • The Event Industry is on a new high & you should invest in this sector.
  • The challenges for the event organizers are increasing exponentially.

In both of these cases, Mobile Apps for Events and Conferences can play a vital role.

It can help you to overcome the challenges and also become standout in the industry.

What Do You Mean By Event App?

In the previous section, we have analyzed the current market scenario.

We have concluded that the Mobile App could be helpful for the event industry.

eventignite - Event Mobile App

In this section, we will analyze the true meaning of Mobile App for Event.

People also call Event App as a Conference App. It’s a dedicated mobile application for managing the live event.

The app can help you to enhance the user experience. Different event apps come with a different set of features. However, there are standard features that you will find in all apps.

They are as listed below:

  • One-to-One Messaging Service
  • Participant Profile
  • Speaker Profile
  • Sponsor Pages
  • Social Media Integration

Types Of Event Mobile App

After knowing about event apps, you would get tempted to develop such apps for business. But, before making that decision, it’s essential to know various types of that.

In this section, we will analyze that aspect in detail.

Native App
Cross-Platform App
  • One mobile app for all the platform
  • Cheaper than native apps
  • Some software & hardware integrations aren’t available
Web-Based App
  • HTML-based app for small screen mobile
  • No need to download the apps
  • Only requires a browser
  • App performance is slow
  • Internet connection is necessary

Why Opt For Event Mobile App?

So far, we have seen the current market scenario. We have also analyzed the basics of Event App.

But, the question that still needs an answer is why a mobile app for an event❓

So, let’s analyze that aspect in detail without wasting any time.

Let me give you some statistics related to that.

According to research by I-Verve:

  • 60% of event planners have better engagement with a mobile app
  • 88% of participants have got rich experience with an event app
  • 91% of event organizer have increased ROI with a mobile app
  • 42% increase in social media impression with an event app

All these statistics indicate one thing. You need to invest in event application.

Desirable Features Of Event Mobile App

For developing Event Management Application, you need to have an idea of its features.

In this section, we will discuss the desirable features that you should have in event apps.

Event Feed

Event Feed is one of the prime features of an app. It displays the list of events that will happen with its respective city. The user can check this and get updated about the date & time.

With the help of this feature, the user can also identify the location of the venue. You can also integrate the map into this feature. It will help you to enhance the user experience, for sure.

Besides that, you can also give the contact details of local transportation. It will help the user to reach a venue in a matter of minutes. So, start working on this feature as soon as possible.

Buying Online Tickets

Buy Online Ticket

Any Event Management System should incorporate this feature. Corporate events require people to buy tickets. So, if you can provide this feature, it will be highly beneficial for you.

You should also provide them with a registration feature. It will make the job of the user very easy. He/She will be to able to buy the pass and register themselves at the same time.

Conference Agenda & Speaker Intro

The Best Event App includes this feature. Most of the times, people want to check the conference agenda. After knowing that and speaker intro, people will join your event.

You can also provide the itinerary of the event along with the speaker. It will help the users to decide which session to attend. He/She can plan for the event in advance. So, work on that thing.

Aesthetic User Interface

User Interface is an essential feature of any mobile app. The same applies to the case Online Event Management System. You should provide your users with a UX that is easy to navigate.

Besides that, the design should be lucrative. It should give a feel of comfort to the users. If that’s the case, then you will be able to build a brand among the audience. So, follow that roadmap.

High Interactiveness

There are two significant players in the domain of the event app. First is communication, and the second is interactiveness. The app should allow users to have their say during the conference.

You can also give a chance to your audience for communication with the speaker. He/She should be able to ask a question and get it solved. It will give your application a massive boost.

Engaging Content

If you’re building an app for your business, you want it to be viral. That’s where the content plays an integral role. If your app has engaging content, then you will be to attract more people.

You can make use of podcast and live videos. PDF and Docs format can also help you out in this aspect. To Find More Information, you can contact your app developer. They will guide you.

Social Media Integration

Nowadays, any mobile app will be incomplete without the use of social media integration. It provides you with a way to promote your app. So, why not make an effort to include this feature.

Feedbacks & Analytics

Feedbacks and Analytics are such an essential part of the event management mobile app. Asking your users to give feedback will help you to improve apps. You can also know its best features.

Analytics is also a great feature to provide. It will help give users plenty of amazing insights.

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Top Event Management Apps

In the previous section, we have made a list of features that should be present in any event mobile app. In this section, we will look at some of the Best Event Management Apps.


Eventbrite Mobile App

It’s one of the most popular event mobile application. Right from small meetup to large concerts, it can work very well. The system comes with an option of customization.

The app allows you to set up reminders and emails to the users. Some organizers believe that Eventbrite charges a lot of money. But, the value that it brings to the table is immense.


Whova Mobile Application

There are many event mobile apps available in the market. But, most of them focus on providing specific functionality. Whova is one app that focuses on becoming a one-stop solution.

It’s an all-in-one event management software. With the help of this app, the user will be able to manage their events seamlessly. The app is highly flexible, and therefore, it can adjust easily.


DoubleDutch Event Mobile App

DoubleDutch is one of the most innovative Event Management Apps. The USP of this app is its ability to classify participants. It focuses on creating a one-to-one relationship with the users.

There is also an in-built social media integration feature. With the help of this platform, you will be able to market your event in a better manner. It will help you all to maximize your revenue.


Eventzilla Organizer Mobile App

In any Event App, the hardest thing for the audience is the registration process. That’s where Eventzilla is different. It helps you to automate the registration process.

For using this app, you don’t need any technical knowledge. The dashboard set up process is straightforward. There is a lot of option for customization as well. Overall, it is an excellent app for people.


Cvent Mobile App

Cvent is one of the useful event apps to have arrived in the last few years. It provides software and service for any event. The USP of this app is the venue search feature.

But, this option is limited to hotels only. The app works best in a scenario where cost is not a big concern. It provides comprehensive features. The only drawback of the app is its complexity.

Ways Mobile App Makes The Event Successful

Option To Book, Buy & Compare Ticket

One of the core features of Social Event Planning App is ticket booking. With the help of a mobile app, users can book, buy & compare the ticket with ease. It’s a convenient feature.

It will also allow the users to find out the nearby events. So, a mobile app can club three physical tasks into one feature. That’s why there is a possibility that your event becomes successful.

Allows Filtering Category, Location & Cost

One of the reasons to Create Event App is to allow users to set their preferences. With the help of the filter feature, the user can classify the category, location & cost of the various events.

The user should be able to select the location of his/her choice. Based on that, they can plan their event for participating. Mobile apps can make life easier for users. So, start working on that.

Offering Discount, Deals & Coupons

It’s a feature that you should not miss out. Discount, Deals, and Coupons provide you with a way to market your products. It will also help you to extend your reach among the audience.

Any discount can attract the user to use your application. In this manner, the download of your event app will also increase. Therefore, all in all, you should have a decent mobile app.

24*7 Engagement

24*7 User Engagement

If you have got a mobile app for the event, then it will help you to create an opportunity for more engagements. You can connect with your customers at any time and from any location as well.

Building a good relationship is a vital cog in your business success. That’s where a mobile app can become your stepping stone. It provides you with a platform to be among your audience.

Boost The Brand

Building a brand is perhaps the toughest thing for any business, especially for a newbie. That’s where mobile apps can be your best mate. It will help you all to build a loyal customer base.

Besides that, there will be a massive increment in terms of visibility. All these factors contribute to building a strong brand. A mobile app is a great way to know the customer’s interest as well.

Collecting Customer Behavior Data

For any business, knowing their customers is a critical aspect. That’s where a mobile app can be a great asset. It will help you to get feedback about the app. From that, you can know customers.

You will be able to identify their behavior pattern. All these analyses come handy when you’re looking to generate a lead for the business. With the help of an app, this task gets more comfortable.

Offers User-Friendly Schedules

Whenever the user is looking to attend any event, he/she will analyze the sessions. They will also see the name of the keynote speaker. Based on that survey, they plan their day for the event.

That’s where mobile app for the event can be a handful for the people. They can check the schedule on mobile with ease. So, before leaving for an event, they can plan their day very well.

Social Media Can Increase User Base

Any event management app will come with social media integration facility. That means the mobile app will allow you to reach out to more people. It will prove beneficial.

Social media will help you to market your app in the best possible manner. People are using social media daily. So, visibility will be immense. Take advantage of this fact now.

Sponsorship Will Help You To Earn Money

For any event, sponsorship is a massive thing. If you want to organize a large scale event, you will need active sponsors. Without having them, pulling off such a complex task will not be easy.

Now, if you want to bring in the sponsor, you need to showcase the product. That’s where the mobile app is vital. It will help to advertise sponsorship banners, which will prove beneficial.

Save Cost With Paperless Approach

If you traditionally organize the event, then you need to use a lot of paper. It may be for advertising, canvassing, promotion, etc. That’s where an event app can be a game changer.

It will help you to be paperless, which can save a lot of money. You will get a lot of time to work on other essential tasks. So, why not make an effort to move towards this thing, right now.

Instant Updates To Participants

When it comes to instant updates, there is no better way than the mobile application. With the help of push notifications, you can send alerts to the participants. It will help them a lot in events.

With the constant updates, the attendee can get aware of their schedule. So, they don’t need to remember everything. If they can download the app once, it will make their job easier than ever.

Private Social Network

An event is an opportunity for the people to connect with the like-minded audience. That’s where the event mobile app can be a blessing in disguise. It will help you to establish a private network.

With the help of this private social network, people can meet each other via the app. They can also exchange their ideas & enhance their knowledge base. That’s why you should create an app.


Nowadays, when a lot of events is happening around the world, it becomes important for all the business owners to have an idea of event applications. It will help them to ease out their tasks.

Taking this scenario into perspective, here we have tried to provide you with a list of various ways through which a mobile app can make a real impact in the event industry.

We hope that this article will help the firm who provides Mobile App Development Services in NYC. It will also help them to create the event management app in a better way.

If you have any questions or suggestions related to this blog, then feel free to ask them in the comment section.

Thank You.!


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