9 Of The Most Influencing App Development Cost Factors

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As per recent estimates, there are about 204Bn mobile apps downloads globally. That’s why it becomes necessary to know the most influencing App Development Cost Factors.

The reason behind the upliftment of mobile application development is various factors. But before looking at the various factors, let’s see why are mobile apps so popular:

  • Goods, products, services are all at fingertips
  • Saves a lot of time and money as compared to the traditional approach
  • Easy to carry
  • Quick and efficient service

Developing mobile apps requires meticulous research about a particular idea. You have an idea, but transforming them into a virtual platform requires a top-notch mobile app development company.

Let’s have a quick look at the most influencing App Development Cost Factors:

1) Platform

The platform becomes an important and primary App Development Cost Factors.

If you are a startup company with limited capital, then the budget becomes a primary factor for app owners.

And for that, you need research on which platform has more users. There are more Android users than iOS users.

Looking at the above image, a company with hefty capital can plan for building an application for both the platforms.

Apart from Android and iOS, virtual assistants, messaging, IoT products, and even cognitive technology platforms should be considered.

The above platforms are also vital as it can also affect app development cost.

2) Functions and Features

The functions and features are important in the application. Application without feature would not sustain long in the market. And building these features requires an answer to several questions such as:

  • What niche are you targeting to build?
  • What specific feature will stand out the application different from others?
  • Which service are you planning to deliver?

The above questions need to be answered before planning for app development. The answers will decide the price to make an app.

It is very obvious the more the features, the higher the price. Basically, it will attract a handsome amount of budget to create a tailor-made application.

In simple words, an informative application will be affordable as compared to the data management system app.

Also, if you want an app to include animations, 3D objects, or complex visuals, then it can hamper a limited budget.

3) Hosting

App hosting is an important step because that makes it live for the general public to download.

Hosting an app is also part of App Development Cost Factors, which is a vital investment from the viewpoint of business owners.

Selecting the best hosting platform would satisfy the following parameters:

  • Bandwidth per user,
  • Backend API request,
  • Bandwidth per MAU

The above are the parameters that will help you choose the right hosting platform.

Also, select the best hosting platform that can help you in upgrading and receiving a good amount of traffic.

If you opt for shared hosting, then it will be pocket-friendly as compared to dedicated server hosting.

4) Maintenance

The app update is mandatory as it reminds the regular user that the app has constant changes in favor of its users. App update brings new features that require additional budget.

Additionally, you have to discuss with your developers about the approximate budget for the backend support and maintenance.

5) Third-Party App Integration

There are additional integrations that need to be done while developing an application.

For example, location requires GPS, social media requires widgets, analytics requires MixPanel, and e-commerce requires payment gateway service.

Third-party integration is also one of the major factors influencing app development cost.

Whatever application you build, it will require third-party integration, and that is the reason you have to keep in mind the cost for third-party integration.

6) Native Vs. Cross-Platform

When you want to build an application for both Android and iOS, then it’s better to go for cross-platform app development as it not only saves engineering time but also cost.

Also, it is not always beneficial in developing cross-platform applications. If you want to build an app with features like augmented reality or more advanced technology, then the native application is suggestable.

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7) Company Vs. Freelancer

You have a plan in your mind. The only requirement is someone who can transform your idea into a virtual platform.

There are two ways to convert your idea into a platform, either by hiring a freelancer or a company.

But, before deciding on whom to hire, you need to understand the importance and reliability of both parties.

Freelancer would be a professional who will craft an application as per your requirement. There are pros and cons of a freelancer which you should understand before planning:

Pros of Freelancer:

  • Affordable
  • Maximum Flexibility
  • Less Overhead
  • Independent

Cons of Freelancer:

  • No Interpersonal Interaction
  • Lack of idea about Technical Expertise
  • No Guarantee about Productivity
  • Support and Maintenance not guaranteed

Now, let’s have a look at the benefits of hiring a company:

Pros of Company:

  • Professional Team of Experts
  • Dedicated Team for Tasks
  • Quality work
  • Affordable
  • Support & Maintenance post app launched

Also, see the disadvantages of a company.

Cons of Company:

  • Possible of conflict between the ideas
  • Limited Talent
  • Takes time in Building
  • Difficult in selecting

You can hire a professional expert and reap all the benefits of the company.

8) UI/UX Design

You can call design as one of the factors that can garner the eyeballs. If the design is intuitive and eye-holding, then it will surely attract the customer.

It can be anything that can be interesting for your customer, be it service, animation, icon, color combination, and many more things.

It is your duty to understand the target audience and build an application according to it. Suppose, you’re building a Messaging Application Like Telegram, then UI/UX becomes a critical aspect.

User experience and user interface act as two pillars behind the success/failure of the application. You never know what might go against you or what might be in your favor.

Here, the cost can differ if the UI/UX is simple, and for the complex projects, there will be different. But, it is confirmed that there will be a sum assured to invest in the development of the application.

9) Security

The acceptance of the application in the market includes several factors, and one of the factors includes security. Application Security Issues are giving sleepless nights to business owners.

Users trust the application as it will not leak the data and information. Any glitch or data leakage from the application side would be a massive hit on their business.

The vital information that a user gives access to should be stored in the application securely. And that is the reason an app owner has to seriously follow the rules and regulations made by cybersecurity before building an application.

Security is also a major factor that costs too much, and that should be a top priority in the list while calculating the budget of app development.

Last Words…

App Development Cost Factors need to be utilized appropriately. Right from the hiring to providing support post app launched, everything is dependent on the cost. You have to manage everything in your budget.

Various decisive factors are vital for app development, which includes platforms, features & functions, security, maintenance, and many more things that require special attention.

Also, the major part that comes in the picture is the launch of an application, as that also requires a certain amount to release on a specific platform.

Next time, while using an application, think of the cost that an app owner might have invested in delivering the effective service to you.


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