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Is it possible to have a specific personal contact or do we have to mail/talk with different persons?

Yes, your project will be assigned to a specified team and persons. You will be in touch with 2-3 people from the team. They are Marketing executive who will assist you with payments & other such things, Project Manager or Project Coordinator who will be managing and responsible for delivery of your project, The developers who will be working on your project. Normally you are in communication with Marketing and Project management team but you can’t be in direct touch with development team or developers working on your project. Also, we have centralized project management system in our work process and we manage all our communication related to project with our client right on PMS. So if there is any message or feedback or any instruction you just need to put it in PMS and development will automatically get it. When development team has any updates or message for you, they will put the message in PMS and you will get the notification for an update in PMS in your email inbox.

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