Few To-Dos While Estimating for Your Mobile App Development

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Whatever you plan, whether a birthday party or a farewell function, two things always strike your mind:

  • The budget you can spend.
  • Estimation of expenditure for the event.

Similarly, any individual who hanker after mobile applications, the question “How much will it cost for the development of the app?” will always top in his/her mind.

Do you know what factors you need to consider while estimating the cost of developing an app?

If no then let us nosedive into the factors first that would help to estimate the cost for your mobile application.

And if it’s yes, then let the knowledge be brushed up and updated.

1.Size Matters:

You may have heard the famous saying,

“Size matters, nobody wants a small cup of coffee.”

With size, the scope of the product comes into picture which needs to be accessed very carefully.

Before all these aspects, the main thing is in which category your app is falling into:

A)Small App- one platform, fewer screens and have limited functionalities. Example: weather apps

For Instance: If Application development time is 100 hours.

Country Rate/Hour Total Cost(Approx. As per 100 hours)
India $15 $1500
USA $150 $15000
Australia AUD 150 AUD 15000
Europe €130 ECU 13000
New Zealand NZD 160 NZD 16000
Doha QAR 90 QAR 9000
Russia RUB 130 RUB 13000


B)Medium App-either one platform or two platforms, fewer complex functionalities and user flows. Example: Any Real Estate App.

For Instance, if Application Development time is 300 hours

Country Rate/Hour Total Cost(Approx. As per 300 hours)
India $20-25 $6000-7500
USA $150-$165 $15000-49500
Australia AUD 150-165 AUD 15000-49500
Europe €130-145 ECU 13000-43500
New Zealand NZD 160-175 NZD 16000-52500
Doha QAR 90-120 QAR 9000-36000
Russia RUB 130-145 RUB 13000-43500


C)Large App- Complex, lot of coding and features. Example: Uber

For instance, if the application time required is 600 Hours.

Country Rate/Hour Total Cost(Approx. As per 600 hours)
India $30-35 $18000-21000
USA $165-$180 $49500-108000
Australia AUD 165-180 AUD 49500-108000
Europe €145-160 ECU 87000-96000
New Zealand NZD 175-190 NZD 105000-114000
Doha QAR 120-150 QAR 72000-90000
Russia RUB 145-160 RUB 87000-96000


Few points that you need to know in association with costing. The cost varies as per the scope of the application. The range has factors like:

A) User flows, functions/features: This point is important when you tell about the functionalities/features you want in your app. While listing all these functionalities, the requirements for having these features in your app would contain and thus the cost may vary.

B) Platforms/Devices: A specific question that you should ask the mobile app development company is regarding the use of multiple platforms. Now, with these two critical points that you need to jot down:

  • The type of devices you want your app to run on.
  • The compatibility to support older versions of OS with the new releases.

C) Backend:

To make it simple, let me break this section into:

  • Infrastructure
  • 3rd party service integration
  • Content Management Systems
  • Existing Vs. Custom Built
  • Technologies

Let us stroll through these topics one by one.


A website is a lot like an iceberg. We can see the top of the water, but the reality is that it lies 100 feet deep inside the water.

A backend can be said the portion of a website which is not visible to you. Since backend is also known as server-side, it ensures that everything is going smoothly on the client-side.

The backend is responsible for storing and managing the data.

How does it work?

Imagine you are booking a flight ticket on a website. Here is where you submit the date, source, and destination.

After that, you have the list of flights with their timings, the number of stops(though you can filter your search) and price as per the selected class. Later in the process of booking once you choose your flight.

Now in this process, the backend is communicating with the front-end where it is sending and receiving information which you have to display as a web page.

Your backend will be processing this information received from the front-end as a code and will output the result according to the report in the database.

2.Third Party Service Integration:

There are many third-party service integration as per the business requirements:

A)For Consumers: This category is basically for enhancing the consumer’s experience on your website.

i) Payments: There are various services like payment through debit cards, paytm, PayPal, Google Checkout, and so on.

ii) Recommendations and auto options: Many vendors offer auto-fill information and also provide suggestions as per the criteria the customer is searching or has shown desire. They also offer type-ahead search. It is basically to generate more leads and increase the number of sales.

III) Visualization Tools and other features: Imaging your product, its 360 degrees visualization, live videos, animations, consumer blogs, feedback forms, etc. are all features that can you can add to your site.

B) For Measuring Performance:

These are basically for measuring the performance of the site and monitors customer transaction.

i) BI and Web Analytics are basically for the sales funnel where you need to optimize the performance of your site. Some clicks, actions taken by the consumers, etc.

ii) Email Marketing is another application that can be integrated for marketing and reaching out to your esteemed customers.

iii) POS: Point of Sale (POS) helps you to know about your sales over multiple stores all over the world. It also integrates offline sales with your online sales.


iv) Performance metrics: Page load speed, load balancing across servers, etc. are the metrics that perform your site. These metrics are essential and you should integreate that into your site.

C) Managing business operations: One of the primary functions that one should integrate in their e-commerce website for the smooth functioning of the site.

i) Accounting Applications: Transactions are required to be carried out smoothly in combination with your e-commerce site. Thus the accounting software should be working fantabulously in conjunction with your website.


ii) Customer Relationship Management: Grouping of your customers, and tracking them for sales, services and feedback.

iii) Supply-chain Management: Managing all the flow of goods right from their origin to destination to the customer most appropriately and properly through planning, controlling and executing the product’s flow.


According to a blog by ClearBridge mobile applications, the reason why mobile CMS is important is that as an owner of your site, you want to provide your customers with optimal experience as per the requirements and contents of mobile content delivery.

4.Existing Vs. Custom Built:

There are two options with you:

1.Built an app from the scratch which is costly

Optimize your current mobile app which is less expensive but affects the overall performance depending on certain restrictions and functionalities.

5. Technologies:

One of the major factors while determining the cost breakdown of your app is technologies. The techniques included in your app is the main factor that your app is working.

The more requirement to have technologies, the more complex to implement them, the greater the project scope and thus it all sums up to increase the mobile app development cost.

What kind of technologies you’re expecting to add in your app?

Barcode Scanning Application:

Geo-Location E-commerce Integration:



2. Mobile App Development Firms:

Talking in simple terms, you as an individual have three options to build your app with:
1. Large Firms/Big Firms
2. Specialized Firms/Boutique Firms
3. Independent Developers
4.Off-shore Firms

Let us dive in details

1. Large Firms/Big Firms:

As Thomas Pogge quoted,

“Large companies are very good at solving extremely complex problems in a globally optimal way.”

It indicates the efficiency of the problem-solving skills of the firms.

The services that are offered by these firms are a secondary service in case of mobile application development to other core functionalities of business.

They plan to offer these services with a handsome amount of technologies.
If you opt for large firms, the benefits that you get to taste are:

  • Expertise in consultation and product strategy
  • Experience a strong team of developers with a strong technical base and expertise.
  • Often opts for agile development though this is not the case always.

As every coin has two sides, these firms have few cons. The problems which you might face:

  • They lack the flexibility required for client needs.
  • They lack in responsiveness- they fail to maintain the client needs of communicating for further assistance after the project. They don’t respond quickly.
  • If there are few time-sensitive projects, then they are unable to pace up quickly.
  • If the project for them are from small firms or not that interesting to them, then you will get less attention as compared to working with smaller firms.

About the charges, yes, as the name is big, so its charges are huge.

2.Specialized Firms/Boutique Firms:

Firms which fall under this category are specialized or offers services only on mobile development rather than providing it as secondary service. Few small firms are partially in this category if they provide mobile application development as ancillary but have same specialization as their primary service.

The tactics that these companies follow are:

  • An Agile Development Methodology
  • They have more focus on product strategy and UX/UI design.
  • These firmr are expert in mobile application development, have strong technical expertise with brief platform knowledge.

Now, you will feel I am boasting, but the companies which fall under this category have the following capabilities:

  • They have a broad range of quality in their work.
  • They have platform specific technical expertise.
  • Platform-specific experience.
  • Proven ability to deliver within time constraints.
  • Project Complexity.

Well if you still doubt these advantages, do some research like:

  • Past clients
  • Past Projects
  • Experience with the platform and their technical expertise.
  • Team size.
  • The complexity of the projects they have delivered.

3.Independent Developers:

We are in the age of mobiles. As the quote states,

“ The phone is where the heart is.”

The increasing demand for mobile applications gave rise to numerous talented developers on various platforms.

An independent developer has the following capability:

  • Strong Technical Skills.
  • Significantly cheaper

Independent developers are freelancers who either work in a company and do freelancing as part-time or are full-time freelancers.

But one point to worry is about the gaps if you outsource app development to an independent developer. They affect the quality as a whole of your product.

The gaps that you might experience are as follows:

  • Proficiency in UX/UI design
  • Product strategy/discovery
  • User and market research
  • Platform specialization they are specialized only in one platform. (Depends)
  • Since he is an independent player, the problem is he might be unable to fill knowledge gap or experience specific expertise that he could if in a team.

4.Off-Shore Firms:

If there are budget issues, then the decision of outsourcing the project to off-shore firms comes into the picture. For that purpose, you can hire an App Developer in India from any firm. Usually, these firms are cheaper.

But with being cost-effective, many other problems are welcomed. One of the biggest problems is the time difference due to which communication can hamper at a certain stage.

Another point that needs attention is cultural understanding for targeting markets outside their region.

Point to remember:

Since every organization has its goal defined and requirements recorded, selection of a firm for outsourcing mobile application development projects should be revolving around the organizational needs.

Some points mentioned above can be ignored at the first stage while opting for a company as these entirely depends on the situation.

Some factors that you have to consider like your budget, expectations, whether the organization you are outsourcing is willing to take up the challenge and your competition in the market,

3.Other costs beyond the Development of the App:

So now you can say that you have an answer to the question “How much an app will cost?”But do you have the answer to the question “What about the post-app procedure? How much will it cost? What you have to do? Whom should I contact on any queries regarding the app?”

I bet you don’t as many firms don’t talk about this aspect at an early stage.
The following are the critical aspect that needs consideration post development:

  • Marketing
  • Involvement of the team
  • Maintenance and upgrades.

Let’s explore each one of them in details.

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Why do you want to develop an application of your business? Since this question has answers like to have higher revenue, profit margin, a large number of downloads, etc., then you need to include marketing as a process of development.

Thus, in other words, you can say that marketing is an integral part of mobile app development. When we say that the app should be famous, hit in the market, it means you need a lot of marketing for the same.

But failure is due to a lot of reasons if you want to account:

  • Lack of product definition
  • Market Viability
  • Lack of clear business
  • Monetization
  • Wrong Marketing Strategy
  • Lack of an effective plan

If you want that your app should grow in the market, then you need to have a strong marketing base in this highly competitive market. It is possible if you can promote your app the best possible way to taste success.

Typically, firms practice marketing as an afterthought. The ideal way is to involve marketing tactics as a process in development.

Few ideal ways can be:

  • A pre-launch campaign of your product
  • A Teaser of your product
  • Social media advertising
  • Press Releases
  • Blog content
  • Website pages
  • Early Sign-up pages for the product

I know budget matters a lot, but whatever decision you take for your app will affect its popularity in the long run. Therefore involve your marketing team in the early discussions.

The budget for marketing should include the two essential factors:


Since your app acts as a mascot for your brand, you need to prepare for the challenges.

2. Involvement of the Team:

Since you have an idea about your business and the size of the organization, your target audience and your goal of why you need to develop an application, you have to pin down the budget for sustaining and supporting your app.

It may vary as per the organization whether it’s a large established firm or a start-up. But, the internal efforts are equal, and thus the costs need to be accounted for before deciding your overall budget.

Do you know that development is just a part of the larger area? As there is a difference between different technical components, there is an equal need for involvement across internal teams for the app to be successful.

While speaking about integration with other services, two critical roles in development are:

  • IT
  • Engineering

These two key factors ensure the functionality of the system.
Always remember, even if you have chosen a mobile app development Company externally, people from your team should be involved in the process.

Since we are dealing with post-development costs, the critical point to jot down is how you plan to boost the growth and user acquisition for your app while marketing it.

The key-success depends on the following factors:

  • Nature of the app
  • Goal and features
  • Cross-departmental efforts.
  • Coordination

3. Maintenance and upgrades:

You might have seen apps are always open to updates with new functionalities. Therefore you can say that no app is 100% perfect.

Keeping these things in mind, your app should have the budget of upgrading it from time to time as per the requirements and also should include a budget for fixing bugs within the code.

It  is one of the critical steps in app development for maintaining sustainable growth in the market.

We know the ballooning user demands which will have no look back ever. Therefore with this mentality, we need to sustain in the market with a firm base.

To have a good reputation in the market for your brand, your app needs to be always updated. You can’t say a user in this advancement of the mobile technology world to buy it and then move on.

If you can have a continuous delivery approach, the following advantages kiss your feet:

  • Meet the demands of the customer
  • Drive the direction of the product
  • Monitor the performance
  • Assess the app’s performance
  • Improve app performance
  • Plan for new features

Few budgeting issues occur due to overlooking a few aspects. These issues are correctly mentioned in a blog by Britt Armour.

  • Ignoring backend development/infrastructure needs
  • Taking a completely wrong turn when stuck between the difference between apps and websites.
  • Failing to consider the cross-department involvement required for delivery and ongoing success
  • No plan for the budget for marketing. Thus, lack of knowledge to the customers regarding your app.
  • Lack of a plan regarding updates to meet the demands of the customer after the initial launch.

Few risks a have to be known:

  • Oversights
  • Mitigating risks
  • Evaluation of ROI
  • Flexibility during any modifications.

To avoid these risks, you may desire to prepare a framework that would allow you to sustain and improve your product in conjunction with the mobile strategy as a whole.


You can say that developing an app for your business is just like a long-term investment which will pay off if everything goes well and in the right place.

Therefore it’s necessary to select a proper App Development Company in the USA who will guide you towards the entire process and can give you expert technical advice regarding your app to meet your business objectives and goals.

Disclaimer: We at eSparkBiz Technologies have created this blog with all the consideration and utmost care. We always strive for excellence in each of our blog posts and for that purpose, we ensure that all the information written in the blog is complete, correct, comprehensible, accurate and up-to-date. However, we can’t always guarantee that the information written in the blog correct, accurate or up-to-date. Therefore, we always advise our valuable readers not to take any kind of decisions based on the information as well as the views shared by our authors. The readers should always conduct an in-depth research before making the final decision. In addition to these, all the logos, 3rd part trademarks and screenshots of websites & mobile apps are the property of the individual owners. We’re not associated with any of them.

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Chintan Gor

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