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Project Background

Everyone Needs a Tune-up.

Actions Fitness is a platform intending to allow clients easy access to a quick fitness session without having to hit the gym.

Being a minimalist fitness app, it is a hub of carefully planned, designed, & catered workout flows that you can use to base your workout. So you can stay on top of your fitness goals at any time.

Commitments of the trainers to the physical activity are displayed in their posts. These sure-shot workout routines inspire the clients to do more and make the healthy workout their habit. Comprising categorized intense exercises & workflows, it is a special program that can be personalized by the user as per their workout levels. So motivate to move fit.

iOS, Android & Web
Health & Fitness, Lifestyle
Washington, US

Business Problem

The health and fitness industry rapidly adapted to the online world with the world-changing scenarios. And came up with innumerable, innovative tech-led solutions to keep serving the fitness fanatics.

Amidst the hordes of apps, we had to build a fitness app that is simple and distinct without losing 'Stay Fit at your convenience' as its core. Also, it had to be exclusive, efficient, & functional having a plethora of workout sets to personalize your regime.

Herein, the idea of convenience was more important. The app must assist the user to understand & create a workout flow that suits them from not just one or two trainers but many of them. And make them stay healthy from anywhere without requiring any machines & equipment.

To establish a fitness or training platform, the system must be user-friendly for people of all ages. The platform should be simple to use, with the emphasized features that you are offering.

Why eSparkBiz

  • eSparkBiz strives to harness the power of technology, a brilliant idea, and innovation. And produce tech-led solutions that help clients succeed on every front.
  • Creating simple products is a challenge that rightfully sets with our experience and skills. Hence, justified it with the right kind of technology and features resulting in Action Fitness, a one-of-its-kind app.
  • We have world-class domain experts who made this project possible with their in-depth experience and industry knowledge.
  • Known to produce user-centric products, eSparkBiz does not compromise on quality for any reason. Hence, this Fitness App consists of all the elements that attract & sustain the users with a remarkable user experience.
  • With the app that we make, the business gets to serve its clients with value-based services & reach the pinnacle of success.

App Snapshots

30+ Screens Consumer App
40+ Screens Trainer App

Web Snapshots

Key Features

Go Live

The live streaming feature allows trainers to conduct live sessions of their workout. So the clients can connect with their favorite trainers in real-time & be inspired.

Create Workout Flows

The app does not limit the user to a handful of trainers. So they can compile a personalized workout routine from a vast pool of trainers’ posts for better results.

Create Interval Timers

Knowing that everyone has a different necessity of having breaks while they sweat, the app provides interval timers that you can set as per your need.

Post Contents

The trainers can post unlimited content of their comprehensive workout routines as images, videos, and instructions.

Chat and Connect

The most necessary feature is to be able to connect with your trainer. This need to communicate is taken care of by the chat facility in the app.

Become a Fan or a Client

If you like the workout routine of a trainer, you can become their fan for direct access to their content. If you are motivated by the principles of the trainer along with their workflows, then you can even become their client for more insightful content.

Key Challenges

Customer Satisfaction

An app is a failure if it misses gaining customer satisfaction. Prioritizing that, we designed the app with a simple, interactive UI that is easy to use by people of all ages.


Complex features irritate the users compelling them to shift to another app. To avoid that, we kept features functional & user-friendly resulting in a seamless performance for high UX.

User needs

An app must meet the specific needs of its users. By understanding the provided details of the client, the app suggests the workout flows & even allows them to customize their workout routines to yield the best results.


Being an app, data and information security are mandatory. With our years of expertise, we insured the app with the latest security features to make it reliable & succeed with trust.

Key Results

The efforts resulted in a fully functional, sophisticated app that focuses on just the right things that you need to enrich your workout routines.

The simple & appealing UI attracts more users to connect & collaborate with common fitness goals.

Packed with high-quality workout content from the experts helps the clients to choose their best fits. And stay motivated on their path to a healthy lifestyle.

The app features like customizable workout flow, interval timers, chat, Live streaming from the trainers, etc. are simplistic making it convenient to stay fit at any time and anywhere.

50%Promotes healthy workout regimes with easy access
20%Time-saving & Cost-efficient
30%Creating a community of fitness enthusiasts

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