GPS Vs. Beacons Vs. WiFi: Location Identifier Mobile App Development

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We always search for nearby cafes, movie theaters, or doctors on the internet. The results are more than satisfactory for most of the time, provided your device can switch the Location. Your smartphone has embedded GPS chip which when enabled tracks your location based on the coordinate axis there. A web application or mobile app development like Google Maps then maps that information on real-world maps, showing exactly where you are.

A GPS device needs a continuous link to one or more satellites, in clear sky, to enable its action. That means GPS functionality tends to suffer in indoor conditions or on a cloudy evening.

Mobile applications these days require a location to enhance personalization and make the user experience more relevant. Therefore mobile application developers are using various new and old technologies to ensure that the place is available for their apps all the time, whether the device is indoors, outdoors, or it’s pouring like there is no tomorrow.

A comparatively new technology Beacon is known as the “GPS of indoor spaces” because of its precise-to-millimeters location accuracy. The usage of Beacon technology is considerably lower as compared to other location-detection technologies like GPS, Wi-Fi, and RFID, but it is escalating with an increase in its business value.

To improve GPS location, we have been using Wi-Fi for a long time now. The current position of a device related to the closest Wi-Fi hotspot leads to a calibrated position even on a cloudy day or in a partially closed space.

Let’s compare GPS, Wi-Fi and Beacon technology and conclude which one a mobile developer should use in their application for the most reliable, precise location detection.

In this article, we have discussed the different location-based technologies popularly used nowadays for perfect location identifier for mobile apps development. It becomes necessary to select the right technology based on the precise need of your business to gain true technology benefits.



GPS tracking system for mobile is an essential factor of any outdoor location detection system in the world. GPS controls everything from bus map navigation system to local search system. There are several benefits of this popular technology as there is no constraint of range.

Here’s a List of Some benefits:

  • More than showing information of location, it provides voice guidelines to give driving instruction
  • Know your location in real time, tracking device, and much more useful information.
  • With specific search criteria, your GPS tracking app delivers your users complete information based on their search.
  • For traveling, transportation and cab services as well as other services based on location, GPS applications give businesses efficient outputs with even improved customer services.
  • Satellite tracking services offered by GPS are beneficial for a gamut of personal and commercial applications.
  • It is an excellent choice for the outdoor environment and also where location/distance/traffic and other information is required.

But the disadvantage of this service is.

It consumes more power. Therefore, you need to frequently charge the device which affects the battery life of the device.

The future scope of Geo-location :

The next generation apps avail scope of Geo-location to give virtual tours. Businesses can gain advantages of GPS based app to proffer their customers virtual experience for navigating their services and products.

In the latest development of Apple’s iBeacon technology which is location, sensing helps in offering unmatched advantages to shoppers and customers with unprecedented possibilities.

Pen down this.

By using the geo-location technology in the right way, businesses can offer more efficient, quick, personalized and advanced services to their customers and gain profitable outcome for fast growth.


1. Location: GPS tracking app provides you with a simple way to reach your location. Establishing your coordinates with a GPS is more straightforward than trying to determine where you are with a map.

2. Navigation: GPS devices make navigation easy and provide a distance to a preset location. When using GPS-based maps, you can also see and navigate according to terrain features.

3. Functions: In addition to GPS navigation, many units include such tasks as barometric altimeters, an electronic compass, and watch, allowing you to wrap several devices into one.

4. Other Features: In addition to GPS navigation, many units include such functions as barometric altimeters, an electronic compass, and watch, allowing you to wrap several devices into one.


1. System Issues: Since GPS devices depend on satellites, they are not ideally suited for outdoor use. Interference from caves, dense foliage, and deep slot canyons can interfere with communication when you need it the most.
2. Reliability: Like any other electronic device, GPS units can stop working due to dead batteries.


Wi-Fi technology wasn’t for detecting the locations. It was presumed to be a failure in its initial years.

When Intel made it a standard across its entire range of laptops, the adoption rate rose exponentially. Educational campuses turn into adopters and with Wi-Fi routers in increased production and costs falling, Wi-Fi locator app turned into a global phenomenon.


People use WiFi in offices, business centers, public places that enable users to connect to networks using some security measurements including username and passwords.

Based on the capability of the network, it provides connectivity to its users. Including new startups and big industries, it becomes mostly used by businesses to offer improved services to customers. It does not require any app to use.

Any device can use WiFi networking and become accessible widely.

Requirement: It requires authentication before connecting to the network as well as it becomes not a good option for context-aware messaging.

Usage: It is useful for indoor places as well as to utilize or share data on different devices.

How does the app developer look at it?

If you live in a well-inhabited neighborhood, finding 10-20 hotspots on your smartphone screen is not surprising anymore. Wi-Fi is so common these days that app developer assumes that Wi-Fi hotspots will always surround a user.


1. Increased efficiency: Improvements in data communications lead to faster information transfer within businesses and between customers and partners. For example, salespeople can remotely check stock levels and prices while on sales calls.

2. Access and availability: WiFi technology allows the user to communicate while they are moving; you are never out of touch – you do not need extra adaptors to access office networks.

3. Flexibility: Office-based workers can be in touch without sitting at particular computers and can continue to do work while away from the office. It can lead to new styles of working, such as home working or direct access to corporate data while on customer sites.

4. Cost savings: Wireless networks are more comfortable and cheaper to install, especially in modern buildings or where the landowner will not allow the installation of cables.

5. New opportunities: Wireless networking could will enable you to offer new products or services. For example, many airport departure lounges, train stations, hotels, cafes, and restaurants have installed ‘hot spot’ WiFi services to allow mobile users to connect their equipment to their ‘home’ offices while traveling.

Mobile app development services


1. Security: Wireless transmission is prone to attack by unauthorized users by using Wi-Fi hacker App Development service, so you have to pay particular attention to safety. If you want to build a wi-fi hacker app, then Visit This Link.
2. Installation problems: You may experience interference if others in the same building also use wireless technology. It could lead to poor communication or, in extreme cases, complete loss of wireless connection.
3. Coverage: In some buildings, getting consistent coverage can be difficult, leading to ‘black spots’ where the signal isn’t available.
4. Transmission speeds: Wireless transmission may work slowly and less efficiently than ‘wired’ networks. In larger wireless networks, the ‘backbone’ network is wire-based or fiber rather than wireless.

Beacon Technology

Google Eddystone and Apple’s iBeacon are the cornerstones of Beacon technology enabled by Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). You can add this technology to an existing Android or iOS app by using the Beacon as mentioned earlier.

Beacon-TechnologyWorking with the latest version of the iPhone (4S and above) and Android (4.3 and above) phones, it triggers push notifications when visitors enter within a range of a beacon. For tracking specific data of customers, beacon apps are popularly used by restaurants, many shopping malls, retail shops and more.

Beacons are allowed you to.

  • Send customized messages on-site to enhance the shopping experience based on specific criteria such as consumers’ shopping habits, preferences, location, and other details.
  • It enables creating interactive and relevant messaging at the time of purchase helps customers to make their shopping pleasant and fast.
  • For a push notification based on location and power alerts, beacon apps prove to be very useful.

It has increased its reach from just retailer apps and started to be adopted by the small and large sized businesses, today. That’s why Mobile Development Company is giving prime importance to this subject.

Few interests of Beacon :

  • Its benefits also include low battery usage which can help in extending the battery life of the device that we are using.
  • An ideal choice for context-aware messaging.
  • Offers accurate results for proximity detection.
  • Work across different devices and platforms.
  • When you need to develop an app for an indoor environment of your organization or shopping mall you are visiting or hospital you are in or retail hub, the beacon application development becomes a better option for your business.


1. Real-Time Personalization: Today consumers get choice with so many products to choose from and get marketing messages so often that their expectations for the shopping process have soared into the sky.
They want more personalized, more relevant offers and delivers right at the moment when they are buying a particular item.

2. Advanced analytics: Thanks to beacon technology companies you have an opportunity to map customer’s journey and compare items they view to actual purchases. It significantly enhances businesses’ knowledge and gives us material to send personalized campaigns.

3. The synergy between offline and online: ROPO effect and showrooming are common habits of modern consumers, allowing them to find most suitable solutions for them, but these practices drive marketers crazy, because of lack of appropriate tools for measuring and analyzing customer behavior and efficiency of campaigns

4. Building improved Shopping Experience: Imagine that you head to the counter in your favorite coffee shop, and the waitress knows that it’s your tenth purchase there so that you can have your coffee for free. Doesn’t it mean an entirely new era of loyalty programs?

5. Real Multichannel: Multichannel, Cross-channel, Omnichannel so many words, but how about practice?

Cohesive communication across many channels remains a challenge. When you implement beacons integrated with Marketing Automation platform, you can combine mobile, email, social media, dynamic content on the website and interactions with a sales assistant


1. Customers must be educated: Because beacons are still a pioneering solution, customers do not know much about it. Hence, you will need an educational campaign for them to show the benefits of participating in the program.

2. No idea for a mobile app: Beacons do not work without an application, even without a good app that people love, download and use. Without an excellent creative concept and resources to realize it, there is no point in thinking about beacons.

3. Supplies required : Beacons are best, but only if you have funds to invest, mostly in human resources. You need a lot of people who know Marketing Automation and who can create good campaigns.

4. The risk of overdoing it: As with any automation solutions, marketers can take a chance over using data and sending too many and too creepy messages (by creepy we mean ones that make customers feel stalked). Start simple and don’t flood the audience with push notifications.

5. A big group of customers required. You need a huge audience to see the results.


With the advancement of the IoT application development services for mobile apps, it helps businesses not only in improving growth and profits but in terms of offering cost-effective, efficient and satisfactory services to their users. Taking advantage of this topnotch technology helps your business to grow in new horizons with new opportunities and make a good reputation with financial stability.

Hire one of the Best Mobile Application Development Companies having experience in development of beacon applications or GPS application development to develop the right type of location-based mobile application.

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