Complete Guide Of Python Web Development For The Year 2020

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The world’s third most popular programming language Python (as per TIOBE survey) is all set to reach the most coveted Number One position in the coming months. Today, we’re going to provide you with a Guide Of Python Web Development.

It is a General-purpose programming language. There are more than 8 million users of this language all over the globe. This language is breaking all the records of popularity these days.

1. Introduction To Python Programming Language

Python was developed as a successor to the ABC language in the late 1980s. Guido van Rossum was the creator of this language. It was first released in the year 1991.

It was Google which brought this language into the notice of people when it used this language to empower some of its major projects like Youtube.

The Complete Guide Of Python Web Development will allow you to explore the world of Python in detail, without a pinch of a doubt.!

Many Giants have started using Python such as:

  • Instagram,
  • Dropbox,
  • Yahoo,
  • Reddit,
  • Spotify
  • Netflix
  • NASA
  • PayPal and many more.

There is a massive demand for Python Web Development Company in recent times and one of the main reasons behind it is it’s easy to use and learn.

2. What is Python?

As per its official web site, ‘Python is an interpreted, object-oriented, high-level programming language with dynamic semantics.’ Wait!

What does it mean? Let’s understand the mumbo-jumbo of this definition to get a better idea of the Complete Guide Of Python Web Development.

2.1 Features Of Python

2.1.1 Interpreted

There are two types of languages: Compiled language and Interpreted language. If we want to communicate or get our work done with the machines, we need to give it some instructions.

Compilers and interpreters of the respective languages have the task of converting the human-readable code into the machine-readable quote.

In a compiled language, it is the duty of the machine to go ahead with this translation process via a built-in Compiler. For an interpreted language, there is a separate program called Interpreter which does this work of translation.

The biggest advantage of an Interpreted language is that it provides flexibility to some extent. It is easier to debug in comparison to a compiled language.

2.1.2 Object-Oriented

Object-Oriented Programming is a Programming Paradigm, meaning a unique style or way of programming. It is more used for programs where there is a high amount of data to be manipulated.

In this programming method, the programmer will have to define a data type for a data structure. It will also define the functions it will be able to do. This data structure will become an object.

In a large program, there will be many objects. Further, objects can create relationships between different objects.

2.1.3 High-Level Programming Language

There are two types of programming languages: High-level programming language and Low-level programming language.

The high-level programming language is a programming language that is near to human language whereas Low-level programming language is near to a machine.

In turn, programmers can easily understand a High-level language. It is more readable and it provides ease of use because of being more understandable.

This is one of the most important reasons because of which Python Development is becoming highly popular these days.

2.1.4. Dynamic Semantics

There are certain languages that are statically typed, however, others are dynamic typed. In the statically typed languages, type checking is done at the time of compilation.

For dynamically typed one, it is done at the run-time. It is advantageous as it is short and not wordy. As there is no separate stage of compilation, it is quick. Further, the debugging process is fast and less complex.

After learning the basics about Python, let’s understand the pros and cons of this popular language:

2.2.Pros of Python

One of the most popular programming languages has many benefits for its users. Reading the Complete Guide Of Python Web Development will seal the deal for you.

Pros Of Python

2.2.1 Ease in Learning

Python’s learning curve is low. It is easy for beginners. In fact, in some universities, this is the language that is taught to beginners as the basics of programming. The syntax is simple so it becomes easy for the newcomers to follow.

2.2.2 Ease of Programming Language

It is a high-level programming language which means that it is nearer to human languages. The codes used in this language are readable.

Moreover, the length of the codes is lesser so this has been gaining a lot of popularity amongst the developers these days.

In fact, if you work with Python, you will get access to world-class Python Web Frameworks which makes your job easier than ever before.

2.2.3 Wide Support

There are approximately 8 million Python users in the world. Hence, there is a lot of support available for the ones who wish to learn it. Apart from that, it is even helpful for bug and coding related issues.

2.2.4 Control and Speed

Python has an object-oriented design. It increases the overall control over the language and managing it becomes easier. This also helps in cutting down the required timings for coding.

2.2.5 Flexibility

Because of the availability of third party modules, Python is able to interact with other languages. For example, it can invoke the libraries of C, C++.

It can communicate with COM and .NET frameworks. The integration with Java components is useful. You can embed the codes of this language in other languages.

2.2.6 Cost-Efficiency

As it is open-source, there is no requirement to purchase it. Consequently, the project cost reduces drastically. And as mentioned earlier, a lot of support is available if one wishes to learn it, so even there it becomes inexpensive.

2.2.7 Extensive Library Support

There are multiple libraries used in Python which are extremely beneficial for its users. They are:

  • Scikit-learn
  • Theano
  • TensorFlow
  • Numpy
  • Scipy
  • Requests and many more

2.3 Cons of Python

Highly advantageous Python has certain drawbacks too, which we should know. That’s where this Complete Guide Of Python Web Development proves to be of great help.

Cons Of Python

2.3.1 Memory

The tasks which require a lot of memory, Python may not turn out to be a very good choice there. As the data-types provide a lot of flexibility, the consumption of the memory is more.

2.3.2 Issues Related to Language Design

It is dynamically typed, which means that we cannot declare the variable type when we write the code. There are certain errors which we come across only during the Run time.

2.3.3 Database Access

In comparison with the technologies like ODBC and JDBC, the database access of Python is only basic. This is one area where Python lacks badly.

2.3.4. Mobile and Browsers

Though it is one of the best server-side languages, it is not preferred much for the client-side. It is not used especially in smartphone-based applications.

3. What Is Python Used For? Exploring Use Cases

3.1 Exploring The Usage Of Python

Python served multiple functionalities.

The various usages of this wonderful language are listed below:

  • Web-based Applications
  • Desktop GUI-Based Applications
  • Console based applications
  • Scientific and Numeric
  • Enterprise applications
  • Software Development

Now let’s analyze each of them in detail.

3.1.1 Web-based Applications

A python is a great tool in creating web-based applications. There are many libraries that support this function of Python. We have Requests, HTML and XML, JSON, E-mail Processing, Feedparser and many more which support us in this task.

3.1.2 Desktop GUI-based Applications

One of the important tasks of Python Development is to create Desktop GUI-based applications. For performing this task, we have a Tk GUI library available that assists us.

3.1.3 Console-Based Applications

Python can be used to create console-based applications. We have an IPython which is a great example of this. If you move further in the Complete Guide Of Python Web Development, you will be able to explore the real-time scenarios as well.

3.1.4. Scientific and Numeric

It is used in scientific and numeric computing to a great extent.

3.1.5 Enterprise Applications

Python is widely used to create Back end as well as Front end (GUI) applications for an enterprise.

3.1.6 Software Development

It is one of the most important languages in terms of software development. It is widely used for this purpose by developers.

3.2 Exploring Use Cases Of Python

Now, let’s understand some basic use cases to get a better idea about how this language is helpful in real-life scenarios.

3.2.1 eLearning

Area of Concentration: Creating a Gaming application for testing the learning

Case Scenario

Tutelage is an organization that provides coaching to the students of 5 to 12 grades on various subjects. It not only provides syllabus oriented teaching, but it also provides clarity with regard to important concepts of various subjects which are not included in the curriculum.

Here, the educators teach with the help of Power-Point Presentations. Looking at the craze for gaming among students, they have decided to have an application that would test what their students have learned via the platform of gaming.


They are perplexed as to how to make such an application which would make the students give the test in an exciting manner.


They can outsource the work of application development to the organization which is into this field. The concerned firm can develop two levels in the game.

  • The first level would test the student’s knowledge about the curriculum.
  • The second level will focus in assessing the out-of-syllabus concepts.

Developers can take the help of Pygame, which is available at They are Python modules that are designed in-game writing.

They are written at the top of the extraordinary SDL library. It would let them create games as well as multimedia programs using python language.

3.2.2 Hospitality Management

Area of Concentration: Data Management of customers

Case Scenario

Hotel Topview is one of the best hotels in Pune, India with a huge customer base. There are many customers, out of which half of them are repeat customers as the hotel offers good service and reasonable prices.

Till now, the hotel had been using traditional ways of keeping Data of customers, but, now they have decided to go ahead with the web-based system which would help them in maintaining the details of customers. This would also help them in maintaining relations with customers.


Building a web-based system that can be used for managing the data of customers.


The hotel management can take the help of any firm which specializes in web solutions. The concerned developer can create a web-based system or application which can solve the problem of data storage and management. They can take the help of libraries such as Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib and so on.

3.2.3 Interior Designing

Area of Concentration: Creating an application which would let them visualize the setting of the objects into a 3D format

Case Scenario

Zees is a firm specializing in interior designing services. It would be a great help to them if they were able to visualize the final product after using their desired objects. The currently available applications of the market have limited options in terms of objects they can choose from.


They are in a dilemma about whether they should hire a professional who is able to design a program to meet their needs or simply outsource the demands to a firm that specializes in providing web solutions.


We believe that it would be advisable to outsource the work to a company that excels in web solutions as hiring a person would be a recurring cost. The developer should make an application that has an extensive list of animated objects as per the requirement of the client.

They can build a 3D CAD application for making objects for our clients. It would give them a better idea in terms of having an understanding of the final version. Fandango is one application that can be helpful in designing these kinds of objects.

3.2.4 Corporate Training

Area of Concentration: Designing a Multi-Media application

Case Scenario

Stello is a steel manufacturer–from the very basic iron ore to some of the ready-to-market products, their presence is almost in all the various fields related to steel.

As engrossed in the operations, they have decided to give ample attention to the product training of their new employees.


It has been observed that when the corporate trainer’s drone about the properties, compositions, and functionalities of metals, the participants are put off after a point of time. They lose interest after in the remaining session.


They require an application that provides an audio-visual representation of the elements being discussed. Even having 3D images would help in capturing the attention of the employees. This would definitely benefit the organization as it would certainly increase the retaining power.

This would lead to fewer mistakes on part of employees and better performance because of better knowledge. We already have some examples of such applications like cPlay, TimPlayer and so on.

3.2.5 Music Player

Area of Concentration: MP3 player which is Graphic User Interface (GUI)-  based

Case Scenario

Music has been highly popular for ages. Digitization and ease of use are the benefits Python can help us in achieving. A businessman wants to invest money in producing a Music Streaming App whose sole rights will be owned by their company.


They require a developer who can build a state-of-the-art MP3 player. S/he has to understand the concept of the design which is in the mind of a businessman.


They can approach any organization which offers Python programming services. There must be an attractive Graphic-User-Interface. This would surely entice the customers and they will download this player.

Python has certain libraries like ‘pygame’ and ‘pymedia’ which would let the programmer work with multimedia files. They would help the developer handle a lot of audio files.

They should let the user create different types of playlists. For this, we would require a database where information can be stored of the created playlists. Sqlite3 module of Python would let the users go for the SQLite database.

Use Cases Of Python

3.2.6 Virtual Assistant Artificial Intelligence

Area of Concentration: Creating a Chatbot

Case Scenario

Because of the rapid growth in the field of Artificial Intelligence, we are seeing many products which are made with the help of it. Python For AI & Chatbots is one such product that is gaining popularity.


They require a developer who can build a chatbot for them which would prove to be highly beneficial for them.


There are basically two types of chatbots: Predefined (Retrieval based), Non-predefined (Generative based). In the first one, there are certain predefined responses that have been programmed.

With the help of the heuristic approach, it selects an appropriate response. On the other hand, the other one is based on Deep Neural Networks. We will be translating input in an output. It needs huge data.

With the help of Natural language processing (NLTK), Keras and Python, we can build a chatbot. Certain helping modules from pip will be required.

3.2.7 Security for Businesses

Area of Concentration: Creating Facial recognition software

Case Scenario

Azzurance is a fashion store in which there is a huge influx of customers all during working hours. There are 8 employees. There is a specific room that is allotted to employees which are prohibited for customers.


Many customers do not read the sign of authorized personnel only and storm into the room thinking it to be a trial room.


They require software that would allow only the employees and the door will not open if customers try. We have an OpenCV package, which can help us in the task of face detection. This would lead us to have software that would help in protecting the safety of our businesses.

3.2.8 Enterprise Solutions

Area of Concentration: Creating Enterprise Resource Planning Systems

Case Scenario

Damsel is an organization that is involved in incomplete processes of women’s clothing starting from designing, manufacturing, marketing, and selling.

They are a family business and follow the traditional way of working. The young blood in the family has decided to go ahead with Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERPS).


They do not have much knowledge about how to build and use ERP.


They can hire a Python developer who has excellent knowledge about how ERP is built and maintained.  Odoo software and the Tryton platform can be highly helpful in achieving the goal of the organization.

3.2.9 Fiscal Entities

Area of Concentration: Data mining for better sales opportunities

Case Scenario

X Corporation which offered financial services wanted to gather and analyze the data of customers. They wanted to understand customer behavior so that they can understand the trends. This would lead them in making decisions.


They lacked experience as well as manpower which could do this for them.


They hired a Python expert who developed the initiatives for different data analytics and science. With the help of it, they will be able to introspect the orderly data that was being collected, and it was compared, contrasted and correlated with unstructured one from the web.

3.2.10 Entertaining Application

Area of Concentration: Turning a photograph into a cartoon

Case Scenario

This case would want us to build an application that would allow the conversion of a photograph into a cartoon.


We require programming in Python that would help us in conversion.


We would require Python 2.7 and Cairo to download this fun app. We should download the dependencies from pip install -r requirements_desktop.txt which is taken from cartoonify subdirectory. Running it through python And the download would give us what we are looking forward to.

Read also: Golang Vs. Python: Choose The Right One For Your Business

4. Diving Deep Into Python Syntax

After learning the basics about Python, let’s go a little deeper into the language.

Every programming language has some specific rules which build a particular structure for the language. Python also has some specific principles to be followed. The codes are readable and easily understandable.

The main reason behind the immense popularity of this language is its ease. Let’s first understand the basic concepts of syntax:

4.1 Python Statements

Instructions which can be executed by Python interpreter are called statements. They help the user in acquiring the desired output. There are different types of statements in Python which are

Assignment Statement 

It gives value to the variable. Variable could be an object, name, location and so on. For examples, x = 5.

Looping Statement

It is used for performing an action on a block of statements repeatedly until a particular condition is met.

Conditional Statement

It controls the flow of execution depending on some type of condition.

We can even distinguish them based on their length, which are

  • Single-line statements
  • Multi-line statements

In Python, Statements can be continued to the next line by using any of the below-mentioned ways:

  • Backslash character (\)
  • Parentheses ()
  • Curly braces {}
  • Square brackets []
  • Semi-colon (;)


Termination of a Statement

Every language has a distinct way of terminating a statement. In languages like C++, there has to be a semicolon to end the sentence, whereas in Python line end serves as statement end.


In Python, there is a concept of the block. It is a combination of the statement which are similar in type and serves a similar purpose. Many programming languages use curly braces to build a block but Python builds blocks with the help of Indentation.

It is the usage of space and tabs in a specific format at the beginning of a statement. The statements which have the same indentation belong to the same group (suite or block). Statements are indented from right.

The ones who have equal indentation belong to the same group. If there is a requirement to nest them further, they are intended to right further.


i = 20; 
if (i < 15): 
    print ("i is smaller than 15") 
    print ("I is in if Block") 
    print ("i is greater than 15") 
    print ("I is in else Block")


i is greater than 15
I is in else Block

Here, the statements starting with the same indentation are in the same blocks. We have two blocks- (1st, 2nd, and 5th) and (3rd, 4th,6th, and 7th).

It is noteworthy that white space within the line does not make any difference to the interpreter but it increases the readability of the code.

4.2 The Keywords

There are certain words of the English language which have a specific meaning and usage in Python. They have to be used only as per the specified user only. They are mentioned in the table below:

And Else is While
As Except lambda With
Assert Finally nonlocal Yield
Break For not FALSE
Class From or None
Continue Global pass TRUE
Def If raise
Del Import return
Elif In try

Python is a case-sensitive language. We have to be careful when we give the command, otherwise, it will not take the command.

4.3 Comments and Usage of Hash (#) symbol

In Python, Comments are indicated with the Hash (#) symbol. A Comment in Python is text or phrase which does not have any impact on the outcome.

It helps the viewer in understanding what was programmed. This works as the notes of the programmer. This becomes very helpful in debugging or when any change is required.

Hire Python Developer to know the technicalities of this subject. He/She will also help you to develop a world-class application.


Python 3.8.1 (tags/v3.8.1:1b293b6, Dec 18 2019, 22.39.24) [MSC v.1916 32 bit (Intel)] on win32
Type “help:, “copyright”, “credits” or “license” for more information. 
>>> # This program adds two numbers.
>>> num1 = 10
>>> num2 = 15
>>> # Add two numbers
>>> sum = float(num1) + float(num2)
>>> # Show the result
>>> print (‘The total of {0} and {1} is {2}’. format(num1, num2, sum))


The total of 10 and 15 is 25.0

As it can be seen that the comments which start with # provide us some hint about what is the code about. This was a simple example but comments can be extremely useful in complex programming.

5. Exploring Some Basic Level Python Programming Examples

After learning the basics about the syntax of Python, now let’s move ahead in the Guide Of Python Web Development and examine some basic examples.

5.1 Stating Your Name and Greeting the World

Let’s begin by saying greeting the world and introducing our selves.


# This code will initiate my journey with Python. I will greet the World and I will introduce myself.
print('Hello World, I am Zeeeee')

Explanation of the code

With the help of the in-built print function, our message will be shown in the screen.


Hello World, I am Zeeeee'

5.2 Adding Three Numbers

The next step we are going to follow is of making a simple program of adding numbers.


# This program adds three numbers
  num1 = 50
  num2 = 60
  num3 = 70
# Add three numbers
  sum = (num1) + (num2)+ (num3)
# Display the sum
print ('The sum of {0}, {1} and {2} is {3}'.format(num1, num2, num3, sum))

Explanation of the code

Here, with the help of # comments are mentioned.  They will help the reader in understanding the code in a better way. Then, variables are defined.

For this example, we are using sum function which is an inbuilt Python function.  It adds the elements of iterable. After that, It renders the final result.


The sum of 50, 60 and 70 is 180.0

5.3 Converting Hours Into Minutes

After adding the numbers, we will take one more step in the direction of programming. We will convert hours into minutes.


def convert_to_minutes(num_hours):
    minutes = num_hours * 60
    return minutes
minutes = convert_to_minutes(60)
print (minutes)

Explanation of the code

This is a very simple example in which hours are converted into minutes automatically. Function in Python is a group of statements that are connected or related.

They perform a specific task assigned to them. We have used the keyword ‘def’. It initiates the function header. The identifier (the name given to functions, variables or classes) follows the keyword def.

Our identifier is ‘convert_to_minutes(num_hours)’. It is followed by the statements which will show us the formula required for the task. In the end, with the function of print, the output will be flashed onour screens.



5.4 Finding Odd Numbers in a Given Range

Now, we are digging a little deeper with this program of finding the odd numbers in a given series.


Explanation of the code:

# Finding the even number in the given range:
lower=int(input("Enter the lower limit for the range:"))
upper=int(input("Enter the upper limit for the range:"))
for i in range(1, 30+1):

Explanation of the code

We need to have limits set in place for this kind of task. ‘int’ is used for integer. Here, we have used the inbuilt input function of Python which will let the user provide some text input. We have defined the target range (1 to 30).

There are two operators used in the If-statement here. The first one is % which is known as modulus operator. When the first operand is divided by the second, this operator yields the remainder.

Whereas, the other operator is !=. It is defined as not equal to operator. It remains true if both the operands not equal to each other and will be false if they are equal.

So what we have done here is to keep a tab about the results. Our coding would control if the remainder acquired when the number divided by 2 is one or not (using the % operator).



6. Excel vs Python: Which Is Better For Data Science?

6.1 Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel has been one of the most used data management and data analysis tools of the modern world. This spreadsheet is used for executing 484 different functions belonging to 14 different categories.

Some of the basic ones are calculation, making Pivot tables and macro programs. It also has graphing tools. Developed by Microsoft, it is an integral part of the Microsoft Office Suite. It requires an understanding of the functions and of Excel.

6.2 Python

Python is a High level, General-purpose programming language with a difference. Developed as a successor to the ABC language, Python has been breaking the records of popularity because of the ease of use it provides.

It offers multi-functionalities like web application development, Data Science and Analysis, GUI applications, 3D CAD applications, Enterprise Solutions and so on. So technically, they are not competitors. However, Python has emerged to be a great tool for data management and analysis.

In the initial phase, it requires some of the training of coding. However, Python is one of the easiest programming languages. In fact, it is taught in many universities to give the basic idea of programming languages.

After reading the Complete Guide Of Python Development, you must have learned a lot of things about Python programming language

6.3 Overview of the Current Market Scenario

  • As per the Stack Overflow Developer Survey, Python is the fastest-growing language with a development rate of 41.7%.
  • The TIBOE index says that Python has already surpassed C++ in the area of the number of search engine hits and popularity of languages.
  • ‘Popularity of Programming Language’ index tells us that Python is the world’s most popular language. The growth of Python is 18.7% in the last five years.

6.4 Merits and Demerits of Excel

6.4.1 Merits

Data Organization

Excel is a great tool for managing the data. We can sort the data, organize it and use it as per requirement. Guide Of Python Web Development suggests you this thing.


With the help of different available formulas, the daily functions have become a lot easier to carry out.

Data Analysis

Excel is very helpful when we want to analyze the data. With the help of the feature of the Pivot table, data can be analyzed. This even helps in understanding the trend the data is providing.

Visual Presentations

Excel is one of the most used applications which can be used for generating graphs and charts. This visual representation is highly used in meetings.

6.4.2 Demerits

Learning Curve

Learning the basic functions of Excel is easy but the formulas require a lot of time to learn and master. That’s where Python is amazing. The Guide Of Python Web Development will help you to know this thing.

Human Errors

As data is fed manually, when there are large data, it becomes prone to mistakes.

Data Amount

For large Data in the excel file, it works slowly. If you break it into smaller files, then there is a chance of losing or misplacing some data.

6.5 Merits of Python

In comparison to Excel, Python provides many more benefits.

Ease of Use

Being a high-level programming language, it offers ease of use. The length of the codes is less so this has been gaining a lot of popularity amongst the developers these days.

Community Support

There are approximately 8 million Python users in the world. Therefore, there is a lot of community support available. Apart from that, it is even helpful for bug and coding related issues.

Low Learning Curve

Python is easy to learn. In fact, in some universities, this is the language that beginners learn as the basics of programming. The syntax is simple so it becomes easy for the newcomers to follow.

Control and Speed

Python has an object-oriented design. It increases the overall control over the language and managing it becomes easier. This also helps in cutting down the required timings for coding.

Open Source

As it is an Open source, there is no requirement to purchase it. Consequently, the project cost reduces drastically. And as mentioned earlier, a lot of support is available if one wishes to learn it, so even there it becomes inexpensive.

6.6 Comparing Excel & Python

Comparison topics Python Excel
Prone to errors Less More
Multi-functionalities Supports Only data related
Large data Easier Difficult
Collaborative To a great extent Not a lot
Platform stability Yes No

6.7 How Learning Python Would Help?

Data Science tool:

It is one of the most preferred Data Science and Management tools of the modern world. We can say undoubtedly that it has become the apple of the eye for the programmers.

Data Analysis tool:

It is useful in data analysis as it has massive library support. Pandas is one such library that helps immensely if you want to work with Data.

Programming a blockchain:

You can use it for financial transactions. Our Guide Of Python Web Development will help you in this regard.


Python has become a goto choice for web developers around the globe in recent times. In fact, many people in the IT industry firmly believes that it is the future of web app development.

In this kind of scenario, knowing in detail about Python has become a necessity for all the people related to the IT industry.

For solving this issue, here we have provided you with a Complete Guide Of Python Web Development For The Year 2020 that will seal the deal for you. Thank You.!

Wanna develop a world-class app with next-level customization in Python? Then, Connect with eSparkBiz Technologies, right now.! We’re one of the top-rated Python Web Development Company in India & USA that provides you with solutions that align with your business methodology. Hire Dedicated Python App Developers from us & forget all your worries.

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