Guide To Building The Best On-Demand Dog Walking App

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Mobile apps are one of the greatest boons of our times. You have one for almost anything you need to get done. It is just like having the world in your fist. Take out your smartphones and go to the app stores and you will find an app for almost anything. The main advantage of mobile apps is its convenience.

“Money can buy you a fine dog, but only love can make him wag his tail.”

– Kinky Friedman

Mobile apps can be personalized. They carry an amount of trust because the app owner earns from the app becoming popular. The app owner cannot afford to create doubt in the minds of the users. Dog walking is a chore that people are unable to do due to lack of time. An app for dog walking has immense potential.

Let us see how? ?

Need For A Dog Walking App

Is There A Need For A Dog Walking App? ?

Many people love pets. They love to have these animals to be with them at home. They like it when they are welcomed home with a lovely dog dancing around them, trying to get a pat. Pets make a good company for the family. For people who live alone, they take the place of friends, family, and guard.

People who come back home from work find it too tiring to take the canines for a walk. When you keep dogs as pets, it is essential that you walk them.

It is a necessary activity for the dogs. They need to be out of home for at least half an hour a day. It is also the time many of the dogs do their potty.

The dog walking apps keep the dog owner relieved that the dog will be taken for a walk and will be in safe hands. Most of the dog walking apps assure the availability of a walker within 30 minutes. This means that even a sudden trip by the owner doesn’t result in the dog being left alone.

Most dog walking apps offer other services also like dog sitting. They also offer to get people who can house the dogs when the owners are away for long periods. The apps are a real help for people who want their favorite family member to be in good hands.

It also fills the need for people who are interested in pets but are not able to keep one for themselves. It is an income for these people. Many people spend an hour or two every day earning extra money, while also enjoying the company of a pet. The app satisfies the needs of two groups of people.

The app offers an opportunity for you to earn as the Custom App Development Company. Other on-demand dog walking apps take a percentage of the money received by the dog walkers.

While some of the apps have a fixed price for the walk, others allow the walkers to set the rate. Most pet owners don’t have complaints about the rates.

  • Many dog owners don’t have time to take their dog for a walk or potty.
  • An app helps dog owners find a walker within 30 minutes. There is no need for booking.
  • When you book through an app, there is safety for your dogs. The app owners check the background of the walkers.
  • Dog walking apps also offer other services like dog sitting and house for dogs when owners are traveling.
  • Walkers get an opportunity to earn good money sparing just a couple of hours a day.
  • Pet lovers who cannot afford a pet themselves get an opportunity to be with pets at least for an hour a day.
  • The app owners earn money by charging a percentage on the earnings of the dog walkers.

Features Of The Dog-Walking App

User Panel

The registration and login page should be smooth and straightforward. The dog owners can enter their details. They should be able to register using their email ids.

Connecting the app with social media helps in easy registration for them. For you, it means better exposure to more people.

Once the registration is over, the next step is to enter the dog’s details. The app should provide space for entering as many information about the dog as possible. Its food habits, potty routine, any medication to be given and other information must be provided. It will help the walkers know the dog better.

Users must be able to book the walker of their choice. The booking panel must show them all the walkers and their details.

Ensure to give as many details about the walkers as possible. If they have experience in dealing with dogs, that should be mentioned too. Provide in-app chat and call facility for customers to talk with walkers.

It is essential to give both options for current booking and scheduling the walk. You can also let the users choose recurring walks. That will prevent the need for the users to book for a walk every day or on particular days of the week.

While making the booking dog owners must give details about what services they want. Whether it is only walking or any additional jobs to be performed. Some dogs may need to be given water during walks. Some may need to given treats once back from the walk. All these must be explicitly mentioned.

It is better for the owner and walker to meet when the dogs are handed over. It makes the dogs comfortable too. Moreover, it is better for the owners to hand over the house keys themselves.

Owners must understand that the walkers will enter their homes. So, the owners must secure the homes well.

You must provide multiple payment options on the app. Make sure that the payments change hands through the app. It will allow you to be aware of how much they get paid. If you are offering the freedom of fixing the rates to the walkers, this feature is essential.

There should be a rating and review section. The users must be able to link their social media accounts and post the reviews here. You can post the reviews on your social media account. It is the best way to get publicity for your app.

It is essential for all the details about the method to be mentioned clearly on the app. There must be a help and FAQ section which will explain the procedure very clearly.

  • Make registration/log in easy with email id or social media account.
  • Mobile app developers should provide enough space to fill all the details of the dog.
  • All details about the walker must be provided. The user must have the option to book a walker of their choice.
  • In-app chat and call facility is necessary for owners to contact walkers.
  • Users must be able to book for immediate need and schedule for a later date.
  • There must be GPS tracking facility for users to know where their dogs are on a real-time basis.

Image result for gps tracking of dog

  • There must be an option to schedule periodical repeat bookings.
  • Users must be able to mention any special instructions while booking.
  • It is better for users and walkers to meet when handing over the dog.
  • There should be different payment options. It is better to get all payments made through the app.
  • Rating and review section will help in publicizing your app. Connect to social media accounts for better visibility.

Need for On Demand Dog Walking App

Walker Panel

Walkers must register using their email id, phones, and physical address. It will ensure safety for you as admin. Knowing the complete background of the walker is essential.

Before registering it is necessary to conduct an interview and find their knowledge about dogs. You can prepare a questionnaire and let them answer before they come in person.

Make a facility for the walkers to link their social media account. It will improve their credibility. It will also give a chance for them to post their pics with the pets. That will give you good publicity.

Walkers must inform at what times they are available for walking the dogs. Most of the walkers are either working somewhere or studying. Their free times must be mentioned so that owners can book whoever is available at the times they need the walkers.

You can allow walkers to fix the price. There may be walkers who are experienced and have done certificate courses on taking care of pets. They can charge more than others if they are specialized in handling certain breeds of dogs that can be an advantage for the walkers. Whatever their charges they should mention in their page.

Walkers should be able to upload videos and photos during their walks. This will reassure the owners that their pets are comfortable with the walkers. Walkers can also send messages to the owners during the walk. All these features are useful to improve trust in your mobile application.

Walkers should inform the owners about events during the walk. They should tell about pee, poo, water feeding, etc. to the owners as soon as they are done. This will keep the owners satisfied that their dogs are performing their activities regularly. Walkers should send a report once the walk is over.

  • Admin should get complete background about the walkers to ensure trust on the app.
  • It is good to have the walkers’ social media account linked to reassure dog owners.
  • The times when walkers are available must be clearly mentioned
  • Walkers must have the freedom to fix the price so that they are compensated adequately based on their expertise and experience.
  • Provide facilities for walkers to upload videos and photos during the walk.
  • Walkers must be able to send messages to owners.

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Admin Panel

As an admin, you should be able to monitor every registration and go through them thoroughly. Ensure that both users and walkers and genuine. Invite walkers to meet you and get to know about them entirely.

Monitor the reviews on walkers. If there is any walker who receives poor ratings continuously, it is better to remove him from your service. Their misconduct can affect your business. Post reviews on your social media account. This will improve trust in your facility.

You should remember that users are leaving a precious thing under the care of your walkers. Insist on walkers posting photos and videos during the walk to keep the customers happy. Once the walk is over, send a notification to the owners. Ask them about their opinion.

Keep a watch on payments. Ensure that no cash is paid directly to the walkers. All fees must come to you so that you can deduct your commission and pay the walkers. You must keep a watch on the time of pick-up and drop of each walk.

Use push notifications to inform users about any addition in service. If there are new walkers or dog sitters joining, you should inform your users about it. If any new dog boarders register on your app, inform them to the users as well. Many will need the service if they need to travel and leave the dogs with someone.

On-demand dog walking services are in demand. But app development firms should know that competition is severe. Offering rewards to users and walkers will help you in getting leads for a  business. It will help you keep them with you. Offer loyalty rewards programs to your users. Offer a cut in your percentage to walkers who receive outstanding ratings from the users.

  • Monitor all registration and approve them carefully.
  • Go through details of all users and walkers. Ensure that they are genuine.
  • Conduct physical meetings and interviews with walkers before taking them on board.
  • Monitor the reviews on walkers. Their conduct should not affect the reputation of your app.
  • Insist on walkers uploading photos and videos during the walks. Send information about the start and end of the walk.
  • Payment should go through your app. Discourage cash payment.
  • Inform the addition of new services through push notification.
  • Offer reward programs for loyal customers and walkers who receive excellent ratings.

Essential Things To Remember

Ease of use of the app is necessary. You must remember that a mobile app is mostly used when people are on the move. Ensure that the forms are simple and easy to enter. Users should be able to see, know and book the walkers quickly and easily.

There must be easy ways for users to know the updates on their pets. They should be able to message or call the walkers to assure themselves that their dogs are comfortable. Iis very important to retain your customers with you.

Any app is meant to provide convenience to the user. It is better if you can add additional services to the dog owners. You can connect them dog boarders. If you can get your app linked to dog grooming centers, then users can book their dog grooming too in advance. The walkers can be given additional work of taking the dogs to the groomers.

One of the advantages of mobile apps is the speed of service. You should ensure that your users can get a walker within 30 minutes. This is the assurance given by other dog-walking apps. An on-demand service promises and delivers fast service.

You can provide a lockbox? which can be opened only by the walker. It is good for users who cannot be home to hand over the dog to the walker. It will ensure the security of the pet owners’ house. This is good for customers who need a daily walking service. Provide this service free of cost.

The one concern that dog owners will have is regarding the safety of the pooch. As the app owner, you should do everything possible to keep them reassured. The best way is to continue monitoring your walkers and ensure that they are all pet lovers. Unless the walkers themselves love dogs, the pets will never get the comfort that the owners want them to have.

Allowing dog walkers to decide the price is one way of getting good walkers. Offering a reduction in your commission is also good to keep the walkers with you. You should provide a rewards program to both walkers and users.

  • Ease of use is of prime importance for the app.
  • Make checking the walkers and booking very easy to perform.
  • Walkers must be available within 30 minutes.
  • Users must be able to track their pets and know about their well being at any time.
  • Provide facility for calorie and step counting. Users will be happy to know that the pet’s health is also taken care of.
  • Provide electronic lockboxes to keep the house key for walkers to open the house.
  • Provide specialized services to pet owners — link with pet grooming centers.
  • Keep a close watch on your walkers. The success of your app depends on their efficiency and proper handling of the dogs.
  • Allow walkers to fix the rates.
  • Offer rewards programs for both walkers and users.


When you develop an on-demand dog walking app or find out Indian App Developer Cost, you should ask them to include as many features as possible. Though the market is growing, there is still the existing apps which you must beat, to make money. It is good for app development companies to keep in mind that users are also looking for additional features in the apps.

Trust is the most crucial factor when it comes to this app. Owners will never want even an iota of risk when leaving their favorite friends with you. At least, in the beginning, try to get the most experienced and qualified walkers. Keep your commissions low so that they can earn better. Take all precautions while registering a walker.

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