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Machine Learning

First of all, I would like to throw a very warm welcome to all of you! The topic we are going to cover in this section is about machine learning, and I am going to talk about the various aspects related to machine learning. We are going to cover what machine learning is in a straightforward yet conceptualized way.

Let’s get started! ➡

A Closely Coined Term

Now speaking about machine learning the term, AI Development and machine learning is closely related, and it’s not wrong to say that the abstraction level between machine learning and artificial intelligence has a silver lining in between.

When it comes to machine learning what most of the people saying is the same old Terminator movie. You think that there is going to be some Tx 9000 machine that is going to come up from the future and destroy the entire humanity and you start panicking.


Related image


Hey, hold on there! ?

It is not about any fictional movie; if this could have been true, then we might have started up with the unconventional Jarvis related to Iron Man from the marvel studios.

Just hold on there as we need to talk a lot!

So putting down all your superhero characters beside let’s dive right into it.

A Formal Introduction

Machine learning is related to a branch of computer science and is closely related to data mining which you might have been using quite a lot in your daily day to day activities.

Now you might be asking, Hey where?

As many of you have heard about the term data mining, for your fact data mining has been there since the evolution of data and computers which have been into the world of science and information technology, quite a lot.

A very similar example can be looking into your spam emails into your native email folder. You must have come across that your emails in your inbox, and some of them are into the spam folder.

There is a massive chunk of data that is you need to program, and an algorithm is designed in such a manner so that it can predict whether your email is spam or authentic and needs to be delivered right into your inbox.

Let me tell you in most of the cases, almost 99%; it is always perfect!

But we have a 1% rate of chance that your emails which need to be delivered to you also land up in the spam folder and vice versa.

It is where machine learning comes into play.

Now you could reasonably associate and concatenate the term machine learning with data mining.

Still confused hold on there for a while! 

In a fair level, there are different versions of machine learning which you need to clear before we hop into the advanced version and talk about some complexities the machine learning is nurturing our day to day activities and making it easy for us.

What we are saying in our day to day life is generally or next adapted version about why the brainstormers and scientists are running seamlessly and becoming smarter each day.

Few Examples Of Machine Learning

As we have already discussed spamming, you might have sung the Google’s new application in your Android mobile where you could open up your camera and see all the essential locations with the exact information related to them.

You might have seen your favorite restaurant’s name and based on the handwriting prediction, image prediction, and logo prediction, your Google application can query to the enormous amount of data set that is present at the Google’s server and can find out the ratings of the restaurants’ with their names and reviews as well.

Or have you ever used any other kind of application which can predict how you could look like in your 80’s and your face shows up with some amusing definitions?

It is all based on machine learning! 

Batman Of Efficient Resource Utilization

Let us talk about some of the components of machine learning you need to know!

First of all, there is a massive set of the data set that can predict a lot of things you could have probably never imagined before.

For example, if I can show you a pizza, you could probably say hey that’s my favorite pizza, or I don’t like the flavor of this!

Now, what if I say, here it is a traditional made Italian pizza deliver right from Italy. There may have probably millions and gazillions of other pages around the world where you can see the difference between all these and could still predict that that’s the specific Pizza I have pointed to, before.

But what if, any computer programmer has been said to write up a specific program related to proper identification?

It could drive a nightmare for them. Isn’t it?

For such instances, we require a considerable number of data sets.

So this is on a broad scale what machine learning is all about. Interesting?Related image


I know some of you are worried about it. Why not? In the future, it’s going to be the machine learning that will write the code for itself so there will be no need of a programmer.

Hold down your horses in there! ?

With the evolution, things change quite a lot, and with it, I do agree and appreciate the efforts that the evolutionary and the computer geeks are investing.

In a sure fire way, it is going to pump up the responsibilities and the number of scenarios in the working jobs available.

Image result for machine learning + "future jobs" linkedin

According to Forbes, “Machine Learning Engineers, Data Scientists, and Big Data Engineers are ranked among the new jobs that appear on LinkedIn. The role of data scientists has grown by more than 650% since 2012, but currently, 35,000 people in the US have science skills data, while hundreds of companies are hiring for those roles. “

And so on a whole note, no such thing needs to be worried about the need of programmers in machine learning. We would require a significant number of programmers that are currently working on currently.

How You Can Get Started In Machine Learning

So now on a massive scale as you have already learned a few aspects of machine learning.

Let’s look at how you can get started with it.


Now there are a couple of ways about getting started in machine learning, and almost everybody has its implementation related to it. Machine learning is first of all dependent quite a lot in mathematics but not all the time, but the best core setup of machine learning is dependent on many things.

All you have to do is to hook to your career and start learning the magic of computer language which can let you be the king of everything you wanted to be in this space.

The very first language that you should be looking up to get started is python. It is the superman version you could say in the world of computer language. Python came and took advantage of which is heavily used in the world of machine learning since then.


Image result for popular language for machine learning 2020


So hold your Python and keep it in your pocket today. Is it exuberating horrible?

Python is the one way of getting started with machine learning the most people think.

But there is a flip side to it. 🙄

New languages are continuously being lined-up. An example of a very well-known company that came up with the implementation of machine learning for the average public user is Apple.

All you have to do is patch up your data set into your iMac computer, and there you go. You could take a snap of anything you want to be, and it can predict what the object it will be. It could be anything from microphone, your puppy ‘Daisy,’ your pending bills which you might have unintentionally (Ahm..) forgot to pay off.

Being a master in the spectrum of the IT industry, Android is also working hard and catching up the Mobile App Market, but as of now iOS and Python are the two good ways of getting started in machine learning.

Knowledge Is Power! What’s Your View?

“Scientia potentia est” is a Latin adage that means “Knowledge Is Power.” This phrase is attributed to Sir Francis Bacon and it’s most common modern interpretation is ‘Information Is Power’ 💡

There has never been a period in humanity’s history when this expression is more relevant, because every day humans create an excess of 2 Quintillion bytes of data.

But, information science is just a manifestation of a growing ecosystem that utilizes a lot of information that we create and gather each day. Just put – data science cannot compensate for the amount of data we produce and the applications we want to use.

That is the reason the present accumulation of data innovation, including information science applications, works as lubrication in rapid machine learning development.

Big Adaptation From The Bigger Houses

Machine learning is the next upcoming evolution in the world of data management and processing, as it enables us to fortify the value of vast chunks of gathered information.

According to recent news: “Apple overtook machine learning firm Percepto Inc., a startup, trying to bring advanced picture classification AI to the cell phones.




Another ongoing improvement was that MIT analysts were taking a shot at object recognition through their adaptable in machine learning.

One of the very basic core principles of Machine Learning is its unique self-learning mechanism which allows the software to develop on its own.

Source Of Communication For The Communicators

Just try to Imagine, you had a personal assistant that you can assignment with dealing with a heap of messy records, or pushing through a pile of spreadsheets to discover what you are searching.

Here comes ‘The Quartz AI Studio,’ US-based ventures that empower the journalists to this beautiful technology and write even better stories.


Related image


According to the Quartz’s technical architect (machine learning), he thinks this technology can help support reporters about the pattern recognition like never before.

One of the most significant advantages is, fortunately, machine-learning devices accessible from through this platform can help the media persons, analyze data regardless of any prior coding skills.

Do you have a story too? Do tell us in the Comments section!

When Should You Go And Crack The Nails With It

One essential thing we need to pay attention to Machine Learning is to remember that this isn’t an answer to every problem. There are situations where vigorous solutions that one can create without utilizing Machine Learning strategies.

For instance, you needn’t bother with ML in the event where you can determine a simple objective focused methods by utilizing basic standards or calculations advances that one can customize without requiring this technology.

Tackling Business Problems

Use machine learning for the following circumstances:

You can’t code the guidelines: Most of the Human tasks, (for example, perceiving whether an email is a spam or not spam) can’t be enough explained utilizing a straightforward (deterministic), rule-based arrangement.

An expansive number of variables could impact the appropriate response. At a point when rules depend upon such a large number of elements and vast amounts of these standards cover or should be tuned finely, it then becomes difficult for us to code the rules precisely. You can utilize ML to solve this issue viably.



Skills in machine learning correlate with more positive results in four categories of users: business, creative management, developers, and researchers.

You can’t scale-up enough: You may have the capacity to physically recognize a couple of hundreds and thousands of messages to choose from whether they are spam or not.

However, it becomes much more complicated when it comes to dealing with millions!

We then require ML to deal with these large-scale issues.

Being Polymath Is a New Push

Many companies in serveral industry recognize the value of machine learning technology that handle vast volumes of data. By increasing the insights gained from this data, companies can work efficiently to control costs and gain an edge over their competitors.

The following are the cases of using Machine Learning for eCommerce, Healthcare, finance, Manufacturing, etc., that best suit current business requirements and data availability, which are required by this specific application.

Adoption Of Machine Learning In Different Industries

There are still applications where machine learning is superior to others – for various reasons: some niches have more data available, others have a history of machine learning and innovative applications.

Innovation At Its Finest

Although the time horizon is unpredictable, Machine Learning promises to influence modern society, for a better purpose fundamentally.

It has received special attention from various sectors for the potential impact on the most critical industries in the world.

Because of the hype, a large amount of talent and resources entered this space.


The Best Startup That Leads The Machine Learning Industry!

Whether in big data analytics, banking, healthcare, eCommerce, or from customer service and support, Machine Learning finds broader use in our daily lives, and more and more companies are utilizing AI as the core of the business.

Startups in machine learning are at its golden touch. And, as a result, everything else follows:




Making a Bridge Over

Machine learning has taken over our lives. I am sure that you have already used your Android or iOS-based Voice Assistant at least once.

You might have felt something new and consecutively have liked that experience.

Even though there is still a big gap In between the execution and hope, machine learning is undoubtedly going to change this by idealizing your experience with the brilliantly programmed Artificial assistant. With each iteration, Siri and Google Assistant will be better, and people will learn to accept it.


Image result for voice assistant


Do You Need To Follow The Foot-Prints?

Almost all young companies in their first ecosystem now want to talk about how they make productive use of machine learning.

Mostly, this is to make their products sound uncommon and fascinating. In any case, the truth of the matter is that most active organizations don’t have the assets or ability to enhance AI, such that it is going to get added to their value proposition.

For the chance of success, the most important thing a startup company must do is provide solutions to pressing problems and find someone willing to pay for it. If a startup can determine the value proposition and produce it without ML, then it shouldn’t use this.

If you can get users or customers, build strong brands, earn revenue, and grow in terms of income and users without artificial intelligence, then that is your successful company.

Companies that are not centric to Machine Learning must first focus on core activities: finding and analyzing problems, finding solutions, finding clients, and increasing revenue. If this means doing something other than AI (which applies to most companies), then that’s what they have to do.

Data Big Enough

As we know before, big data is the main ‘protein’ in machine learning diets. Data Management products and infrastructure and various other substantial data-related services can indeed support data to let grow at astonishing speeds with the projections that are even very very far away from machine learning, as of now.

This growth is what attracts machine learning into the orbit of various high-profile businesses and increases overall interest in AI and Machine Learning technology. For example, Google has acquired Kaggle which is the among the most significant data science platform as everything usually starts appearing serious when Google comes into play.

JPMorgan was also catching up to the machine learning initiative. IBM also has a different enterprise from Watson, but it is also business oriented.

Infographic: The Future Of A.I. | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

This increased interest in AI technology also leads to new phenomena in the business world.


It is a battle or escape situation for many AI Software Development Company: if they don’t participate in machine learning, they risk being left behind with data scientists who need months to realize and analyze algorithms, while machine learning can do that in a few hours.

The equivalent applies to software developers and product-centric organizations that at present don’t utilize machine learning – but, at some point or another, this must occur. Machine learning is one of the biggest AI specialties that develop effectively because it gives results through immersive business forecasts and superior decision making.

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