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eSparkBiz Is A Top Chatbot App Development Company With Over 8+ Years Of Experience

eSparkBiz is a leading Chatbot Development Service Provider in India & USA which provides tailor-made, flexible, secure and robust solutions for Chatbot at an affordable rate. Our highly skilled, knowledgeable and experienced developers help us to craft amazing Chatbot solutions which can help businesses to automate their daily task. Over the years, we have worked with various verticals and provided them with highly intelligent Chatbot solutions which have made difference in their revenue. Our Chatbot Development Services are designed for the businesses who want to have their customized bot on the website. We also focus on minimizing the errors.

eSparkBiz Technologies always believe in staying one step ahead of everyone else in the market and for that purpose, they’re the first one to adopt any new technology. The same applies to the case of Chatbot Development Services where we have already started working on it. In fact, our experienced developers have worked on various chatbot application and provided businesses with great solutions. With 8+ years of experience in the development field, we have excelled in the field of Chatbots. In fact, we have set high standards to maintain the quality of our Chatbot services. For that purpose, we always conduct rigorous testing of any of our apps.

Chatbot App Benefits

  • It’s Highly accessible
  • It has a flexible approach
  • Very much Cost-effective
  • Super fast onboarding
  • Can work as your sales channel
  • Enhanced customer service
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Facebook Bot Development

Our highly skilled and talented developers help you to craft Facebook bot which can enhance your customer services.

Telegram Bot Development

With our developers having command over Telegram bot development, you will always get a reliable and robust solution.

Slack Bot Development

Slack is a leading messaging app. Keeping this in mind, we provide Slack Bot Development services for various enterprises.

Microsoft Bot Development

With our developers having a range of experience in Microsoft bot development, we provide you with world-class solutions.

Trading Bot Development

We at eSparkBiz provide Trading Bots Services which helps businesses to recognize the latest trends of cryptocurrency.

Liquidity Bot Development

Liquidity Bots are an emerging technology. Keeping that into consideration, we provide development services for that.

We transform every industry and business processes.


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Our Virtues & Strengths

eSparkBiz delivers robust, scalable, and high performance software, web, and mobile app development services to help you harness the power of technology and consulting, thus maximize your online business investment.

Technical Expertise

Our Chatbot developers have an average experience of three years which helps them to work with the latest technologies.

Free Expert Consultation

We at eSparkBiz have a core team of Chatbot experts which provide a free consultation before any development begins.

NDA & Security

We strictly follow NDA guidelines for client projects. All our solutions have an advanced level of security parameters.

Source Code Ownership

Ownership of the entire project will remain with you from day one. You will get the entire source code of the project.

End-To-End Services

We at eSparkBiz Technologies provide end-to-end services for Chatbot Development right from the design to development.

Reporting & Communication

We do report our clients during the software development phase on daily, weekly, biweekly or monthly basis as per need.

Hire Team Of Your Choice

You will have the right to select the dedicated team for your project which makes your development extremely smooth.

Swift Delivery

We ensure swift as well as smooth delivery for any of our software development projects without any kind of delays.

We are offering a NO-OBLIGATION TRIAL!

Schedule an Interview / 3 Days Risk-Free Trial !

Get a full spectrum of Dedicated development services to build large web applications that change over time. Hire Dedicated developers to build client-centric front-end experiences to drive innovative business growth.

Excellent communication, great code, and top-notch Development services

Your Success Is Guaranteed !

Why eSparkBiz Is Absolutely Unique?

In order to get an idea of why eSparkBiz is absolutely unique in a competitive market have a look at the following section. Here's a list of what makes us unique.

Flexibility In Hiring Models

We at eSparkBiz provide you with a flexible model for hiring according to your business requirements as well as the budget which will make your task easier.

Organized Development

Our aim is to deliver world-class solutions at a rapid pace without compromising the quality. For that purpose, we always plan for the development in advance.

Use Of Proven Methodologies

Our highly skilled and talented developers always utilize proven methodologies for development to ensure the security as well as the reliability of app.

Custom Development

We at eSparkBiz have a team of Chatbot experts who can provide customized solutions as per the specific requirements of the businesses with utmost ease.

Structured Documentation

We provide well-structured documentation with each of our solutions so that the user doesn't have any difficulty while working with the application.

Seamless User-Experience

Our developers put a major emphasis on improving the user experience and therefore, you will get seamless user experience in any of our applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can hire a dedicated development team. Here are some of the benefits of having one by your side:

Total control over the development process.
The minimum risk with a guaranteed Quality Assurance.
A shared QA to assure quality.

Not only that, but you can also have a dedicated Scrum Master (Project Manager for your project and team) without any extra cost.

You can choose from one of the three engagement models to hire our resources:

Dedicated Developer (Monthly basis): 160 hours/Month @ 8 hours/day for 5 days/week.

Hourly Basis – Hours/Month: We use tools like Doctor and Hubstuff to track the time.

Time and Material Basis: Fixed time and cost based as per the requirement.

Once you share your specific requirements, our team will evaluate them and get back to you with a detailed estimation of the cost and time of your project, along with a complete roadmap of the same.

You can lounge with this. Complete ownership of the entire project will remain with you. This includes NDA, copyright, source code, intellectual property rights, etc.

For version control, we use Bit Bucket’s GIT. Sometimes we use client’s own GIT repository. For reviewing all the commits our developers push the code. Thus it becomes easy to manage it.

Timezone is not a constraint if you are working with eSparkBiz. We work on the principle “Our Developers & your Timezone”. You can sit back as we work according to your time zone (EST/PST/CST/MST), project deadline, and to the greatest extent. For more get in touch with us at

Skype: esparkbiz
Email: [email protected]

The tools that we have been using are as per industry standards. We use Basecamp for our core operations of development. Most of our clients use basecamp. Other management tools we had used are Trello and Asana.

We are comfortable to use any client specific project management tool. You have the freedom to create and assign the task and check the development progress on a daily basis.

Dedicated Hiring:

50% of one-month payment in advance

The remaining amount at the end of the month on the pre-decided date.

Hourly Basis:

1-week payment in advance

Remaining amount in weekly, fortnightly, or monthly installments as per pre-decided contract.

Time and Material Base:

20-30% cost of the project in advance.

Remaining amount on the per-milestone basis (a % of payment done on completion of every milestone).

For communication and reporting we are flexible and transparent. Our developers hold the capacity to communicate with the client. That can be through a skype call or Zoom Meeting or on GoTo meeting. We offer project coordinators or project managers to the client. The only condition is if they hire more than 2 developers.

We follow basecamp for daily tasks reporting. We keep track of working hours of the developer. This is done by using the Activecollab timer or toggle tool. We have Analysis for the internal business and a team of project coordinators.

We communicate with the client and plan out for the current and upcoming week. Manual monitoring is what we prefer. In spite of having an automated tool, we love to follow the traditional method. This helps us to keep track of each hour spent by the developer.

Yes. We will share the profile of our developers with you. With this, you can choose the ones that best suit your requirements.

You have the complete control over our developers you hire. They will work as your in-house developers. The developers are accessible irrespective of time and place. They can be reached through chat, emails, calls, and Skype on a daily basis.

With a team of 100+ in-house developers and designers, we hold an average experience of 3+ years.

How It Works

Each company has a specific hiring process. The same applies to eSparkBiz Technologies. Here's how our hiring process works.


Requirement Analysis

Requirement Analysis

Before we start working on the project, we give detail attention to your requirements. Our team of experts will carefully analyze your requirements and then, provide you with an option of hiring a dedicated team or a developer.


Individual or Team

Requirement Analysis

We always care about our customers and therefore, we also help our clients in choosing the resources as per their specific needs. You can opt for a dedicated team or hire a dedicated developer.


Pre Work Finalization

Requirement Analysis

We at eSparkBiz follow the principle of transparency in our work. Therefore, we like to prepare a project timeline in advance and break down that into milestones which can help our customers immensely.


Contract Signup

Requirement Analysis

Once both the parties are on the same page, we start the contract signup process. It basically includes NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement). We always believe that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.


Project Begins

Requirement Analysis

Once the contract is signup between both the parties, we introduce our dedicated developer or the entire development team and after that, the development phase begins. Right through the development, we will be pretty proactive.

The eSpark's Pledge

Cease your search for a partner who makes your WordPress Development easier. We are here to remove all the hurdles and provide results which are high in efficiency. This way we walk with you towards the goals you had decided. This we pledge for your project success.

Dedicated Resource on Demand

Daily/Weekly/Monthly Reporting

Direct Communication with Developers

Emergency Support Without Extra Cost

Consistent Quality

Our Blog

Finally, discover the latest trends & industry insights from Team eSparkBiz regarding Enterprise Mobility, Android, iOS, WordPress, HubSpot COS, Laravel, Web Design & Development, and likewise.!

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