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eSparkBiz is one of the leading Web Application Development companies who are well-versed with the IT taste and preference of clients. We provide angular developers at a pocket-friendly rate with proven expertise in IT solutions. We offer end-to-end, scalable, innovative, and proficient IT solutions to our clients so that they can experience the highly intuitive and world-class website that can outreach the audience and quality-focused solutions.

Learning Platforms

We provide enterprise-level interactive services that provide tutors, learners, and parents that enhance educational delivery and management.

Social Apps

We provide communication and interactive application service on demand to our clients that is based on the internet.

Custom AngularJS Application

Hire our Angular developers and build your choice application that can enhance and boost your business and revenue.

Solutions for Portal Development

Hire Web Developer from us who provide robust portal development solutions to our customers and suggest to them the best technology that can build a good portal for them.


Thinking of building an online e-commerce shop? Hire our dedicated developer who will help you in transforming your idea to the virtual store.

Music and Video Streaming Apps

Want to build an app like Youtube.com? Get in touch with our team and express your idea to help them understand what niche and how to build an app.

Schedule An Interview / 7 Days Risk-Free Trial !We Are Offering A NO-OBLIGATION TRIAL!

Hire a dedicated developer to whom you can assign tasks, and monitor the overall progress. Our developers will be always in touch with you and provide you assurance of your work with quality.

Excellent communication, great code, and top-notch Development services

Your Success Is Guaranteed !

AngularJS Development Why we are Best?

The blend of modern-age technologies and workforce makes any task possible and successful, and that is our signature to perform. We're a top Angular JS Development Company. Share your ideas to make it happen in real life, and become an expert entrepreneur.

Trustworthy And Ace Developers

We have a team of sound and skillful developers to build your ideas and give them virtual shapes so that it can attract a large pool of customers and become an essential requirement of their life. Our developers follow a proper set of procedure that includes an understanding of the requirements, gathering information, allotment, and execution of the task and launching it to the client’s server.

Developing Swiftly

We are ace in developing swift mobile and web apps that give you a guarantee with a proven track record. Our developer will pen down the requirements and craft a detailed project with accuracy, flexibility, and feature-rich properties. Hire our web developer and craft your project with the use of modern and cutting-edge technology. We do not compromise on quality, and that is the reason we have a high range of customers who keep us in their preferred vendor list for building their projects.

Expertise In Technical Terms

All the coding, technicality, and developing part is the major responsibility, and that is where our team comes into the picture. They are well-versed and are proficient in executing any complex project, and have sound knowledge in developing the project by using modern technology. Our developers have crafted many projects, and that makes them well-versed with the technicality and complexity of the project.

Transparency & Integrity

We believe in delivering quality-focused and customer-oriented projects and also keep our clients updated about the project status. Also, we believe in maintaining confidentiality about the ideas, and that is the reason we strictly follow NDA. Transparency and integrity is our primary goal, and we strictly abide by it. We understand that all the project concepts and ideas are unique to us, and that should not come into the wrong hands, and that is the reason we sign NDA.

Communicating Seamlessly

We have multiple channels for communication and are also open to communicating with our clients on their preferred channels. We are in constant touch with our clients and provide them round the clock service that gives them 100% security of the project. Also, our project manager sends regular updates about the project and notify them.

The Methodologies Are Beyond Doubt

Our agile methodology approach towards the project are well-groomed has proven time and again. There is no doubt that the methodologies are beyond doubt and gives an impeccable performance to the project. A straight-forward approach can give a very effective result, and that is the reason we are leading an IT solution company that has more than 1000+ successful projects.


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FrequentlyAsked Questions

We work out for two plans: Project-Based and Dedicated Developer.

The development of front-end application depend upon Angular developers, and developers take complete responsibility to build highly-intuitive apps. JavaScript and HTML are scripting languages through which angular developers build a website. Also, the major task of the AngularJS developers is to write, test, and document codes and decorate a wonderful and attractive website.

An open-source front-end web framework that plays a significant role in developing the website. Hiring AngularJS developers would be affordable than your local developers. Also, they are quality-focused, which can give you a surety about your website performing glitch-free and swift.

Hire our adroit angular JS developer and give a virtual shape to your ideas. Also, build a platform that boosts your revenue and outreaches to the maximum audience. The other advantage of outsourcing your project is that you would not have to reserve a separate place for a developer that can save time and money.

As per the recent study, hiring developers from India will help you in getting a wide variety of tech ninjas with multiple skills and at a very affordable rate. Also, the developers would suggest to you if any changes can even enhance the interface and experience of the users. Once you share your thoughts with our developers, they will understand and pen down the requirements.

They are well-versed with the taste of the community and will also help you out in deciding which less costly technology to use for crafting website. We understand that a website is a dream for an entrepreneur, and that is the reason we try to make it as affordable as it can be.

We have a team of more than 100+ employees out of more than 70% are connected with us since the inception of the company. Out of more than 100+, we have around 35 tech ninjas who are proficient and have experience of more than 8 years in an IT solution field.

We are a proud IT company that has delivered more than 1000 projects with quality being the utmost priority, and also with a 90% repeat client ratio. Our partners across the globe trust us for building their unique ideas into the virtual platform, and we have never ever disappointed them because our developers go above and beyond in meeting the deadlines.

We don’t brag, but we genuinely work with passion as we love to do it. Our developers are project hunters who are always in hunger to execute a successful project and allows it, owner, to let his/her dream come true.

Talking about our strength is our team, they work efficiently and dedicatedly, and that is the reason we are successfully competing and leading IT solutions company. Our workforce delivers quality-oriented projects, and that becomes accolades for us. We don’t disappoint our clients and deliver them their idea turned into virtual shapes.

Our first project module includes one project manager, 1 Developer, 1 Designer, 1 QA, and 1 BA. The project manager will be the responsible person who will update the client about the project updates and status. Also, he will be in complete coordination with the client and on the communication channel to let them know about the project.

We are active on the various communication channel that helps in connecting with our clients such as Skype, email, etc. Also, we are open to the client’s preferred communication channel to post-project status.

If, in case of emergency, wherein primary developers have to leave the project, we will provide you another developer who will continue the project from where it was left and will also meet the deadlines.

We assure you about the quality of the project remain unaffected as our team follows the same designer policy for quality. So, any of our teammates will deliver the same project as described. Also, we will update you about the replacement with the reason as the following transparency is also our motto. Moreover, if you face any problem with hired developers, you can anytime reach out to us with your requirements, and we will help out with it.

Yes, we have a social level agreement that is signed by both parties, and any breach of contract would involve either party into the court of law. As we want to maintain complete confidentiality of client projects, and that is the reason we have framed claused in such a way that any information passed onto third-party about the project will put either party into the eyes of the law.

You hire an angular developer for your project, so complete coordination and work execution will be done under your supervision. You can ask for an update anytime you want and need no permission from anyone.

Also, you can connect and chat with them via email, skype with weekly/monthly reporting. As they work for your project, you have complete control over them until the project completes.

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