Hire Dedicated Mobile Application Developers For Your Unique Project

eSparkBiz, an IT solution company that provides unique solutions that will not only accomplish your project swiftly but also keep you posted about the project status. Be it a website or web-apps or application; our pundits are excelled in crafting projects with prolific designs and layout that are well-structured and decorated in such a way that becomes easy for any user to access.

Hire mobile app programmer and test the water of eSparkBizians intelligence. Our numbers define our journey in the IT industry as in 8 years, we have successfully delivered more than 1000+ projects which includes web as well as mobile app development. eSparkBiz is a house of man and technology that blends your idea into a virtual shape and launch it for public use.

Hire Mobile App Developers & Reap the Benefits

  • Affordable Per hour Hiring Rate
  • Save A Lot of Time & Place In Premise
  • Highly-Skilled With Technicality
  • Abide By the Project Line
  • Deeply Understand The Requirement
  • Constantly Update the Status of Project
  • Dedicated Team for each Project
  • Safe & Secure
  • 24/7 Support & Maintenance

Key Features of Hire Mobile App Developer

eSparkBiz provides outstanding features that enhances the user experiences and engage the customer. Hire our developers and ease your shoulder with burden of building an app. Avail our effective services from our dexterous developers and save your valuable time and money.

Team- As Per Your Choice

We provide a resume for our developers, and you are free to select your preferred developers. From the team of more than 30 tech ninjas, your preference will be shortlisted and assigned to your project.

Time and Cost-Effective

If you hire a local mobile app developer, it will cost you more as compared to eSparkBiz as it reserves a place and system on your premises. Also, it saves a lot of time that can help you invest in other zones of adding value.

Integrity & Transparency

Being transparent is our attitude, and strictly following NDAs is our integrity. We consider your idea to be unique, and that is the reason we are transparent with our clients and abide by a non-disclosure agreement.

Client Satisfaction is our motto

We not only work to earn; it’s the passion that brings us closer to the community out there who is eagerly waiting for someone to give their ideas a virtual shape. We believe in delivering what our client asks for, and that leads to their satisfaction.

Quick Quote Within 24 Hours

Your ideas are valuable, and to convert them into a platform is our duty. Our project consultants listen to your thoughts and provide you a free quote within 24 hours. Also, we provide time estimates along with cost estimates.

No Hidden Cost

After receiving a complete requirement, we provide you detailed scope with time and cost estimate. There will be no hidden cost in the estimate, whatever will be the estimate, it will include all the additional charges.

Source Code Authorization

Once the project is completed, we test and verify the project for any glitch or non-performance, and then after, we handover the source code of a project that belongs to you and becomes your asset.

On-time Delivery

Our repeat client ratio defines how we work; we meet deadlines and accomplish the project on time. We understand what it takes to build an idea and how emotionally a client is attached to its project.

QA Test & Bug-free Solution

Our project process includes QA testing that comes when the entire project is completed. Our QA team tests the project and examines for any system performance, slow page-loading reason, etc. Robust testing boosts performance and enhances the experience.

Our Mobile Development Expertise

Our in-house team is an expert to hold the responsibility to build elegant applications. They understand the requirement and thus help in building the greatest revenue earning and profit-generating project.


The blend of skilled manpower and technologies such as Kotlin & Java makes it better to build robust applications as per market requirements.


Our offshore full-stack pundits use modern and cutting-edge technology to craft a highly-prolific and niche-specific Mobile applications for iOS.


Interested in developing a cross-platform mobile application? Hire our mobile app developers who will help you in developing applications that are robust and pocket-friendly.


When you hire our mobile app developers, you will get a trustworthy team that will build a feature-rich and tailor-made application that works cross-platform.

React Native

Experience the native environment with the use of React-Native and decorate your website or application in the modern and trending way.

Case Studies

View Our case studiesLet's See

Every project is different, and every client has different needs. We start from what the client wants to achieve, and deliver precisely the set of services that will get them there.

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Hire a dedicated developer to whom you can assign tasks, and monitor the overall progress. Our developers will be always in touch with you and provide you assurance of your work with quality.

Excellent communication, great code, and top-notch Development services

Your Success Is Guaranteed !

FrequentlyAsked Questions

We work out for two plans: Project-Based and Dedicated Developer.

Our team consists of more than 100+ members and talking about only developers; they are very enthusiastic and dedicated to their work as they go and beyond in delivering excellent service with quality testing and seamless performance.

As I said dedicated, we have a bunch of techies who are with us since the inception of the company and that stands them apart from others because that displays their loyalty and evolution of their personal as well as professional resume.

Our hiring model is detailed and step-wise. We evaluate candidates based on their academics and practical knowledge as it becomes important to understand how they have grasped their academics and how they perform in practical life.

The evaluation depends on technicals expertise that includes task performance, academics knowledge, and general aptitude that helps us understand how active is the candidate. The hiring model sorts out the best and most eligible candidate who can perform even under pressure or with no experience also. We have highly advanced projects coming in, and to execute those, we need a highly knowledgeable tech ninja who can well-perform the tasks.

Our dedicated developers have more than 6 years of experience in the IT industry. Also, there are few employees who believed in us at the time of our inception in the industry. They are with more than 8 years of experience. With time, we have evolved and covered a vast area in the IT solutions field.

Also, our journey has been the contribution of many seniors and juniors who have dedicatedly join hands and successfully lead us to the prominent IT company leaders. We owe our success to our fantastic team, and we are proud to have them under our roof.

Approximately, we have more than 30 senior and junior techies who work on different projects. They are assigned with the tasks & deadlines.

Yes, you can always pick your tech ninja, whom you feel trustworthy and eligible to perform your project. Our project manager and business analyst will forward you the resume of our techie, and we can arrange an interview over call so that it can help to understand how an employee is well-versed with the technical background.

We have an office established in India & the USA, where our tech team sits and works. We have a physical premise where we gather, coordinate, communicate, and share our thoughts on the execution of the project.

Our premise is well-equipped with all the needful and modern amenities that are useful to the employees. The amenities include IT infrastructure, system administration, and all other equipment that are essential for employees’ work and personal enhancement. Also, we have different channels for communication with our clients, and we are open to the client’s preferred channel.

We have parameters set for our hiring model. It includes a group of people that we will provide you with the entire project completion:

1)1 Developer (Android/iOS or Both)
2)1 Project Manager
3)1 QA & 1 BA

This becomes a pack of wolves who will perform the task with quality and also meet the deadlines.

In case of an emergency, we provide a replacement who will continue the project where it is paused, and execute it as per the plan. It doesn’t affect the quality of the project, and also it remains as per the scope and requirement shared, the only thing that changes is manpower who will work on it.

We assure you about the project timeline, quality, and meeting deadlines on time. Also, we assure you about the replacement that will deliver the best outcome and will also not waste time. We understand that any emergency should not hamper the project, and that is the reason we always have a backup plan wherein we arrange a substitute who can perform the duties indeed.

Once we receive the requirements, we draft the scope of the project after understanding the requirement and niche, and then we deliver the resume of our developers to get approval from the client. Also, along with the scope, we attach time and cost estimates that can help you understand the timeline of the project.

Our time estimate depends upon the length of the project; we divide the project’s time and cost into parts that become easy for the client to initiate the project. Also, our payment condition is divided into 3 parts, and once we receive the first installment, our team starts the projects.

We have a team of tech-ninja who are well-versed with a technical background and are experts in crafting any niche-specific project. You can hire mobile app developers as per your requirement for the entire project and get in touch with him/her for the project updates.

The hiring procedure is simple and easy to do, you can pick you a developer and interview them, and if you feel that a developer is the right fit for your projects, you can hire on an hourly basis.

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