Things You Should Know Before Developing a Home Décor And Furniture Shopping App

Home Décor & Furniture Shopping App: Features & Cost
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Some people have a grand vision of visualizing their space. They can decorate it to make it beautiful. But then some are not into these things. Since everyone needs a beautiful place to live in, people often take the help of interior designers to do so.

But would you like to spend a lot of money on that when you have apps available?

Nowadays, home décor shopping apps are trending and have made a way to the top. It has made the idea of Interior Design Apps quite simple and easy. They offer new and innovative ideas for designing. They also suggest the best home décor products that one can buy through these apps.

There are a variety of features these apps offer. So, it is very convenient and effortless for a creative as well as a non-creative person. You can Design Your Own House.

Following this article, you will know how to develop one such app.

Features of a Home Décor eCommerce Mobile App


Whenever you start the development of an app, the first thing that comes to your mind is uniqueness. The app should be such that it outshines all the others of its kind with its features.

It should be a complete package of home décor solutions. They are out-of-the-box and also customer friendly. Customers should be able to personalize their home.

Following is the list of essential features of a Home Décor eCommerce Mobile App:

Personalized Cart: This feature enables a user to personalize their cart. For that, they need to select the required products. It also helps the B2B clients to manage catalog, set price, and track sales orders.

Manage To Price: It helps to manage campaigns, costing, configuration, mass discounts, etc. It also helps in authorizing contests and schemes.

Live Try-Outs: It is the most fantastic feature offering Home Design 3D experience. It will enable a user to select a product (floor covers, home antiques or home furniture).
They can see how it looks like in their place?

Many Channel Options: Allow users to expand their clients and services. This feature will help users in establishing contacts, integrating various channel businesses. These channels include B2B, multi-brand and marketplace sites and B2C.
Home Design Online becomes easy with such a feature.

Turn a Decorator: Offering the feature of live try-outs makes it a need to offer to turn a decorator feature. It will enable the users to buy the entire look of their place. Right from drawing room to Bedroom Design, it can guide you. Useful Decorating Apps incorporate this feature.

Additional Features For Home Décor Shopping Apps

Refer a Friend

It is a helpful feature when it comes to promotions and marketing. Devise a scheme that attracts more and more clients. It will lead to more product purchases and app downloads.

Any Bedroom Design App should have this facility.

Catalog Display

Product Catelog Display of Funiture Shopping App Ikea Place

It helps the users to see the complete range of products. It’s offered by the app, which will increase sales.

Before developing this list, Mobile App Developers should keep in mind the three C’s.

  • Complete (The list should be finished)
  • Clear (The details of the products should be precise)
  • Creative (It should be creative looking to attract more customers)

All the offers should get updated with products. Sometimes, people buy the product by viewing the image. The list should keep these types of customers in mind.

For any Room Decorating App, try to integrate this feature.

Order & Delivery Management

It is one of the essential features if your app has a cart option. It enables to manage the orders and deliveries. You can add the delivery address and also users to track their orders.

Cash On Delivery

For those users who find it easy and convenient to pay on delivery. It will increase the customers and purchase number.

Multiple Payment System

Mobile Payment methods

For a wide range of customers, App development companies suggest one thing. App users should get various payment options. Payment options should be depending upon the Aser’s convenience.

Here various payment options include payment through:

Manage Shipping

This option enables to ship products ordered.

Either you can opt for Offshore Outsourcing shipping service or have an in-house team.

Exclusive offers, discounts & coupons

Attract more and more users. The more discounts and coupons the app offers, the more will be the increase in the number of users.

But this should not make any loss to the company. Integrating this feature will also increase the sale of products.

Advance CMS

It is a feature for entrepreneurs. It keeps them up-to-date about the store. It enables one to write blogs, share pictures, and events related to home décor business.

It will increase the traffic of website, web-app, and mobile app.

Deep Linking

This feature enables more critical marketing and promotions through social media sharing.

It helps in driving the traffic towards your app and products, increasing the sales.

Social Media Sharing

It is again one of the critical features for such apps.

It helps in online business by enabling to share pictures, events, various campaigns related to your brand.

Use various social media platforms. It will also increase sales by increasing traffic.

Product Reviews

eCommerce Product Page & Product Review

Must whether it’s online or offline.

Online review means ratings, reviews, feedback forms, and surveys.

Offline review means through word-of-mouth for attracting customers.

Advanced Push Notification

You can integrate push notifications. It will send notifications to users. Whenever a new product has arrived, or offer is available, the notification gets sent.

Whenever there’s a new product range, a notification will get sent.

By doing this, you can increase sales and attract customers.

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The Most Prominent Home Décor Mobile App

With the growing technology, numbers of mobile applications are also growing. It’s making the market bigger and better for businesses. It also allows app development firms to grow.

In this field, there are a variety of applications available. All offer different features.

Some provide 3D experience, varied furniture, etc. Others give tips for home decoration. Each app has some or other unique feature establishing their kind of market.

Some of the Best Interior Design Apps are:


Taskers Online Furniture Shopping

It is the best application if one is looking for a home decor app. People often seek help and take inspirations from magazines, Instagram & Pinterest.

Bookmarking the designs and later on finding the suitable one from a long list is a tedious process.

To ease this, Taskers a British Home décor retailer is there.

It has a unique feature of image search, which is quite like Google search by image. Here, a user has to upload a picture to find the same available options.

It is a not only hassle-free process but also saves a lot of time. A user can find the right product that fits in with the aesthetics of the Room Design.

Apart from this unique feature, it also provides users with options. They can filter their results. They can also narrow down their search. It will help them to find the desired product.

IKEA Place

via Gfycat

It is one best Interior Decorating App you will find in the market. It has got an augmented reality feature which is not unique but also fresh. It allows its users to place the furniture virtually and see where that furniture fits.

Its catalog has a wide variety of furniture and home décor items. That’s why it has got recognition as a Furniture Designing App. It also offers a wide range of features and angle positioning.

There is an option for social media sharing and cart.

App Like IKEA is the future of Home Decor.

It helps the users who find it difficult to decorate their home.


Hutch App For Home Decore

This app lets its users design their own space. They can try all combinations of items available in this app together.

It is an excellent app for those people who have a hidden interior designer. It brings out that designer. It also helps the non-creative people to experiment with their skills.

They can learn by having fun as they get to try new and different styles. It also has an option of in-app purchases. It allows users to buy their desired and selected items. It has free shipping & returns.

This app uses images to make designing and shopping comfortable.

Mind it; it’s one of the Best House Design App. Mobile App For Home Decore

Facing measurement issues? solves this problem.

It calculates the area and space required by a piece of furniture. For that purpose, it uses a camera of your smartphone. It has proven to be very helpful in taking measurements without tape.

It also uses image technology to get accurate dimensions of the furniture.

Canvas By Occipital

Canvas By Occipital Mobile App For Room Scanning

It’s for professional utility. It uses imaging technology to create a 3D view. It has a mobile scanning feature. It allows users to recreate their space virtually.

So, you can say it’s a Virtual Room Designer.

It also provides accurate measurement for every corner of the house. With the help of this tool, House Design Online gets simple.

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Tools To Make Home Décor eCommerce Mobile Apps Successful

It is essential to have an active market. It makes the app successful in the long run. For this, it is vital to creating an impactful online presence.

According to Forbes, customers search for products online. But when it comes to purchasing, they prefer in-store shopping. It strongly applies to the case of furniture. People are nowadays looking for cross channel experience.

In such a case to attract more and more customers. It helps to increase the market and sale of your products.

For that, you first need a robust online presence.

Following are a few tools which will help to do so:



Before starting the app development phase, you should have a good plan.

A fantastic app attracts more customers, especially when it’s a home décor app. You can use Canva to build visuals that have high-impact.

It also provides different free templates for marketing and promotions.

Another tool for the same is Unsplash. You can use it to build social media visuals, blogs, and brochures.


After designing, another significant online presence creator is the content.

You should have creative and robust content.

It should attract more and more customers to read and follow the app. It will not only invoke the customer’s interest but will also increase the sale.

To have a good and right content use tools like Grammarly and Google Trends. Grammarly will help you to write the correct grammar. It will also help you to avoid any other typing mistakes.

Google Trends finds the most recent trends based on your search history and location.

You can plug-in Grammarly in the browser. Google trends help to plan the content.

Sales & Inventory Management

It is the basic necessity in the home décor apps.

It provides an extra feature and functionality to your app. It eases the customer’s problems of going to the store to buy a product.

For running a successful home decor app, it is crucial to managing inventories. You should provide excellent customer service and balance the finances.

For that purpose, analyze the store’s performance and achievements. There is a tool available for the same called Lightspeed Retail POS. It allows its retailers to manage their sales, payments, analytics, etc.

One can also manage customer loyalty, analytics, and inventory.

It gives insights into the app and engages the customers to use the app more and more.

Advertising & Keyword Optimization

It is another vital part of the app business. For promoting the store online, it is necessary to have a good advertisement policy.

Few tools that help in keyword optimization and advertising are as shown below:

  • Fatrank: You can add it to the browser. It gives reports comprehensive in nature about the rank of your site with the keywords. It also offers insights. It helps you to know your current industry position.
  • Mypixel: It helps build advertisement in different formats. It helps in targeting every type of audience and increasing the network.

Cost Of Developing Home Decor And Furniture Shopping Mobile App

Develop An App

With so much of advancements, it’s easy to develop a new app at a low price.

You can contact any Leading Mobile Application Development Company in NYC.

The final cost of the Furniture Shopping App will depend on a lot of factors.

These factors include:

  • The Platforms You Want to Develop the App For
  • The Charges of the Mobile App Development Company
  • The Time Required for the Process
  • The Location of the Development Team

After considering all these factors, the final cost of the app gets decided.

With essential features and for a single platform with basic eCommerce features is approximately $10,000.

However, if you add complexities and decide to develop for both the platforms, this could increase to $20,000 to $30,000.


Want to have a beautiful place to live in but with little efforts

Here is the solution.

You can plan to develop a home decor application. You can also develop one such app for eCommerce business.

This article will surely help to find the right way to improve one such app.

The features required, the kind of market and audience to target and the estimated cost is mentioned above.

You can also find tools and few such apps that will help you and give an idea for the app development process.


Disclaimer: We at eSparkBiz Technologies have created this blog with all the consideration and utmost care. We always strive for excellence in each of our blog posts and for that purpose, we ensure that all the information written in the blog is complete, correct, comprehensible, accurate and up-to-date. However, we can’t always guarantee that the information written in the blog correct, accurate or up-to-date. Therefore, we always advise our valuable readers not to take any kind of decisions based on the information as well as the views shared by our authors. The readers should always conduct an in-depth research before making the final decision. In addition to these, all the logos, 3rd part trademarks and screenshots of websites & mobile apps are the property of the individual owners. We’re not associated with any of them.

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