How Can Twitter Help You In B2B Lead Generation?

By Jigar Agrawal Marketing March 19, 2019 10 min read 771 Views

Twitter, a well-built tool aggrandizes:

  • Newfangled Relationships
  • Governance of the existing once
  • Furnishing customer services

Twitter is mostly used for:

  • Dictum about your business
  • Fabricating a fizz about upcoming events
  • Bringing into being the contacts with bloggers and journalists for latent PR placement

But did you think that Twitter can also be a B2B lead generation platform?

One of the most inclined rostrums, Twitter is spaciously used for driving partaking and apprehension of the brand.

One of the salient features about content sharing via twitter will augment the surge of traffic to your website. Thus this becomes a shot for you to transmute those visitors into leads and at the end of the day foster those leads into emptor.

According to study carried out by twitter itself:Statistics As Per Study By Twitter ItselfThese figures add up to the potentiality of Twitter and shuts the trolls and aids to find leads for your business.

In this tract, I will be sharing few hacks for lead generation that would be a definite aid and abet to your business to expand.

1. Introduce yourself astutely

Optimization of your twitter bio is indispensable. The first thing that fixes one’s gaze is your bio though it has only 160 words limit.

Some important factors that are to be considered are:

  • Your bio should always link to your latest contents
  • Linking your email newsletter is another act of astuteness.
  • Your account should be linked to a splashdown verso
  • Hashtags are another important factor

For instance, we can take twitter account of SEMrush. We can see from the screenshot that it has used its bio for highlighting the hashtag #SEMrushchat for weekly industry updates.

Semrush Twitter ScreenShot For Industry Updates

2. Effective use of Twitter Ads for generating traffic

In-spite of the absence of the twitter lead generation card, howbeit twitter ads can be used for driving the traffic to pages where a content is given against a mail. The cardinal factor is to educate the people. This tutorial will assist you to for setting up a twitter ad campaign.

 use of Twitter Ads

First set your account with twitter ads and then click create campaign.

Twitter campaigns

After that, on the left hand side, you can see an option Website clicks or conversions. click on that.

Set Up Twitter Campaign

Now name your campaign. In the image you can see remarkable content: The Movie-Campaign 1 has been given as the name.
Then select option whether you want to start the campaign immediately or you want to set dates as per your choice. You have to enter the domain name that you want to have for your ad campaign. Here it’s given as

Set Up Twitter Audience

Next you need to define the audience profile. The first option is about the country of your target audience. Here United Kingdom is selected you can select any. Next, is selection of gender. Here you can be specific depending on your ads. Other options are for languages and devices.

Select Additional Audience Features In TwitterAfter this if you want to reach as many users as possible, then this section would definitely prove a boon.Select Your Budget

Next section lands you to the payment section. Yes you are right its a paid service and a genuine door to your process of generating leads. Here the budget has two fields. One optional which is the total budget and another is compulsory for per day. Once you enter your overall budget for the campaign and once it has reached your limit, that day it will stop automatically.

Create Twitter Ad

It is the final step where you have to provide a headline, card name, and website URL. Click on the publish tweet button, your ad is live!

3. The effect of Periscope Audience

There is always a saying,

“Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proofs.”

Following this quote, the services or products that you claim as the best from your business requires proof. Imagine going live with the services you are offering or in other words telling about your services and showing them that the claims aren’t the false ones magnifies your business towards great heights.

Download periscope from the following links:

For Android Users

For iOS Users

Once Periscope is download, you get an option to log-in with your twitter account.



Once it’s authorized, you can use it effectively.


The red button located at the bottom to the right is used to broadcast once you are ready to click that red button.


Enter a suitable title for your broadcast and whether you want to broadcast in public or private. After selecting the option, click on the start broadcast button.

Your followers can directly view your video live as follows:


If the viewer clicks on the video the viewer will be considered as follows:


Read also: How Can AR/VR Help You In Increasing The B2B Sales?

4. Scheduling your posts

One of the critical factors that you need to keep in mind while trying to generate leads is that your tweets should reach maximum people and they should read it. In short, their existence among readers should be more. But the correct time for giving a shot is when the target audience is online, and they are ready to comment or take action to your tweets.


For this purpose, you can use Tweroid. It gives you the best time to tweet.


It is how it works:


Once you have logged in using your Twitter account, the next part is to select the option of “Request another Free Analysis.” I am choosing this option as I am already done with the analysis before.

Once that is done, you can view the frequency of the presence of your followers. It is as shown in the screenshot below.


You can also view the frequency of their responses.


5. Tweets matter a lot

Envision a picture where you want to tweet about a video you have posted related to your tour and travel business. What will be your relevant and useful tweet?

A Jungle Safari with a historical touch!
It may attract people towards your post. The deadly combination of a suitable tweet and live video will generate leads. Think about this; your post may give an idea about your touring business differently. You are showing a valid proof about the whereabouts of your business and how you’re carrying it out.

Social Message Optimizer can solve one way to avoid guessing regarding the perfect tweets.

The working is as given below:


Type your message in the given space. Your message will not bond with the text. It can be video or image too.

Now, click on Score my Message button. After clicking on this, it would redirect you to a few sets of questions like your full name, email Id, company’s name and so on. After getting through this process, the next screen you get will be something like this:


You will see that a score on the left-hand-side which indicates your message score.


When you scroll down the page further you will find, a meter that measures your message in different categories. Another parameter is the word count which flashes on top and the hash-tags counter. Currently, it is showing 0 as my message has no hash-tags.

Picture24-2Further, when you scroll down the page, you can find further details like the most suitable days and time to post your tweet for increasing the number of engagements. Few recommendations are also given to improve your tweet. To optimize your tweet, you can follow up those instructions.

6. The Role of Hash-tags

Till now, you might have seen that hash-tags are part and parcel of social media platforms. For instance, if I own restaurant business, I need to put proper Hash-tags say #loveforfood or #traditionalcurries or #Bengalicuisine or #foodiebyblood and so on. It will make people more engaged with your business whereabouts, and your business may be more known and easy to search.

But people like me are evil in using hash-tags. Therefore I need a guide and you can do it through this website

As shown in the screen-shot, you will find the the most used hash-tags. There are few more options like trending hash-tags, popular hash-tags, hash-tag definitions and so on. Further, if you scroll down the page, you can have a look at the plans too as per suitability of your business.

7. If they can follow, you also can follow them

Till now I have briefed about how your leads can search you or follow you, but to stay in business firmly, you need to take some efforts to explore the leads related to your business. In short, you can use your twitter for this task. For that purpose, you can peform the following steps:

Picture26-2If you see your Twitter page, you can find a search panel on the right top corner. Type a word or phrase you are interested in search or related to your business. Here its content marketing. You will urge people to get connected to the questioned expression on Twitter or the related matters to it. You can see from the screenshot. The phrase was content marketing, and on the extreme right, Twitter suggested results compared to that.

You can also have a magnified view of the leads as shown in the screen-shot by using the magnifying glass icon.

Picture27-2For having advanced search options, you can click on the search filter section and choose what kind of audience you want to target for your business and invariant languages.

8. Be a Customer Service Provider

One of the important features of generating leads is powerful customer service. Suppose you own a business of the restaurant, then definitely the competence of customer service becomes an integral part.

My recent experience was from Swiggy. I had ordered food online and was waiting for its delivery for a long time. I got three calls from the customer service executive. The first call was regarding the confirmation of the order. The second call was an apology call for getting late.

The third call was about location problem, and the customer executive handled very effectively and gently. Ultimately when my food came, I got two more calls. One was regarding the confirmation whether I had received the food or not and the second call was regarding the feedback. It made me contented as they were more concerned about their customer’s satisfaction.

Such a powerful customer service one should provide to improve not only their sales but also to generate more customers. For instance, with such a good experience of swiggy, I had suggested a few of my friends and referred them to download the app and order food from there. It is a kind of word-of-mouth publicity. Through their customer service, they got one happy customer that’s me, and I generated referrals to other people.


There was a tittle-tattle regarding Twitter a few days back. People were of the view that Twitter is going down in terms of business. But if you see, Twitter can act as a supporting system for your business.

You can generate leads by doing all the critical factors to your Twitter account to be in talks. Your business will need a platform and Twitter does that.

Hope this write-up will provide loads of information and methods to get leads for business.


Disclaimer: We at eSparkBiz Technologies have created this blog with all the consideration and utmost care. We always strive for excellence in each of our blog posts and for that purpose, we ensure that all the information written in the blog is complete, correct, comprehensible, accurate and up-to-date. However, we can’t always guarantee that the information written in the blog correct, accurate or up-to-date. Therefore, we always advise our valuable readers not to take any kind of decisions based on the information as well as the views shared by our authors. The readers should always conduct an in-depth research before making the final decision. In addition to these, all the logos, 3rd part trademarks and screenshots of websites & mobile apps are the property of the individual owners. We’re not associated with any of them.

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